World No. 1s Djokovic, Serena Open Play At US Open; Cilic Begins Title Defense; Nadal v Coric

by Staff | August 31st, 2015, 10:20 am

It’s a busy opening day at the 2015 US Open. Defending champions Serena Williams and Marin Cilic are in action along with past champions Novak Djokovic, Venus Williams and Rafael Nadal who faces teen prodigy Borna Coric in the evening.

Grigor Dimitrov, David Ferrer and our runner-up from last year, Kei Nishikori round out 6 of the Top 10 men on the schedule.

Former No. 1s Ana Ivanovic and Jelena Jankovic plus former champion Svetlana Kuznetsova are also in the 64-match schedule.

Americans will have Madison Keys and Sloane Stephens who faces Coco Vandeweghe.

Arthur Ashe Stadium 11:00 AM Start
Dominika Cibulkova (SVK) vs. Ana Ivanovic (SRB)[7]
Not Before: 1:00 PM
Monica Puig (PUR) vs. Venus Williams (USA)[23]
Novak Djokovic (SRB)[1] vs. Joao Souza (BRA)

Arthur Ashe Stadium 7:00 PM Start
Serena Williams (USA)[1] vs. Vitalia Diatchenko (RUS)
Borna Coric (CRO) vs. Rafael Nadal (ESP)[8]

Louis Armstrong Stadium 11:00 AM Start
Kei Nishikori (JPN)[4] vs. Benoit Paire (FRA)
Marin Cilic (CRO)[9] vs. Guido Pella (ARG)
Coco Vandeweghe (USA) vs. Sloane Stephens (USA)[29]
Not Before: 5:00 PM
Illya Marchenko (UKR) vs. Gael Monfils (FRA)[16]

Grandstand 11:00 AM Start
Marco Cecchinato (ITA) vs. Mardy Fish (USA)
Anna Tatishvili (USA) vs. Karolina Pliskova (CZE)[8]
Radu Albot (MDA) vs. David Ferrer (ESP)[7]
Madison Keys (USA)[19] vs. Klara Koukalova (CZE)

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140 Comments for World No. 1s Djokovic, Serena Open Play At US Open; Cilic Begins Title Defense; Nadal v Coric

Margot Says:

Lovely pic of Nole but blimey, I knew a hurricane is predicted, but blizzards! :0

Gypsy Gal Says:

Cibulkova beats Ivanovic,sorry for Anna but i love that little pocket rocket,so fiesty,hits the ball so hard,and is very fast for someone so small,love to watch her feet moving….

jalep Says:

Cibby was fantastic. But it wreaks my WTA bracket! Had high hopes for Ana – took her to the quarters.
Knew I should have changed that pick.

Benoit Paire has been fighting this 4th set. Benny won the first set — was brilliant. But he kinda went away as he tends to do…Kei took set 2 and 3.

Benny has come back serving fantasic. Tie break – this match may go the distance.

jalep Says:

Benoit Paire! gets the 4th!

oh no…hahaha….

jalep Says:

Kei going out will crush some brackets. Paire has been up and down mentally, thought he was gone, then comes up with just enough. Maybe he’ll win!

jalep Says:

Kei had at least 2 match points that 4th set tie break. He’s a little bit unsettled in the 5th — don’t see that very often from Kei. Paire has easy power when he focuses on playing + his serve weapon. Not at all certain Kei is coming out of this. Oh, the first round matches!

jalep Says:

Paire gets the break! What that cracking noise? Brackets breaking…???

RZ Says:

@Jalep – with Paire and Kei, it isn’t over till it’s over. Not surprised they are going 5.

van orten Says:

He probably injured?!

jalep Says:

Not too surprised either, RZ. Paire is working his way back from an injury – had a bad 2014.

But was pretty confident that Kei would get by Benoit. Benoit can win this — just has to hold…

No, van orten. Kei looks fine this time – no mto’s. He’s being outplayed this last set.

Daniel Says:

Wow, Nishilori out.

See, there is nobody other than Novak, Fed and Murray plying high quality tennis at the moment, with Wawrinka a big if.

Djoko’s draw already opening up.

jalep Says:

Congrats Benoit! He held it together. Better man won. Sorry for Kei.

