November Off Topic Thread
by Staff | November 7th, 2018, 11:25 am

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46 Comments for November Off Topic Thread

Wog Boy Says:

Where are the comments about midterm elections? Happy with the outcome or not, what happened with the “wave“?
OK, I will be the first one to start, after all what they (powers from shadow) did to Trump administration and basically not allowing them to govern (not just mine opinion) this was Trump victory.
Can I have an opinion, but preferably from Americans, please?!

J-Kath Says:

Wog Boy: Have a number of US friends – have avoided asking them what they think – most households are split….(just as Brexit has split families here)…..but given the air is so hot and sticky here in the UK re. the closing battle cries UK vs. EU /IN/OUT/???? my attention is selfishly fully on our own muddle.

Wog Boy Says:

Personally, I am Eurosceptic, EU has been ran by one and a half country (puppet states filling the numbers), but I don’t live in Europe anymore nor I intend to, but it looks to me that pro Eu people in UK will be calling for referendums until they get results they want, one referendum is not enough, if British people agree with that than good luck with the understanding of “democracy”.
You can always try to emigrate to Australia:) though you would have more chances to succeed in that if you are illegal immigrant then coming fro GB. Try declaring in your application that you have been persecuted by English;)

J-Kath Says:

Wog Boy: I voted to leave EU even though my politic leanings (SNP/Scotland)voted to stay by a large majority.

PS: It wouldn’t be a lie to state I’ve been persecuted by the English – – at my own dinner party, I was told by an illiterate English female (who accompanied a friend of my husband) that I couldn’t possibly be properly educated or come from a respected family with my “working class” Scottish accent.

Ronn Says:

Andy may not be at the same level as the Big 3, but he does serve an important role in men’s tennis. He is by far and away the 4th best player in tennis and he serves as an important buffer. As that buffer, he beats and weeds out the New Gen and other wannabes so that they don’t get a chance to pull the upset against the Big 3. So in a way, the Big 3 benefit from Murray so they’ll be happy when he comes back.

chris ford1 Says:

WogB – The objective look was that the Republicans took a huge pounding in the House and in governors seats – reflecting the work of the “Deep State”, 2 to 1 spending gap from Dem tech billionairs and the gratitude the Wall Street crowd had the Democrats saved from jail time in Obama’s years following the fiscal collapse thet cost the US 5 trillion, constant media support of their party of affiliation (for 90-92% liberal Democrats), and Trump & Co not touting the great Republican=led economy upswing, choosing to hype “illegal caravans” which was polarizing, instead.

The most important election outcome though was the Senate. Republicans expanded their control. It is the Senate, not House, that controls who is appointed by Trump, who is voted to be impeached. Trump can still get his Supreme Court picks in, more are to follow if only Thomas’s replacement given his high likelihood of resigning to ensure he is replaced by a staunch originalist (a group that believe the Constitution is what written and no more “creative license” to claim unwritten “evolvement from what was written 230 years back”.

And Trump cannot be impeached by trial in the Senate, unless he does some really bad criminal stuff, because Republicans won’t stand for Schumer trying to do to Trump what he tried doing to Kavanaugh.

THat’s your takeaway. Republicans did get hammered in the house and governor elections, and various committees will launch new investigations, but can’t impeach anyone with the Senate roadblock. 4 Sumpreme Court justices may be gone – 3 on age & health (Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, homas to allow a conservative strict cnstructualist (originalist) to take his seat.

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks for taking time and coming back with detailed explanation, I wasn’t sure how American system operates since Australian is Westminster system, which is different.
Reading some analysis after elections and now yours, it’s fair to say that Americans didn’t rebuked Trump as some expected.
According to political analysts, results of the elections were nothing out of ordinary comparing with last 21 midterm elections where the party of an incumbent President has lost on average 30 seats at midtetm election.
The only two out of ordinary elections were 1994 and 2010 which we can classify as tsunami against incumbent parties and yet both Presidents won second term in the office after such disastrous midterm elections (Clinton and Obama).
So if they are to use these results as an indicator for the next Presidential election, well, incumbent President hasn’t been rebuked by American people, that’s for sure.

