Andy Murray Enjoys Day Off En Route To Vienna Title Match Against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
by Staff | October 30th, 2016, 12:25 am

Thanks to a David Ferrer left leg injury, Andy Murray had day off Saturday on what was supposed to be a semifinal showdown against the Spaniard in Vienna.

“I knew that David had an injury at the beginning of the week,” said Murray. “He played a very long match yesterday, so that was unfortunate for him. He’s one of the more robust players and doesn’t often have too many niggles. He must have been in quite a bit of pain. It’s unfortunate for him, but I’ll try to get ready for the final and use today as a rest day. It will be a hard match, but I’m motivated to finish the season strong. Being in another final after a tough week is good.”

Murray’s been very busy so the rest should be welcome Sunday when he meets Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. The Frenchman saved a match point to edge Ivo Karlovic 5-7, 7-5, 7-6(6).

Karlovic led with a break in both the second in the third set breaker had two service points at 5-4 and then a match point at 6-5.

This will be the 16th meeting between Murray and Tsonga with the Scot winning the last four. Murray leads 13-2 and took their only previous final meeting at 2011 Queen’s in three sets.

Murray will appear in his 11th final of the year, seeking a seventh title. 2011 tournament champion Tsonga is appearing in his first ATP final since last September when he captured his 12th career title in Metz beating Gilles Simon.

Murray has won 21 straight against Frenchmen since losing to Gilles Simon in the quarterfinals of Rotterdam in February 2015.

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25 Comments for Andy Murray Enjoys Day Off En Route To Vienna Title Match Against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Farah Diba Says:

Emm..Andy looks a little vulnerable in the early rounds the other day[which is no surprise,with fatigue,jetlag etc], me,Andy wants this title so bad, so my prediction..Andy in 2.

Daniel Says:

Andy winning easy. This aspect of his game is the most improved, he is beating the players he should beat.
Hope this year he plays better in London. If he goes deep in Paris again he may fell a bit, a lot of matches lately. But seems he is enjoying this run of wins, there insetting a professional athlete loves more than a winning streak, after all the are highly competitive.

Daniel Says:

Just because I said so Andy lost the lead in second set, 4-4

jalep Says:

Andy’s cussing a blue streak, non-stop 😯

jalep Says:

33% first serve percent second set might be the cause of the blue streak.

RZ Says:

Yay Andy!

The possible way for Mr. Murray to nab the #1 ranking in Paris:

– Murray wins Paris & Djokovic loses before final
– Murray reaches final & Djokovic loses before SF

J-Kath Says:

Goodness gracious me – for a few minutes in that match Andy’s movement was as graceful as the “Federina ballerina”. Sorri Tsonga had to lose – he’s so talented.

Margot Says:

Yay! C’mon Andeeeeee! Getting closer, narrowing the gap! Way to go!

Daniel Says:

Also, he is playing more inside the court which is good for him to be more agressive. He will need ot going 30 next year if he wants to sustain this level.

Race for #1 fully on. Let’s see how Djoko’s reaci in Paris, specially his body language and on courr behavior. Hope he is back.

Thought him and Andy will be sharing the spils in 2016-2018 and seems that’s what will happen.

Farah Diba Says:

Big congrats to Andy for his 7th titles of the season..Wow!The most in a season in his career.I think next week will be the real test to see how he’s gonna fare in Paris.Traditionally,it’s not the place that he usually will do well..but this year is a bit different..fatigue,yes but being the fittest player on tour atm with no major injury,it’s a big advantage for him..And when adrenaline start pumping in your veins for something that finally within your grasp that only 5 months ago we would think totally unreachable..then i would say,he’s capable of surprising us all in the next 2 important events.Good luck Andy!

Giles Says:

Hey Daniel, long time no speak. So, tell me, what do you think of joker’s situation going forward? Not long ago you were counting chickens, and now what do you think? How many more slams and Masters is he going to win? Will he win the WTF? Are you still excited about him? Lol. Too many questions but maybe you can answer them.

Willow Says:

Farah Diba it will indeed be interesting to see how Novak bounces back, or if he will bounce back frrom his mini slump ?, anyhow im loving this run of Andys, he seems to be on the crest of a wave ATM, sure as hell hope it continues, some of the shot making ive seen from Murray this week has been amazing, balls you wouldnt expect any player in their right mind would be able to run down, so i wouldnt say Federer has the monopoly on amazing breathtaking tennis J-Kath lol (i will be crucified for saying that no doubt ) ….

J-Kath Says:

Daniel: Us Scots take a while to mature…we’re like the whisky…once ready we remain potent for years. Grin, grin…where’s Okie?

J-Kath Says:


I won’t wait til Easter to liberate you – just holler and I’ll rescue you…am pretty handy with tools these days….

Willow Says:

J-Kath lol cheers ;-)) ….

Van Persie Says:

Congrats to Murray, now we have a real race for Nr. 1

Daniel Says:

Indeed J-Kath;-)

I want to see if this runs will last. I wish Djoko and Murray both reach semis in Paris and both go to finals in London undefeated. This way who ever wins London finals will be #1. That would be great, Year end #1 decided in last match of the season (bar DC Cup).

J-Kath Says:


You are a scholar and a gentleman.

PS: Can both go to London undefeated? Unless you mean undefeated by each other?

RZ Says:

@J-Kath, as the top 2 seeds in London, Novak and Andy will be in different groups. If they both end up at the top of their groups, they would still be in opposite sides of the elimination matches (semifinals) so they could both reach the final undefeated.

J-Kath Says:

RZ: Was talking about prior to London – maybe I misunderstood Daniel.

RZ Says:

@J-Kath – I believe Daniel was talking about London only for being undefeated. If both guys play Paris, they couldn’t go to the London finals undefeated (unless one of them withdraws)

Farah Diba Says:


It is indeed interesting to see the battle of these 2 greats for the next couple of events,and i would say Andy sure has an advantage over Novak atm,with his winning streak and just lost 3 matches since FO in june,it was like Andy ride a high speed train atm,very hard to stop.But..let’s also not forget,this is Novak we’re talking of the greats that always can find a solution if he needs to,these 2 not meet with each other since FO final when Andy still a couple of notch below his current standard,their next reunion sure going to be explosive if they are to meet again with the precious no 1 at stake.Who’s going to prevail?Who’s not?C’mon guys..bring it on!

J-Kath Says:

RZ: That is what I meant.

J-Kath Says:


PS: the point difference at the O2 is huge. No doubt in my mind that Novak will continue to win there….the interesting no. is Paris…and i.e. 7th Nov. when the points fall off.

Daniel Says:


Yeah, undefeated in their groups in London, so both reaches finals with 4 wins (100pts), so in order for the last match decide, they will have to keep this points gap os of tomorrow, so both would have to lose at the same round in Paris for this to be fun. Actually even of Murray goes one round more than Djoko in Paris this scenario I mention can take place in London. As long as there difference is not more than 495 pts entering London.

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