Colin Says:

Well, I suppose that’s the main surprise of the first day. Nishikori was a contender, if only a borderline one.

jalep Says:

Well, Daniel. Kei missed his chance to win it in the 4th set TB — it was on his racket.

RZ Says:

I just hope that Benoit doesn’t lose in the next round. I had been tempted to pick him to win against Kei but didn’t since he’s no unreliable. But it’s nice to see him have a good summer with some quality wins.

FlyingDoctor Says:

its getting easier for novak.iam happy for him

jalep Says:

Yeah also thought about it, RZ. Paire has been improving – loved his tennis v Nole – Montreal? was it?

Did not think Kei would go as deep as I picked him to go but didn’t see a reliable alternative. Same with Cilic. Pretty sure there will be a surprise there too.

Fortune favors the brave bracketeer. Someone picked Rafa going out to Coric ;)

jalep Says:

Paire has Ilhan next. It’s very possible for him to win, RZ. Allez!

madmax Says:

Rock on Roger! Come on!

So much in the tabs right now, about both Fed and Murray!

A nice touch from a fan of Murray:

judy murray ✔@judmoo
Man just ran past me on South Bank shouting “Good luck in the US Open. Come on Mrs Muzzzaaaaa”. Hmmm not sure I’d get very far, mate.
1:39 PM – 30 Aug 2015

Let’s get this party started!

mat4 Says:

Watching Novak against Benoit in Montréal, I wrote how much the margins were tiny among the top players. This match, like many before, confirms it once again.

It seems that there is a shift in physical preparation, and that a blend of power and stamina is not something reserved to “the happy few” any more.

I didn’t believe that Paire would be able to win over 5 sets, but he proved me wrong. He served very well, and was very aggressive on the return, to the point of traumatising Nishikori. I am very happy for him.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Fantastic win for Paire,just wondering if he can now back it up?Two shocks already one on the mens and one on the womens with Anna going out….

Margot Says:

Wow out goes Kei. Cilic next?
Well, that was remarkably good news re finals weekens..;) But I would never make assumptions, there’s many a slip…eek!

Margot Says:

I see JJ( female) is out too. Thought she was undergoing some sort of resurgence.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Margot shes another player that you dont know quite what to expect next….

Brando Says:

Literally just saw the first bit on the Open on the Sky website homepage headline. Waltzed to see the draw for the first time- ultra busy these days in life- and the following thoughts:

This is Novak’s pretty much for the following:

1. He’s in the final. Had he had one foot in there prior today with Kei’s loss he’s got both feet in.

2. It all boils down to Murray v Fed (provided they meet):

Andy has a tough, tough ask to win 3 sets v federer. He has lost 5 matches in a row, 10 sets in a row and more to it:

I just don’t think Federer respects his game. He’s just dismissive of it and ultra aggressive. They should meet, Fed I would favour to win based on all the variables and that means:

A: Fed v Novak final:

Novak win. Likely in 3 max 4. A straightforward win.

B: Muzza v Novak final:

Novak win again….BUT it will atleast be a reasonable contest.

Put simply:

This is Wimbledon 2.0 potentially for Novak. Easy ride to the final with a Murray v Federer SF on the other side, determining how easy the final goes for him.

With that prospect: i’ll stick to the football for next few weeks!

Ben Pronin Says:

Glad to see Mardy Fish win. I hope he has a nice final run.

Gypsy Gal Says:

^Maybe Rafa will catch fire,stranger things have happened^….

mat4 Says:

Slow down, Brando. Novak hasn’t won his first round match… We just saw Kei lose. Then, I have good reasons to doubt that Fed can beat Andy here.

One of the favourites, probably two, will probably make it to the semi. Then, it depends. Novak has been very consistent over the last five years (and he was also very consistent at the USO since 2007, 8 semis in a row), but a day has to come when he will lose earlier. You never know.

As a nolefan, for once, I would like to see all the other favourites loss earlier, and Novak win a GS without much fight, against an outsider. Just for a change, a nice three setter in the final, an easy walk. I’m getting old, I guess.

Brando Says:


Lay off the rubbish my man.

He’s the undisputed number 1, Mr Consistent in atleast getting to Slam SF’s and now on his favourite surface he has THAT route.

It’s a joke which he should and will feast on and reach the final.


IF he gets a 34 year old in best of 5: he’s got it in the bag and no one need tune in since we all how that shall unfold.

