Happy Birthday To Roger Federer Who Turns 36 Today!
by Staff | August 8th, 2017, 10:29 am

Roger Federer turns 36 today! A year ago the Swiss was home rehabbing a knee after ending his season leaving many to wonder if Federer would ever return to the top of the game.

But now Federer is in a 2-man race with Rafael Nadal for the year-end No. 1 ranking after capturing Grand Slam titles No. 18 and No. 19 at the Australian and Wimbledon.

Federer, a 2-time Canadian Open champions, returns to Montreal for the first time since 2011. He play Peter Polansky on Wednesday.

“I think I made up my mind about six days ago,” Federer said about taking a late wildcard into the event. “I wanted to keep the door open and see at the last minute how I felt after my holidays. When I started training again and saw that I was in good shape, it didn’t take me too much time to find my rhythm. I always want to play more during the second half of the season.

“I also think that the first six months of the year were positive because I wasn’t injured, I’m in good health and I didn’t spend too much energy even though I played a lot of matches. So I figured that I had trained enough in the past year and that if I was feeling healthy, I would rather play matches than train.”

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20 Comments for Happy Birthday To Roger Federer Who Turns 36 Today!

Giles Says:

He’s obviously not spending much time in the bedroom! ROFL

Leo Says:

36 and still going strong! Happy Birthday Rog. Here’s to another wonderful year ahead!

Reabirth Says:

Giles a mangé un clown on dirait.

Willow Says:

Happy Birthday Roger Federer, and BTW for the Nadal naysayers he “ALSO” sent in a video wishing RF a Happy Birthday, doubt they care though ….

madmax Says:

No No Reabirth,

Giles IS a clown.

Happy Birthday to the Goat.


Wonderful, wonderful twitter messages from none other than Rafael Nadal and the rest of the gang.

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Markus Says:

I wonder if you have noticed that there are many Federer fans here who are respectful of Nadal and say nice things about him. I liked your message until you added a sarcastic twist to it in the end. Not all of us Federer fans are bad and insensitive to pleasant comments from fans of other players. But thank you still anyway.

Markus Says:

^^^ that was for Willow.

Willow Says:

Markus your a poster i like and respect, so im sorry for the sarcastic twist at the end, just pointing out that when he didnt congratulate RF for winning W posters couldnt wait to pounce, but when he says something nice people dont seem that interested ….

Markus Says:

Thank you, Willow. I know you will take my comment well. I do understand your point and I remember some grumblers here when there was no Nadal congrats to Federer on social media. Those two are friends. Nadal probably gave Roger a personal phone call. Those are people who just love to be negative any chance they get. They’ll probably complain when the sun shines when they still want to stay in bed. All’s well, Willow.

Humble Rafa Says:

Nadal probably gave Roger a personal phone call.

No, I didn’t.

skeezer Says:

^of course you didn’t. But Rafa probably did.
Congrats Fed!

bstevens Says:

Happy birthday Roger! You, sir, are an inspiration.

Willow Says:

Thankyou Markus, im complaining about the lousy British weather, p*ssing it down with rain, wonder where summer has gone, will have to put all my dresses and skirts away lol ….

madmax Says:


For the record, as many Federer fans too, feel the same – Love the Fed/Rafa friendship, and you know that. You cannot account or control others actions. They have made a name for themselves for other reasons, but not the reasons that count.

Lousy British weather indeed. Dreadful.

Let’s look forward to watching these two players play later today – what a wonderful world this is! We will never forget that we have been so lucky to see them during theirs and our lifetimes.

Come on Federer!
Vamos Rafa!

Markus Says:

Federer’s and Nadal’s fates have been intertwined being the two greatest players of all time who came at around the same time. You cannot appreciate one without the other. I believe each became a better player because of the other. If you diminish one, you also diminish the other because their greatness is measured in large part because of the other. The most exciting matches in tennis are between these two stalwarts of the game. That is why it annoys me when some fanatic pulls down either on them just so to make his favored one look better. There is no need for that. Both are unequivocally great.

t4t Says:

They did not come at the same time. No problem with Fed’s greatness, only his “luck”!

skeezer Says:

You have been “lucky” to see Feds greatness. Enjoy it.

Markus Says:

t4t, I know you love to bicker but make sure you read correctly first: “at around the same time” is different from “at the same time”.

Markus Says:

t4t, by putting quotation marks on the word luck when you apply it to Federer, I now understand what you mean by it. Thank you for the clarification.

skeezer Says:

t4t is such a “hawkeye” on the subject of luck.

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