Latest independent indicators says that American economy is booming under Trump administration and they obviously (quietly) agree with his immigration policy, right? If that’s correct then that is what matters for the average American voters.
On the day of your midterm elections I was with about 20 American tourists in Sydney, doing sightseeing, they were using my mobile phone to check results, around 4pm Sydney time the results came in and the person who was checking on my phone said “we lost Congress but did well in Senat” obviously Republican and obviously not disappointed with results, after you explained it make sense why he wasn’t disappointed.
Now, profile of American tourists we are working with is generally older white Americans and they love to talk about politics, their opinion too is that that America economically is doing better under republican administration. I’ll leave it to you and others to agree or disagree, but it comes out of the mouth of Americans so I guess they know what they are talking about.
Last but not least, I read that Hillary Clinton hasn’t gave up on idea running again for President, I really wish she does it, that would be the final nail in the coffin of the evil witch.

Margot Says:

Straight from my New York friend, as a bit of “balance”: It wasn’t what I wanted but it did show the Orange Horror that he is vulnerable.

As for Clinton standing for election, as OH is almost bound to be re-elected, good luck with that one. Can’t see her getting much support from the Democrats either.

Wog Boy Says:

The most dangerous, evil and cunning person today in the world who is destabilising and hate Trump, half of the Europe (particularly Eastern Europe) and rest of the world is George Soros and his sons.
Where ever they turn up in Eastern Europe we have blood and tears, not without a reason he is nicknamed The King of Eastern Europe.
The only two leaders who had the balls to stand up against him and dark forces behind him are Trump and particulary Viktor Orban, who kicked him and his so-called “open university” out of Hungary, the real leader who puts interest of his country and nation first, that’s why is he demonise in the majority of the EU countries.

If we only have more leaders like Viktor Orban, that includes my old country and it’s servant regime.

J-Kath Says:

Ronn: “the Big 3 benefit from Murray”
You worry me – because I can’t ignore the thread of truth trickling thru your comment.

chris ford1 Says:

Big stinkfest a-brewing. Julien Benneteau did an interview for French TV that Australia News and SI ran with, and players are reacting to – Julien “Of course Roger gets special treatment at the AO. Look, they scheduled 12 of his 14 matches at night so Rog wouldn’t broil like the rest of us in the sun and he needs the break at his age if they give it to him.”

Djokovic was asked about what Julien and then others were saying after his Isner match, said it’s true, but Federer deserved it. (other sports have had their special rules, Ronaldo can’t foul someone else, Manchester United gets the calls, there were Michael Jordan rules, Kobe can’t foul rules, Lance and Serena drug testing rules, you don’t touch Steve Curry but the wind you create disturbs his 3-pointer it’s a foul rule…)

Djokovic to – “Asked for his thoughts after his round-robin victory over American John Isner at the ATP Finals on Tuesday, Djokovic said Federer had earned the right for special treatment.

“In the end of the day, in a way he deserves the special treatment because he’s six-time champion of Australian Open and arguably the best player ever,” Djokovic told reporters.

“If he doesn’t have it, who is going to have it? People want to see him play on the centre court, and they want to see him play in showtime, the best hours, which is 7:30 at night in Rod Laver Arena.

“I understand Julien’s point because sometimes it does seem that maybe certain players get more favoured year after year in certain tournaments. On the other side, you have to understand that Federer is a driving force of tennis in terms of revenue, in terms of attention.”

Isner also asked, said he’d be fine if they gave Novak and Rafa special treatment as well….”“If anything, maybe they should get more special treatment because those guys, the top players, have made other players below them a lot of money,” the American said after his 6-4 6-3 defeat.

“It is like the Tiger Woods effect in golf. So that is how you can look at a guy like Roger. He is men’s tennis in my opinion. He deserves everything and more that he’s ever had.”