IF he gets Andy he’ll be the fresher one guaranteed since Andy has: Wawrinak, Federer and then the final.

He’s guaranteed to have long matches en route.


Clear cakewalk. Just like Wimbledon but even more easier.

Ben Pronin Says:

Mat4, no kidding.

I think it’s foolish to overlook Nadal. I’m sure Djokovic won’t, so I’m not worried about that. But to say he has a cakewalk into the final is over simplifying it just a bit. Like I said in the thread a few days ago, Djokovic is definitely the favorite to win the title, and he’s a heavy favorite to make it to the final. But a favorite on paper means nothing on the court.

Seriously, just last year Marin freaking Cilic won this thing. He won it by beating Berdych, Federer, and Nishikori in the last 3 rounds with a whopping total of 0 sets lost. It was an incredible performance from someone we would have never expected to put up (unless you’re a true Cilic fan and have long believed he’s that capable). But overall that should give all the other guys some serious belief that they can essentially steal this title from the Big 4.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Mat4 lol i love your honesty,and i would like the same for my favorites,if they get a cakewalk to the final so what?anyway after Wednesday i will be away for the Autumn equinox,so ill likely miss most of this tournament sadly….

FedExpress Says:

the top half of the womens draw is such a joke. i feel all want to gift the CYGS to serena. if there was any weak era, this one would be

Markus Says:

This is why good as he is, Nishikori’s chance of winning a major is rather nil. He will always be at the mercy of the big powerful players. And there are so many of them that he’s bound to meet one whose game is on. Too bad there are no weight divisions in tennis. Kei could have won them all.

Jock-KatH Says:

If Andy and Federer meet it will be a tough, tough match for Federer to go 5 sets – and a tough, tough match for Murray as well. God bless whoever wins – as this would only be a semi-final result. The winner of the USO is waiting in the other half.

I hope I’m wrong….but doubt it.

Markus Says:

Except for Serena, all of women’s tennis is a joke.

chris ford1 Says:

1. No shame in Nish losing to a quality foe in a dangerous 1st Rounder. Kei loses a lot of points, though. Or Ana Ivanovic losing to “mighty mite” Domi Cilbukova finally back to best form.

2. Glad Mardy Fish survived to play another day in his last Slam.
3. Too bad Jorko Neimenen lost in his last Slam already.

4. Hope Rafa is getting much better, as he claims. I want Nole to beat him, of course, but I’d like to see Rafa make it through the early rounds

Brando Says:

LMAO: Rafa?

He has not defeated a top 4 player in what? 15 months. He ain’t going to start by beating Novak on a HC.

It is what it is:

Ferrer, Nadal and Berdych were the 3 gimme’s that most the top tier were looking for a reason.

RZ Says:

I thought JJ would do pretty well too. Oh well.
Didn’t realize I had missed the Verdasco-Haas match (ladies choice match of the day IMO). I picked Verdasco to win but wow Haas took him to 5 despite not being back on tour that long. Hope he plays at least another year.

Ben Pronin Says:

There is shame in losing in the first round of a slam where you’re the defending finalist and you’re number 4 in the world expected to make the semis. The opponent being tough doesn’t make it any better. Nishikori is supposed to be better than Paire. And he should have beaten him. Why would you “aw shucks” him? It’s a horrible loss every way you look at it.

Okiegal Says:

Hi, Brando…..The Nadal Gals need more support on TX….Yeah, our guy hasn’t been fairing too well in 2015….Oh, well, we’ve been there before. Just hope he can get more solid. He’s got a tough first round….but by Rafa’s own admission, all rounds are tough for him……ever so humble, as always!! :)

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Raonic and Tsonga could both be dark horses if they are rounding into their past top level form. Anyone have insight on their quality today?

sienna Says:

subject of football.. Soccer for the US.
Manu fans! How is Van Gaal doing? He is pissing all your money down the drain.

mat4 Says:


To quote a line from the film “Long kiss goodnight”, I am always frank and earnest; in New York I’m Frank and in Chicago I’m Ernest.

Joking aside, I hope that Novak will be able to win this GS, but you really never know. He has lost 4 finals of five, and under the mitigated circumstances of the previous two tournaments, it’s difficult to assess his level.

