Nadal, Kyrgios, Venus Open Day 1 At Australian Open
by Staff | January 14th, 2018, 7:08 pm

The season’s first Grand Slam begins Monday at the Australian Open. Headlining the session is Rafael Nadal who makes his 2018 debut after a right knee injury. The 2009 champion who also won the US Open is seeking a second Career Grand Slam.

Venus Williams knows a thing or two about Grand Slam. Venus, who first played the tournament 20 years ago, faces the returning former Top 10 Belinda Bencic in one of the toughest first round matches.

Nick Krygios opens his bid for bring the men’s title back home later tonight against Rogerio Dutra Silva.

US Open champion Sloane Stephens will try to stop a 7-match slide since winning in New York. The American meets the very dangerous Zhang Shuai. And to start the tournament off on Rod Laver, Jelena Ostapenko collides with Francesca Schiavone in a battle of former French Open winners.

Also in action are former finalists o-Wilfried Tsonga, Dominika Cilbukova along with Marin Cilic, Caroline Wozniacki, Grigor Dimitrov and John Isner.

Rod Laver Arena From11:00am AESTYour time11:00am
J. Ostapenko (7) v F. Schiavone
V. Williams (5) v B. Bencic
G. Dimitrov(3) v D. Novak (Q)
R. Nadal (1) v Estrella Burgos
D. Gavrilova (23) v I. Falconi

Margaret Court Arena From
S. Stephens (13) v S. Zhang
M. Ebden v J. Isner (16)
S. Stosur v M. Puig
M. Buzarnescu v C. Wozniacki (2)
K. King (Q) v J. Tsonga (15)

Hisense Arena
S. Kenin v J. Goerges (12)
T. Babos v C. Vandeweghe (10)
V. Pospisil (Q) v M. Cilic (6)
N. Kyrgios (17) v R. Dutra Silva

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34 Comments for Nadal, Kyrgios, Venus Open Day 1 At Australian Open

BBB Says:

I didn’t realize Sloane had switched to Nike. Too bad. I thought Under Armour suited her.

BBB Says:

Also, how did Pam Shriver and Patrick McEnroe survive ESPN budget cuts?

Willow Says:

Venus out , Benic was always going to be a tough first round though, being in such good form ….

AndyMira Says:

1,2,3…Dam!dam!dum!…Rrrrrafa with sleeveless t shirt & pink short!Wooohooo!…AWESOME!!

AndyMira Says:

Wait a minute!wait a minute!…let’s imagine Fed with sleeveless shirt & pink short too!…Aaaaooo!!

j-kath Says:

Here’s my daily boast: No worries re. Isner vs. Nadal – he’s already out.

A-M: @ 3.08am. Behave yourself – I’m having breakfast and don’t want to throw up……

gonzalowski Says:

Rafa playing like a cyclone, yeah! his look, spectacular, gay icon type as was his coach Moya in Australia ;)

gonzalowski Says:

Rafa playing like a cyclone, yeah! his look, spectacular, sexual icon type as was his coach Moya in Australia ;)

AndyMira Says:

JK!…Hehehe…Okay!okay!…we just imagine that Rafa is a cotton candy or strawberry ice cream..

gonzalowski Says:

I saw 2nd set, it seems that Rafa still isn’t very confident with parallel drive…he’s limited to hit on Estrella’s BH. Apart of that, good display IMO, he covered well the court.

Next one a tricky one against Mayer, who gave him problems in USO.

J.S. Says:

WOW!!!My bracket is TOAST! What in the world happened to the USA players today? OMG!

Unless we have do overs..I am DUNZO until next one!

Rafa was amazing today! SO glad he wasn’t in Pink/Black shirt, I don’t like Nike’s kits for AO, they all look like penguins! But, loved Rafa’s with grey to lighten the pink. Wonder what RF will wear?

About Nick K. He is amazing an player…didn’t watch his match since I was watching Rafa. Although I think he has talent out the whazoooo – I don’t trust he has changed! We will see….OFF to bed Fellow AO friends! PEACE

Wog Boy Says:

Ok Rafa fans, this was just what doctor ordered. Perfect weather for playing, no much sweating, no wasted energy, very good practice, one match down six to go.
Rafa is as fit as a fiddle, moves well, FH fires like rocket luncher, not too rusty.
Really perfect evening for the fans, very much enjoyable, full house, Estrela Burgos nice bloke, we couldn’t ask for more as a spectators.
Now Gavrilova vs Falconi, hopefully she can do better then her compatriots today, it was bloodbath for Americans.
I can’t stand Gavrilova, so go Falconi.

AndyMira Says:

J.S!…Your Bracket already TOASTED just after day one???Hahahaha….Welcome to the real world!!Hehehe…Hey btw..if Rafa can play this great wearing pinky thingy…Heck!he can wear it as long as he want J.S!..woohoo!

WB!….Thanks so much for your positive comments re.Rafa…Alhamdulillah!Very relief now!!..His knee seems okay so far…

J.S. Says:

WB and AM – yep glad I have no monies on my bracket picks – USA must have had an airplane waiting for them, nothing else makes sense!
Will we have the same upsets on day 2?

Nike has lost their minds w the flamingo pink so happy my boy RN isn’t wearing it – it’s SO ugly!

I think RN looked great and net meeting after match was amazing!

Giles Says:
This punk should be banned from playing tennis. He is a disgrace to his country and all those around him imo.

Daniel Says:

I hear you J. S. Had Sock going further as well, Isner to lsoe to Nadla in R’16, Coric R3 and Lajovic also. All out.

