Nadal Tops Thiem To Win Incredible 10th ATP Barcelona Title on Heels of Monte Carlo
by Staff | May 1st, 2017, 12:22 am

The King of Clay is apparently back to form.
It seemed miraculous last week when Rafael Nadal became the only player in Open Era history to win 10 titles at one tournament when he did it at Monte Carlo.

On Sunday Nadal repeated the feat at Barcelona, defeating Dominic Thiem 6-4, 6-1 for his 10th career title at the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell.

Improving to 10-0 career in Barcelona finals, he won his 71st career title and 51st on clay.

“Playing in front of my crowd and my club and winning a 10th title here is something that’s impossible to even dream of,” Nadal said. “It’s very special and unique. I played my best match of the tournament this afternoon against probably the toughest opponent in the tournament, so I’m very happy.”

On an overcast day, Nadal took advantage of the heavy conditions to bounce it up high to the Thiem backhand. The Austrian lost serve at 4-5, then his confidence tumbled as he succumbed quickly in the second set.

“It was a close first set and a good quality of tennis,” said Nadal. “Anything could have happened, but then I started playing at a very high level in the second set and Dominic probably started making a few more mistakes.”

Nadal was only broken twice in 47 service games throughout the week and has won 20 of 21 sets thus far on the European claycourt swing. He has already made the finals at five events this year.

Thiem fell to 8-4 in career ATP finals, having won Rio de Janiero earlier this year.

“He was hitting to my backhand and I couldn’t really come out of it,” said Thiem. “The next time I play him I have to change something. He didn’t hit many unforced errors and give me any free points.”

Thiem in the semifinals earned his first victory against a world No. 1 when he defeated Andy Murray.

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34 Comments for Nadal Tops Thiem To Win Incredible 10th ATP Barcelona Title on Heels of Monte Carlo

courbon Says:

Congratulations to incredible run at Monte Carlo and Barcelona.

Margot Says:

Many congratulations to Rafa and his lovely fans, even Giles…;) who seem to have all but disappeared from here, can’t think why…..oh wait.
Looking mighty fine for RG.

gonzalowski Says:

Rafa (and the field) has now some days to rest, let’s say a week, and then 2 weeks playing Madrid and Rome.

and he’ll be another week on the Trunk, Tx ???? :)

Kathy Says:

Congratulations to Rafa. It’s great to see him back, although win or lose he always gets my support.

The author of this piece said, “On an overcast day, Nadal took advantage of the heavy conditions to bounce it up high to the Thiem backhand”

I always thought that he preferred hot,dry conditions, when the ball is more lively, to make the most of that skill.

skeezer Says:

Congrats Rafa…. King of Clay.

Okiegal Says:


A big THANKS for the congrats! I appreciate it! I hope he has enough in the tank for three more.
We will see!

jatin Says:

Its awesome to see rafa dominating the clay courts again.
Congrats to the King of Clay and his fans.. :)

Okiegal Says:

@ jatin………Thanks! I wasn’t sure if I would have ever see him do that again, be dominant on clay, that is. Can he do it three more times this clay season? I personally think it’s a tall order, but we will see…….

Willow Says:

Thanks for all the congrats from, Margot, Skeezer, Jatin, Courbon etc ….

Willow Says:

Nice to see Jatin here ;-) ….

rognadfan Says:

Well, the king is back for real now. Getting stronger by the day to recapture his throne come this may!

Congratulations to the bull!

Willow Says:

Never found that the most flattering expression when it comes to Nadal, hes always either the bull or the beast, its always sounded more like an insult rather than a compliment ….

Giles Says:

Hey Alison. Funny that you’re thanking various posters for their congrats to Rafa and yet I fail to see any congrats from you. Did you perchance forget???

Tennis Vagabond Says:

An incredible start to the season for Rafa, and already dominating the clay season, winning the first two biggest events…

… which earns him Tennis-X’s In the Trunk status???

What the @#%?? Tennis-X, are you trying to distract us from that horrible WTA article? If the #2 ATP Race leader and winner of LAST TWO events is in the trunk, where does that put Novak and Murray? The ash tray?

