Novak Djokovic An Anti-Vaxxer?
by Staff | April 20th, 2020, 4:57 pm

Speaking during a Facebook chat Sunday, Novak Djokovic revealed he is not open to taken a vaccine.

“Personally, I am opposed to vaccination, and I wouldn’t want to be forced by someone to take a vaccine in order to be able to travel,” Djokovic stated.

Of course if the tour requires players to take a vaccine before return to play, what will Djokovic do?

“But if it becomes compulsory, what will happen?” he said. “I will have to make a decision. I have my own thoughts about the matter and whether those thoughts will change at some point, I don’t know.

“Hypothetically, if the season was to resume in July, August or September, though unlikely, I understand that a vaccine will become a requirement straight after we are out of strict quarantine, and there is no vaccine yet.”

More than likely, players will have to take something to avoid further spread. If Djokovic doesn’t, than he runs the risk of not being allowed on tour.

Former No. 1 Marat Safin also chimed on a coronavirus vaccine, echoing a viral conspiracy theory.

“I think they are preparing people for ‘chipization’ [chip implants],” Safin told earlier this month.

“They’ve put the whole world [in lockdown] at home, so everything works,” he said.

“I think there are guys even bigger than world leaders who are the real masters of money, the masters of the world, they can turn things around easily.

“Call it a shadow government, call it whatever you like. I think we don’t even know they exist.

“The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are well-known names, but someone else is behind them.”

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34 Comments for Novak Djokovic An Anti-Vaxxer?

TimF Says:

Utter nonsense on Djokovic head.

PK Says:

Man, I sure hope this is fake news. Novak is smarter than that.

Django Says:

Novak is free to take The Mark or not just as I am. I always question what is going in my body.

emilia Says:

So, what’s wrong if someone doesn’t want to take a vaccine?
It’s your own risk.

Django Says:

Novak is a thinking person. He will use discernment and figure out what is good for his body. I certainly will not put anything in my body without my own personal study and research,

PJ Says:

I disagree with the notion that it’s his own risk. Vaccines aren’t just for the protection of the individual, but for those that are around them. There are people physically cannot get vaccinations or have a comprised immunity. It’s why this pandemic has been so bad, and the numbers aren’t even telling the entire story. It’s only coming out now that there were many more asymptomatic than originally thought. Sure, that person may not have gotten sick, but they can unknowingly pass it along to vulnerable people.

chrisford1 Says:

Lets use common sense. To travel around Europe, not to mention the rest of the world, Djokovic & family need their international immunization and shot card record to be current. His son is vaccinated or he wouldn’t have been at Wimbledon the other year to see his dad win..
Djokovic was spinning home remedies a month ago he thinks will boost immune systems – herbal teas, exercise, zinc, vitamin D… a lot of other celebs, but many celebs just go with what the buzz is and repeat it. Djokovic believes in it. It’s part of his lifestyle. He marches to a different beat than most. Maybe 90% of it is crap, but he credits it as helping make him a great athlete.
Skepticism is not unfounded in any country these days as China lied, Western governments lied to nursing homes and the gen pop were lied to about it being an airborne disease you should wear masks against. And the people also got lies the other way in over-alarmism. And now we hear it is a fast mutating virus and the Chinese (the big liars) may be lying again, but they say they have found 30 strains. And that is a big problem for any vaccine.
Don’t place all your hopes in a vaccine that has to ward off multiple strains, becoming available this year. Be like Djokovic. Wait and see. Nations cannot remain closed down. The longer the “stay at home orders” are in place, the harder, exponentially harder, it will be to recover economies to 2019 levels.

Shooter McGavin Says:

I like Djokovic even more now. He’s not into excessive amounts of formaldehyde, mercury and aluminium being injected into his system. Me neither. Wake up people. There is a reason why Big Pharma went to Congress in the early 80’s to get a law passed protecting them for being sued due to vaccine injuries. The vaccine injury court was set up and anyone those who has suffered have to go up against the Department of Defense. I know people who have suffered HPV vaccine injury. If anyone tried to shoot me up with that or tried to inject it into my kids, I would make it my business to make them suffer.

Wog Boy Says:

Marat Safin is right on the money.

Vaccine won’t be available for another 12-18 months, do you really want to be jabbed with something that you don’t really know what exactly is, in order to start tournaments earlier than the time is needed for the properly tested vaccines?
There are so many unknown and fishy things about this CCP virus, CF1 is right and Novak is right to be very cautious, it’s his body and the bodies of his kids.

Wog Boy Says:

^^^ but of course, if Bill Gates makes one we should all get jabbed, “in Bill we trust”…

Django Says:

Bill Gates is a eugenicist and computer geek working n a microchip. He’s not an MD so I won’t take it.

