Federer Rallies In Basel, Cilic v Del Potro SF; Tsonga Sacks Zverev In Vienna
by Staff | October 27th, 2017, 10:37 pm

Roger Federer kept his bid for an 8th Basel title having to come from a set down to beat Adrian Mannarino 4-6, 6-1, 6-3.

“Today was a battle. I had to somehow dig and fight and sometimes these wins are more rewarding than just leading from the get-go and dominating throughout and bringing it home,” said Federer. “These are better matches to win sometimes, actually. I just had a tough time really getting into it and he was rock solid, so he deserved that first set, but the reaction from me was really important.”

Next for Federer in the semifinals is David Goffin. The Belgian who is making a push for London beat Jack Sock 7-6(6), 6-3. Federer leads Goffin 5-0.

The second Basel semifinal pits former US Open champions Juan Martin del Potro against Marin Cilic.

Del Potro edged Roberto Bautista Agut 6-2, 2-6, 6-4 to up his win streak to seven matches.

“It was a really hard match, Bautista played some unbelievable shots the whole match,” said del Potro. “We played at a great level and I survived and I’m still alive to qualify for London. I know I am getting closer and closer to qualifying, but I need to keep winning here and in Paris. We’ll then see if I qualify or not.”

Cilic also went three sets over Hungarian qualifier Martin Fucsovics 7-6(3), 5-7, 7-6(4).

Del Potro, who has twice won the Basel title, leads Cilic 9-2.

In Vienna, Jo-Wilfried continued to strengthen his London bid toppling top seed Alexander Zverev 7-6(6), 6-2. Tsonga has won his last seven matches after taking the Antwerp title on Sunday. He now meets Philipp Kohlschreiber.

In the other semi, Kyle Edmund meets Lucas Pouille.

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43 Comments for Federer Rallies In Basel, Cilic v Del Potro SF; Tsonga Sacks Zverev In Vienna

AndyMira Says:

M!….Crashquet wants to honour your given name by crashed out last nite…Thank u so much ma’am for give that name to him…I mean,u could have given him a much better name like Croquet or Cricket but no!…u called him CRASHQUET!…Btw…Ooppss!….i see your darling Sascha CRASHED OUT too!!Ohohohohohoho!!…let’s give a donkey laugh to ourselves!!..Hehawhehawhehawhehaw!!

Btw…let’s renew our rivalries in paris!!Wooohoooo!!….See yer 2 days from now Witch From Welsh!!..Yeeehaaaa!!

Margot Says:

Lol AM….and my “darling” Thiem, aka “Preppy” also crashed out too. Eeek! Don’t think I’ll bother backing anyone under 25 for quite some time!
Have called Rich “Crasquet” for years BTW ask Jalep.

gonzalowski Says:

Rafa path at Paris-Bercy could be:
Mischa Zverev – Kachanov – Querrey – Dimi orA.Zverev orDelpo

Feli – Pouille – Thiem – Cilic orGoffin

if Fed continues making shots as this (look video inside), favorite for it:


Tennis Magic Says:

Goffin will be tough for Roger but Roger will get past him. The Cilic v/s Delpo is a tough one and if it weren’t for the mileage on Delpo rcently, he would have an upper hand but I’d go with Cilic this time around. http://www.138mph.com/tennis-its-getting-closer-to-a-roger-federer-versus-del-potro-in-basel-and-tsonga-versus-pouille-in-vienna/

gonzalowski Says:

interesting 1st set Cilic – Delpo, very disputed.

the refereese has a tone of voice, I do not know … like … very Germanic.
And the public is not Argentinian, certainly

Margot Says:

@ gnzalowski
Watching Garcia and Williams but saw last JMDP match and, although he won, he got very grumpy in that too. Glaring at the ref or his box or the crowd. Dunno. Used to massive support from the crowd, perhaps that’s it.

gonzalowski Says:

Margot no I meant it’s a very polite crowd, good they are so respestful (but little passionate).

Delpo took 1st set, and break, could say it’s been Cilichoke

Margot Says:

Ah OK :)
Seen “Cilichoke” before.

Daniel Says:

DelPo yet in another final in Basel.

Hope this time Fed gets the better of him in the finals for the close 2 losses in 12′ and 13′

chofer Says:

Not many people knows Delpo is having back pain now. Hence, he’s not serving many firsts.

Summary vs Cilic: Marin was the more aggressive throughout. He was also an UFE machine. Delpo could have won 6-4 6-2 if not for his poor serving and loads of BPs squandered. Marin served even worse. Delpo owns Marin since little kids (memo to Tennis Magic!). That’s it.