Daniel Says:

He have never won all 5 european clay tourneys in a year. Several times he won 2 Masters, Barca and RG and only once in 2010 he won the three Masera and RG, but did not play Barcelona.

Expecting him to lose one of the next 2 masters, probably Madrid which is where he is weakest and more vulnerable to a power hitter (altutude, this air and if raining indoors.

Would be quite an achievement if he wins all european Clay he enter, 3 masters, Barca amd RG turning 31 after another comeback.

All eyes on him now and if his body can hold up. He for sure doesn’t want what happen in RG last year again.

Giles Says:

In 2010 Rafa won the Clay Slam – all 3 Masters and theFrench Open.

Giles Says:

AM. Thx for the article

gonzalowski Says:

nice reading, Andymira
Could Fed get 10 Halles? maybe yes, if he wins this year, he’s scheduled to play.

AndyMira Says:

@Giles and gonzalowski…

You’re most welcome guys!!..It’s a great and awesome article,right?As far as i know,i’ve never read such a touching and well writen article about Rafa like this one!It’s AMAZING!!Woohooo!!

gonza,about Fed get 10 in Halle..hey,why not?…but,he won 8 times in Halle right?Not 9 so far?So,he needs 2 more..and i think he will win this year considering his hot form atm…

Willow Says:

Thanks for the article AM, KOC you betcha :-) ….

AndyMira Says:

@Willow…Hey sis!!…You’re most welcomeeeee!!hehe..

Giles Says:

Alison. Am asking you again – did you bother to congratulate Rafa on his great feats in MC and Barcelona???

Willow Says:

Giles yeah of course i did , im delighted, do you have to make a case out of everything i say or dont say ? ….

Pamela Says:

Okie gal – Rafa will have plenty left in the tank. It’s great that he won these past 2 clay court tournaments. Although I am not a Rafa fan and am finding it harder and harder to watch him play (I won’t be rude and out of respect to Rafa, won’t lay out all the reasons why, but I think you all know what I’m talking about) I think it is a great boost to Rafa’s fragile ego. This is a good thing and the fact that he did not have any real competition, means he should have plenty left to play RG. Congrats to all you Rafa fans and please don’t come after me. I feel for Rafa and his OCD or whatever it is he goes through before playing each point.

Okiegal Says:

@Pamela……Thanks! Maybe he didn’t have any competition but he has played lots of matches and hit lots of shots and I have to worry about the wrist. There is still lots of play before the
Frenchie, which is my concern. About his OCD…..yep that’s a problem all right. I have worked with people who are OCD….. it’s an odd deal. These types seem to be perfectionist…..they are not able to muti-task either.

Okiegal Says:

@Pamela….I re-read your post and forgot to address the reason why you find it harder and harder to watch him play and out of respect for him you wouldn’t go into it. You commented that you think we all probably know why…,but I guess I don’t know why……

Willow Says:

I Just wonder what he actually has left to prove anymore when it comes to playing on clay ? ….

gonzalowski Says:

Well talk about OCD can be exaggerated…
All personaltity characteristics are a continuum from zero to “very-very much” a disorder is something very serious, maybe Nadal’s thing is a sticking out characteristic, but no very serious.
Remember Mr. Udall from “As good as it gets” :) great film!

Danica Says:

Coming late to the party but just wished to extend my sincere congrats to Rafans and, like Margo nicely put it, even to Giles :).
In all honesty, I don’t see anyone challenging him at the remaining three events, specially over 5 possible sets. He may bit a tiny bit vurnelable in Madrid due to different conditions but Rome and Paris… let us be serious and honest. No one comes close.

Okiegal Says:

@AndiMira 8:52……A big thanks for that link! I got to read it twice… of the best articles I have ever read regarding Rafa…..yep, he’s special!!!

@Danica…..Thank you!!!

AndyMira Says:

@Okie….Hehehe…You’re most welcomeeee Miss Jan!!!..and agreed with u…THE BEST ARTICLE BOUT RAFA!..EVER!!

@Dani and M…Much thank u for the congrats!

Sivaji Says:

Thanks. Good Article on Rafa’s Achievements

AndyMira Says:

@Sivaji…You’re very much welcome!!…VAMOS RAFA!!

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