Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic Arrive In Australia [Video]

by Staff | December 31st, 2019, 12:47 am

Rafael Nadal landed in Perth, Australia for a first time on Monday. Here was the greeting at the airport where the World No. 1 is set to represent Spain in the new ATP Cup.

The Spaniard who just won the Abu Dhabi title, has a big month ahead with a shot at a second Career Slam at the Australian Open and of course equal Roger Federer’s record 20.

Meanwhile, rival Novak Djokovic landed in Brisbane, hoping to lead Serbia into week 2 of the ATP Cup and potentially meet Nadal in Sydney.

“It’s great to be back. It’s been awhile since I was last here in Brisbane. I can’t wait for the inaugural ATP Cup event this year,” Djokovic said. “Australia always puts on a great show for tennis during January. Any tennis event is successful in Australia and I’m sure the ATP Cup will be a blast. I’m inviting all the nations to come out and support us, especially the Serbian community.”

The ATP Cup is an annual 24-country team competition featuring USD $15 million prize money and a maximum of 750 singles and 250 doubles FedEx ATP Rankings points. This ATP event is being staged in coordination with Tennis Australia. The ATP Cup will begin the ATP Tour each season and in 2020 will run 3-12 January. The tournament will be played over six days in Brisbane, Perth and Sydney. Eight teams will then advance to the final eight four-day knockout stage in Sydney.

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12 Comments for Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic Arrive In Australia [Video]

Joshua Says:

Best 2 players of the decade.


Didn’t they say Djokovic was THE best player of the decade but not appreciated as Nadal and Federer?

Tennis Fan Says:

It’s obvious that Djokovic was the best player of the decade. For some people, he is not as likable as Federer or Nadal. It sucks, but it doesn’t diminish his accomplishments in any way.

j-kath Says:

The Melbourne Grand Slam – is about 10 days away – but according to the news, parts of Melbourne have been affected by the life-threatening fires – Wogboy, what are your views?

Wog Boy Says:

No, not really. NE Victoria (Gippsland) had catastrophic fires, navy ships had to evacuate entire town that was cut off by fires. They had a change of weather today, while Sydney was the hottest city on earth today (44-48 degrees depends on suburb) temperature in Victoria suddenly dropped to 19 midday today.
Melbourne is fair bit away from disaster declared area.This night is crucial since wind changed and it’s a gale wind that pushes fire the other way, you just can’t win.
One third of Kangaroo island in South Australia is wiped out when fire came from nowhere last night, including the largest koala population in Australia, out of 50 thousand half were wiped out, lot of ones that survived will have to be put down due to horrific burns.
You can find all news on YT, but it’s to sad to watch, I won’t give you any links.

Wog Boy Says:

On the tennis news, absolute gem of the match between Nole and Anderson, Anderson played like a top 5 player, more than 2 hours of highest quality tennis.
I was just praying for Nole to win in two since, as of lately Nole can’t win in three sets;)
Anderson had set point on his serve in TB, but Nole played unbelievable point to save it and another 2 points to win the match:


Django Says:

I’ve been watching YT and those poor animals. it’s a crying shame.

Wog Boy Says:

Django, absolutely heartbreaking.

90% of the fires are deliberately lit, how sick one has to be to do that and than watch the tragedy unfolding?! They should introduce old laws from the old days, one caught looting (lightning the fires) during natural disasters can be shot on the spot.
I knew I couldn’t avoid it (fires), I never do, two were deliberately lit yestrday and day before, yesterday one was literally 1,5km from me across the river and got out of control, in this link you can see it, the river is behind the fire (water reserve) residents in front:

Andy Mira Says:

WB….My heart is broken over the loss of so many lives,houses & much more so about animals..to hear half billion of them been wiped out in just a matter of weeks makes me feels so sad…

But i think nature want to tell us something too…that if u don’t take care/apreciate them enough,then we could lose this precious gift in a second with our reckless behaviour..Australia is a very beautiful country,i hope they will bounce back in no time at all…My thoughts r with u guys…

j-kath Says:

Yes Wogboy, Django, Andy-Mira: I just can’t bear it – it somehow feels I’m wrong to feel so desperately sad about the animals and birds when there are human losses as well – but it’s the sheer numbers and the helplessness that cuts to the core. I’m even more horrified that part of the problem is caused by mankind – such people should be put in the “Market Square” and pelted with rotten fruit before being incacerated for life.

Here in my area of Scotland our winter temperatures right now are 10 percent higher than average for this time of year – in the evening we have red skies more often than I’ve ever seen and right now at approx. 8.30am the sky is still a very weird colour. Coal fires are banned from 2022 – I’ve never used mine, not even once this year….when I do, I’ll use the piles of “flotsam & jetsom” I forage from the beach.

Wog Boy Says:

Yes skeezer, sadly that’s is only what they know who was caught red handed, insane people.

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