Meanwhile, the match has started, Souza plays quite well.

Emily Says:

While I agree that Novak is the overwhelming favorite to make the final, a roger/Andy semi isn’t a lock. I may be biased but Andy might have to play Stan who beat him last time they met in New York, before he was a slam champion. I never thought kei would get as far as last year but there are still strong players in the draw who could derail this storyline

Brando Says:


Hi Okie, hope all is well with yourself.

– Re Rafa (taking emotion out of the equation and being brutally honest):

He’s the world number 8. That’s his present reality. And as Rafa said: correctly so. He’s just not playing at a level higher than that. He has not defeated a top 5 player in 15 months.

Honestly: i’m not perturbed or concerned about it at all:

It just is what it is.

A bad season for a professional player one that he’s never had but Federer, Novak etc have all had.

For him the season’s a write off and it’s about 2016. He’s probably got his sight’s set for that already. IF that is a write off also:

All good. He’s 30 so it’s normal to decline and he’s top 5 player of all time universally accepted already.

As for the Open:

IF Rafa could get to the QF and win a set off Novak: I would take that right now and be very pleased with it since it would indicate real improvement for him, one that better’s AO, FO and Wimbledon.

Sure: it’s nothing to shout about. But from Rafa’s level is right now it would be a improvement even if it’s a meager one.

And that’s what it is about for him ultimately now in 2015:

Not winning titles, being in finals etc since his level ain’t anywhere near that height. Just improving from where he is and getting some consistency in his play.

IF he bombs out early here: all good. Was not expecting a deep run, let alone a win so a loss is no big deal.


I think Rafa has accepted his reality and has moved on appropriately. So has the media even.

I think Rafa fans and tennis public need to accept that he’s justifiably a no.8 at the moment, that’s his level and expect from him realistically based on his reality of last 15 months.

ONLY clowns and morons would expect something big from the player we see today. Idiot’s who deal in suspicion or fanciful thinking.

Realists- like Rafa- know it’s all about just improving performance, trying to build level of competitiveness, follow the process of a player trying to develop his game etc as opposed to anything else.

I think he’s doing fine and IF he can be competitive in his matches even if he loses them then that’s acceptable for him right now as no.8 and something to build on.

since 2015 reality is:

Outside Novak, Andy, Federer, Wawrinka, Kei and Tomas:

Rafa is not doing that badly. He’s doing fine. That’s something and he’s going about it rightfully in trying to build from there. Unfortunately he has Novak but hey: seed 1 getting seed 8 in QF is standard so no complaint’s about it.Now’s the time to just accept reality and get to work about improving on it.

Rafa is and that’s good enough for me.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Mat4 i have no unrealistic expectations about Rafa winning the USO i was actually joking about him catching fire,i just hope he beats Coric,that will do for starters….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Brando read the above post to Mat4,just trying to put up a positive front for our guy is all….

Brando Says:

lol moderation, what a joke that is in the first instance.

Brando Says:


Do a long post = goes to moderation

Call moderation a joke = instant post

LMFAO: thanks for the laugh TX, a nice chuckle!

Brando Says:



Andy got a rough house draw here. Wawrinka is the toughest QF opponent possible for any in the event and Fed in SF is a tough out for Andy. BUT:

He’s a Champion and these are the kind of challenges you have to deal with. You got it? Show it. Face the best and beat them. No offence to your fav’s but:

I hope Andy loves this draw and thinks ‘right. i’m going open a can of whoopass on these chumps!’ He’s got the game to beat them all. Every individual match atleast 50/50:

Time to step up like Champions do is the call for Andy!

Gypsy Gal Says:

Rafas match is on at 3.00am BST,so i cant watch it as i have to get up early in the morning,will go to bed hoping for the best,doubt ill sleep very well as the match will be on my mind too much,jeez its too stressfull having a favorite….

mat4 Says:

Does anybody know who is commenting on Eurosport?

Gypsy Gal Says:

Novak serves up 3 breadsticks,i dont know if he was that good or Souza was that bad?but had it been a boxing match it wouldve been stopped ages ago….

Markus Says:

Gypsy Gal, the safe answer to your question is that Novak is that good.

Daniel Says:

Now that Kepis out, one of Ferrer (who is about town his match which inside after so many weeks of), Tsonga, Cilic or Dimitrov will be in semi finals.