Noted tennis authority Chrisford1 said – “It happens in many sports where the biggest star is cosseted. It’s not scandalous if no one says anything about how people like Curry and Jordan and Messi getting it in other sports. Or Tiger moved up to play in the morning if rain is forecast in the afternoon at Tiger’s initial scheduled tee time.
But in tennis it adds another nuance to GOAT by Slamcount arguments. Favortism is a factor, just like differing levels in the intensity of competition various stars have faced the last 20 years. Or back when Connors, Mac, Borg, and Lendl were all around fighting each other. More competition = less wins. Simple math. Andy Murray got screwed by it. And for many years, there was a 70% chance it would be Novak and Rafa in the same semi, Fed would get #4 – which improved Fed’s odds after Rafa and Novak beat each other up. “

Margot Says:

Isn’t Benneteau Rog’s age? Perhaps he wanted “special treatment.” Might be a bit late now as I think he’s retired.

chris ford1 Says:

J-Kath “Ronn: “the Big 3 benefit from Murray”
You worry me – because I can’t ignore the thread of truth trickling thru your comment”
Agree. It’s true. Andy with his speed and defense skills often neutralized a power player that could give Rafa trouble, but Rafa could handle Andy, knew Andy was a good matchup for him. Same with Fed, who owned Andy at Slam Finals.
Djokovic and Fed benefited from David Ferrer, Hot Sauce taking out players like Tsonga in his heyday…beating up Rafa – but Ferrer and Verdasco rarely bothered Fed and Novak. Tomas Berdych and Monfils were great for Djokovic….they, especially Tomas, cleared the decks for Novak and he always beat those two.

Margot Says:

Calling AM :) Off topic because, although it’s tennis can’t see where to put it, did you see Radwanska has retired? :0

Discussion about venue of WTF largely irrelevant as in 2 years time it’s set to move, and London has to bid like everywhere else.

AndyMira Says:

AM to M over!AM to M!…Yoohoo!….I’m here Boss!….Yeah about Aga M!Urgh!…I will miss her very much!…I like her so much M!…Like Angie,she’s also one of those players who really have nice attitude on court…I’ve never seen her showed a bad behavior towards her opponents,rarely complained to umpire about anything…she’s really a down to earth gal…We didn’t see this coming right?

I mean,heck!…Venus still playing even at 37!..And got various of injuries too all her career life…

About WTF…i honestly like London M!…I wish it could stay there forever…

chris ford1 Says:

Isner ends the season as the No. 1 American for the sixth time in the past seven years. Only Jimmy Connors (9), Andy Roddick (8), John McEnroe (7) and Pete Sampras (7) have finished more years as the No. 1 American in the ATP Rankings.

How my country has fallen in mens’s tennis!

AndyMira Says:

CF1…Islam really is a Religion of Peace…What is wrong tho is when some of it’s followers let their hatred,anger & revenge took hold of their heart & mind & lashed out to an innocent non muslim….

If they not been so blinded by it,and if they follow what Prophet Muhammad told them to do…And if they feared what Allah promises in Al Quran if they kill even one innocent non muslim…all those killing by suicide bombing is not going to happen at all…But yeah…heart full with hatred & anger can be easily swayed by the devil if we’re not strong enough…

Margot Says:

CF1: Same with Christianity, used for good and bad, war and peace etc. It’s all down to interpretation.

AndyMira Says:

M!….I suddenly have the urge to give u this!

Love u M!…Have a guuuuuuudddd evening & nite!

Margot Says:

AM darling, you are soooo sweet xxxxxxxxx

AndyMira Says:

Hehehehe…..Thank u Boss!!

chrisford Says:

Colin –
“The most spectacular evil act in history – the nuclear bombing of deliberately chosen civilian targets in Japan – was carried out by America, which was, and remains, a highly Christian country. Donald Trump’s main concern is his own wealth and comfort, but he never disavowed religion and took the oath in the usual way when he became President. Like previous Presidents. including the Catholic Kennedy, he keenly supports Israel’s grabbing of Arab land – grabbing which Israel justifies on the grounds that the land was given to them by God a couple of thousand years ago.”

If you think the nuke bombs, that both the Americans and Japanese believed saved both nations the need to fight total war on the homeland islands saving 600,000 Americans and 5.5 million Japanese, was the “most spectacular act of evil in history”, you have not read much about history. not even WWII history.
Also, both Hiroshima and Nagasaki had many military targets.

As for Jews and Arabs battling over “Arab land” as “their land”, has seen 15-18 changes of sovereignity since recorded history started. Of semetic peoples like Arab and Jew, non-Semetic Egyptians and Romans, Greeks, run by Turks.

