Full-flight Resurgent Djokovic too Much for Federer in ATP Cincinnati Final
by Staff | August 19th, 2018, 8:02 pm

Novak Djokovic’s Wimbledon title was no flash in the pan.
The Serb showed he is back full-bore on Sunday, routing Roger Federer 6-4, 6-4 in the final of the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati.

The win was also a huge milestone for Djokovic who has now won every Masters-level tournament on the ATP calendar. It was five years ago that the Serb had won eight of the nine Masters, but he finally made the elusive Cincinnati title his in a second-half of 2018 after injuries, elbow surgery and shake-ups in his personal team.

He now leads Federer 24-22 in their career meetings after a third straight win.

“Obviously it’s a very special moment to stand here for the first time with the winning trophy here in Cincinnati,” said Djokovic, who will rise to No. 6 on the ATP rankings. “The hard times I went through, it’s been a rollercoaster ride in my career with injury, taking time off and having a surgery earlier this year. This seems a bit unreal to be back at this level.”

Federer for his part seemed to press too much offensively, during the brief encounter committing 39 unforced errors.

“Congratulations Novak on writing history today,” Federer said. “It’s an amazing effort not just today but your whole career to get to this point. It’s an amazing achievement. You should be very proud. Well done.”

Djokovic lost six of his first nine matches after returning from elbow surgery in March. Since the start of the grasscourt season he is now 19-2.

In the first set Djokovic broke for a 4-3 lead, his fitness in evidence after coming off four straight three-set matches, closing it out 6-4. In the second set Federer looked to make it a match, breaking for a 2-0 lead, but poor serving and struggling in just about every department gave the lead back.

“It was definitely not my best day on the return [of serve],” Federer said. “That’s it. It was just awful. But it’s okay. He served well. But missing every second serve on the forehand side, I don’t know what that was about. I don’t even want to look for reasons why it happened. I just think it did. Novak totally deserved to win today. This was not good enough. It’s okay. Good week, but I’m happy it’s over and I need to rest. So it’s all good.”

Djokovic again broke for a 4-3 lead before closing it out.

It was the 31-year-old Serb’s 70th career title, while Federer fell to 7-1 in career Cincinnati finals.

Federer is still pursuing the 100-title mark in 2018, after Cincinnati dropping to 98-52.

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67 Comments for Full-flight Resurgent Djokovic too Much for Federer in ATP Cincinnati Final

chofer Says:

“Novak Djokovic’s Wimbledon title was no flash in the pan.”


Truth Says:

Should we say Fed beating Roddick at 2009 wimbledon was a flash in the pan, as the 2004 Wimbledon final?

Van Persie Says:

Till the 2nd half of 2016, I had one big fear concerning Djoko: to see Nole hugging Roger, after losing one match to him. LOL. Would have been a nightmare

Am soo grateful to Vajda for convincing Nole to dump that weird ideology while playing tennis :)

Ok, Nole still does a great job against Fedal.He should now focus on beating the talented young guns now. Would be a next step.

Van Persie Says:

To see Djoko with a clear mind again, is for me now much sweeter, than to see him lifting trophies. I enjoy them differently :)

Van Persie Says:

I do not even hear the “nasty” crowds , do not care about unfair articles from unprofessional journos anymore. Think I grew up ang got zen, hehe

Madmax Says:

Totally awesome accomplishment from Novak and graceful comments by Fed. We still expect the same from Fed, but 6:4 6:4 is one break of serve only and it was just not his day. He does not seem so sad about this. Like Jatin, those sad days have long gone. Happy to see the Fed train still running.

Onto the USO where dreams are made.

Margot Says:

Congratulations to Nole and his fans. Nobody beats him 8 times at Cincy…;) So happy to hear you so upbeat VP :)
And congrats to Fed for showing the next/lost gens how its done.
Interesting to read on here how Nole really raised his game against Fed. Didn’t see this match but did see v Cilic, and felt that Cilic could’ve won that one and Nole wasn’t playing that great. But won that and the one that really mattered and that’s what counts.

