Roger Federer Falls Out Of The Top 10 For First Time In 14 Years!
by Tom Gainey | November 7th, 2016, 9:49 am

While Andy Murray ascends to No. 1, the idle Roger Federer continues slip in the rankings and today the Swiss fell out of the Top 10 for the first time since October 2002, ranking today all the way down at No. 16.

Federer hasn’t been ranked that low since October 13, 2002 when he was No. 13. That’s 734 weeks! Today, he dropped from No. 9 to 16 and that’s where he’ll finish the 2016 season.

Looking ahead, Since Federer is playing Perth and not Brisbane, Federer will lose his Brisbane final points so he will likely fall even further. So unless he makes a late schedule change, he may not even be a Top 16 seed at the Australian Open where he’s defending semifinal points.

Federer, who hasn’t played since Wimbledon, finishes the season with a 21-7 record in just seven events.

If you understand French, here’s Federer in a recent interview:

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15 Comments for Roger Federer Falls Out Of The Top 10 For First Time In 14 Years!

SG1 Says:

Eventually, he’ll fall out of the top 100. Such is the nature of the sport. But that’s stating the obvious.

If he’s healthy (a big if considering his age), he’ll be back among the top 6 or 7 in the world next year. Just too talented not to be. The time off this year should allow him to come back very fresh for the early part of the season. I think he should roll back his clay court schedule and some of his early season hard court schedule as well so he can be fresh for the back end of the year where the surfaces suit him better.

He’s won RG and he’s not winning it again. I think the same is true of the AO. He can still win Wimbledon if the stars align. Maybe even the USO if he doesn’t run into Novak or a really sharp Murray. Just my thoughts.

chrisford1 Says:

If you are an athlete, if you are not a regular day-to-day player, you are old and basically sticking around for records and keeping the hefty endorsement money coming in. Like an old golfer getting a spot in a Major. Sort of “emeritus” status – peripheral to the sport like an emeritus professor is peripheral to the way the younger faculty members are running things and driving new research.

Be nice to see Fed stick around as long as he still can hang with the better talent in the ATP. However, if he starts falling regularly to players ranked under 100 or gets totally outclassed and embarrassed to a top player like Nishikori, time to move on. We will see what 2017 has in store. My guess is Fed will be in the former category vs the latter as 2017 opens, hanging with decent younger pros, not playing pathetic tennis, but also having no shot at a Holy Slam. That slamcount biz is done….

Khb Says:

He isn’t that nice, so he won’t be missed by most tennis fans. He couldn’t wait to see Novak in agony from injuries.
As we’ve seen when Novak had illness in 2009, fed was giddy on Espn, telling the world that Novak was a coward and that he was the total opposite – the strong fighter everywhere.
Hence, Fed faked love for Murray this week. So fake!

Willow Says:

Federer has been a top 10 player years, he falls out of the top 10 for the first time in 14 years, so what ?, hes the greatest ever, and has nothing left to prove when it comes to tennis anymore, if he wins another GS great its all gravy, if not so what ? ….

lakie Says:

If Fed is injured and skips tournaments then of course his ranking could plummet but if he plays, he is going to be at least top 20.
Khb, do not imagine your opinion reflects the views of fans. Fed is probably the most loved tennis star, certainly much more than your idol who begs the audience to show him love. Fed is very straightforward and has no need to fake love for anyone. Before 2010, Novak did have a history of retirements. It was probably due to his asthma which currently seems to be under control with medication and gluten free diet.

didi Says:

KHB you are truly delusional… have you checked who has won the most favorite tennis player awards.

J-Kath Says:

I don’t contribute to, but I often read the threads on and when there is one on Roger it’s brimming with comments – the majority of comments are positive.

Truthsquad Says:

Is Khb channeling Trump? Crazy, logic free outbursts, insane assertions punctuated with emotional proclamations – “FAKE!”.
Not much tennis knowledge or respect in this one, I’m afraid.

skeezer Says:

The jealousy card by Novak fans continues whenever the better player in history is being appreciated. Keep it comin, it won’t change leader and top dog in the all time record books.
Totally agree with your last paragraph. Back in 2010 I thought Fed would fall out of the rankings and retire then after bagging 15, setting the all time mark of bagged Slams, and winning the only Slam that eluded him, the FO. Why not? HIs deed was done.
Was just expecting him to enjoy the gravy and remaining fun on the tour. And what happened? He bagged 2 more Slams, won his sixth World Tour Final, and returned to #1. Can’t expect much more from this super star.

jane Says:

incredible run for fed, so consistent. and to think that last year he was in 2 slam finals and the WTF finals. injuries can really derail things!

SG1 Says:

Year in and year out, the best player of his era. Novak may have something to say about by the time his career winds down but until then, no one has ever played at the level that Fed has for the length of time he has. And in terms of sheer racket skills, I’ve never seen anyone better. I didn’t think I’d ever see someone with better hands than McEnroe but Federer’s rackets skills surpass Mac’s. Just my opinion of course but there are things Federer can do that defy description. And he’s made it all look so easy. As several people above have mentioned, there’s nothing left for him to prove. But, he’s still a champion and champions want to win titles so I would expect him to set up a schedule that would result in his best chance to win majors.

RZ Says:

He has so few points to defend next year so as long as he has a decent showing in Australia, I would assume he would stay in the top 20-30 range initially and hopefully get back into the top 10. I would imagine if nothing else, he would win a few rounds at the big tournaments.

RZ Says:

“he won’t be missed by most tennis fans”
Thanks for the laugh Khb! That’s a good one.

Willow Says:

^ Trying hard to be a comedian i think ? ^ ….

RZ Says:

@Willow, not sure, but I am pretty sure that the man who has won the ATP fan favorite award 13 years in a row will sorely be missed by the majority of tennis fans.

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