Defending Champions Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams Headline Blockbuster Day 1 Australian Open
by Staff | January 17th, 2016, 12:27 am

What a blockbuster start to the 2016 Grand Slam calendar with defending champions and world No. 1s Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams on the Monday.

Djokovic will face youngest Hyeon Chung as he seeks a sixth Australian Open title.

“This has been the most successful Grand Slam tournament, and probably one of my two, three most successful tournaments of my career. I won it five times. Every time I go back to Rod Laver Arena, I have these memories come back to me from the first win back in 2008, of course, some of the epic matches I’ve played on that court.

“Again, I’ll try my best, as anybody else. I’m here to start from the very beginning, to start from the scratch, and see where it takes me.”

Plus, former champions Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova will be featured in evening play and also at night two former finalists collide in Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Marcos Baghdatis.

All eyes of Australia will be on veteran Sam Stosur along with rising superstar Nick Kyrgios who made the quarterfinals a year ago.

Kei Nishikori, former No. Caroline Wozniacki, 2-time Wimbledon winner Petra Kvitova and 2013 semifinalist Sloane Stephens are also on court.

With 64 matches on the opening day, that’s a lot of action, a lot of excitement.

Rod Laver Arena 11:00 AM Start
Luksika Kumkhum (THA) vs. Petra Kvitova (CZE)[6]
Serena Williams (USA)[1] vs. Camila Giorgi (ITA)
Novak Djokovic (SRB)[1] vs. Hyeon Chung (KOR)

7:00 PM Start
Roger Federer (SUI)[3] vs. Nikoloz Basilashvili (GEO)
Kristyna Pliskova (CZE) vs. Samantha Stosur (AUS)[25]

Margaret Court Arena 11:00 AM Start
Daria Gavrilova (AUS) vs. Lucie Hradecka (CZE)
Yuki Bhambri (IND) vs. Tomas Berdych (CZE)[6]
Agnieszka Radwanska (POL)[4] vs. Christina McHale (USA)

7:00 PM Start
Nao Hibino (JPN) vs. Maria Sharapova (RUS)[5]
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (FRA)[9] vs. Marcos Baghdatis (CYP)

Hisense Arena 11:00 AM Start
Philipp Kohlschreiber (GER) vs. Kei Nishikori (JPN)[7]
Sloane Stephens (USA)[24] vs. Qiang Wang (CHN)
Yulia Putintseva (KAZ) vs. Caroline Wozniacki (DEN)[16]

Not Before: 7:00 PM
Nick Kyrgios (AUS)[29] vs. Pablo Carreno Busta (ESP)

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55 Comments for Defending Champions Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams Headline Blockbuster Day 1 Australian Open

Gypsy Gal Says:

For Novak fans,Nice picture of Novak and Jelena,very cute looking couple,beautiful looking girl,and a handsome looking guy,so i hope people like TennisGuy are reading this because im such a Novak hater that only likes to hear nice things about Rafa,hope hes reading this,but somehow i doubt it,and i will although i doubt he will need it wish the best of luck to Novak and the rest for the AO….

madmax Says:

Gypsy, you will do so much better you know, if you stop trying to be liked by others. It doesn’t work on this site, or in life.

Who cares what TennisGuy says about you?

He doesn’t know you. This is not reality Gypsy.

As Roger has said, Novak has an asterisk by his name because he is better than the rest. Including him right now.

The one thing I love about Roger is his candidness and the fact that this still does not put him off from fighting to be the best.

Sadly, I think that Novak is just too good right now, but would be wonderful if Fed could go deep into this tournament and do better than last year.

Love him.

Gypsy Gal Says:

I care Madmax when people portray me to be something i am not,people have said that about me over and over again,and i dont care for it,its nothing to do with being liked either,many people here dont like me,or take any notice of me or my posts anyway,thats entirely their choice….

Gypsy Gal Says:

As for Roger all power to him….

Nikola Says:

Gypsy Gal i think you are actally cool person. Even you are taking medications :)

Gypsy Gal Says:

Nikola i dont believe weve actually interacted before,so many thanks my darling,i do take medication, as i have a overactive thyroid,a bowel condition,and i suffer with depression,so yeah take plenty of medication,as well as eye drops for dry eyes,i spend too much time on this damn computer,and also read thrillers and trashy novels lol,MANY THANKS AGAIN THOUGH ANYWAY ;))….