Wog Boy Says:

Django, I was sarcastic and thanks for that word (I had to google the meaning), you couldn’t pick the better word to describe him, EUGENICIST!

Wog Boy Says:

Well, you made me thinking, not that I am good at that, didn’t we have, not long ago, that dude with small moustaches that was eugenicist too, but he was a bad man, no?

Ronn Says:

My boy Djoko’s right and and Safin is right too! This is not some random virus that came from some Chinese wet market- it was made in a lab, and it is being used as a weapon to scare people so that they will be more willing to let the government “take control” of their lives under the guise of keeping them “safe”. In America, the framers of our Constitution were well aware that there is an international group of people who want world dominance and the constitution was written to protect us- the common people, from this souls group of people. You can call them what you want- Zionists, the Illuminati, Satanists, or whatever, but they really do exist. Djoko and Safin- being that they are Eastern Europeans, know very well what this evil group of people are capable of, as millions and millions of Eastern Europeans were slaughtered when communism swept through Russia and the Baltics. Djoke and Safin are the ones who are smart here- it’s the naysayers and denialists who are stupid for not being able to see the forest because of that one tree.

Ronn Says:

Wogboy, it’s sad to see that 90% of all the people out there just don’t “get it” and act like mindless sheep. They just want to munch on their grass and follow the herd and be left alone. The only problem is that they will NOT be left alone and they just want to keep believing that if they are good little sheep and do what they are told, then somehow, some way, everything will be ok. Where I live, when this flu (that’s all it really is) came out, the media got everybody worked up in a frenzy and scared the hell out of them, and people started running around like chickens with their heads cut off, buying $500 worth of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. It was a total free for all. I have never seen such disgusting, pathetic behavior in my life! Djoko and Safin are like a breath of fresh air to me. It’s so hard to find people who act sane and normal thesedays.

chofer Says:

I hope this isn’t true.

If it is, it’s not only dangerous but the stupidest thing I’ve heard since the “flat earth” society of Middle-Agers.

Not only denies science, but common sense. Full stop.

Wog Boy Says:

Flu vaccines should not and they cannot be made compulsory, full stop.
Coronavirus is flu virus and has been around for thousands of years and it mutates. Next year we’ll have mutated one, what then? How many flu vaccines we should get a year, two..three…five?!
Flu vaccines protects you only for one flue season and only from one virus and how many flu viruses we have going around every season and how many of them come next year as mutated ones?
When I go to see my GP for regular check up she asks me if I want flu vaccine and I ask her if that means I am protected from the flu for that season? She said no, you are protected only from that particular flu but there are other ones going around that you can catch!
My family doesn’t get any flu vaccines and we are happy with that decision and we wont get this one either, my GP doesn’t object our decision, very smart woman from Hong Kong that isn’t fond of mainland China.
Don’t confuse this with vaccines like polio and similar that gives you immunity for life, or the ones when you go to work and live temporarily in the areas of the world where you have particular diseases, I am all for those ones and I had them and my kids had them.
When the white people colonised certain continents and Polynesian islands they decimated indigenous population by bringing certain viruses that they were immune to with them. How did they become immune on those viruses, they didn’t have vaccines in those days?
They built natural immune system that you won’t be able to do anymore if you are going to be jabbed every year for every single virus.
Look at the babies infected with covid-19, they don’t even feel it since they have natural immune system passed to them by their mothers and mother milk.
We hade SARS, MERS, Swine flu you name them and the vaccines were not mandatory they can’t be mandatory for this one either since they will be worthless for next time around when mutated virus comes back as mutated one and they won’t be of any use.
I don’t object for Chofer and others being jabbed if that’s what they want, but you don’t have right to force it on people who don’t want it, and there are a lot of free thinking people who don’t want it, much more than you think.
So, yes chofer, go for it but don’t judge me, your common sense is different than mine and that doesn’t make you or me right it only gives us right to do what we think is right for us, independently, not like a sheep going to slaughter house.

Wog Boy Says:

Ronn, thanks for the reply, I don’t know about America but here there are much more people who don’t buy it, much more people who think like you, me and some others on this thread and I am talking not just about any people but very educated ones too.
As for Eastern Europeans, you are right, but we never trusted (fully) our governments, we use to find a way to cross check all the news we could get, the surprise of my life was when I moved to western country 35 years ago and realised that people’s here accepts what media and their government tells them as true without much questioning or looking deeper into the matter and trying to check the real facts from different sources, I just don’t get it?!

autoFilter Says:

“Coronavirus is flu virus”

No, it’s not. And that statement makes as much sense as saying “red is blue”. Please stop propagating categorically incorrect misinformation that endanger people’s lives.

