Defending Champion Novak Djokovic In Doubt For Miami
by Staff | March 18th, 2017, 9:33 am

According to reports, Novak Djokovic might be unable to defend his Miami title next week due to ongoing issues with his right elbow.

After his two losses Wednesday at Indian Wells, Djokovic is said to have flown back to Monte Carlo to get further tests done on his elbow. A month ago during Davis Cup, Djokovic was dealing with shoulder issues.

Some already have Djokovic out of Miami.

Though nothing official has been released.

A 6-time champion, Djokovic has won Miami the last three years. And he’s never missed the event playing it the last 11 years.

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33 Comments for Defending Champion Novak Djokovic In Doubt For Miami

Vidzy Says:

Djoko has had so many issues since winning RG.. be it motivation issues, coaching issus, marital issues, health issues…i have doubts if he will win a slam this year…i do think he will win 3 more slams before hw retires !!

Deidre Says:

Believe what you will but my goodness something is going on….

2017 predictions

Murray, Andy:
Incredible slowdown for the tennis champ with Uranus-Venus, Saturn-Mars and Pluto-Jupiter complications. Notable in Jan, Feb, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Nov.

Federer, Roger:
Major Improvement for tennis champ with Pluto-Venus and Neptune-Mars trines. Jan, May, July,Nov and Feb 018 positive before Uranus-Node downers in June, Sept 018.

Djokovic, Novak:
Tennis gun suffering major reversals from Pluto-Jupiter attack until Oct 018. Feb, May and Dec unproductive in 017.

Giles Says:

Tell Donmurray that joker is Taurus or certainly on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini

Margot Says:

Andy is out of Miami with an elbow injury.
Us Andy fans knew something was up, now we know what. At least this explains the loss at IW. Absolute bummer :(
Tsonga is out too of course, with a somewhat nicer reason.

Margot Says:

Hmmmmm….above astrologer didn’t mention March. It is March now of course…just sayin’

Giles Says:

Joker out of Miami

skeezer Says:

Fed into the final! Another Masters final !!

Colin Says:

A good effort from Sock in the second set, and he is clearly working hard to improve his game.

By the way, who was the stunning dark haired lady in his box?

Giles Says:

Lol. Skeezer still scouring Rafa sites for news? Pathetic!!

Giles Says:

Hey skeezer. Did he take some more of the same stuff or was it stronger this time around?

skeezer Says:

What that your size?
Just returning the favor since your’re posting fan gifts…

django Says:

Tough luck, Nole
A fan can ask for no more.
12 GS and historic NCYGS on 3 surfaces.
Feel better.

skeezer Says:

Don’t except Nole is done. Too much career left. He’ll be back soon enough at the top.

Wog Boy Says:

“After his two losses Wednesday at Indian Wells, Djokovic is said to have flown back to Monte Carlo to get further tests done on his elbow.”

Not quite accurate information, Nole went to LA stright after he lost to Kyrgios to see specialist for elbow problems and was told that elbow needs a rest, then he flew to MC for further consultation.
One or the other way, he is done with tennis, too many injuries and problems are piling up without being resolved, coincidentally since he…….whatever, let’s just say in the last twelve months.

Miles Says:

I thought there have been signs of a physical issue affecting Djokovic for the last 18 months – even last year when he was almost unbeatable for the first 6 months, I felt he wasn’t dominating in the way he had been 12 months earlier and I suspected he was playing through discomfort at times.

His style of play is punishing on his body – so a chronic elbow injury probably signals the beginning of the end of a truly great career. He might yet have one more major left in him, but I’ll be surprised if he wins more than that.

With Murray and Djokovic having physical issues, can a fit Federer take full advantage?

J.S. Says:

Djokovic/Murray out of the Miami Open – so who are the top 6 in rankings? Wawrinka, Nishikori, Raonic (top 3) who will be 4, 5 and 6 for the draw? Anyone know?

Love me some Vamos Rafa onesies…..keep posting Skeezer, I LOVE IT!! :) #teamRAFA

Giles Says:

JS. Encouraging skeezer? He’s one of the bad’uns.

Czarlazar Says:

WB: don’t give up on our dear boy just yet. At least he’s angry after losses now, and the butt kickings he’s experienced has suspended his boring monologues about family life, tennis not being his priority, etc. Tennis may become his top priority again as he realizes he must be 100% committed to his profession to have a chance of returning to the top. There’s nothing like abject failure to sober a man up and motivate him to turn his life around, so this year’s implosion may have a silver lining. So I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, at least until the European clay court swing.

J.S. Says:

WAIT RAFA WOKE UP?? LOL – When was he sleeping? I do agree with you, Federer has surely made “My” Rafa re-evaluate his game……Not sure how RF is playing so well, but kudos to him! Hopefully Miami Open we will see a RAFA win!

