Nick Kyrgios Crushes Hater On Facebook
by Tom Gainey | February 22nd, 2016, 11:30 am

Nick Kyrgios may have been unusually composed during his run to his first career ATP title yesterday in Marseille, but it was a different story online. Amid the celebratory reaction on social media, the 20-year-old Kyrgios lashed out at a hater on his official Facebook page.

Here’s how it went down.

Krista Lang: “A fluke-you won’t win again. A minor tournament.”

Nick Kyrgios: “Yep. Gasquet, Berdych & cilic in straight sets back to back is a fluke and ‘minor’. See ya hater”

Lang: “Nick Kyrgios You just don’t get it. I am a lover of tennis and I can see straight through you. You have not changed inside-just a facade. -yes your game was a fluke.”

Kyrgios: “I’m glad you can see straight through me, all I can see is deluded dribbling and bad grammar. Bye.”

After the exchange, Kyrgios fans predictably jumped on Lang’s comments. This round goes clearly to Kyrgios for an efficient takedown. And as a reminder, Kyrgios’s 6-month suspension period will end this Wednesday.

The joys of social media.

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24 Comments for Nick Kyrgios Crushes Hater On Facebook

skeezer Says:

Not condoning his past behavior(s) on court, and this is why some fans don’t give him a pass, I get that too. But he is young, brash, fiery and immature, and has got a very big game. Like I said, give him some room to grow up, and if he gets his head on right, he can win anything anywhere against anyone.

courbon Says:

skeezer-Well said;McEnroe was difficult and brash, but what a player ha was!
I like Nick and his game is getting better and better.
I think Nick, Zverev, Coric, Thiem will leap straight behind BIG 4 generation and swallow that ‘lost’ generation of Dimitrov, Cilic, Nishi, Raonic… ( Lost generation may win couple of Slams but it will not be dominant-they are already too old ) -In my opinion.

chrisford1 Says:

Well, one good thing about the rise of Kyrgios is that when Tomic the Tank Machine threatens to pack his bags and go back to Germany to play for them or the UAE or whoever offers the best deal – now you have a host of Australians that will offer to help him back his bags (and his Dad’s).

Keep in mind that right now, though, Nick has popped on the radar screens of the other players as a threat that must be scrutinized for weaknesses that can be exploited. A lot of hot young players in circumstances like Nick Kyrgios end up plateauing because the “book” on their vulnerabilities gets filled out. How you handle Jerzy Janowicz, John Isner…what you can do to make an all-conquering junior like Gaels Monfils self-destruct.
In American baseball, this is the “super rookie” phenomenon. The young hitter who cleans up, but then is found to be seriously struggling with high heat fastballs just out of the strike zone mixed with off speed changeups unhit but counted as strikes…Or the pitcher who conquers the pros right out of AAA ball, but then shows certain ‘tells’ and pitch patterns that can be jumped on.

I would like to see KKKK return and see how he can progress, same with Luke Saville. Maybe Groth can get better too. Best that a national tennis program have more than one top player for the synergy. Tomic alas, is just not going to do the hard work a Raonic does to improve and he has the character flaw of being unable to approach all matches with a near equal desire to work hard and win.

In the meantime, cut Nick some slack. I think he has a good heart and just needs a little maturation.

J-Kath Says:


Missed You.


I keep wondering how I can best send you the “closure” document I promised when your huasband died. Now that my husband has died – (hit by a car door that caused internal bleeding) – my intention still remains.

Any ideas – to avoid putting other commentators too much ???

chrisford1 Says:

PS – One thing the media does all too often, is fall for or agree entirely with the lefts current words to demonize critics.
They do this be echoing the left, or what impressionable young people know think is an acceptable way to debunk critics by labels.
Merkel calls Germans that have great reservations about the hordes of Muslims she is bringing in “racists and Islamophobes”. The fawning media then reports it as “Merkel confronts the racists and Islamophobes questioning her, even heckling her at a speech”.
Kyrgios uses the strategy and lazy media duly joins in and calls a critic of his a “Hater!” – In essence agreeing with him only HAting HAters who HAte, HAte Hate!! – have any objections to anything NIck does or have the despicable hating temerity to brand a number of wins he had a “fluke”.
This new attack ploy is also being employed by Leftists about those who question what they regard as holy truths. The accusation “DENIER!!” now has become common on those who are skeptics of those holy truths like catastrophic global warming, pervasive white privilege explaining the lack of Oscars and Nobel Prizes for blacks in the hard sciences…
Not totally relevant to tennis, except to note that both Nick Kyrgios and writer Tom GAiney illustrate how it works.
Just be aware that forces opposing the Left may escalate as well. It can end up with employment black lists for “leftist subversives” and AMerican pols calling Leftists traitors, reborn communists, black racists, and 5th columnists.

Markus Says:

^^ I am not going to pretend that I understand what chrisford1 just said.

skeezer Says:

How about anything that cf1 has said on this thread😜

Julia Norwood Says:

Hardly equals the abuse Nick Kyrgios has hurled out. Hardly a fair ‘battle’ as , as already mentioned by other posters, on his ground. Perhaps Nick needs to understand, tennis fans ‘hate’ his abusive behaviour… which has only been absent for one tournament but reared its head when he started losing points…

chrisford1 Says:

Real simply, Markus “Hater!!” is becoming a label to demonize critics of a person or idea. Similar to “Racist”, “Denier!”, “Bourgeoisie!” It has roots in the Bolsheviks playbook

The ploy is successful when others accept the label as true, and, as in this case with Gainey, also label the critic of Kyrgios a “Hater!”.