RZ Says:

Ferrer won his match in 4. Thank goodness, otherwise today may have resulted in my coming in last in the Tennis-X pool.

skeezer Says:

Found this on the site;
“John Isner recently observed of Djokovic, “He does everything the best. That’s why he’s No. 1 in the world. There is no surface he’s a slouch on.”

btw, he gave out 3 breadsticks to his opponet today from the Bakery, a nice parting gift.

jane Says:

“Watching Novak against Benoit in Montréal, I wrote how much the margins were tiny among the top players. ”

that was cincy mat4, but i agree; paire played so well there.

i also never know what to expect from kei. he beats rafa and then stands there during his match with murray watching balls fly by. then, he pulls out of cincy at the last minute with an injury after saying in the post-match interview at monteal that he wasn’t interviewed. finals here last year and now out round 1. it’s just crazy. kei seems to be one step forward, and then one of two back, much like dimitrov maybe?

“I think it’s foolish to overlook Nadal. I’m sure Djokovic won’t”

ditto ben. last 3 opens he played he won 2 and was finalist in the other. yes, he’s had a bad year. but you never know when a champ like rafa could catch fire or roll into form. never counts him out for sure.

also agree with you about fish. happy he could win that match.

i missed all of nole’s match except for the last 8 games or so. looked like he was hitting the ball better than at cincy, thankfully. he said that with the roof structure up it’s less “swirly’ or windy and that he felt he could have more “control” of the ball as a result. that’s good to hear.

jane Says:

*sorry typo – that he wasn’t “injured” not “interviewed”

jane Says:

daniel, who is “kepis” and why is ferrer “about town”? shouldn’t he be playing tennis?

jalep Says:

jane, let me translate Daniels phone:
kepis = keo
about town = about to win

jalep Says:

haaha kepis = kei
someone translate me.

Markus Says:

Hahaha! These typo errors can be so funny. Thanks for the translation, jalep. It’s all kapish now.

jalep Says:

Nole looked sublime, jane. Very smooth — made it look simple. 61 61 61

Kei did not have the fire power today – was simply outplayed by Benoit. The other times you mention are no mystery – he was injured. Calf blown out early part of summer then a hip injury prevented him from moving well and playing Murray competitively. Hip injury is why he pulled out of Cincy. He was moving well enough today and no mto’s. Have to believe he just lost to the better player in 5 sets – great win for Paire.

Dimitrov is physically fine – hasn’t had any injuries recently that I’ve heard in the news. It’s something else with him.

Both, (Kei and Grigor) could be considered “flaky” but it’s a different type of “flaky” for each – can’t agree they are much alike other than neither seem able to perform to the expectations of a lot of fans.

jalep Says:

lol, Markus. It is funny.

Coric isn’t doing too bad…

that was a terrible smash error from Coric *facepalm!*

Rafa to take 1st set now.

Markus Says:

Now he (Coric) is, jalep, Good start but Rafa is starting to show him who’s the boss.

Rishi Says:

Coric playing very poor….Rafa is steady as expected. Should be a straight sets win tonight.

jalep Says:

Absolutely no expert on Rafa…have not watched him enough — but he’s playing some great tennis, I’d say. Making life very difficult for Borna, running him all over – not much of a contest this 2nd set.

Daniel Says:

Thanks jalep, typo expert;-)

jane Says:

ha ha, i should’ve put a wink. i knew what daniel (or his phone) meant but was just teasing. thanks for translating jalep. btw daniel you’re quite the handsome devil who takes nice photos if that was you in all those pics on your instagram (i think you shared it with gypsy or okie the other day).

jalep thanks for intel on novak’s form and i agree: kei seems to be more physically flaky whereas dimitrov is more mentally flaky (using flaky with “quotes”).

jane Says:

oh and agree on rafa. huge leap in form. as my commentators said: “this is his best performance in ages”. seems like rafa is “rafa!” again no?

jalep Says:

anytime, Daniel ;)

Too many of my picks lost today. Probably not even 50% right for the WTA bracket – what’s new.

If Rafa wins (looks likely) I’ll get 21 of 32 picks ATP. But the bracket damage = big blow, 2nd week damage.

Rafa has improved quite a bit from Montreal, no?

