Watch And Listen To Novak Djokovic Scream Going Down This Water Slide In Dubai [Video]
by Tom Gainey | February 20th, 2016, 12:26 pm

In preparation for the Dubai tournament, Novak Djokovic and brother Marko hit the water part in Dubai.

And it may have been the scariest challenge Djokovic has faced all season. Listen to him scream and wail!

Djokovic, who is 12-0 on the season, will open against Tommy Robredo. He’s seeking a fifth title at the tournament.

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4 Comments for Watch And Listen To Novak Djokovic Scream Going Down This Water Slide In Dubai [Video]

chrisford1 Says:

At the top of his sport and hungry for more, yet keeping himself recharged by highly enjoyable breaks from the grind of the Tour – good, rewarding, enriching, or just plain fun time with wife, son, friends, and other family.
Djokovic as said in interviews that a good healthy life (for him) needs recreation as much as rest and training prep, diet, and further building a great family..
Seems to be working.
More water slide trips with Marko await. Time working with the hotel chef to make healthy recipes using local market foods. Etc. Next up, LA and schmoozing time with media talent there..wife and son likely to be with him in the USA events.

Green Lady Says:

This looks like alot of fun,would love to go on this slide,im a 48 year old woman,whos a big kid at heart.

Van Persie Says:

Hehe, but be carufull, GG.:)
Novak got his eye infection there

Green Lady Says:

Nothing that wearing goggles wouldnt fix though VP,in summer i live in dark glasses as i suffer with graves disease,Novak and i(no pun intended)do actually have some things in common,eye trouble,we both meditate,we both do tai-chi,we both hug trees,we both walk bare foot on the ground to get closer to nature,the holistic way of life,although i dont eat organic as its too expensive for mere mortals like me,so there the similarity ends.

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