Apart from Dimi (if he gets that far), or Kyrgios (if he gets that far), Nadal road to final is pretty much clean. Cilic alreayd loet a set in R1 and he hasn’t beat Nadal since foreever, 2009. Dimi only got 1 win even though played him tough many times and Kyrgios got 2, with a recent one in Cincy. There is no else who can even take a set of him, and those 3 below are not a sure thign to deliever either. He can reach AO final without losing a set.

Nadal vs Grigor: 10-1
Nadal vs Kyrgios: 3-2
Nadal vs Cilic: 5-1

J.S. Says:

Giles, The tweet about Kyrgios was slammed w/ fans saying he is “young” “talented” “amazing” etc. So glad I found a feed for Rafa’s match….was worried Kyrgios would be the only match to watch. I am not a fan of NK and won’t be until he stops the antics. McEnroe said the roller coaster w/ NK has stopped and he is the most talented he has seen in the last 10 years. LOL
Leopard doesnt change it’s spots!!
I DO think he is talented but cursed w/ bad JuJu.

Day 2 – what upsets today?? Yesterday was crazy!

Daniel, I hope you’re right about Rafa…It will be QF before Rafa meets Grigor or Kyrgios, Right?

Wog Boy Says:

I wouldn’t be worried about Kyrgios, he can’t play few best of five matched in a row with same fokus and concentration, that’s a too much of ask for him, but I would be worried about Dimitrov, he is dialed in with best possible coach.

RZ Says:

@JS – at least it took a lot of players to make your bracket toast. Mine was doomed by one guy – Pouille. I went for the risk and it didn’t pay off!

J.S. Says:

LOL RZ…..Can we start over??
I can’t imagine anyone picked the upsets yesterday. You should be okay if Pouille is your only upset, what a crazy 1st day!

WB, I think you’re right – Of course I hope Rafa makes it to finals.

Day 2 starts in 2 hours…..see everyone tonight!

AndyMira Says:

RZ,J.S!….Yesterday was CRAZZZYYYY!!…Urgh!!I shouldn’t listen to my kneecap when i make a pick!…My guts kept telling me not to pick Pouille,Sock,Ferrer,Isner,venus but i didn’t listen!

It turned out that my guts r much smarter than my kneecap!…Urghh!!

AndyMira Says:

Oh yeah J.S!….Speaking of upsets for today…Berdych vs The Demon is in the cards..also Berankis vs Wawa…Thiem vs Pella very likely to go to 4 or 5 sets…

J.S. Says:

Omg are you watching Raonic ? Wow he is playing

Verdasco just bageled Bautista

AndyMira Says:

Oh really J.S?Shoot!Don’t tell me that’s a possibility of upsets too!!And no!..i’m not watching Raonic…my stupid tv made a coverage of 2 women’s matches atm!!Urgh!!…They’re soooo stupid!!

J.S. Says:

I’m actually in Vancouver B.C. (whistler) so it’s on here!
I leave tomorrow but Raonic won 1st set 7-6 playing
terrible AND I mean terrible!!
Seriously he can’t move…just like Sock/Isner yesterday – their
athleticism (moving) is in serious question – all 3 of them!!

J.S. Says:

When I get to hotel I will send you link to watch all streams free.
Last night I left Australia (7channel) due to Kyrigios and went to
UK to watch Rafa on Eurosport! It’s so easy ! That way you can watch whatever you want!

AndyMira Says:

Oh really J.S??Awesome!!…Btw…Raonic play that bad??Urgh!!Make us really grateful that Rafa at least not suffered the same fate right?U know,always not easy to come back from injury & get in the groove straight away…

Wog Boy Says:

JS, funny you said that, Raonic did look overweight to me in Brisbane.

AndyMira Says:

1st upsets of the day!!hey hey hey!…Why RBA lost to Verdasco?I mean,he’s only playing just 1 week last week..and he lost in 2nd rd in Pune the week before..surely not that tired…I guess,he’s really tired mentally from his spar against DelPo in Auckland…

AndyMira Says:

And now my Bracket really looks beautiful with the adding touch of red all over the place!Heh heh…

J.S. Says:

Omg AM – how can your bracket look beautiful?
That’s the best I’ve heard ever…whomever should win pick the opppsite?? Lol
Good for you if you pulled this one off…
I’m still bangin my head, haha!

Okay A Zverev is winning from 1st round – 2nd day!

Off to hotel will post link to stream if you guys are interested!

AndyMira Says:

J.S!..That’s my point!How can a Bracket looks beautiful if there’s a RED smeared all over it!Hahaha…And i’m pretty sure there’s going to be a LOT more red in coming days!…I took sascha off in 3rd round and i pick Nole till SF and wawa 2nd…Yep!there’s potentially a lot more red for me!..

U still bangin’ your head J.S??Hahaha…Yeah!me too!!

Oh thank u in advance for the links J.S!Really appreciate it!

J.S. Says:

Banging my head against AM!!

J.S. Says:

Okay I hope this helps – please let me know!!! :)

Go to

Register (its free!)

Click on countries….(my go to for AO is UK and Australian flags/countries)

Click on Australian flag……..
I use 7 and 7Mate 2 different streams!

Click on United Kingdon flag…..
I use Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 (same as above 2 different streams)

Click on Canada Flag….
TSN1 and TSN2 have 2 different streams!

FYI, I have gone to the German flag when a German player is playing and found a stream….keep in mind it will be in their language. The best part of this is you can search for your fav’s…Example, no one had the Ferrer match on last night, but Eurosport 2 did!

Let me know if you have questions!


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