BBB Says:

VP, the press coverage is so odd. They’re making a bigger deal about winning all 9 masters 1000s than they did about the wraparound slam. Rothenberg at the NYT even says the Golden Masters is something he has over Fedal – well, yes, so is the wraparound slam. *shrug*

Truth Says:

Djoker shouldn’t be worried about stupid media remarks and insults from Fed fans. They don’t pay for his family and tennis. That’s what he had trouble with.

3 breaks on the Fed serve, Madmax.
I’m not sure Nadal would have beaten Fed in this final.
Fed beaten him before so it wasn’t really match up issue.
Fedal matches just are overrated.

Fed couldn’t return Djoker’s serve. He needed double fault and a passive game from Djoker, but Djoker finally focused in the last games.

Truth Says:

* had beaten him before

Van Persie Says:


Thank you :)


Yes, I noticed it and was impressed during last weeks to read at least about the Golden Masters. Did not happen with NYCGS in 2016. I agree, it is more difficult to achieve the YCGS, but he is the only one of the Big 4 with NYCGS, not to mention, it was achieved on 4 different surfaces. It is a huuuge “deal”. Am happy it is mentioned at least on Wikipedia :)

P.S. Nole is missing something in his CV. Hope Andy will be kind enough to let him win one Golden Medal. Perhaps Nole and Roger will fight for it, in 2020. lol

TGIT Says:

Can you win the big matches when you are a Part Time Professional Tennis Player? Guess, not.

By ranking Fed at best 3rd to win Open is like saying if he wins luck will have to show up too.

Michael@yahoo.con Says:

The outcome of this match was a combination of vintage performance by Novak and shoddy display by Roger shanking at will. Simply, the rhythm, footwork and resilient mind deserted Roger who strangely was looking too nervous in court and so awkwardly out of sorts. After all the tribulations, Novak thoroughly deserves his place in history as the first player to complete a Masters sweep and this tagged with his other achievements of calendar slam sets him apart from his peers. There is no one in sight presently who can break this record and it is bound to last for another century atleast.

Truth Says:

Funny how Roddick spewed about how Slam winners won too much money. He didn’t complain about his “rival” Federer.
Only after Djoker won.

This idiot believes all tennis players should expect to be paid more than $500,000 a year for losing ROUND 1 of challengers?
How dare the players enjoy tennis for competition and not because they’re spoiled, abusive greedy liars?

Not everyone just bashed the ball hard, reach number 1 with no
real tennis game, and buy girlfriends from swimsuit magazines.

Czarlazar Says:

Nole is definitely back and the reason is because he’s dumped the negative factors holding him back. When he approached Vajda and Gritsch after Miami, they gave two firm conditions for their return: (1) dump Pepe Imaz (2) start eating animal protein to regain strength. Anyone who watches him closely will see he’s gained substantial muscle mass since the Spring debacle, thanks to daily intake of fish. He was on the road to physical recovery in Paris and fully back by Wimbledon. His temperament is also that of the old, warrior Nole, including occasional snapping at chair umpires and ball boys and less lovey/dovey commentary after matches. Some were criticizing him for his bad mood after the Cecchinato loss, but that was a surefire sign he was tired of losing and wasn’t going to allow lesser players to beat him anymore. I don’t fancy Fed or Nadal’s chances at the US Open this year.

Truth Says:

How many people can at this time in tennis, with big athleticism & taller smart guys, say they won Wimbledon and a Masters 1000, 2 months after recovering from the confusing cult brainwashing and surgery/injury?

No one subdued Fed and made him scared on every surface, like Djoker did. Not even Nadal. Nadal caved in against Fed 5 times and lost when Djoker was on the B level game. Djoker is the real #1. If he wins Cincinnati and French open again, he will have all masters twice, and all slams counted at least twice.

Daniel Says:

The “problem” for Novak and The Novak Slams 4 in row overshadowed, I think was bad timing, because he completed the career Slams with RG missing in the same achievement.

Media coverage did not knew where to point at. He was chasing several years for RG to complete the career Slams but it happened to be 4 in a row, where some consider the grand Slams and most not as the majority only call Grand Slams 4 in the same year.