Or is it Coric making him look like the old Rafa?

jalep Says:

The “flaky” part came from a Gypsy post on another thread, I think, jane. She was saying Kei’s a bit flaky – something like that. Too lazy to look it up.

Anyway, I thought…no he isn’t flaky! Just like the Kei fan I am. ;)

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Rafa has the eye of the tiger. Looking very good. Looking forward to a Milos match-up.

jane Says:

no jalep, i think it’s rafa. his court position is way more aggressive. he is standing on or inside the baseline much of the time. also the serve looks better. coric is usually a pretty good returner isn’t he?
rafa’s had 4 aces, no doubles, and 70% firsts with 94% won! he’s won less second serves (43%). he has a few errors but he’s going for winners. he’s also been controlling points, making coric run. i think he looks better, maybe getting closer to his best and rolling into form.

btw did anyone see defending champ cilic today?

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Damn, I jinxed Rafa. Sorry Gypsy, Brando!

jalep Says:

No, jane. I was busy watching Kei lose to watch Cilic. Wish he’d been looser – then he might have had a chance in the 5th set. Cilic’s opponent was Guido Pella. It was a straight set win but the score included two tiebreaks, not sleek and elegant like 61 61 61.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Rafa looks very fit, extremely focused, and he is playing closer to the baseline than I’ve seen in a long time.

Well. McEnroe just basically copied what I was saying.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Hmm. One concern in this is Rafa’s second serve is, again, weak. He’s only winning 37%, but he’s getting so many first serves (68%) its not endangering him. If that first serve % dips…

jalep Says:

They both look extremely wet, Borna and Rafa. Men in black – swimming seals come to mind.

Didn’t notice Nole even needing a shirt change ;)

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Still leaving too many balls short too, a lot are landing around the service box. The court positioning is positive, but Novak would eat up those short balls.

jane Says:

i liked novak in royal blue but wasn’t too fond of the white collar.

jane Says:

^ speaking of (wet or dry) shorts…

ump called time on coric or what are whistles about? i missed that but my commies thought it was a “harsh” call.

yeah rafa looks SOAKED! :O

jane Says:

I MEAN shirts.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Rafa SO good at the net. He’s not shy if forced to the net, but I don’t understand why he’s never incorporated this in his overall game plan.

Okiegal Says:

@Jane….You were right the first time….Rafa’s short are dripping wet….

jalep Says:

hahahaha….jane. dammmit. every single time I post is a reminder of how much I need an edit option here – especially this time of night.

jane Says:

i would LOVE an edit option jalep. i find i am almost worse in the morning when i haven’t yet had my coffee, or worse in the evening when i have had my wine (or 2, he he).

okie i guess they’re soaked all over! looks humid.

tennisfansince76 Says:

Rafa is looking better than I’ve seen him look. In a while. Also I like what I see in coric. Barring injury a future top 4 player. He’s still not physically mature though. Return of serve, court position and point construction are where he is falling short against Nadal. And as I write this he takes set 3.

jalep Says:

Me too, jane, same, +1.

Borna got a set.

jalep Says:

Gosh Johnny Mac says it’s a shame this is first round for Borna. Could not agree more.

Tough break for Borna having to play a hungry Rafa 1st round.

jane Says:

my commies (british) said “out of nowhere rafa played a horrible game” which is why coric got the set in their opinion

Daniel Says:

They are both more aggressive this 4th set, a bunch of DTL winners from both wings. Coric saved a BP, 2-1. Indeed Nadal is playing much closer to baseline, returning inside the court even some first serves. Also his defense is excellent, seems he really does like this big courts. Think the match with Raonic will be a good one and than Novak,who looked sharp today.

Daniel Says:

Jane, Coric broke first and served 2-0 30-30 when he was broken with two bad mistakes. So he had his chances since the beginning in that set.

tennisfansince76 Says:

@jane I don’t know about terrible but he definitely tightened up at 4-5

jalep Says:

Commies are Commies. haterz…

j/k ;)

jalep Says:

Enjoying this a lot. Borna isn’t going to win, but he’s doing well. This is definitely an improved Rafa from what I saw of him the last two tournaments. Court positioning, yes and mentality is positive.

Wow, Coric … nice smash! Hang on Borna.

Daniel Says:

Wow, Nadal winning two amazing points at the net and a low volley inside out, nice!