Delpo won’t have enough in the tank against Federer tomorrow (do you really think Goffin will upset him?)

The point is: I don’t care if Roger wins the title. I do care Jo Willie winning Vienna (very possible) and usurping Delpo in the race to London (very possible).

If only Delpo chose Vienna instead of Basel… sigh.

Daniel Says:

Another masterclass 6-1 set for Federer in 25 minutes. 4th breadstick this week.

Hope he wins under 1 hour to face DelPo tomorrow. DelPo already spoiled possible #1 chance for Fed in USO, hope he doesn’t do it again tomorrow.

chofer Says:


Much as I like, I don’t think so. Hope at least is competitive.

The negative thing is that Delpo is feeling fatigue towards Paris. well, with all due respect to Carreño Busta, if Delpo isn’t getting to London, Tsonga would be the worthier addition (if he wins Vienna, he would get to 5 titles this year!).
We see how Goffin is almost there and he can’t make a match against Roger being fresh as a lettuce.

Giles Says:

Hey Daniel. Did you read the link skeezer posted? Federer is SICK!!

Daniel Says:

Best match so far by Fed. His FH is on fire, super aggressive and Goffin can hardly hold.

chofer Says:

Roger being scary good. There’s no way he would lose tomorrow.

I hope Delpo is being massaged hard tonight:)

skeezer Says:

Fed playing scary good! Awesome.

Daniel Says:

No Gles, where it is, this page?

Chofer, Lao don’t want PCB to qualify. I think if DelPo makes semis in Paris (runner up here) he can qualify.

Tsonga also think is on a down phase, but if he wins Viena after title last week will be worth it.

Any of the 2 is better than PCB.

chofer Says:


Any of the 2 is better than PCB.

Dare I say Goffin, too?:) Tsonga will play Pouille tomorrow (I’m sure)and Delpo gets Fed. Plus, the Frenchman playing home soil next week. Life ain’t fair!

Delpo’s too tired to get a deep run next week. Tsonga is an outstanding athlete and the better French player all around (no, Monfils isn’t and isn’t:)

chofer Says:

Federer sick? Give me a break!

That’s not even possible! Is he coughing aces, too?:))

jatin Says:

This FED is just breathtaking to watch.
Hyper aggressive, taking everything early.
If he could maintain his health and play only major events like masters and GS then he could maintain this form for atleast 1.5 years more. He even signed a contract to play Basel for atleast 3 years more ( we could see more of Fed for 2-3 years atleast :) )

Go Fed. Ice your back and come back and give your best against delpo tomorrow .

Giles Says:

^^^ “Ice your back”? What’s wrong with his back?

skeezer Says:

Giles why all the sudden so concerned about Feds health? Lol

Daniel Says:

Even Pouille has a chance to qualify now. If he beats Tsonga in tomorrow French batle in Viena and went on to trach finals in paris he can qualify depending on others.

Yes chofer, Goffin also can do no damage on fast indoor courts. Hope someone else qualifys: DelPo and Querrey/Anderson toping PCB and Goffin would be more entertaining in WTF.

Daniel Says:

Interesting that PCB and Query are drawn to play each other in R16 in Paris, so who ever wins eliminates the other for the race. Because the one who loses can’t pass Goffin.

So, one of the two is already out, both can’t qualify together.

Goffin and Tsonga also drawn to play R16, but Tsonga will have to reach semis, assuming PCB x Query happens because other wise with just QF he can pass Goffin and one of these two.

So, Tsonga needs win Viena and reach at least semis in Paris.

Anderson has to reach semis to have a chance.

DelPo needs at least Paris semis, even if losing Basel to Fed, assuming PCB doesn’t reach semis.

My take is Goffin qualifies, unless DelPo beast Fed. Querrey and Delpo even if both going deep will play semis.

The last spot is up for grabs. Anderson to me is out, unless Fed doesn’t play Paris as they are draw for QF.

Tsonga if win Viena and has anything left in the tank can reach semis in Paris and get last spot.

My two cents is Goffin and Querrey qualifies. I would go with Goffin and DelPo, but only if DelPo loses without much energy to Fed in straights tomorrow and has some gas for Paris next week.

We know Delpo also likes matches under his blest and gets better the more he plays.

