Rafael Nadal Begins Indoor Season Hoping To End Year Strong
by Tom Gainey | October 26th, 2015, 10:19 am

As the tour shifts to it’s final few weeks, Rafael Nadal is hoping for a strong finish. After a tough first half of the year, indoors is not Nadal’s surface of choice, but the former No. 1 is confident he’s finally making strides in his game on the eve of Basel.

“My main goal is to try and work hard and finish this year with a lot of energy and a better level than I’ve shown this year,” said Nadal. “For sure, every victory and every practice helps. I’m healthy and that’s allowing me to practise quite a lot.

“Mentally I’m feeling great, with the motivation to keep going. The process during this year has been better. I’m working hard to be better tomorrow than today. That’s the way that I’m working. We can’t compare years and we can’t compare levels. I believe I’m going in the right way.”

Nadal added that he’s using the next month as prep for next season.

“I start preparing for next season today,” Nadal said. “There will be no rest this year. I have no time. After the [World Tour Finals I will try to have a few days off, but that’s it.”

Nadal made the final in Beijing (l. to Djokovic) and followed with a semifinal at ATP Masters 1000 Shanghai (l. to Tsonga).

Nadal has won two career indoor ATP World Tour titles, at 2005 ATP Masters 1000 Madrid and 2013 Sao Paulo (on clay).

He’ll play Lukas Rosol later today.

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26 Comments for Rafael Nadal Begins Indoor Season Hoping To End Year Strong

Giles Says:

Vamos Champ!
Good Luck!

chris ford1 Says:

Rafa getting better is good news for tennis, but he traditionally has been less successful in fast indoor events.
Though he made the Paris 1000 finals back in 2007, and challenged Fed and Nole in the Barclay’s Championships in 2010 and 2013.

In other news, actually non-news because people who follow the top players knew it was coming – Djokovic moved into a tie with McEnroe for weeks at #1 in 5th place in the Open Era.
Djokovic now has a different sort of “Big 4” facing him. The four best, most consistent players over a long career. Don’t know if he can get there to challenge them, as his career path has always had two of the best ever challenging him and having their own day in the sun as the #1 player while Djokovic tried, and tried to get past Nadal and Fed..
But in weeks at #1, Connors has 268 weeks, Lendl has 270, Pete at 286, and Federer at 302. Huge gap between them and Djokovic, but Nole just might get close, or pass a few of those who were #1 longer.

But cheers to Nadal for looking like he will have another comeback. And wishing he and Djokovic play more classic matches.

jalep Says:

What’s up with Rafa? Slow start in Basel? Only have the score. 1st set 6-1 Rosol.

Thiem got a bagel from Haase 1st set. That was quick.

Okiegal Says:

Oh, my, Rafa serving horrible and playing points horrible…..He isn’t gonna last long in Basel playing like this. Did he and Marc win their dubs match??

jalep Says:

From the dubs scores, doesn’t look like they were scheduled to play today, Okiegal.

Ben Pronin Says:

You know what would be cool, if the ATP app kept track of each point in a play-by-play type format the way NBA and NFL apps do. Right now it’ll say “second serve” and “point won” or whatever, but you have no idea what happened the point before. I think if the NFL can tell us when Brady throws a short incomplete pass to LaFell over the middle then the ATP should be able to tell us Nadal hit a cross court forehand winner. And not delete it right after the next point is played.

jalep Says:

Yeah, it’s just the basics; no details for ATP scores. Flashscore app is faster I think. Didn’t look like much of a fight, Rosol v Rafa

Rafa’s 2nd bp. Rosol attempt to close match not going well.

Thiem wins 2nd set breaker!

lol, Rafa gets the break. 5-5

jalep Says:

First set Rafa v Rosol didn’t look like much of a fight, meant to say. 2nd set…well, score looked like Rosol choked or Rafa forced a choke out of him.

Daniel Says:

Checked scores and Rosol served for the match at 5-4. Did Nadal saved any MP? This could be one of his old major comeback from the brink of defeat.

But if he loses tiebreak seema Fedal this year is conspiring agaisnt us.

Daniel Says:

And Rosol double fault to loae second set afer being 1 point away from tiebreak. Was broken last two times so seems third set will be a washout for Nadal. Choke job from him, should at least forced a breaker. Now Nadal will star serving third set as well.

jalep Says:

Rafa saved 2 mp that I saw on my score app 2nd set. Rafa broke to win 7-5 2nd set. Thiem match started later and will be done sooner.

Daniel Says:

Wow, major implosion by Rosol, 0-40 about to get broken third straight time, anybody watching? He just checked out mentally after getting broken serving for it?

That is the beauty of this sport, no matter how “easy” a match may be, suddenly everything can change because scoring allows it to. There is always a mental aspect to it that can surfaces at any time.

jalep Says:

Only watching the scores, Daniel.

Tables have turned. Rosol unable win when he was serving for it. Now he’s going down in flames, Rosol.

Emily Says:

No MP, Rosol was 30-0 up before getting broken. Now he’s arguing w/ the chair over Rafa taking too much time.

He was playing great in the 1st set and after Rafa got broken in the beginning of the 2nd, he just dug in his heels and Rosol’s nerves got to him, leading to Rafa then winning 7 straight games.

jalep Says:

Thanks, Emily.

jalep Says:

Wow, Thiem won!

Emily Says:

There’s the win, great match for Rafa’s confidence

J-Kath Says:

Great – Rafa won – Rosol one of the least likeable players – sorri Rosol fans.

jalep Says:

Not sure there are any Rosol fans. But looked like he blew a chance or two 2nd set.


^^ Look at the difference in time for 1st set and set 2&3…

Congrats Rafa fans! Both Thiem and Rafa dug themselves out.

Rafa and Stan on collision course maybe.

django Says:

Why is he unlikeable? What has he done?

Emily Says:

If you ask Murray, he’ll tell you no-one likes him. I think the fact that he has bumped into players multiple times doesn’t look good. Also, the time he kicked Rafa’s water bottle was a little spiteful, knowing how obsessive he is over that

Ben Pronin Says:

I think whatever it is that makes Rosol unlikable is particularly evident in the locker room. He certainly gives off an unfavorable vibe. And I’m inclined to believe Murray.

danica Says:

I find Rosol handsome. But messing up with Rafa’s bottles was just plain ugly.

J-Kath Says:

Django – A subtle difference between “one of the least likeable” and “unlikeable” – but yes my view of Rosol is more negative than positive. Actually Emily and Ben’s comments are pertinent and explanatory. If it seems unfair to you to assess one’s reaction to someone you don’t know/or even if you know them a little, then I am unfair, but I think we all do it, albeit unconsciously.


Rick Says:

This Rafa guy is silly! Not resting???? He might hurts himself again!

jane Says:

sounds like it was a very close match, with rosol up in the final set breaker, wow. rosol just hasn’t done much – he seems so streaky.

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