Pregnant Victoria Azarenka Says She’ll Return To Tennis Pretty Soon [Video]
by Tom Gainey | December 9th, 2016, 3:49 pm

One of the stories of 2016 was the return and then the sudden sabbatical for Victoria Azarenka. The former No. 1 continued her road back to the top of the rankings winning both Indian Wells and Miami, but her resurgence was cut short when she announced her 2016 was over in July due to pregnancy.

Azarenka and boyfriend(?) Bill McKeague are expecting the child in the next month.

“My pregnancy’s been a completely different experience from anything I’ve done before,” Azarenka told the Tennis Channel.. “In theory, you know the process, but to actually go through that you truly start to deeply understand the magic of it. And it’s been quite a ride, I have to say.”

And following the birth, Azarenka says she wants to return to tennis as soon as possible.

“I don’t feel I’m missing out on something I won’t be able to do again,” Azarenka said. “For me, it’s about getting to where I want to be and be back there again. That’s my ultimate goal.

“I don’t try put any time frame for myself. I would love to make it as soon as possible, but giving myself a reasonable time to fully recover and be ready. I’m not going to rush anything, and it’s hard to tell before the birth actually happens. So, we’ll see, but I’m positive that I can be playing tennis pretty soon.”

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22 Comments for Pregnant Victoria Azarenka Says She’ll Return To Tennis Pretty Soon [Video]

Willow Says:

She looks lovely, and has a lovely glow about her, wishing her and her partner all the best with impending parenthood, it will be great seeing Vika back playing tennis again, to make the WTA more exciting and competitive ….

Danica Says:

I’ve been thinking about her these past few days wondering whether she already gave birth. I didn’t get the chance to check but here is my answer :).

I don’t think she will be back to the court that soon. When her baby is born, she will start thinking differently. She will quickly recover, she may start practicing more, but she will see how dependent that little being is on her.

I wish them all the best and good luck Vika whenever you come back!

Jenny Shekersavva Says:

happy to hear the good news for Victoria and her partner congratulations

Humble Rafa Says:

This type of behavior prior to marriage is not welcome. It is arrogant and goes against many values of well meaning people.

BBB Says:

Why is it arrogant?

Wog Boy Says:

She won’t be back anytime soon if she ever reaches top 20 again. She always had a problem with fitness, never was a good mover, she’s got big body and it’ll only get bigger after she gives birth and she’ll get even slower, it won’t help her even if she adopts Jelena Djokovic diet.

She’s done playing top tennis.

lakie Says:

I wouldn’t write off Azarenka. She will be stronger and have greater stamina after the birth of her baby. If she is motivated enough and she trains hard, she can be back especially as Serena is getting past her prime. I wouldn’t rule out competition from the nextgen. But she can be at least top 5 if she is committed.

skeezer Says:

Mind readers of mens and womens tennis strikes again.

Markus Says:

@skezer: Hehehe, he is the smartest man in his own mind.

Wog Boy Says:

What are you two mor@ns talking about, do you have a problem, Sleezer and your Mini-Me?
What mind reading? It is hormon thing, dickheads, no woman is the same after giving birth.
Only two women came back after giving birth to child, Margaret Court and Kim C.
Now you can lick each other’s a$$e$, I have other things to do.

Willow Says:

Shes not short of a bob or two, so can afford to get a good nutritionist and trainer to get her back in shape after giving birth, it might take a while though, and she might not be the player she was, but it will be great to have her back on tour ….

Willow Says:

And to think i was pulled to pieces for having an opinion on a WTA players weight, something even a fellow fan agreed with me on, but i didnt see that poster been attacked, such is the double standard here, even when said poster is guilty of the exact same thing ….

Margot Says:

Jessica Ennis Hill.

Wog Boy Says:

When did she play tennis?

Danica Says:

She may prove us wrong but I can’t see her coming back so soon as she expects. There will be a lot of factors.

Humble Rafa Says:

There is no tennis and this site has not turned into a p@rn site. Amazing.

Willow Says:

I See what Margot means, Ennis Hill is not a tennis player, but the point is its possible to return to sport after giving birth, and still be successful, like Clijsters and Court its possible for Vika to also make a successful return to tennis, whether or not she will be successful remains to be seen ….

Dennis Says:

I don’t think she will be back soon, not nearly as soon as Clijsters. Kim had a more stable relationship. Vika is a bit goofy.

BBB Says:

I admit to not understanding why having a stable relationship would mean you go back to tennis sooner.

AndyMira Says:

Wanna give congrats to Vika and her fans for the birth of her baby boy today..

2nd…Want to wish Petra for speedy recovery..both mentally and physically..Hope her injuries were not serious and can compete in the upcoming AO next year.

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