Victoria Azarenka Details Custody Battle Over Baby That May Keep Her Out Of US Open
by Tom Gainey | August 17th, 2017, 12:49 pm

Earlier today Victoria Azarenka opened up on the reports that she and her now ex-boyfriend Billy McKeague in involved in a custody battle over baby Leo. The heartfelt note also revealed that she still doesn’t know if she’ll play the US Open, because doing so would mean leaving her baby behind in California during the tournament.

My incredible fans and friends, who have supported me throughout my career deserve to know why I may not be able to compete at the U.S Open this year.

The day my son Leo was born, back in December of last year, was by far the happiest day of my life. I now have a brand new appreciation for how new mothers – and fathers – juggle the many different responsibilities for their families. However, like most working mothers, despite my unconditional love for my son, I am faced with a difficult situation which may not allow me to return to work right away.

In Belarus back in March, with my family in tow, I started working toward the goal of returning to the tennis tour and competing at a high level by July 31st. I was able to return early, playing in Mallorca mid-June followed by Wimbledon.

Shortly after Wimbledon, Leo’s father and I separated and as we work to resolve some of the legal processes, the way things stand now is that the only way I can play in the US Open this year is if I leave Leo behind in California, which I’m not willing to do.

Balancing child care and a career is not easy for any parent, but it is a challenge I am willing to face and embrace. I want to support men and women everywhere who know it is ok to be a working mother – or father. No one should ever have to decide between a child and their career, we are strong enough to do both.

I am incredibly grateful for all of the support I have received from women and men around the world who recognize the importance of supporting working moms and our right to be with our children. I look forward to hopefully having positive developments soon so that this difficult situation can be resolved and I can get back to competing. No parent should have to decide between their child or their career.

I remain optimistic that in the coming days Leo’s father and I can put aside any differences and take steps in the right direction to more effectively work as a team and agree on an arrangement for all three of us to travel and for me to compete but, more importantly to ensure that Leo has a consistent presence from both of his parents.

The US Open begins in 11 days. Unless things are settled quickly (not usual) it looks like Azarenka will miss New York as she continues her fight.

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7 Comments for Victoria Azarenka Details Custody Battle Over Baby That May Keep Her Out Of US Open

Humble Rafa Says:

Leo’s father

He is only Leo’s father, not the guy you slept with. Nice logic.

It’s a sin to have kids before getting married.

Pamela Says:

Humble Rafa, now you are judging someone for having a baby before being married? Again, I have to say you need to take the “humble” off your name. Instead of being judgmental, where is your compassion for this baby who is so young? Although I appreciate Victoria’s tennis game and her dedication and determination, I am not a big Azarenka fan. Yet, I am a mother and was a single mother for years after my husband died I can appreciate how hard this must be for Victoria…. maybe you should try to do the same….this is being said nicely, with no venom. I truly think you should take an objective step back and see the situation for what it is, without your comment. Having children before marriage is certainly NOT A SIN.

Lylenubbins Says:

I like Vika and wish her well. She wants to be a globe trotting pro tennis player, have a young child, and have the child get attention from Both parents. need to get and stay married to pull that off.

Humble Rafa Says:

need to get and stay married to pull that off.

You have wisdom far beyond what your name implies. Marriage–>kids in that order failed no one.

Leo Says:

Ah, sad situation. Hope she gets this resolved an moves forward with her life.

Brave of her to share so much. Never been too much of a fan, but I love her courage and openess

@Pamela – it’s a lost cause… because we all know that married people never separate or do destructive things to their kids.

Wog Boy Says:

There is always two sides of the story, we haven’t heard father’s side.
It is interesting how people take mother’s side without considering that father has a feelings that might be hurt with mother’s actions, that fathers have their rights too.
Has she considered everything when she decided to have a child in obviously not so committed relationship?Was that selfish and immature from her part not thinking thoroughly through all the consequences of her decision bringing child in the world.
The only person I feel sorry in this situation is little child that not of its fault found itself in this situation.
Don’t feel sorry one bit for her for her immature and irresponsible decision that is now hurting people, starting with the child and father too.

Humble Rafa Says:

Leo’s father = my knee’s owner

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