Did Novak Djokovic Have Surgery… On His Hand?
by Tom Gainey | February 2nd, 2018, 10:06 am

Reports from Europe indicate that Novak Djokovic underwent surgery this week not on his right elbow but on his right hand/wrist.

The Serb, who took six months off to recover from an elbow injury only to have it still be an issue last month in Australia, is said to have first gone to Prague, then finally to Switzerland to have a procedure done at the Rennbahnklinik in Muttenz, which per Blick, could have been to remove a “floating bone”.

But there has been zero information from the Djokovic and no update on the health of his elbow. His next event remains at Indian Wells.

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18 Comments for Did Novak Djokovic Have Surgery… On His Hand?

skeezer Says:

Where is WB when you need him? The defacto source for Novak news.

the_mind_reels Says:

Not surprisingly, another implicit vote of confidence in the Swiss medical community. They are clearly experts, and hopefully this helps Novak get back to where he wants to be!

Willow Says:

I Did read on his website he has had surgery, so all the best in his recovery, hand injuries can take a while to recover from though, Delpos a perfect example of that ….

rognadfan Says:

I feel a little strange to find out now that he decided to play AO when he was not sure if that elbow was healed 100%. But I think that’s the best decision for his long-term future. Good luck to Nole and his his fans.

Chris Ford Says:

Themindreels – The US also has excellent “joint specialists” for ordinary folks, athletes (See Tommy James surgery) and unfortunately, repairs of trauma inc. degenerative aftermath conditions due to trauma – to military people. Maybe he went to Switzerland also seeking to score a bottle or two of Magic Federer Elixir.

Djokovic has posh digs in Miami and many pals in the USA. He might end up Stateside as part of his recovery – with future elbow surgery or not.

Surgery on his hand/wrist? It could be that doctors have said he may as well – implying his elbow woes mean that other surgery will not impact his return to tennis….if repairs to his elbow later are successful.

Humble Rafa Says:

The US also has excellent “joint specialists”

According to fake news?

Willow Says:

What does this mean for the FO im wondering ?

RZ Says:

@Chris Ford – California and Colorado have many new “joint specialists”, but not of the type that any current pro tennis player is looking for. :-)

Humble Rafa Says:

What does this mean for the FO im wondering ?

Thank you for the opportunity to educate you. It means nothing for the FO where Humble reigns. Guys with one working arm and floating bones are better off fishing.

Chris Ford Says:

RZ – Hahaahaaa! Maybe Novak does need a very strong joint or two now and then to chill if he is going to be out a long time. I don’t think they test if you are withdrawn from active player status for a lengthy treatment and recuperation time.
One of my pretty wealthy family relatives has now invested in a Colorado grow farm as 1/3rd partner and has 1/4 interest in the 100% legally separate distribution&sales company. She’s a Rafa fan, but likes Novak and Andy.

BTW – Made a mental slip-up. It’s Tommy John surgery. Tommy James hung with the Shondells. I discovered them, 3Dog Night, and a few other Never Ever Going to the Rock Hall of Fame 60s and 70s pop groups. Acts that had their big glory when I didn’t exist or was too young to ‘get’ what they were doing. You just have to bear the sappy, syrupy songs forced on them, and other USA conventions of production and song topic that sound strange now. But some of it is unbelievably good.

Willow Says:

Sorry to hyjack the thread Novak fans, but is there any news on Murray ?

j-kath Says:

Sorry to hijack tennis thread – but could not access a 2018 non-tennis forum:

To Margot:
6-Nations rugby starts today with Scotland vs. Wales. Think Wales will soar above Scotland on the Anthem singing but Scotland might even win the Match…..U listening Margot??????

Willow: Andy not ready to return yet …waiting for the grass season. Jamie Murray playing in Davis Cup doubles 1.00am our time.

Margot Says:

Kath: Actually….shhhh….much prefer the way Scotland is playing at the mo. Love that flowing, passing style. Their rugby deserves to win the crown!
Anyone but England, eh?…;)

Margot Says:

Am gobsmacked Kath :0 My boys done good.

j-kath Says:

Margot: Astonishing – such determination. Well done. Sadly I was busy and skipped a bit (I might not have been so busy if Scotland had shown any hint of being competitive)!!!!.

Ditto on the English – where’s Andy when you need him?

Fingers crossed for Tennis tomorrow – 10.00am…..I hope I don’t have to be so busy for that!!!

j-kath Says:

Margot: Wonder if we have unearthed a really new talent via Davis Cup? Cameron Norris – who has a Welsh Mum.

Bob Lewis Says:

Hope he is healthy and will claw his way back to the top. Player of the Decade for 2010s :D

Novak 11 (including 4 in a row!)
Rafa 10
Roger 5
Murr 3
Wawa 3
Cilic 1

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