Tis is my take, off course part of the media bias to him may play a factor but to me it sounded like that. It was like the career Slams overshadow the 4 in a row, which should be the case. Had he won RG before the 4 in a row Djoko Slam (as media called Serena Slams, when she made the same achievement, nobody call her 4 in a row the Grand Slam also), he would have a different treatment.

Now with the master sweap is easier and clear, also something no one done before, so easily hyped: Golden Masters.

Daniel Says:


But is it confirmed that he is eating meat again or just fish? So, he is not vegan anymore.

BBB Says:

Daniel, it’s more a commentary on how ignorant the press can be. It really is their job not to look at these things as if they’re the man on the street. Even the guys in the booth undervalued it. It’s just weird.

That said, the fact that they’re all making a big deal out of the 9 masters’ shows it wasn’t bias. Just tunnel vision. My guess is that the Golden will lead people to pay more attention to the feat of the wraparound slam. These types of sweeps are signs of both dominance in the shorter term, and excellence over the longer term.

It was good to hear Federer talk about what an achievement the Golden is. Very gracious, and I’ve been critical of him in that department.

Giles Says:

I don’t care to hear that he’s eating fish again. The man looks ill, very ill. It’s possible that because of insufficient nutrients in his body due to his diet he looks the way he does. He also seems to be irritable most of the time. Not eating meat will not cut it.

BBB Says:

IDK. His quads looked pretty insanely ripped to me. Cahill said he’s put on about 10 pounds over the summer.

Daniel Says:

Agree, his legs looks fine. Tennis players always have stronger legs and usually smaller torso, not all are proportional like Ferrer or Coric. And the shorts hide it a bit. When you see them up close they are like tree trunks. Murray, Berdyc, Nadal are massive.

Djoko never had strong arms and he may like it so to give him more flexibility. Higher the muscles higher the weight of the arm also. And tennis shows you don’t need strong arm to generate power, vis Goffin and Simon, who can spank the ball and use acceleration when needed.

To me he looks fine. Also always consider him the most handsome out of the big 4. Yeah, he can add a bit of weight 5 kg – 11 lbs tops). But It can also jeopardize his stretching and sliding in HC, something he is one of the few who can do it.

As long as he is lasting 5 hours in a match with this frame, no problem for me. The problem is if his body the (too skinny) start affecting his endurance.

Also, I hink hui return a=of serve are looking even better with this new resurgence. To me the shot won him Wimbledon and title yesterday. I just don’t recall him having a bad return day, I believe was during clay season if I am not mistaken. But that Djoko is gone.

He may have a hard time maintain focus all tourney, something Fed also experience when he crossed 30. But you can see his drive in Wimbledon semis vs Nadal and yesterday was different. And that is what he needs. To trigger his inner beliefs when he face Fedal. He just have to be extra cereful with everybody else. Namely Wawa, DelPo, Cilic, Anderson, Zverev, Thiem, Dimi, and next gen.

Match I want to see in USO is Djoko vs Wawa, can happened in early rounds. Maybe that is what Wawa needs together back on track as Djoko seems to trigger the best in him.

Truth Says:

Djoker has a huge tan and wore his g string bikini in Spain before going to toronto.

His skin is actually light like his mother’s.
He looks better without too much tanning.

He forgot where he parked his rental car.
🤣 That must have woken him up from losing touch with reality in Cincinnati.

Okiegal Says:

Golden Tan…….RAFA!!

skeezer Says:

Spot on about the tennis players bod. Leg definition is way more important than upper body. #2 is strong core. #3 is really good flexibility.

Agree about the media and recognition of Novak’s achievements. Take note he never was the media darling. However, most greats, don’t have just one outstanding achievement. Take note there are several players who have one all of the Slams ( not holder of all 4 like Novak I know, I know ), but Novak stands alone with the 9 Master feat. I think that is why they are now re visiting the 4Slammer feat and I betcha you will start to see many more articles about him now about his greatness. And guess what? He’s not done.