Nikola Says:

We did.I am sorry cose u have all that stuff. I think medical mafia is doing same as technological one. Making you bye medications that u really don’t need. Long story. And you are welcome.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Nikola true that,all designed to keep the pharmaceutical companies in profit,you should watch Rick Simpsons dvd called run from the cure….

Dave Says:

Gypsy Gal. I don’t know what part of the world that you are in, but in North America, you can get pure organic sulfur crystals. It helps with any mental disorder. You need to take it in the morning and at night with purified water. It can’t be tap water with chlorine in it. What it does is it acts as a transporter and it transports oxygen to all of your cells in your body. I have been taking it for 2 months and I am amazed. Here is a link below about Sulfur.

Another thing that really helps, is listening to isochronic tones using headphones for 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. All you have to do is sit there and do nothing. Let your mind think whatever it wants. You are not your mind. It slowly balances out your brain over time. You just need to stick with it. Here is a link to one that I use when I need to get in the moment and relax my brain but at the same time be aware of the moment I am in.

Here is one of my favorite websites for very good articles to help you understand your mind and how it works. Here are a few of my favorite articles.

The last bit of advice that I can give is something that an older wiser person said to me when I was going through the same thing as you. They said to me: Someone else’s opinion of you, is none of your business. That was hard for me to wrap my head around at the time, but it has helped me a lot over the years. If someone is going to like me, they are going to like me no matter what, for the real person that I am. If they like me only in a conditional way, then they aren’t worth being friends with and I am not missing out on anything. I hope this helps you Gypsy Gal.

Dave Says:

Why is my comment awaiting moderation? Because I posted information that could help Gypsy Gal?

Chrisford1 Says:

Yeah, Boris was pretty strong on telling the media leading into the AO that he and Nole believe Djokovic and his team start all over again in 2016, same as all other players and their people, with all titles and ranking points up for grabs.
No resting on their laurels for those two!

(Which is not 100% true, and they know it…Novak is riding some awesome streaks that started in 2016 or much earlier (he goes to tie Connors with 27 consecutive QFs reached in Slams, with Roger at 36, a 4 straight finals streak, 17 straight finals one short of Lendl’s record. Plus he has gobs and gobs of points to keep him top seeded and top ranked for many months no matter what he does…though Djokovic wants to do as much, nearly as much, or even more damage than he did in 2015.)

Gypsy Gal Says:

Boris Becker is a great coach from what hes brought to Novak and his game,but i really cant stand the guy,seems too smarmy,slimy and downright creepy,and thank god he is Novaks coach as i dont have to listen to his irritating commontating YUCK….

madmax Says:


You are fantastic.

I mean that. A bit needy sometimes trying to make friends, but you are very sweet.

There should be more sweet people in this world.

Come on here Gypsy to share YOUR ideas and YOUR opinions. Ignore those that disagree or seemingly want to put you down.

Their problem.

Not yours.

madmax Says:

Gypsy Gal Says:
Boris Becker is a great coach from what hes brought to Novak and his game,but i really cant stand the guy,seems too smarmy,slimy and downright creepy,and thank god he is Novaks coach as i dont have to listen to his irritating commontating YUCK….

January 17th, 2016 at 2:33 pm

Gypsy, I thought you liked BB?

I completely agree with you and am not just saying that. I am not so sure though that it is all to do with BB that has promoted the success that Novak has had. He has had a wonderful coach by his side, together with enormous support from his then girlfriend now wife, and I feel sure that the birth of his son has had a lot to do with his robust approach to his tennis.

He is naturally gifted, a superb athlete, it certainly was not Becker’s meat eater ways and growing waistline that persuaded Novak to become vegan.

Just think to have your own nutritionist, physio, coach, masseur, pysche, etc. to be surrounded with all this expertise, BEFORE Becker joined the team.

He has had 7 coaches, Vajda being his rock. I think he should take enormous credit for moulding Novak.

Becker? I just feel he is there for the limelight, the success, the glory, reliving his youth.