Wog Boy Says:

Nick won this title fair and square, what his previous behavior has to do with this title? He is only twenty years old, one can like him or not, but you have to give the bloke credit for winning this title without dropping a set or a serve and beating two top10 players plus one former GS champion, that’s not a fluke.

I am not Nick’s fan, but he is enormously talented and can beat anybody on any given day, can he do it consistently is another thing and is a question to be answered in the near future.

I’ll agree with John McEnroe, tennis needs Kyrgios whether one like him or not.

Okiegal Says:

@J-Kath……Oh my gosh……Hit by a car door….that is terrible. Don’t worry about the closure document, you have got your own problems. I’m still trying to get used to my situation…widowhood is a lonely place. I have not adjusted very well……

Wog Boy Says:

Interesting stats, Kyrgios has positive h2h with Roger and Rafa (one win against each) while he is zero out of four agains Andy, he managed to win only one set of Andy, that can be telling, maybe he struggles against good returners who can withstand first few shots and play longer rallies, Kyrgios pulling impatiently trigger too early..

Margot Says:

Hi Kath honey :) How you doing? OMG tennis is soooooo boring without Andy……;)
There are a couple of things you could do to communicate privately with OK. You could set up a temporary hotmail account and then shut it down very quickly.
Or you could find a Rafa site where they have the facility to do private messaging. There nust be one. That’s probably the better option. They are usually well managed and filter out the obvious “nutters.”

Margot Says:

@Wog Boy
Just read yours, yer sneaked it in…;)
I was going to make that point about Nick too, possibly he would find it more difficult against players like Andy/Nole/Gilles/David F. Not only do they return big serves so well, they can retrieve for ever. And Nick looks as if he is a bit impatient.

Wog Boy Says:


I think he is impatient for two reasons, firstly, his temperament and still young, secondly and probably more accurate is his fittnes, it is still big question mark, I think he and his team know that and that’s why they try to finish the points quickly. His recovery time after longer point doesn’t look as good as it should. I watched few of his matches, including Andy’s where he couldn’t back up after longer rallies and he simply stop trying knowing his physical abilities, jmo.

Margot Says:

That’s very interesting Wog Boy. Do you remember I posted a comment from Racheed about Dimi’s fitness mainly, but he was saying he thought it applied to other young players too.
No gain, without pain as they say.
Hope Nick does knuckle down, as you said love him or loathe him, tennis future needs him.
Must say he’s growing on me, and no, I don’t want to cut him off…..;)

J-Kath Says:

@ Margot

Thanks for the suggestions…would need Okiegal’s email address to send to!!!! I am still in touch with Walter’s US friends (now mine) – they are coming to Scotland again this year – I’ll think about it later…..I just hate not keeping a promise – but Okie understands.

Good of you Margo.

Wee Andy will be back shortly. Have a good feeling about his success this year.

How non-excited are U about IN or OUT of the EU?
I’m personally uncertain – although I know Nicola will ensure Scotland votes IN.

Okiegal Says:

@Margot…..If I understood your comment @2:37 correctly, you don’t think I am an obvious “nutter”……..which is very refreshing!! LOL

@J-Kath…..You are right, I do understand. Don’t worry one minute about keeping a promise. That speaks volumes to me about you as a person to even be concerned. You have a lot on your plate…so no worries please. I do have a facebook account. It is under my husband’s name….Byron Rowsey, Ada, Oklahoma. You can chat privately. I have a good friend and she plays Words With Friends, a scrabble game. The game randomly hooked her up with a person from England. They have become friends across the pond because of Facebook and that game they enjoy playing! Seriously, no worries please…Oh, btw, got my taxes done and I’m getting a refund!! LOL Byron had always done the taxes, but it was my baby this year… glad it is done and dusted! Take care and hope this finds you doing better by the day……Sincerely, Okie!

J-Kath Says:

@ Okiegal

My favourite sister (Christine) has a facebook a/c so she’ll be here soon or vice versa. (Funnily enuf, she likes scrabble too). Meanwhile have made a note of your info. re.Byron’s a/c. Many thanks.

Yes, I know what it is like. Glad U got sorted. My tax people re. what was our joint development work wanted to remove my ability to reclaim 20% VAT – so Christine agreed to be the other partner…so that’s my latest little victory.

Re. Insurance policies: I’m in the process of trying to prove Accidental death – the Death certificate states “Bladder Haematoma” – this is where he was hit by the car door – ah well, we’ll see.

Apologies to everyone else on this thread. My excuse is that it is good to “talk” and share experiences….especially when it happened so quickly in both cases.

Hugs to you Okie and to Margot.

Okiegal Says:

@J-Kath…..Hang in there with the insurance, that was an accident…pure plain and simple! They do not want to turn loose of the money. I got the run around on some mutual funds but the life insurance policy… probs! Good luck and hugs back!

Regarding FB, I am going to get my own account when I can find a 2nd grader to do it for me…lol

Okiegal Says:

Nick the Kid is a talented lad and can be fun to watch. He just needs a slight attitude adjustment! LOL

Daniel Says:

Kirgios and Wawrinka semis, that is a match I want to see. If there is still bad blood.

Daniel Says:

Fed is already on practice court today. 3 weeks after surgery. If he continue at this pace he may return in Monte Carlo. Don’t think he will return for IW/Miami, this way he can recover 6 more weeks.

AndyMira Says:

So,it’s kyrgios and berdych in QF..i’ll say kyrgios will go through..and then wawa and then the much anticipated match ladies & gentleman..THE”NICNOL”,oh..”i detest tennis”..

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