Wog Boy Says:

Spot a difference:

“ Typical flu symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, muscle aches, headaches, runny or stuffy nose, fatigue and, sometimes, vomiting and diarrhea, according to the CDC. Flu symptoms often come on suddenly. Most people who get the flu will recover in less than two weeks. But in some people, the flu causes complications, including pneumonia.”

“ In general, studies of hospitalized patients have found that about 83% to 98% of patients develop a fever, 76% to 82% develop a dry cough and 11% to 44% develop fatigue or muscle aches, according to a review study on COVID-19 published Feb. 28 in the journal JAMA. Other symptoms, including headache, sore throat, abdominal pain, and diarrhea, have been reported, but are less common. ”

Wog Boy Says:

“ Please stop propagating categorically incorrect misinformation that endanger people’s lives.”

Am I that influential?
Am I forcing you to read and agree with me?
It’s my opinion you are free not to listen and you are free to ignore my posts.

autoFilter Says:

There’s not room for opinion in this kind of classification. You may as well say “in my opinion 3 is less than 2”.

As for your list of similarities in presentation:

Dogs have four limbs, furry bodies, and a tail. Cats have four limbs, furry bodies, and a tail. Do you also think dogs are cats? Is that conclusion a matter of opinion?

Water can burn you. Fire can burn you. Is water fire? Is that conclusion a matter of opinion?

I am not personally concerned about being influenced by you. I do, however, compassionately worry for people who may lack the capacity to discern fact from fiction in this context due to any number of reasons and who may put themselves and others in harms way due to susceptibility to exactly the sort of misinformation you are propagating under the guise of “opinion”.

You are of course right that I am free to choose not to listen and to ignore, but instead I am listening, and I am not ignoring. Instead I am acting to responsibly acknowledge and refute statements that I am aware are dangerous. You do not strike me as someone who would see it as preferable for a person to remain passive in such a situation, but perhaps I am wrong about that.

Let me ask you this (and I neither require a response nor intend to continue this discussion further): Is it possible that you are speaking quasi-authoritatively about something you do not fully understand, and is it possible that to do so is reckless?

Wog Boy Says:

No, it’s not possible and no, you didn’t refute anything.
Your post is your opinion and not facts, I didn’t see any, knowing the facts would mean having the cure and you would qualify for Nobel.
I wonder why are you so fired up about something that experts don’t have a clue what exactly is and where did It come from, nevertheless you know.
So yes, be free to ignore me or to use Aussie slang, be free to bugger off.
Nice talking to you.

Wog Boy Says:

Joshua Philipp from Crossroads talking about his documentary how covid-19 came to existence, of course, he is not an expert nor he “knows” facts like “some” here do, but it is worth listening and watching him, actually very interesting:

Wog Boy Says:

One more from Joshua before I go, we are neither in lockdown nor in quarantine, we never were and we single or around single digits new infected and 3 deaths per 1M people so far and someone is advocating vaccines, really?
So this is from Joshua, even YT and FB are protecting WHO and CCP by removing the things, have a look, his news are much better than most others:

chrisford1 Says:

Slow down on the conspiracy talk, people!
We won’t know for another 6-12 months where it came from (most suspect an accidental release at the Wuhan Virology lab then coverup) and the spread path of all the mutations and all the government failures and “medical expert” failures. And all the good things done.
To me, the biggest failure in the West was not having masks available for public and military. Even though most nations in the West identified a global pandemic as one of the 5 greatest security threats to nation and people.As a conservative, I have long seen American liberals, and UK Labour, and EU Greens socialists as automatically trusting of government flunkies in high office or lab coats to give the answers and solve all matters. When they realized they couldn’t get masks to people, the military, they lied to us to conserve what masks there were for “caregiver heroes”. Omitting caregivers outside hospitals, and vulnerable people nursing homes that met the “caregiver heroes” in hospitals on the way to the morgue.
Doctors, government officials, and then media to deflect from the mask issue, lied and said to wash hands like for a GI disease – when this was known from the start to be an airborne respiratory disease. And they gave us the distractions of the Great Ventilator Crisis and Trump as Hitler.
I was not surprised when the spread in Asian nations was much slower than in Europe. Because within days of news of this getting out of China, all the people in packed Asian nations thought it was a great time to wear the masks they all have hanging by a stand next to the door when cold and flue season come. It is well established masks work better than social distancing for airborne flu..
I agree with Wog Boy and those who grew up under big communist government, that government people lie a lot, and being in a ‘democracy’ is no defense against government lies, cabals, corruption and influence peddling. I knew the American “authority people” were lying on masks back in February, and ventilators were a red herring. I bought masks for all family some extras to the grocery store, was not surprised when the ventilator death rate in NYC was 88%, and we bought 75 days of food and supplies because we were highly skeptical this would be over in a month.

