Rafael Nadal Opens Academy With Special Guest Roger Federer
by Tom Gainey | October 21st, 2016, 11:08 pm

Rafael Nadal opened his Rafa Nadal Academy earlier this week, and to add even more star power to the event the Spaniard brought in good friend and rival Roger Federer.


The press conference:

The site:


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14 Comments for Rafael Nadal Opens Academy With Special Guest Roger Federer

Willow Says:

Good on Rafa inviting Roger to help promote his academy, and the future of our sport, two sporting tennis icons, that kids can aspire to, still dont care for celebs and charities though to be honest, just thought it was nice Rafa got Roger and Xisca on board to help ….

Er Says:

Hi Rafa
Please the fees need discount in tennis trainning hours at your clup.
Please tell us 1 hour private training 85euro !
And luxery holiday not necessary , tennis is in need to all interests.
Thanks for the understanding to players

Okiegal Says:

Yep…..they are good friends despite a bump or two along the way. They will always remain as such. I realize he would never take the place of Rafa’s childhood pals, but in the realm of tennis me thinks Roger and Pico are his faves…..and probably vice versa……Love this thread…thanks staff…..neato!!

Willow Says:

Okie thats the first time ive heard Xisca actually speak, but great to see her supporting Rafa, especially as shes building a career of her own, by studying for a law degree, so much for them not being close, or having a deep and meaningful relationship, just because they dont happen to be married ….

Humble Rafa Says:

Thank you for the kind words about Xisca. Not only is she beautiful, she takes care of me in every way possible.

AndyMira Says:

LOL HR!He he he…

Okiegal Says:

Willow, Rafa and his gal have a great relationship I’m sure of it. You are right. Her career is as important to her has his is to him. They make a great pair. Seems as though they give each other the space they need. Sometime that piece of paper (marriage licence) can ruin a good relationship…….but there is plenty of time for that
(Marrige) don’t you think?? They know what’s best for them! They are an adorable twosome!!

Willow Says:

Okie there is plenty of time for marriage, and babies etc, the Nadal men all got married in their 30s, and as you say both Rafa and Xisca are focussed on their respective careers, theyve been together along time, i just got sick of hereing they should be married with kids, and a certain poster saying somewhere Xisca will be weeping because shes not been impregnated by Rafa yet, and another putting up sarcastic pictures about weddings of the other tennis wags, with Xisca saying im next, like they are some marriage or relationship councilors or something ?, and also the Nadal family are rich enough to have Xiscas eggs frozen and do it that way if they leave it late to start a family anyway, sorry end of rant ….

Alexandra Says:

Nice of Roger to help out on Rafa’s special day. I think they have a good understanding of each other, unlike their fans. Doesn’t mean they are best buddies for life, but good enough to appreciate the other guy.

Purcell Says:

Thanks Alexandra. That’s the most sensible, realistic and succinct comment I’ve read on this struggling site.

Willow Says:

Thanks for the link Giles ;-))….

Timothy D. Naegele Says:

Marry the lovely Xisca and start a family!

betsy Says:

or don’t get married and still have kids (or not)

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