Roger Federer Says He Couldn’t Stay Up Late To Watch Nadal Lose To Fognini Because He Had To Sleep!
by Tom Gainey | September 6th, 2015, 11:31 am

Roger Federer is a huge consumer of tennis matches but the Swiss star was unable to catch the best match of the first week at the US Open because it finished too late.

Federer admitted that he went to bed before the conclusion of Fabio Fognini’s thrilling 5-set comeback win Friday night over Rafael Nadal which ended at 1:30am. It was a tough decision, he said, because he would have liked to have seen it.

“When I went to bed clearly thought Rafa was going to bring it home and that was it,” Federer said. “Then I heard the news when I woke up. I wish I did see the match because I didn’t expect it to be this thrilling, but that would have been bad preparation for my match today. So sometimes you have to take those decisions, you know. Last night I decided to get an hour more sleep or one and a half. I’m happy I did. Yeah, from what I heard it was very exciting. Yeah, tough for Rafa, but what a great win for Fabio, you know. He’s a great shot maker.

“I love watching tennis, but sometimes you just have to decide, you know, to be professional. It hurts, but just gotta do it. You don’t want to lose the next day and have regrets. I have done mistakes when I was younger, you know. Play, I don’t know, video games until too late and feel tired the next day, whatever it was. So I don’t really want to do that anymore.”

The loss was Nadal’s first from up two sets in a Grand Slam. But he’s lost from such a lead before, and that was to Federer in the 2005 Miami final.

After three straight set wins, Federer is pleased with his play thus far at the US Open, where he hasn’t won since 2008.

“I feel good,” Federer summed up. “I have had a nice schedule. Played, what was it, early the first day. It was a fast match. So also afternoon and nice evening there. Then the other day when I played at night I played the first slot. Also fast match. Didn’t get to bed too late. I’m still in a normal schedule, which is good to be. Because if you finish a match like Fognini and Rafa like last night, it’s hard to go to sleep right away. Plus you need treatment and press and everything. It can be 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning until you fall asleep. Thankfully I haven’t had that. And then today again we are running early, which is great. Plus, still in the tournament, so clearly I am very happy.”

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13 Comments for Roger Federer Says He Couldn’t Stay Up Late To Watch Nadal Lose To Fognini Because He Had To Sleep!

Jeez Says:

I think Federer did watch the match,perhaps till SET4 may be..

He was looking a little sleep deprived against Kohlshreiber & also mentioned importance of SLEEP in on court interview to Pam Shriver..

Any how SUNDAY being rest day could help in his RECOVERY well(even for 3 SET !!!)..

kriket Says:

I remember an interview when he didn’t show such interest in watching the big matches.
It was after one of those SF losses to Novak, I think it was RG (not sure), when the reporter asked him if he would watch the final Rafa-Novak match tomorrow, he replied trying to sound unbothered (but ending up sounding frustrated), smth like “I don’t think I’ll watch it, I have other plans, but maybe I will, who knows”, changing the story when he realised that it’s bad press if he publicly says he’s not interested in the Roland Garros final, as if it’s too boring for him, the big GOAT.

kriket Says:

No, this was before when Novak played Rafa. Not the last final.

tennisfansince76 Says:

@kriket yes you nailed it. It was actually after one of the uso semifinals. He probably spent time with his family or something. Atrocious.

Skeezer Says:

Nailed it!👍
Hearing crickets atm. Jealous much?

van orten Says:

So he likes to watch tennis matches while he is still in the tourney and does not when he is heading back home after losing there..where is the problem ?

sienna Says:

Federer is definitely not a good loser. I give you that.
When he loses he claims that he will not watch the finals or anything like that.
Except when Stanimal is on.
It is not that strange to watch matches when you yourself are still in the tourney. Im sure they all try to see one another as much as they can…. Hoping for upset and figuring out the form they are in.

Sure Novak is the exception and he is hoping that others do great.

Giles Says:

He’s just a big hairy baby. Boohoo.

Giles Says:

I wonder if Mirka sang a little lullaby as well.

Giles Says:
That’s why you don’t win those Sportsmanship Awards dude!

Giles Says:
Condolences to Rafa and the Nadal family for the passing of his grandfather aged 86.

kriket Says:

What do you mean he doesn’t win? He was elected Sportsman of the Year twice so far.

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