But as for tennis, I am happy to see the players discussing ways to improve and reinvigorate it for modern media viewers, organizing events outside the ATP and Slams if they don’t reopen by mid-summer. And giving fans something with interviews, zoom chats, challenges, introducing fans to their family and any friends and relatives.

j-kath Says:

Oh gosh. For me C19-Virus is very real and alive in the UK. And stats, show it affects men more than women – but that’s not enuf to comfort me or any other female. Climate change is the only real benefit that we can all claim (look at a picture of an Indian main street – you can actually see it plus a blue sky).
Anyway, c’est la vie.

Wog Boy Says:

JK, that’s good to hear, that should make Greta Thunberg happy, little grumpy girl.

I guess you have fair bit of time these days so you can watch latest Billy Connolly’s Great American Trail, I thoroughly enjoyed it, very educational too. You won’t regret.
First episode was in NY where he came for annual Scottish parade and Massachusetts, tracing Scottish migration to America.
I learned that Uncle Sam was real person and he was Scottish, that Scottish Pilgrims that arrived in Massachusetts were really fanatics and bad, and quite few other things like that 1/3 of America traces its roots to Ellis Island (he was there too) I don’t want to spoil you watching it.
One thing that struck me with its accuracy was Bill statement that, quote:

“ “America isn’t very good at apologising.”

j-kath Says:

Wog Boy: I would have had a fair amount of time except for my utter stupidity. Joining one of the food queues in closest small town to me – I dashed across the road; jumped on to the kerb, hit a rock, lost a sandal and fell flat on the cement on twisted legs. Eventually a good citizen fetched my car for me and somehow I got home and crawled into my house where I’ve been in REAL lock-down for 9 days. I walk with the help of a bathroom towel stand. Suddenly my neighbours became angels….banging on my door/phoning and if I don’t answer, even looking in the windows. (I sit on a swing chair, feet in cold water and watch TV)…..I try to remind them I can’t reach a telephone quickly or the door. I won’t bore you any longer except to say I may have the courage to have a shower/bath soon.
Was good to hear from you…apologies for the change of subject.

chrisford1 Says:

I’m not entirely familiar with NHS, but in the States we have gone to telemeeting with doctors. It sounds like you didn’t see a doc and are suffering 9 days after an accident. It may be time to see your physician and go for any recommended X-rays, pain killers, and anti-inflammatories. I like good old fashioned aspirin. I once walked around for a week in pain with a broken ankle after stepping on a tennis ball and going flying off-balance. Didn’t realize it was broken. My “treatment” was an elastic wrap on the ankle, no good pills for the pain since it was a week. Just “take aspirin” and call if not better in 2 more weeks….

j-kath Says:

Chrisford 1:
Thanks for the advice….especially someone who can relate. I did phone a Dr. on day of incident and when asked to wiggle my toes- they all obliged. My recent method is old fashioned hot water bottles filled with Cold water put in the freezer within a plastic bag for a couple of hours to take to bed. What fun!! I’m now in day 11 and this morning I walked without my “home substitute” for a zimmer for 20 minutes before I realised what I was doing. I did phone a Doctor on day of incident and was asked to wiggle my toes – they all obliged. Plus I could move my ankles- but with a lot of pain. My favourite pill is paracetamol.
My last “must reach” aim is getting my feet into a pair of shoes as I am determined to go and do my OWN shopping by end of week – before all my helpful neighbours get tired of my shopping lists. PS: My nearest relative is 2 hours drive away and they wouldn’t be allowed to travel that far to supply me with food, never mind visiting to any degree.

Van Persie Says:

Having a look at Tennis X after a long while.

Wow, why is there a conversation, if Nole will have the vaccine or not? Is there a vaccine?

and why on earth would Americans comment on that. As far as I know, the BCG (which is a common sense) is not even mandatory in the US.
I would find it utterly BS to have a mandatory vaccine against a flue.

Anto Says:

To all the people who think coronavirus is flu , you are all very misinformed. It may have very similar symptoms but it is categorically a different Virus and have a far greater mortality rate as well as being more contagious.

@wogboy, You opinion of bill gates is also very much misinformed. I am not really surprised to see this as there have a great amount of misinformation being spread around.

@autoFilter I am happy that people like you exists to point out the wrong information

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