Navdeep Says:

Don’t listen to jalep, coric lol. U have played well but its time to go

jalep Says:

Navdeep – you have to be loving this.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Rafa looks great; but those two weaknesses, the 2nd serve and short groundstrokes, will put an upper limit on his game and aspirations right now. He’s closer, though. He is hitting a lot of long balls, but too many are by the service line.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

But, I wouldn’t write off Rafa with Eye or the Tiger, and he has it.

jalep Says:

Congrats Rafa and fans.

Great effort from Borna. Next time, next time…

Navdeep Says:

I m in a meeting jalep. Just following the scores.Don’t know how the match panned out

Daniel Says:

Just saw the draw and Nadal could play Fognini third round if both wins next match. Hope they meet, last 3 clay matches were all close and about time they plain hard. Curious to see if Fabio will still bother Nadal here.

jalep Says:

mat4 says:

“It seems that there is a shift in physical preparation, and that a blend of power and stamina is not something reserved to “the happy few” any more.”

You’re referring to Benoit Paire, I think when you posted that?

skeezer Says:

Spot on call re : Rafa, thought the same.
Coria looked inexperienced in his tactics. Rafa looked good, kinda. Still some work to do. His second serve against a vet, well they will expose that. At times this just looked like a Clay court match.

jane Says:

Agree about second serve still being a weakness but didn’t notice the short groundstrokes, at least not as much

jalep Says:

Yes, Rafa’s draw was interesting in that he has a potential match with both Fognini and F-Lo.

And I’m regretting that at the last minute before the bracket closed, I swapped out Rafa for F-Lo in the quarter vs. Nole.

Was doubting Rafa was ready to go that far in the draw this morning; plus that, F-Lo has been almost playing better than ever lately…

jane Says:

jalep there is a nice summary of Kei vs Benoit at You might enjoy it? 😊

jalep Says:

Thanks, jane.

Will check for that.

jalep Says:

Oh my goodness, Navdeep –

Didn’t realize you weren’t watching.

You would have been very pleased, I think. Borna did manage to get a set but my guess is that this was just about the right amount of challenge Rafa needed to tune up for what’s coming ;)


nits Says:

Nadal’s positioning was good 1st serve was good more net play mentality was aggressive 2nd serve is still a problem balls are still short @ times so need to work on these two points

mat4 Says:


Yes, I thought of BP. Paire, Chardy, are slowly improving that fact of their game, although I guess they have more to do.


You are right, it was at Cincy.

About Coric and Nadal:

I didn’t watch the match, but thinking about it, I didn’t see how Coric would be able to win if Rafa plays a “normal” match, precisely for the reasons TF76 mentioned.

jane Says:

As per Ben Rothberg: “Rafael Nadal’s record at the #USOpen since 2010: 21-1.

sienna Says:

well jane #2 is comming soon. Djokovic playing for keeps. It will need freak playstyle to beat him.

well only hope is Federer servet lights out and its hot day.

mat4 Says:


Yes, indeed, great results. Outside RG, it’s the only slam he has won in this decade.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Jane @9.55pm August 31st,it was Okie that Daniel said that to,i believe he said feel free to stalk me for more pictures on instagram,or words to that effect,however in doing the bracket challenge i saw his picture anyway,and yes he is a handsome guy,but the most important thing is what you are like on the inside,well IMO anyway,and my husband is hotter sorry Daniel lol….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Mat4 but the thing that counts the most is the GS hes won overall….

Wog Bog Says:

Coric game, at this stage, is more of the CC game, I haven’t seen his match against Rafa (no channel is telecasting USO in the hotel I am staying in Istanbul) but I have seen few of his maches on HC and grass, Troicki bew him a away on the grass and Zverev made mistake (was sucked in) playing CC game against Coric. It was perfect match (match up) for Rafa to start USO campaign.

mat4 Says:


I am always confused by your changes of nick… Hopefully, you never type spaces after commas so I know it’s you.

Then, I wasn’t malicious. Just stated that Rafa had great results at the USO. I shortened my post, so perhaps one could read it the way you did.

I kicked Rafa so many times now that he’s down, that I didn’t want to do it once again, especially since, you never know, things could turn around.

