Andy Murray: What Novak Achieved Is Something Extremely Special
by Tom Gainey | June 8th, 2016, 9:56 am

Following his loss in the French Open final, Andy Murray says Novak Djokovic deserves credit for what he has accomplished in winning the Career Grand Slam and the Nole Slam.

“What Novak achieved today is something extremely special, and a lot of people would have wanted to have seen that and been a part of that,” Murray said Sunday. ‘He deserves the support he gets.”

Murray also added that with Djokovic, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and other players, the game is as strong and deep as ever.

“Such a rare thing to have happened, and obviously the depth in the game just now is strong,” said Murray. “Some people may think differently, but the level of tennis I think is pretty high now and something you probably won’t see for a long, long time.”

And the fact he is part of that generation has left him with two Grand Slam wins in 10 finals.

“Obviously the guys I have been around the last few years have made things difficult for me,” he said. “I have been close-ish to winning all of the slams now and, you know, unfortunately all of them have done it instead.

“But I guess I’ve got a few more years to try and do that. I think when I finish I will be more proud of my achievements maybe. None of the big events I have won have I done it without beating one of those guys, you know, or a couple of them.”

Murray, who won Wimbledon in 2013, now turns his attention to what he hopes will be a fruitful grass season which begins for him next week in Queen’s.

“I have played some of my best tennis on clay, for sure, over the last few weeks and definitely last couple of years,” Murray said. “Hopefully that translates well onto the grass, which is a surface that comes way, way more natural to me.”

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10 Comments for Andy Murray: What Novak Achieved Is Something Extremely Special

Humble Rafa Says:

‘He deserves the support he gets.”

He could use more. He also deserves the support of the little minded people who feel offended by his accomplishments.

emilia Says:

I don’t know what Novak can do more to win the hearts of the audience worldwide who were not inclined to appreciate him so far. Apart from his craft and skill, he is a person with a beautiful heart, charming,funny, a real comedian who introduced good entertainment in this sport. What else do you need to be loved?

J-Kath Says:

@ Emilia

Perhaps it’s because he’s not Roger?

RZ Says:

For Margot, J-Kath, and other Murray fans, you might enjoy this article:

BBB Says:

skeezer, are you diverting yourself during the game….

skeezer Says:

Halftime ;)

BBB Says:

LOL. I am being totally effed over right now by someone who is a rabid Cavs fan, so this is not a hard choice for me.

Michael Says:

As Andy rightly exclaimed, what Novak has managed now by winning four majors in a row is one of the biggest achievements in modern sport especially in an era which is singularly different from what prevailed during the Laver era and it is definitely a cardinal mistake to compare them as they are incompatible to say the least when the sport has radically transformed and evolved over the years.

Novak can definitely be proud and elated about his achievements which has elevated him to the pinnacle of this Global sport and he deserves to be talked about in the same wave length as Roger and Rafa. It is ofcourse tough to rate anyone greater at the moment as they have piled up achievements and attained crowning glory which rival one another and a debate on those lines will become ad infinitum.

Nevertheless, time will surely tell us as to who is greater amongst the trio and in my opinion if Novak manages to accumulate anywhere between 15-17 Grand slams, he would become the leader of the awesome three.

emilia Says:


You are right: Novak is not Roger but Roger is neither Novak or Rafa. Aren’t people loved for what they are?

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