Juan Martin Del Potro Wins Easily In Return, Feels He Could Still Be Dangerous One Day
by Tom Gainey | February 17th, 2016, 9:01 am

His backhand may not have been up to par, but the rest of Juan Martin del Potro’s game looked awfully sharp in a 61, 64 win last night over Denis Kudla in the first round of the Delray Beach Open.

Del Potro was playing his first match in almost a year following a third surgery on his left wrist last summer.

Overall, the 27-year-old was pleased with his performance.

“I think winning a match after 11 months is the gift of the tournament for me,” del Potro said. “I’m so excited to keep working because I’m feeling if I do well and if I stay healthy my tennis will be behind me and maybe I can be dangerous one day again.

“I was nervous before the match and excited to see how my forehands and serves were going to be on court. I knew how my backhand would be, I’m still working and improving to have a very good backhand to compete in this level. For me it’s like winning a very important match in my career.”

Del Potro will have a day off before returning tomorrow to face John-Patrick Smith.

The tournament has already lost its top 3 seeds with No. 1 Kevin Anderson retiring with a should, No. 2 Bernard Tomic losing to Rajeev Ram and No. 3 and defending champion Ivo Karlovic upset on Monday.

No. 4 Grigor Dimitrov, who is coached by del Potro’s former guy Franco Davin, is the highest remaining.


He makes a fan very happy!

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17 Comments for Juan Martin Del Potro Wins Easily In Return, Feels He Could Still Be Dangerous One Day

RZ Says:

That’s a nice win for DelPo’s first match back. Kudla may not be top ranked but he’s not a pushover. Hopefully DelPo will stay injury free from now on.

Ronn Says:

Nice to see the big man back. Get back in the top 10, big man!

Dave Says:

I really hope Del Potro gets back to top form again soon. It will make the majors more interesting with him in the mix.

chrisford1 Says:

I think I was the only one who had him in the Top 10 predictions.
Fingers now crossed.

Dave Says:


If he doesn’t get injured, the way I saw him playing last night, that looks like a very safe prediction that he will make it back to the top 10. It isn’t a matter of his game being big enough, it’s that wrist. I really hope he stays healthy. The 9th and 10th spots are not hard to get into, both being under 3000 points if I remember correctly. Tsonga and Gasquet are also not having a strong start to the season.

Wog Boy Says:

Since Delpo and Nole are good friends I’ll post it here, Ronnie O’Sullivan just said that Nole looks like young De Niro, check the pictures here:


On the other side, Roger Federer looks like Quentin Tarantino:


chrisford1 Says:

Funny. Bob De Niro is a longtime fan of Djokovic’s.

IMO, Rafa is a good looking guy straight up, though he may be losing his hair..still will get the women cooing regardless, as well as certain guys…not that there is anything wrong with that.
Get past the nose, Roger is a handsome guy.
Novak is handsome, has the body to be a pro model (no one looks better in a tux) he’d be one of the rare ones in fashion that would be told to ADD weight and muscle mass to make him look more athletic, *snicker”
But he has a long narrow face that media when casting actors like in Villains and aesthetic characters not beef hunks. And many Serbs have observed Djokovic has the same height and weight of Nikola Tesla. And if you grew Nole’s hair longer, parted it in the middle, and slapped a Tesla mustache on – you have a Tesla Doppleganger.

And Andy? Well, best I can say is when he is shaved, cleaned up, keeps his mouth shut vs. 20 centimeters open – the 6’3″ guy turns woman’s heads. He was quite presentable on his wedding day ,and may look better as his face ages and the angularities are smoothed out.

And in the top 10, you also have Ferrer, Berdych, and Jo Tsonga as very good looking guys.

And if Delpo returns to top 10? He is also on the handsome list.

Wog Boy Says:


You are not wrong about Tesla and Nole, check this one out:


Margot Says:

De Niro doesn’t half make s**** films these days. Must be very short of money. Alimony?
Our very own GG, not me I hasten to say, has likened Andy to Charlton Heston so nerneenerner!

Okiegal Says:

If I was Roger I would sue cheeszburger.com for saying such a thing. Not flattering for Fed. Quentin is not very good looking…..

Okiegal Says:

Why isn’t Feli on the list? Drop dead gorgeous…I love his eyes! Grigor is a cutie patootie too……Andy did look very handsome on his wedding day.

chrisford1 Says:

Wogboy, that GIF was eerie. And I sort of independently arrived at the Nole-Tesla lookalike realization a few years back, had seen the famous Telsa picture many times. And it was still eerie to me.

Okie, I confined it to the Top 10. There are a lot of great looking guys outside the Top 10. And I would say Feliciano Lopez leads the list. Dimitrov, yeah. Robredo, yeah. KKKK. Thiem. Simon. Seppi. Luke Saville. On recent retirees, Hewitt, Roddick, Safin – all lady’s faves.
In the more distant past, of course, Borg, Dirtball Connors, Vitas Gerulitis, Pat Rafter, Wilander, Edberg had gaggles of women chasing them.

Giles Says:

Didn’t know where to post this.
Would you believe what this Balllstieri is saying? Is he a professional? Doesn’t look that way!

Margot Says:

Blimey Giles. That’s extraordinary! A triple EEK in capitals from me.

Dave Says:

I’m going to also do what Wogboy did and post a Nole article on a Del potro thread, since he is my second favorite player. I thought this was interesting. Wog boy, if you are around, the in the zone comment relates to peaceful warrior. Just for a little heads up.


Giles Says:

Margot. How remiss of me, forgot to add the EEEEEK! 😎

Okiegal Says:

@Giles, that link is far out, man! Is he suggesting throwing a match??? A poster on that link said he was senile…….I can relate…sadly……but can still smile!! LOL

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