Novak Djokovic: I’m Just Trying To Embrace Whatever Life Throws My Way
by Tom Gainey | June 27th, 2017, 6:44 pm

A “chilled” Novak Djokovic met the press yesterday in Eastbourne, and the Serb doesn’t sound overly concerned or worried that a year ago he held all four Grand Slams, and no he holds none.

“I’m expressive, I’d say, with my emotions generally in my life,” Djokovic said. “I try to be as aware of all these emotions as possible in every single day, every single moment. It’s not easy. We’re all humans. We all go through our ups and downs through our doubts, through moments where everything seems brilliant and days where not so much.

“I’m just trying to embrace whatever life throws my way. I’m sure that what I’m experiencing at the moment is happening for a reason, and it’s there as a great way and great lesson for me to come out as even a stronger player and better person.

“Of course I’m different than I was a year ago or two, three years ago. I’m a father today and soon to be, hopefully father of two, so things change and life changes. As I move on, you know, I’m at the same time as confident and vulnerable as I can be because I’m human being. I learn through this process, and I’m open for any kind of lessons that life, as I said, throws my way.”

Djokovic also isn’t worried over his lack of match play heading into Wimbledon, though he is scheduled for play this week in Eastbourne.

“I’m not concerned. I try to take this process one day at a time, especially on the grass courts,” he said. “It’s such a different surface from any other. I mean, couple decades ago you had three out of four Grand Slams played on grass. Now you have only one month in the entire season played on grass.

“I just try to take things slowly and gradually build the form as I move on. As I have said, you know, Wimbledon is around the corner, so of course I want to be at my best coming into that tournament.

“I still have to trust myself, my abilities to play well, and to win against anybody on any surface.”

Djokovic will finish his match with Vasek Pospisil on Wednesday. That match was halted due to rain after the first game today.

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9 Comments for Novak Djokovic: I’m Just Trying To Embrace Whatever Life Throws My Way

Wog Boy Says:

“I learn through this process, and I’m open for any kind of lessons that life, as I said, throws my way.”

Well, it doesn’t look like you are the best of student, too many lessons in the last 12 months..and getting worse. Yesterday first game and two BPs for Canadian, thank you rain;)

Back to basics, back to your roots, knuckle down and results will come, that’s what made you best player in the world in the first place, of course if you still have same fire same desire, otherwise you are just BS-iting your fans trying to see your contracts out and make few more dollars.
I mean, you still don’t have proper coach, not even fill in coach, to be with you, Agassi is fly in fly out coach, how on earth he can have any impact on you and your game spending week or two (if you make it so far) with you opposed to Vajda and Becker who were with you all the time, respectively?

Wog Boy Says:

My apologies Nole, completely forgot, you have two coaches in your box, Pepe and Marko…

chrisford1 Says:

“Shut up and Sing!!” is the blunt critique when a singer in concert stops singing and talks about their website and why they hate George Bush, their life’s journey and being a Bulemia survivor, and so on.

Novak, just “Shut Up, Train Hard, Play Like a Champion Again”

Wog Boy Says:

You reminded me of what I heard when I was in Ireland from my Irish friend, whether is true or not?

It was at the concert of Bono and U2, tens of thousands of fans were enjoying concert and suddenly Bono stopped and it was dead quiet and only thing you could hear in the air was Bono snapping his fingers every few seconds, nobody knew what was going on and after eternity Bono said:

“When ever I snap my fingers one child in the world dies!”

Then the loud voice from the mosh pit screamed:

“Then stop fkn snapping your fingers.”

You can’t beat Irish, can you?

Vasco Branco Says:

I understand that life changing events, like becoming a father, necessarily change your perspective and priorities in life. However, if you still want to be a top tennis payer you should quit this absolute looser talk… it might be fine for a common mortal but it won’t get you anywhere in professional sports. If your desire to triumph is gone maybe you should consider hanging your racquet. That would perhaps be the wisest choice. This pseudo-enlightment talk is just nonsense.

skeezer Says:

@fred that is hilarious. Funnier still notice no one cares in that pic.

Lots of disgusted novak fan posts of late. And apparently there is a lot of fans who want to coach him too. Why don’t you call him directly and ask?
Am a fan of him also, and believe he’ll get his ship right, in his own time, not yours. He has taken Fatherhood seriously and enjoying it. It may have distracted him from his Game. So? Kudos to him. Tennis is a selfish game, Fatherhood is not.
My guess is he will show better form if not by Wimby by USO for sure.

Willow Says:

Maybe Novak will have another great run, but probably wont be as dominant as he was, Marion Bartoli said at the FO she thinks Novak will bounce back and win another GS, but Sam Smith says she isnt so sure ….

Truth Says:

Djoker doesn’t realize that acting crazy and tough doesn’t change who he is inside.
Most smart guys are a little mean on the outside but very nice on the inside.

He is a only a douchebag coward that gives up on the court because money’s thrown at him so fast and easily. He didn’t really have a great childhood so he acts rebellious now.
He clearly didn’t care about ranking points, since he threw away 10000 points.
Even 2012 when he gave up for several months after his grandpa’s death, was better than the last year.

I’m sure if he had to stay in Serbia and work all day in the restaurant or farm, he never would’ve tried being the village idiot & psychotic stooge. No one would’ve let him work for them with arrogant behavior.

He can waste energy & time to look extra gracious, cheery & expressive but his schmuck fool attitude is showing.

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