Rafael Nadal: When You Win, It’s Easier To Keep Winning; When You Lose, It’s Easier To Keep Losing
by Tom Gainey | April 11th, 2016, 9:44 am

Fan favorite Rafael Nadal opens his spring clay season hoping to get back to his winning ways at one of his favorite, most successful tournaments, the Monte Carlo Open.

The former No. 1 comes into Monte Carlo as an 8-time champion, but without a title on the tour since the summer and only one Top 40 victory this season.

“It’s always good to be here,” said Nadal. “I always have special feelings and I’m happy to be back. It’s the right place to be to play tennis. I had good practices in Mallorca and here and I hope to be ready for the action… I am here to try my best in every match and I don’t know how far I can go, but I will try my best to play well.”

Despite the subpar results, Nadal’s says he’s in a better place than he was a year ago.

“I don’t have the stressful feelings like I had last year,” Nadal said. “I’m feeling much better with myself. The confidence is always the same. After Indian Wells, my confidence has been very high. I want to start the competition now and we’ll see how I play here.”

Nadal also commented on Novak Djokovic’s incredible run.

“Everybody wants to be in his position now,” Nadal said. “When you win it’s easier to keep winning and when you lose it’s easier to keep losing. It’s always those same dynamics, especially with an unbelievable player like him. It’s difficult to stop. He’s going to be the favourite for every tournament until somebody shows something different. He’s the player of the moment without a doubt. Everyone sees him as the winner.”

Nadal will open play against Aljaz Bedene in the second round on Wednesday. Ranked No. 5, Nadal is 12-6 on the season.

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36 Comments for Rafael Nadal: When You Win, It’s Easier To Keep Winning; When You Lose, It’s Easier To Keep Losing

James Says:

Nadal is now entering a bit into the state of constant denial – a state Fed has lived in for many years now.

Reality is – he can’t beat Djokovic on any surface unless Djokovic is having a really bad day. So he has to hope that someone takes Djokovic out before he meets him.

As for Fed, a couple of rounds would be excellent performance for him over here.

AndyMira Says:

As always..a very humble statement from rafa..glad he feels such confidence at this moment..let’s see whether it can help him go further in this tournament..if not then we’ll know it’s not about confidence anymore..

Van Persie Says:

AM, there are several AM on facebook.:D

Thiem is doing well now, I see. Just got home and can watch

J-Kath Says:

Bedene put out Rosol…

AndyMira Says:

VP my dear,is there someone with red t shirt and lives in klang and a fan of Arsenal there?That’s me..

AndyMira Says:

Oh one more thing VP..the picture of sunset is there as well..

Van Persie Says:

AM, will give U mine. Cling Fling. Have no privat things there. Cannot find yours…

chrisford1 Says:

I wish Rafa well unless he plays Djokovic.
Nadal enriched the sport of tennis and laid down new standards of athleticism and mental strength. I hope there is another comeback in him that starts after the French Open.
This is a Legend who has beaten everyone over time except 2 guys. One player, Davydenko, a strange outlier. The other of course being Djokovic, who noted that Rafa had maintained a winning edge over him his entire professional career until 2016.

Nadal is a huge plus for the sport and even if his days are numbered, one last great run is something he is almost entitled to….after the French Open trophy is Djokovics..

AndyMira Says:

VP..i already made a friend request..got anything?

Van Persie Says:

No AM, I havent.

AndyMira Says:

VP,what’s your profile?

Van Persie Says:

AM, there is no picture but it is the tipical boy siluete..

Van Persie Says:

i found you and made a friend request. Sorry was tired, and did not read you mentioned Klang :)

AndyMira Says:

VP..is it true that you’re still not receive my friend request?Earlier i thought it was you so i sent a request,now he/she wants me to confirm it..

Van Persie Says:

I did not receive any request from you. I have sent you one now

Van Persie Says:

hehe, we have made an old lady jealous here ;)

Okiegal Says:

I am so surprised Van Persie would call out someone for being an “old” lady……NOT…..put a name on the “old” lady!! Lol. 🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽Here she is the grandest lady of them all….THE STATUE OF LIBERTY, a gift from France, that is another reason I am partial to the French Open, but mainly because Rafa has owned it 9 times…..Boom baby, that’s what I’m talking about!!


AndyMira Says:

Hey VP..a very good morning to you and enjoy your morning coffee okay..by the way you got my e mail last night right?Hopefully i will get yours soon..

Van Persie Says:

Good morning AM,

I enjoy my morning coffee and am at work afterwards. Will contact you later via email. Got your adress.

AndyMira Says:

Ok VP..thanks..anyway what a bunch of c@#% we were last night right?He!he!At that time,it’s 3:30am already at my place and i felt like i’m flying in the sky but thank God..it’s settled after that..

Van Persie Says:

Yep AM,

You’re right. Will send you an emai later. Will be off now

P.S. Federer is playing today. GG Lopez has a good chance, I think…am curios

AndyMira Says:

Sure VP..Dimi vs simon also promised to be good but i actually can’t wait for zverev vs ferrer tomorrow..if he can pull a win over ferrer,it sure can be very big win indeed..

Green Lady Says:

James i dont think Rafas denying anything, i think what hes saying is bang on the money, Novaks on this incredible run and looks virtually unstoppable, he just feels in a better place mentally, its not as if hes saying hell its clay so i will win everything, i think hes just enjoying his tennis ! ….

Sivaji Says:

Always the best at press conference. Vamos Rafa

nits Says:

coric & dimitrov gone

jalep Says:

Dimitrov with all his wondrous talent couldn’t pass the Gilles Simon test 😄, as expected;
and Kohlschreiber was too much for Borna.

Sorry to hear Ferrer is out but this means a lucky break for Sascha versus Granollers next.

Maybe it’s time to take more notice of Taro Daniel?

Goffin is Boss.

bstevens Says:

Rafa seems to be well versed in the law of inertia

Okiegal Says:

Da Joker da ultimate winner…..I will have to reserve my thoughts on Rafa…..didn’t get to see his dubs match, so don’t know how he played, but they did win. Maybe clay will be the answer for him to get back on point…..sometimes it do and sometimes it don’t!!

Whatever the outcome, Rafa will always be 👑 of Clay…..I love clay season…..my fave, for obvious reasons!!


Green Lady Says:

Have to ask as i apparantly have such a low IQ, but whats inertia ?? ….

J-Kath Says:

Green Lady

Inertia is what we all feel from time to time – me in particular at the moment….i.e. lethargic, inactivity, a bit slothful……etc. etc.

….but, you are a Sagitarius….you are expected to get overcome any such condition and be yourself – someone with a positive mindset/outlook and lots of energy.

OK? Cheers. K.

Markus Says:

Green Lady, remember that thing in school about “a body that is in a state of rest remains at rest…blah…blah…blah?

Well anyway, let’s see if clay will get Nadal’s body go into a state of motion and remain in motion.

J-Kath Says:


Realise it was supposed to be about Rafa…..but…don’t want U to fall into any such condition by putting yourself down…Apologies if I have over-stepped in any way.

J-Kath Says:

Ah, welcome back Markus.

Green Lady Says:

CHEERS Markus/J-Kath no honestly, im fine the low IQ bit was light hearted sarcasm, as i really had no idea what it meant, id never the expression ….

Green Lady Says:

^Never heard^….

Green Lady Says:

Second that nice to see Markus here ;-)) ….

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