Your view on slavery, Colin, is also absent a good understanding of history. All peoples engaged in slavery, religious and non-religious. Before prosperity allowed surplus resources to go into feeding and supporting a jailed population – your choice on what to do with bad criminals or captured enemy was to either kill them or make them slaves, serfs, peasants bonded to a conquering aristocrat’s property and existing to provide that Khan, that Chinese warlord, that Arab commander’s family, that Euro earl with goods, services, and gun fodder.
The center of the anti-Slavery movement was the Christian people of Britain, Latin America, he US. While there were pro-slavery Christians like pro-slavery Muslims – the Christians out to eradicate slavery were stronger and helped eradicate it from global commerce, and from the New World.

kjb Says:


“And for many years, there was a 70% chance it would be Novak and Rafa in the same semi, Fed would get #4 – which improved Fed’s odds after Rafa and Novak beat each other up”

Wrong. There was never a time where Fed played Rafa or Novak in a slam final after they played each other in a semi. In fact, Fed and Djokovic have played more slam semis than any other pair in history.

Margot Says:

It’s actually my daughter’s birthday 🎂 dear A.M. But it’s the thought that counts and you are a darling 😍

J-Kath Says:

To Margot’s young Sagittarius daughter from an older Sagittarian:

“Born in November 22 – December 21, they are known as the independent, almost flighty sign of the Zodiac. Sagittarians are bold and always truthful. They will say what is on their mind, even if it crushes your very soul.”

Is it true? In any event, Happy birthday to the young lady.

AndyMira Says:

M!….Oh!It’s your daughter’s??Ohohohohoho!!….Can’t believe it!…
I just thought…”Urgh!..TX is soooo boring nowadays!Why not i give M a birthday wishes,unless her birthday is in December,then she already celebrated it months back & deserved some cheery wishes!”…

Hey!…Tell your daughter i said HI & wish her a happy birthday K?

J-Kath Says:

AndyMira: I don’t have a daughter – the older Sagitarian I referred to was myself. But thank you anyway – but it’s not a very happy birthday as something medically weird has descended upon me…don’t ask me what it is because no-one knows ……maybe I should change my posting name to “Limbo”!

J-Kath Says:

AndyMira: Very kind. Thank you. I’ll settle for a “return to full health” – next on my list is sufficient wealth to start a new meaninful charity that really offers “grass roots” help for neglected/abused “Dogs, Donkeys and Horses” – starting locally and expanding.

J-Kath Says:


Absolutely fabulous….proves a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

J-Kath Says:

AndyMira: Yep Two Fingers held up as a “Victory” sign…but two fingers held up straight means something quite different…ouch!

Willow Says:

Love, hugs , and healing J-Kath from Mystic – Willow XX ….

AndyMira Says:

Oh really JK?…It’s not a ‘peace’ sign?

J-Kath Says:

Willow: Hey ho – thought Brexit had got to you and you’d emigrated to peaceful France ahem! Lovely to hear from you and thank you for your warm good wishes. Have a happy, warming birthday on the 7th.

A-M: You are very naughty!!!!

Willow Says:

J-Kath your welcome my dear, saw that you were not feeling to clever so just wanted to send you healing wishes, nothing to do with Brexit, just have no interest in TX anymore, thanks for the birthday wishes and the same to you too, and have a swift return to health, take care XX ….

chris ford1 Says:

Thinking on George HW Bush. One thing I remember was he was huge on tennis as a player and a fan, and often had players of his day at the White House. A lot came out with tributes, along with staff and others he played matches with in China, at the VP residence, White House, and Kennybunkport.

“I feel so privileged that I have had a friendship with George Bush for over 40 years,” Chris Evert, 63, tells PEOPLE.
“Visiting the White House, Camp David and Kennebunkport, having him induct me into the International Tennis Hall of Fame and going on cruises in Greece with his family are fond memories. During those times I have witnessed such a love of family from him.”

skeezer Says:

CF1 thanks for posting that.
There is more about Bush and his love and interaction with Tennis;


Willow Says: for Margot a tribute to Aga Radwanska , thought you might like this ….

Margot Says:

Thanks so much Willow, how kind of you to think of me.
I’m sending warm Winter solstice greetings to you and your family. xxxxxxxxx

Willow Says:

Thanks Margot you too XXXXXXXX ….

Giles Says:

Anyone following the Gimelstob story??

Humble Rafa Says:

If you threaten the ex wife, threaten her male friend and get arrested, can you be in the ATP council? Asking for a friend. My friend is American. Thanks.

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