Truth Says:

Djokat didn’t mind losing several important events in 2013-2015.
Now he has to see what bad things can occur if he doesn’t respect himself.
He’s called a coward if he skips tourneys. He came back too soon, which made him a laughingstock for Fed trolls, such as john/patrick McEnroe.

He shouldn’t be a doormat because he is treated badly if he doesn’t dominate tennis. The British, US citizens and Canadians enjoy his misery.

It’s not good to have the arrogant behavior, his brother marko’s phoney anguish and the nonchalant attitude regarding “doing a lot of things to please the family and special event organizers”.

Django Says:

I think he could get to 15.

Mystic - Willow Says:

Czalalazar you dont like Federer or Nadals chances at the USO, correct me if im wrong but, Nadal just won Toronto, or am i missing something ?

Margot Says:

Daniel/Skeeze: We’ve just had the European swimming and athletics championships in the UK and one of the commies, who is a darling BTW just wish he did tennis, said that the swimmers strength was coming from their core, in spite of many having massive shoulders. I believe this to be true of tennis players too. Probably all athletes? I know Nole and Andy do loads of core strengthening work…..as do I….;)

Mystic - Willow Says:

Django but doesnt he need to win 14 first lol ?

Mystic - Willow Says:

Ive had friends that have seen Rafa live, and all have said hes way more tapered live than what you see of him on TV ….

Humble Rafa Says:

Ive had friends that have seen Rafa live, and all have said hes way more tapered live than what you see of him on TV

That’s the first time someone has used the word “tapered” with respect to me.

Mystic - Willow Says:

Anyway congrats to BBB, Danica, Django and the nice Novak fans out there, they know who they are, quite the achievement, your guy is back, onto the USO , one of the favorites for sure ….

Giles Says:

“Also always consider him the most handsome of the big 4” . You’ve probably got your eyes at the back of your head. Rafa is, and always has been, the most handsome of the big 4. Imo and that of many others.

BBB Says:

skeezer, it’s certainly intriguing to have him back in the mix. I hope it leads Andy to be optimistic about his comeback, though of course hip surgery and elbow surgery are not the same thing.

I should have mentioned that I was about 10 feet away from Djoker in TO, and he looked fine. I say this as someone who thought he got way too thin starting in late summer 2016.

As to his arms, the one shot I remember most from the TO doubles match I saw was a forehand return. His arm was like a whip. The flexibility was remarkable. So I think there’s indeed something conscious about not overdoing his upper body bulk.

Mystic - Willow Says:

Its purely subjective whos the most handsome ….

Mystic - Willow Says:

BBB i believe your sincere when you say about hoping it leads Andy to be optimistic about his comeback, when with some of your fellow fans i dont really buy that thats what they really want for Novaks rivals ….

Daniel Says:

Agree, is subjective, but face features alone, Djoko has the most symmetric face, than Murray. Fedal for me are the “ugliest” in this regards LOL
Fed has the nose and small upper lip, nut great eyeliner and Nadal has a peculiar face bone structure. Specially in interview he always looks worse than on matches. Thats why I made my judgement: Novak looks the same on court, photo, interview, advertising and on a tux for example. The others change too much, hence, Djoko is “naturally” more handsome.

Nadal has more sex appeal, no question there.

BBB Says:

MW absolutely. I don’t root for anyone to be out because of injuries. I’m rooting for Stan to get back to 100% even though he’s a terrible opponent for Djoker.

I’m a Djoker fan, but I want him to win because he beats good people, not because the field has been depleted.

Mystic - Willow Says:

In your opinion Daniel lol, and dont let Madmax hear you say Federers ugly lol, anyway as i say ive had friends who have seen Rafa live, and what you see on TV doesnt do justice to the way he looks up close live, Jeremy Chardy best looking tennis player for me, and my husband okay not a tennis player but hes gorgeous lol ….

Okiegal Says:

@Margot….. Wow…. you do core work! Here’s me……take an Apple and core it….. a nice plump apple…. cordless!! Lol

@ Mystic Willow….. I gave a generic congrats to all Novak fans, as I’m getting older and can’t call each of them by name anymore….. but hope they saw it. No doubt he’s back in full force……MV is his kryptonite….. me thinks!