Love me some Skeezer…

DC Says:

I have a feeling Noles wife has been nagging Nole and makes him feel guilty for not spending time with the family.
And that’s affecting Nole. He wants to win as well as make his wife happy, which is an impossible task.
She needs to learn from Mirka how to be a supporting spouse of a world champion.

Daniel Says:

If Fed wins IW he will move to #5 and Nadal drop to 6 in the rankings. Raonic will drop to #4 because he was defending 600 pts feom IW. Kei will overtake him as #3. Murray and Djoko out Wawa will be seeded #1, Kei #2 and Raonic #3 and Fed #4. Nadal #5 could be drawn to Fed’s QF. But Raonic is still a question mark for Miami, if he doesn’t play Fed gets #3 and Nadal #4, so they can only play in semis.

The draw will depend on IW final today and if Raonoc plays or not.

skeezer Says:

What if Fed loses today(ranking)?

J.S. Says:

Just talking Miami……RF and Rafa will be 4 and 5 or 3 and 4 if Raonic doesn’t play, right?? That is great news if this is correct. My understanding Raonic will be there!

Fingers crossed RAFA shows up for Monte Carlo, since I missed him in Rotterdam and always non refundable, my last chance this year!

J.S. Says:

Skewer….No way Wawrinka is beating Federer, I am afraid!
But, I think Rafa and RF switch places if he doesn’t win Final today?? I am sure Daniel will correct me if I am wrong.


the_mind_reels Says:

If Federer doesn’t win today, I believe he’ll still be ranked behind Nadal, though by a very slim margin (~ 200 points). Nadal would be ranked #6 and Federer #7. If Federer wins, then as others have mentioned, he’ll overtake Nadal in the rankings at #6 with Nadal right behind at #7. (On the ATP website, IW points haven’t dropped yet, so that’s how my math works out at least…)

Assuming Murray, Djokovic, and Federer all don’t play Miami, I think Nadal gets a top 4 seeding there regardless of today’s outcome.

J.S. Says:

Thank you….the_mind_reels
BUT why wouldn’t Federer play in Miami? That’s the first I heard of him not playing. I know Murray/Djok/Raonic are questionable although Raonic is confirmed via twitter :)

the_mind_reels Says:

@J.S. — I was just thinking that he’s gone deep at IW, and he isn’t defending points in Miami, so why push it if he doesn’t have to. That said, if he’s feeling good, it would make sense with the top two guys out that he’d have a great chance to pick up more points and potentially the title there too. Just speculating!

Daniel Says:

J.S., Skeeze, the_mind_heels os correct. Fed behind Nadal at #7 if he lises today.

I also thought Fed would skip Miami of going deeps, but he played only 4 matches (8 sets) in 8 days, will play 5 with today and of it is under 90 min 2 sets, don’t see him being “spent” for Miami. He will play hisfirst match only next Satyrday or Sunday and with a day off in first 3 rounds. He should definetly play, specially if he wins here as he guarantess a top 4 seed. And two of the player with most wins over him (Djoko and Andy) will be out and he ssems to have figured oit Nadal. It could even be good to test this new game on a slower court against Nadal, as I bet will be drawn to play him before finals. Amd he can use the extra pounta on the long run.

With Djoko and Andy beijg 2000 prs behind him in the race (assuming he wins today) and not playing Miami he can widen his cushion for clay.

Also, even tough clay distributed 5000 pts (RG and 3 Masters), only okce a player win all those points, Nadal back in 2010 in his best year ever. Points there will be scattered, Djoko and Murrya will enter clay without momentum post injuries.

Thins are looking good for Fed at this point. But he has to do his part, win today and don’t lose the upper hand on HC agaisnt Wawa and go to Miami free and see how it goes there. Than rest, play 2 clay tourneys just to not get rest and make an assault on grass with Stutgart, Halle and Wimby, all tourney he will have a chance to win if inured free.

J.S. Says:

Thank you everyone! That makes perfect sense – I guess the next couple of days will answer all these questions.
I would be surprised if RF doesn’t win in straight sets.

Daniel Says:

Now Djoko and Andy are question marks for Monte Carlo, but at least if they both recovery the draw there will be loaded, as they will probably both play there. Fed I don’t think so. But too eery, he hasn’t announce his clay schedule still.

Anyone knows if Raonic is confirmed for Miami?

Daniel Says:

Roanic is not in the players list attending in Miami website, so probably will be out.

Nadal guarantee a top 4 seed, and if Fed is #3 and him #4 they can only face in finals. That could be great should it actually happen.

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