Then, when I think better about it… Let me enjoy a bit. It’s kinda payback time, and one never knows when it’s gonna pass. To quote Novak Djokovic (who quoted a book about cancer, perhaps a proof that he reads books, unlike Tipsy, who, I can bet, never read Dostoevsky, something you can notice whenever he opens his mouth):

“For each of us eventually, whether we are ready or not, some day it will come to an end. There will be no more sunrises, no minutes, hours or days. All the things you collected, whether treasured or forgotten, will pass to someone else.”

mat4 Says:

About the “overall”…

It’t not finished yet. While it’s very improbable, with some luck Novak still has a chance to tie Rafa for the number of slams. And, for now, he’s the one that “counts”…

Wog Boy Says:

Ok, I’ll do it again, I was moderated since I miss spelled my moniker.
Coric game, at this stage, is more of the CC game, I haven’t seen his match against Rafa (no channel is telecasting USO in the hotel I am staying in Istanbul) but I have seen few of his maches on HC and grass, Troicki blew him a away on the grass and Zverev made mistake (was sucked in) playing CC game against Coric. It was perfect match (match up) for Rafa to start USO campaign.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Mat4 i wasnt offended,i was just saying,and if Novak does surpass Rafa in GS then power to him,it was never about records for me as a fan anyway,it was always all about watching and enjoying my favorite play,about my monikors i have always been honest and up front about who i am and never hidden it,there wouldnt be much point anyway as my grammar and punctuation are quite crap, all the names fit my real life persona,my ethereal friend,i will be gone for a while after tomorrow for the Autumn equinox….

senorita Says:

Yes, the media moved on from Rafa in 2013 crowning Djoray the new rivalry in tennis fighting for YE#1 and virtually writing Rafa off on h/c for ever.

Not only did he end the yearas #1, he beat Djokovic in 2 slams, one on Djoko’s favourite surface at the USO). Nadal aLso won the USO Series winning Canada, Cincy and the USO.

senorita Says:

Nadal was given the marquee spot on the opening day… about that for movind on?

Giles Says:

senorita. Yep, not bad for the 8th seed!
USO show him a lot of respect unlike the French open. You wouldn’t think the man accumulated NINE trophies the way the French treat him.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Senorita a bit of trivia for you,Rafa went unbeaten on grass in 2008 winning at Queens and Wimbledon,unbeaten on clay in 2010 Monte Carlo,Rome,Madrid,FO,and as you say unbeaten on the USO HCs in 2013,i dont know if any other player has ever done that?in 2008 he won the FO and W,as well as the Olympic gold medal on HCs,and GS on 3 different surfaces in 2010,so i think its safe to say Rafa is an all time all surface great….

Okiegal Says:

@Gypsy Gal @12:19…….Ditto, this Nadal Gal agrees! Have a rewarding time during your equinox get away! Hope when you get home you will have found out Rafa won the US Open……one can wish, can’t they? :) Seriously, have fun!!

Gypsy Gal Says:

Okie he had a positive result,by playing positive tennis,i just hope he carries on playing that way win or lose,anyway im so excited about the equinox,wont be posting after tomorrow as i will be on my journey,i will be back for the conclusion of the USO though…. ;-)….

Markus Says:

Watching the Berdych match. His outfit looks like it came straight out of the Cirque du Soleil wardrobe. I keep waiting for him to do backflips and somersaults.

Margot Says:

Have a gr8 time. Hope it’s sunny. :)

Gypsy Gal Says:

Thanks Margot,i hope so too,and i also hope for a straight forward Andy win to start my break,enjoy the tennis ;)….

RZ Says:

I saw that Laura Robson was up a break in the 3rd set but now Vesnina is back on serve and they are 5-5 each. Anyone know what is happening? (Is Laura getting nervous? Vesnina lifting her game?)

RZ Says:

Poor Laura – lost 7-5 in the 3rd after being up a break. It’s a tough road back from a long injury layoff.

Gypsy Gal Says:

RZ Vesnina won….:(….

RZ Says:

@GG – yep :-(

elina Says:

Nice to see you posting senorita!

I had to laugh today when Vika asked the umpire if she ever played tennis. The umpire said yes and Vika said probably not very well. Hilarious!

Mary had a little lamb!


Markus Says:

What prompted Azarenka to disrespect and insult the umpire? That’s not nice. She should lose.

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