I’m watching an old classic…. Novak/Rafa 2011 USO…. the 3rd set had some amazing tennis. As everyone knows Novak in 4….some long awesome rallies…..incredible shot making from both guys!……2011 was the year Novak was on fire…..beating Rafa too often. But dialing forward Rafa is #1 …….nothing short of AMAZING!! Here we go again!!

BBB Says:

In terms of looks:

Safin. Ay carramba.

Van Persie Says:


Thank you :)
Regarding Nr. 1, according to Roger in his RU speech yesterday: Nole is Nr. 1 ;)

Giles Says:

Tommy Haas is right up there in the handsome league.

Giles Says:

We know who’s #1 and it ain’t joker.

Van Persie Says:


Chill man, just an observation from my side, that Fed might have also some memory issues, old age and so on :)
Fed might eat some fish, like Djoko, good for the brain ;)

Joking a bit here.

BBB Says:



Margot Says:

BBB: to paraphrase a famous football manager, tennis is not life or death, it’s more important than that.

BBB Says:

lol Margot.

skeezer Says:

Rafa is ugly.
Especially on a tennis court playing a match ;)

j-kath Says:

Colin – Andy on the list – as mentioned previously did not think he would be.

j-kath Says:

Sorri – can’t get “ubitennis” to copy and paste properly!!!

Van Persie Says:

When focused, and waiting for the opponent to serve, Nole looks like an eaglet to me, waiting for his mother to feed him :)…

Roger’s half face reminds me of an bottle-opener

Rafa face, when angry, looks like an upset mouse

Andy is walking like a goose between points, sometimes

This is how I would caricature the Big 4

I could not caricature Safin, never :)

j-kath Says:

Colin: He has “protected ranking”….!!!

j-kath Says:

Van Persie: Jeepers! A goose waddles, n’est pas?

Van Persie Says:

Oui, JK, did not know the word. New for me :)

Okiegal Says:

I’ll still have to go with Feli Lopez….his eyes……
But there are lots of handsome tennis players on the circuit…..

Beauty is the eye of the “beer holder”…LOL!!

Truth Says:

Djoker look a like bugs bunny. His nose is roundish but he’s handsome.
Fed looks like a crotchety grandpa.
No wonder he called himself the older one. He was called old since 2009.

Fed only respects Djoker because he lucked out in Djoker’s absence, and djoker improved at the old age of 31, and won tourneys in 2015-2018 to break the Masters record.
Amazing because djoker didn’t have the elbow to work in 2016-early 2018, and the surgery only happened a few months ago.
Already second best player in big tournaments without playing many matches in november + january-march.

Truth Says:

* looks like bugs bunny

BBB Says:

Why would need to bother with a caricature of someone who drops trou after a great point ?!?

Czarlazar Says:

Novak has dropped the vegan diet/lifestyle that held him back during the “slump.” He’s back to eating fish regularly, but not meat or poultry, according to Vajda:

Cahill mentioned he’d put on 10 pounds over the summer and that’s obvious to the naked eye. It’s made all the difference to his game, both in terms of stamina and zip on the groundstrokes. He’s also greatly improved his serve since the Spring, to the point where it’s about as good as it was when he was dominating in 2015 and early 2016.

Mystic - Willow Says:

I Find Native American men attractive, and i always thought Rafa had the look of a Native American man ….

Safins attractive, but stripped to his underwear i have to say he looked better covered up ….

Colin Says:

j-Kath, you need to brush up your French!
The phrase is not n’est pas, it’s n’est ce pas. Hey, get a load of me – a pedant in two languages!

Re Andy Murray, of course you’re right about the protected rsnking.

Lastly, the condition Andy was born with is a split kneecap. The bone is in two pieces joined by a web of gristle, which isn’t as strong as bone.

Colin Says:

Here I go again. for rsnking read ranking.

Daniel Says:

Thanks Czarlazar,

Maybe one day we’ll see Novak eating a burger again, break the internet;-)

Giles Says:

Ivan Lendl joins AZ. Wonder how that will work out.

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