Tennis Stud Says:

Wasn’t pretty, but Fed got the W at the end of the day. Would be an interesting finals.

j-kath Says:

Fed could sleep-walk his half of the draw in Paris. Expect him to play despite some hesitation being voiced.

t4t Says:

JK, when is it otherwise? All draws are custom designed to be cupcake for Fed. skeezer himself has confirmed it is not luck. But everytime a draw is out, the Fedfans will cry and say oh my our man has a tough draw. They will dutifully worry about his “tough” meeting with “x” say Dolgopolov in Wimbledon or Goffin at Basel even though these tough opponents have 0-5 or 0-6 vs Fed! ha ha ha! Hilarious!!!

skeezer Says:

Most players have a losing record against Fed, what else is new? You think Rafa gets tougher draws? He creates his one tough draws, like consistently losing to WC”s and 100 + ranked players in early rounds.

skeezer Says:

Oh and that is ha ha ha! Hilarious!!!

t4t Says:

skeezer, losing record is something, 0-6, 0-5 is something else. Delpotro has a losing record against Fed but if you said he is a tough opponent, I would agree. He is not in the class of Goffins and Dolgos who have never beat Fed and can hope to do so only if Fed is not fit or wants to tank a match! Wringing your hands and claiming a draw littered with 0-6, 0-5 guys is tough, ha ha, that is hilarious.

chofer Says:

This place seems like a decent one after the facebook trolls took over tennis.com

Other sites make me sick on my stomach.

Don’t spoil it talking about draws, people. You get what you get in tennis. Period.

By the way, this used to be a site where Jane posted. Where are you Jane? Missing you!

Truth Says:

Swiss Fraud says he can’t breathe, like he did in 2008, to excuse his forgettable, weak matches vs. non-legends (that suffered with numerous injuries, predictable games & mostly bad matches). Obviously, his worst fanboys changed their minds again, and think this is the strongest draw he ever had…

t4t Says:

chofer. If draws are not random, the competition is not fair. Same goes for favoritism in scheduling and court allocation. You cannot say you get what you get in tennis and dismiss it in a casual manner. Something blatantly unfair needs to be talked about.
You can follow Jane on twitter. I don’t know her but one of her tweets reproduced on tennis-x by Giles was hilarious!

jatin Says:

If you are so sure about the rigged draws then prove it. Don’t spread blatant lies here.
Just because Fed makes his draw easy doesn’t mean it’s easy.

jatin Says:

Fed has drawn Tiafoe in the 1st round who has given him all sorts of troubles previously, in what way it sound like a rigged draw to you ?
And apart from Delpo who else could give THIS Fed trouble in Basel anyway ?

Can’t we just discuss Tennis here, all of these conspiracy theories just spoil the mood of the forum.

t4t Says:

ok, Jatin, prove the draws are NOT rigged before accusing me of lying.
Draws are part of tennis. So when we discuss draws, it is tennis. If you prefer to be an ostrich with head in the sand, that’s your choice.

jatin Says:

Accusing Fed of getting rigged draws since the start of his era is ridiculous and you know that.
“Innocent until proven guilty” and it’s the job of the accusser to prove his accusations.

Rafa will be back in Paris, enjoy him and his tennis.
Why bother spoiling every Fed topic with the same accusations ?

I am just pointing you that its not cool, wheather it is done by Rafa fan or Fed fan.

kjb Says:

You can watch all the Grand Slam draws live. It would be pretty hard to “rig” it. There is usually a different player that is actually physically pulling out numbers to dictate where each ranked player goes into their corresponding quarter. Jealousy, that is all it is.

j-kath Says:


As you probably recall, Nole was/(is) Jane’s favourite – hopefully both will be back in 2018.

t4t Says:

kjb, have you ever been to a magic show? You pull some numbers out of a hat and the magician tells you exactly what they are? Do you know how it is done?
Besides only 32 numbers are physically pulled out. The rest of the draw of 96 people is done behind closed doors. Plenty of opportunity to rig the whole thing.
I am not jealous. I am just pointing out the obvious, the speeding up of AO surface, the outrageous court and schedule allocations overlooking higher ranking of Nadal and Djokovic at various Wimbledons and USOs and the inexplicable patterns which have emerged in draws which definitely do not seem random.
And then there is the performance of a 36 year old this year which is suspicious to say the least.

gonzalowski Says:

Fed failing a bit too much from backhand, at this start

skeezer Says:

No ATP player is demanding that the draw is crookedy wrong and shows favoritism. You just don’t know how seeds work in a draw that may setup a players draw. Read up on how a draw works. and come back educated.
There are surfaces taylor made for Rafa & Djokovic’s game too, All this continual talk is rubbish and YOU provide no proof, just jealous rants that somehow someway according to your own mind must be true.
Fed has 19 Slams, none of the players past and present are complaining about that number, how he got it, cause they all know HE earned it fair and square.

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