Roger Federer Hasn’t Withdrawn From The French Open, He Practiced Today
by Tom Gainey | May 18th, 2016, 9:50 am

Speculation yesterday that Roger Federer had already withdrawn from the French Open was proven wrong today when the Swiss hit the courts for a practice session Wednesday in Paris.

That doesn’t mean Federer, who has been battling a back injury since Madrid, won’t play the event. But for now, he’s still in.

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14 Comments for Roger Federer Hasn’t Withdrawn From The French Open, He Practiced Today

RZ Says:

I just hope that if he does withdraw, it will be early enough to reshuffle the seeds.

But seeing as he is already in Paris and practicing, I don’t think he would withdraw.

Sun Storm Says:

Wimbledon is probably the top most priority for Roger this year. And almost certainly retiring in 2017.

It will be sad if he skips the French.

But this is obviously much more serious than in the past.

Probably just skip 2016 and come back for one last hurrah in 2017?

Humble Rafa Says:

According to the information collection, the news is not good. Apparently, he needs to sign up for the senior tour based on his age.

Dave Says:

I think Federer is playing the French Open this year. If his back doesn’t recover 100% because of playing the French Open, he will have a hard time being ready for Wimbledon. It’s only a 3 week gap between Wimbledon and the French Open. He could pull a Nole and not play a warm-up tournament on grass before Wimbledon. I don’t know a lot about back issues. I fortunately have never had them before. So I don’t really know how it all works.

Daniel Says:


Indeed, but he is schedule to 2 tune ups pre Wimbledon, Stutgart and Halle back to back, week of and them Wimbledon.

So I think he plays Paris for the sake of getting some matches, if the path gest to hard along R16 or Quarters he will lose just like last year. When he saw Stan was up for blood he backed down. With his service game, unless his bavk is really bothering him, he knows he won’t be trashed on court. Maybe he gets a soft draw with some seeds not delivering and auddenly he can have a good run.

Who ever gets Tosnga or Berdych will have a great draw, they may not reach that far. And he also could have a R16 easier. If his draw open up like Murray’s Rome last year, antthing could happen. There are only few top players who will delever this clay season: Djoko, Murray, Kei and Nadal. All the rest are question marks and can easily lose before week 2 dependong on who they face. This RG has a potential for a lot of upsets.

J-Kath Says:

Thanks Giles…quite a pic.

James Says:

Does it really matter (whether Fed plays the French or not)? He hasn’t been a factor here for many years now.

17. Its a good number. Its the final number.

Richard Says:

It would be a bit shady if he withdrew after the draw. Although maybe if you’re Djokovic or Murray you’d prefer to have to try and beat Nadal in the quarters and then–if you managed it–have another, likely slightly easier, match before the final.

fred stone Says:

What about this one:

Humble Rafa Says:

He hasn’t been a factor here for many years now.

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Talking common sense is not allowed in these forums. If you don’t worship him, you need to keep quiet. Got it?

James Says:

Oh, I do worship him. All said and done, Fed is GOAT. Nadal is not. As simple as that. Neither is Djokovic (not yet at least).

But facts are facts. He is done. done, done, done.

HR, your guy has twice lost 7 in a row to Djokovic now, and is 7-19 against him since start of 2011. That includes a losing H2H even on clay (5-7), and a pulp like H2H on other surfaces (2-12). He is getting BEAT UP, even on clay. While he is not as done as Federer, given his weaker offensive game, he is also done, done, and done.

Baa Says:

Who cares about the overrated clown fed?
No one except Mirkaslava + his flunatics want him on court.
He & his fluke companions from the flop 2003-6 era are banished.
Mirka’s still bitter that Stan saved Olympic doubles and Davis Cup.

At least the old players today can play on clay, grass, indoor hardcourts and outdoor hardcourt.
The one that’s arrogant, dull and one dimensional is fed.
Fed fluked through Murray matches then whined when Novak stopped choking. Poor evil fed. If figures since the creep bragged about his sportsmanship fraud awards. Lmao😵

Daniel Says:

Federer just withdrawn from RG, he announced in his FB page. Another streak gone, hope he recovers in time for grass.

With this, Nadal bumped to 4 and Raonic to 8. The only Quarers opponent now novody wants is Kei, who ever gets him get an easy draw.

If Djoko gets wawa in his semis and Berdy or Raonic on hos quarters he gets a super easy draw. Wawa won’t make it that far neither will Berdych (whoch Djoko own byw).

Murray and Nadal to battlw in semis and Djoko facing who ever comes alive in finals.
Suddenly things can get way more interesting for him.

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