But I am biased, I know that and feel that Novak would still have got to No. 1 without Becker because of his natural ability.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Well thanks Madmax,not sure i deserve that amount of praise though,anyway it aint about been liked its just i wont throw players under a bus to make me feel better about my own favorite(s),i just dont care to be portrayed as something im not and thats a hater,nor do i make an issue about everything they do either including my favorite(s),thanks again….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Dave many thanks for your links,i do alot of meditation and listen to Native American cds of chanting,healing with souix drums,i also read alot,i do healing with the other type of crystals,Reiki,and Tai Chi which all help me relax,but i will really take on board everything thats said in those links,THANK AGAIN AND HAVE A NICE EVENING CHEERS ;))….

Chrisford1 Says:

Madmax – I do not believe Djokovic is vegan. He enjoys vegetarian dishes, but I think he eats eggs, some dairy, and while eating small amounts of meat, fish, shellfish – has no restrictions against any one meat or seafood type out there.

And Djokovic has already gotten to #1 without Boris around at all, or his new agent/scheduler, 2nd physio.
But the consensus of players and writers seems to be that Becker has helped Nole considerably. Because he “fits” into some adeptness and tactical ideas that Nole didn’t have in his arsenal to the extent he does now after work with Becker. And with success, this is a new life experience that Boris is completely into. He is passionate about this gig.
Also, it is hard not to notice the weight loss, the really improved and more youthful appearance of Becker these days. While he had hip surgery that helped his mobility and ability to get in better shape…he is exercising regularly, eating better and eliminating some bad eating and drinking habits, and getting up each day with a sense of mission that shows in his appearance and energy level as well.
Novak is inspiring Boris in certain ways. Helping him remember how Boris was an amazing athlete once – and can use some of that inherent athletic abilitym his own famous German discipline hardwired in him – to better his life and health and even physical prowess.

Dan Martin Says:

I’ve got my men’s and women’s predictions up at

Kimberly Says:

31 minutes left I CANT WAIT!!!!!!

J-Kath Says:

Gypsy Gal

You say it how you see it – it’s “Ask her a question and she’ll give you an honest answer”. Like it or not…+ a sorri if you don’t.

mat4 Says:

OK, I’ve seen your brackets. I thought I was mad to pick Rafa for the final, but the only one who didn’t was Margot, I guess. Great nick, btw… and Margot seems to be one of the few playing the bracket challenge to win.

Sarah seems really to be a nolefan: she picked Paire for the QF, and Berdych for the semi. I was only surprised that she didn’t pick Ferrer for the finale, but the Swiss heartbreaker, Stan the man. I guess that he will be very motivated to play in Australia. Is it a coincidence that Kyrgios is in the other half?

Valerie[andafewletters] played it safe until the semi, when she picked her fav to win, Roger Federer.

So, if I don’t finish last, it won’t be a complete surprise.

mat4 Says:

Ivo Karlovic is losing 2-0 and he has just retired.

jane Says:

i wonder how much longer dr. ivo will play. he’s getting up there, age-wise.

Wog Boy Says:

I think he wants to keep his h2h with Nole intact.

Dave Says:

Your Welcome Gypsy Gal. Enjoy the tournament. It will be a good one.

mat4 Says:

Hi, a northern girl and a Wog boy.

I always thought that dr Ivo only served, not played… Kidding aside, he could play doubles, and I don’t understand why he hasn’t opted for doubles yet.

Then, why do I have the impression that Serena won’t win the AO? Just watching the result against Giorgi, it doesn’t seem especially impressive.

mat4 Says:

Hi, Skeez!

Listen, we’re in a good mood today, and I guess jane and WB would agree to let you become a Nolefan for free. You won’t have to write eulogies nor panegyrics about him, nor to plea a mea culpa for being a Fedfan so far. Just like that :-)

skeezer Says:

Totally a Nole fan…………………
When Fed goes away ;)

Wog Boy Says:

Hi, I am watching Serena, I don’t know how much you can judge her forme taking this match only, but she hasn’t impressed me, if only Italian girl has better serve Serena would be in all sorts of trouble.

mat4 Says:


I can’t watch tennis right now, since I work (in the middle of the night… usual stuff). But Giorgi is winning her serves easily, and I don’t think she’s a great server. Then, I watched today a short clip with Serena training in Melbourne, and she seemed very slow.

Wog Boy Says:

That would be the word, slow, and it is not extremly hot, it is hot but not humid.

