Rafael Nadal Goes Golfing At Indian Wells [Video]

by Tom Gainey | March 13th, 2016, 10:14 am

Like after tennis for Rafael Nadal will include golf, but could he someday become a pro?

Nadal opens up play at Indian Wells against big-serving lefty Gilles Muller. In their last meeting, also the only time they met on hard courts, the Spaniard won 76 61 62 in the 4R of the US Open in 2011. Muller posted his first career Top 10 win in a Grand Slam tournament over Nadal in the 2R at Wimbledon in 2005.

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12 Comments for Rafael Nadal Goes Golfing At Indian Wells [Video]

Green Lady Says:

LOL Just what is the fasination that Rafa has with golf?….

Pauly Says:

Maybe golf might be his next game ?
I mean he’s not very good at tennis no more
Doubt he will win against muller today

skeezer Says:

Does anyone know RaFa’ s Golf handicap?

Pauly Says:


Does anyone know Nadal’s tennis handicap ?

Pauly Says:

Very lucky Nadal to win Today
Sometimes you need luck
His fans must be relieved

Green Lady Says:

Pauly i just love reading all your positive posts about Rafa,over,and over,and over,and over again,the way you tell us all the time hes done as a player,cant win anything big anymore, cant beat Novak, buttpicker,should retire etc,etc,etc,its so refreshing to read so many positive comments and posts from a fellow Nadal fan,a fan that Nadal would be soooo proud of ;)….

BTW Though Nadals a tennis player not a golfer,and it takes years to learn a sporting craft,its not like you can jump from one sport to another….

Very lucky Nadal to win today,sometimes you need luck,his fans must be relieved?hmm depends if you are a fan in the first place,sounds like your actually dissapointed that he did win?

Dont get me wrong,You can be a fan of whomever you like,but sorry you dont really sound like a Nadal fan to me,some of the termenology you use to describe him is strange for a fan,even Margot commented on it….

Green Lady Says:

Why would a fan say his fans must be relieved?maybe im reading too much into this,but isnt that what a fan of one player would say about another player,
surely if your a fan you would say as a fan i am relieved?sounds perculiar….

chrisford1 Says:

Skeezer, Rafa’s handicap was down to 2.9, not 3! – he said last year.
Other players

Lendl, Kafelnikof, Mardy Fish, Tim Henman – scratch golfers.
Roddick – handicap of 3.
Leyton Hewitt – 7
Andy Murray – 15 and he gets heat on that claim.
Sampras – 7
Djokovic says he plays well- Clarifies that to mean he plays well enough not to hold the others up.

(There are some good female golfers, and in the 99% of pros who are not stars, likely a few no one knows about off the Tour are better than any present day stars.)

Rafa is like Lendl, a golf fanatic. He has played with Nole a few times – with some bigshot retinue of agents, Ellison, media execs, equipment execs, etc.
Or just the two and a couple of pals on and off tour and a links caddy/guide.
Rafa thrashes Djokovic all the time. He takes his golf seriously. Djokovic has said in interviews golf is another way to get out “be with nature”.

Green Lady Says:

Chris Ford1 lol,it seems like you always steer any conversation around to been about Novak,whatever the thread,and whatever the topic….

chrisford1 Says:

Green Lady, it was about how good Rafa is. And among the best golfers around on Tour of all-time, but not yet at the level Fish and Lendl were at.
And when Nadal plays, he’s beating just about anyone.
And wanted to say how his H2H is in golf with his Big 4 rivals,
Federer does not play.
No remembrance of any Murray-Rafa golf. And that leaves Novak, who is not anywhere close to Rafa’s game Gets beat easily by Rafa, but enjoys the company he’s with, and “the nature”. And that is the 2nd point. The two get along well when off together doing something else, other than the pro tennis biz. A few times each year in TOur destinations.
Rafa mainly hangs out doing golf with long time close friends in Spanish tennis and back at Mallorca, of course. But when on Tour, play with who’s around that you like hanging with. And Novak is a natural choice since for so many years, they were almost always in at least the QFs, and among the last in the locker rooms or hotels of the players.

Green Lady Says:

Chris Ford1,Playing golf together is fine,i just dont care for friendships in their everyday job of playing tennis,but thats my opinion,so i dont exactly agree with you there….

AndyMira Says:

I looked at that picture many times,his face was not clear..if not for his b@#$,i would say that was another man altogether..

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