Novak Djokovic Says Being A Father Is Not A Distraction, Instead It’s Added Energy And Love To His Tennis Game
by Tom Gainey | September 1st, 2015, 2:13 pm

Following a very easy 61, 61, 61 win over Joao Souza in his the opening round, Novak Djokovic talked about the impact have his baby boy Stefan is having here in New York as he tries to win a second US Open.

“It has been the best thing that has ever happened in my life,” Djokovic said. “It did not come to me in any way that it can be a distraction. In contrary, it only added a new dimension of energy and love that I manage to use for my tennis as well. I never thought I could experience such unconditional love, and now I understood what all the people who were parents before were telling me. You’ll see. You’ll see what it actually means. You know, I’m just blessed to be able to follow his development and every day change. His presence here in New York with my wife, of course, means a lot to me because they give me that serenity I need during Grand Slam.”

Djokovic resumes his quest for lock up the No. 1 ranking and win a third Slam on the season tomorrow against Andreas Haider-Maurer.

“With a dominant win like the one today, it adds to your confidence, your self-belief,” he said. “But it’s also making a statement for everybody that is out there watching. We are all watching each other’s matches. We are all seeing how each other progresses. It’s important you’re out on the court with the right intensity and you’re sending a good message, and I’ve done so.”

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5 Comments for Novak Djokovic Says Being A Father Is Not A Distraction, Instead It’s Added Energy And Love To His Tennis Game

chris ford1 Says:

Each fan’s fave seems to have attributes they and most other fans of the same player agree on, but doesn’t get the airplay of “hot shots”, controversial statements, “flair” of the athlete.

Rafa is nice, without guile, unpretentious.
Federer has ballet grace and an assassin’s instinct on court.
Andy, like Fed (and Bjorn, Mac, and Andre), is a natural tennis genius.
Gaels is a player that wants to elevate certain points into athletic and artistic masterpieces. Winning is secondary. Once you understand that, you can watch him for seeing him do what he wants to do.

Djokovic is not only a gifted hard working athlete – he is a very intelligent person with a range of talents and interests that make him a fascinating player to his fans. That and his being unscripted, authentic, unafraid of wearing his emotions on his sleeve.

This interview is the sort of stuff that makes me appreciate the guy all the more. He is eloquent – and makes a fine statement here on love and fatherhood. Just stuff not typical of a sports star speaking to media.
Hope he and his marvelous wife have more children in the future.

jane Says:

it’s great that his son has given him additional “love and energy”. i don’t really see why a child should be a “distraction” in the first place.

django Says:

Did Stan ever have his family with him during his travels? If so, I don’t remember them in the box.

brando Says:

Not a fan of his but must say: excellent answer. ANY man, no matter their work, would be a complete ahole not to consider their child a blessing, a privilege, a source of joy and their number one concern in life. No matter the age, century, religion, region, culture: its ALWAYS been that way. The failure to heed to their duties, take care of matters at home- IMO- is what leads to large social issues as broken homes, disenchanted youths, the lack of respect shown by youngsters to selves, elders etc. The best thing anyone could do for their society is to take care of their home. Do that and productive citizens emerge that shall benefit all. So props to Novak for seeing it as it is: too many today place ridiculous side shows ahead of their foremost, ordained duty.

calmdownplease Says:

I don’t think it is Ideal taking Kids on the tour with you. Particularly Babies who i usually hate seeing (and hearing!) in flights (esp Business where they really have no right to be sitting).
I’m guessing Novak comfortably up in first most flights however ;-)

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