Wog Boy Says:

BTW, Kvitova looked pretty alert and switched on in the previous match, but again, how much can you judge is the question due to her oponent, that Thai girl.

Humble Rafa Says:

skeezer Says:

Bond. Maestro. All time tennis hero.

Look, Skeeze. I know you get excited and all at the beginning of every grandslam. Reality finally hits you and me. I won’t be goat owner if we don’t figure out the Egg Lover and you won’t be nice to your cats.

Dave Says:

Nole is so good from coming back love 30 down in his service games. I knew Chung would make Nole work today. Let’s see how Nole wears Chung down today.

mat4 Says:

Nole doesn’t look good in the heat. This young Corean plays quite well.

mat4 Says:

Novak just won the first set. XY plays well, but his game has yet to mature. It’s a good test for Novak, a tough match that could help find his rhythm.

Django Says:

Anybody have a free live feed link?

Okiegal Says:

^^^Check out

Django Says:

Thanks okie

What happened to Dr. Ivo? Looks like he retired

Michael Says:

Both Novak and Roger should get through with mighty ease !!

skeezer Says:

“I know you get excited and all at the beginning of every grandslam. ”
Yes, 17 of them. Not 17 fishes you caught on your last fishing trip. Pay attention, cats eat fishies.

jane Says:

looks so hot out there today…
chung is a great player; looked solid

Wog Boy Says:


It was hot, I was in the shaded area and it was hot, I can only imaginehow hot was down on the court, it is 36 degrees in the shade, good thing it is not humid.
It wasn’t walk in the park, as I said, Chung has excellent GS and until Nole changed midway through first set, throwing in slices and changing the pace he was going nowhere, lucky Korean youngster doesn’t have really good serve.
Ohh, I need this Heineken…lilfe is good:)

mat4 Says:

What’s this story about fixed bets? They mention slams winners in single and doubles, but since 2009, only 7 players have won slams. So, who of them: Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, Wawrinka, Cilic, Del Potro?

Sarah Says:

@ Bonjour Mat4, Stan the Man did not brake my heart, I only see him capable of reaching the finals.

I like Benoit Paire and he has a lot of potential in this guy.

Berdych is ambitious and constant, why coud he not reach the semifinals?

Without offending Murray fans, I think his mynd will be more to his wife and future kid, this might distract him. He is mentally not that strong as Nole.

Rafa is not in the best shape on this AO

And..I can Fed offer us surprises…I do not see him reaching quarterfinals…sorry…perhaps I am wrong…

For Nole I “voted” with my heart and mind, being his loyal fan

Sarah Says:

I guess I have made a mistake with Ivo, I predicted he will loose in Round 2 :(

Wog Boy Says:


From what I understood BBC is talking about 2007 and prior that year, but I could be wrong.

Margot Says:

I usually do well up till the last minute in these challenges until….until…the last moment when I can’t be disloyal to Andy. But this time I have been…;)

Big story this a.m.

Sarah Says:

edit: I think Fed ca offer us surpris…was typg quick from my mbile…

madmax Says:

And Djokovic has already gotten to #1 without Boris around at all, or his new agent/scheduler, 2nd physio.


I agree!

He is Vegan. Well documented.

Gypsy! You go girl (and I don’t mean to leave!).

Wog Boy Says:

“He is Vegan. Well documented.”

Really, who says? Is this vegan?:

“Have a Meaty Dinner
Later, when it’s time for dinner, I eat protein in the form of meat or fish. That usually means steak, chicken, or salmon, as long as it’s organic, grass-fed, free-range, wild, etc. I order meats roasted or grilled, and fish steamed or poached if possible. The closer a food is to nature, the more nutritious it is. I pair it with a steamed vegetable like zucchini or carrots. I may also have some chickpeas or lentils, or occasionally soup.”

Sarah Says:

WB, perhaps he does not know, waht Vegan means, you should first send the definition of “vegan”

mat4 Says:

I am Pleiadian…

madmax Says:

Wog boy,

Go away please. You are not the expert on Novak. No one is except Novak.

Do you research and then come back to me to discuss in an informative and mature way.

Or don’t.

Top story: Nadal v Berrettini, Medvedev v Tsitsipas; Australian Open SF Picks And Pans