Nick Kyrgios: I’m Not Going To Listen To Rafa
by Staff | February 28th, 2019, 10:40 am

Nick Kyrgios and Rafael Nadal are in some beef after the Australian stunned the former No. 1 in Acapulco last night.

Nadal was critical of Kyrgios saying he lacked respect.

Kyrgios later responded in the press:

“I’m different, Rafa’s different, he can focus on what he needs to do. He doesn’t know the journey I’ve been through, he doesn’t know anything about me so I’m not going to listen at all.

“That the way I play, that’s the way he plays. He’s very slow between points. There’s a rule in the books that says you have to play at the speed of the server, Rafa has the speed every time.

“I’m not going to comment on his game, he has his game, I have my game.”

Kyrgios also revealed he nearly didn’t play the match because of food poisoning.

On Instagram, Kyrgios had this to say:
“Don’t doubt yourself, there are plenty of people who will do that for you. I can smell the blood when I play this dude 👀👻 🤖💉 #Emotions”

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14 Comments for Nick Kyrgios: I’m Not Going To Listen To Rafa

Annie Says:

Nick can be really funny! Every time they watch/talk to him, he has a different story. He had MANY MOODS on court yesterday. Sometimes you think he is faking whatever problem he announces he has at any given moment.
What was the thing about lacked respect? Does he mean from the Fans? His Opponent, who was RAFAEL? Its hard to figure out what he is talking about right now. But in the end, he won the match, beat RAFAEL and is moving on in the tournament. End of story for now.
BUT there will be a new story for the next match he plays against???
I didn’t look to see who he is playing BC I don’t care. I never watch a match he plays because there seems to ALWAYS B Drama!!!

Annie Says:

My last sentence says I never watch a match he plays in, obviously if he is playing RAFAEL, then I watch! Lol!!!

Jack Lewis Says:

“What was the thing about lacked respect?”
Rafa said something about Kyrgios lacking respect for the crowd, the opponent and himself. Rafa probably thought he was Nick’s mother or something.

” I never watch a match he plays because there seems to ALWAYS B Drama!!!”
Drama is sooo boring right? /s

j-kath Says:

I’m with Jack Lewis on this….mostly because you never know which Nick is playing – and I don’t think he does either….which, on one level is highly entertaining or maddening.

Giles Says:

All in all this manchild has to be pitied. He doesn’t seem to have had any sort of disciplined upbringing. He suffers from an inferiority complex imo. Constantly seeking attention to the detriment of his career. The man is a psychopath.

Daniel Says:

“Rafa said something about Kyrgios lacking respect for the crowd, the opponent and himself”

There was a moment Kyrgios shouted to the crowd: “Shut the F…. Up” very loudly after Nadal double faulted and was about to serve, disrupting Kyrgios “moment”.

Giles Says:

Lol Daniel. What are you talking about? “ disrupting Kyrgios “ moment” ???

Van Persie Says:

I like some sort of rebelion, but it is hard even for me to like Nick. Think it is more hard for his opponents to like him. Am only surprised Rafa lost it, as he is the most diplomat from the Big 4, and told all of this about Nick.

Daniel Says:


I think that was what Kyrgios thougth for him to breakdown and curse like that. lol

Van Persie Says:

Let us not forget, Rafa was educated by Tio Toni, who always preached him about respect on court. Nick is bit too much for him, when it comes to this.

Van Persie Says:

* a bit too much

Daniel Says:

But some credit Kyrgios deserve for being bold.
I like that he mentioned that Nadal “take his time” between points and basically forces everybody to play under his terms, not respecting the “at server speed rule”. It’s like Kyrgios saying: Who are you to talk about respect, really?!

Giles Says:

Here’s hoping Wawa finishes him off tomorrow!

Fantasys Says:

Nick Kyrgios said he would not listen to criticism from Rafa Nadal, who accused the Australian of lacking respect “for the public, the opponent and toward himself”.

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