Rafael Nadal Now Out Of Cincinnati, Will Head To Spain For Evaluation
by Staff | August 11th, 2021, 6:18 pm

Add Cincinnati to Rafael Nadal’s list of tournament he’s withdrawn from this summer. The former No. 1 missed Wimbledon, the Olympics, the Canadian Open and now the Cincinnati Masters, again due to his left foot injury.

That leaves the Cincinnati Masters — like the Canadian Open — without any of the Big 3 players (Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Nadal). That’s the first time none have played at a summer North American Masters event since all three were together among the top.

Nadal, meanwhile, with just under three weeks before the US Open will return to Spain to get his foot evaluated, then make a decision about the US Open.

Nadal along with Djokovic and Federer are all locked at 20 Grand Slam titles apiece, and the US Open could break the tie. But right now, it appears Djokovic is the only player certain of appearing in New York.

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7 Comments for Rafael Nadal Now Out Of Cincinnati, Will Head To Spain For Evaluation

Wog Boy Says:

It looks that French Open tsunami shook him far more than we thought, he might end up his year out of top 10, which would be basically his end.
I didn’t want to comment then, but when I watched his match against meat pie Big Mac Jack Sock it was obvious that that’s not Rafa and that has nothing to do with “foot injury”.
I expect very soon same to happen to Nole, I just hope he can hold it until AO, but the signs were visible in Tokyo, again, he should have never gone there, bad bad decision.
At least, he’ll finish his career on a high note, winning 3 GS in one year at the age of 34, not too bad…I don’t see him winning USO, unrepairable damage has been done in Tokyo, just to collect as many points as he can, he will need them badly if he is to finish the year as #1.
USO is between Zverev and Tsitsipas.

Truth Says:

He didn’t get points in Tokyo. He just couldn’t play non-stop and breathe badly in humid and oven heat. Djoko is not done. He’s winning Slams for at least 7 years.

Fedal have always been overrated on grass and hardcourt, nothing new. Fed was crap on clay and got lucky because the draws were jokes in 2005-2009.

Wog Boy Says:

You are right Truth, the conditions were brutal, worst than Melbourne at its worst and yet he decided to play doubles late in the evening after day match, when his body was supposed to recuperate and recover for the next brutal day, just to do favour to Nina and team Serbia?!
I have to correct myself, he is done for this year, judging by the history of his performances after Olympics 2008/12/16.
Sometimes you should listen to your coaches, father, not to your heart, but that’s Nole, life goes on.

Giles Says:

ROFL. Faker is being made to look like some sort of hero for playing the OG
“The conditions were brutal…….and yet he decided to play doubles……..just to do favour to Nina and team Serbia?!”
Who are you kidding? The only person he was trying to favour was himself, not Nina or team Serbia. Anyway he got what he deserved , no medals not a one! Haha

Truth Says:

Federina has lost every Slam final since 2008 against Djoko.
Poor fake “new” Olympic fanboy. Nina couldn’t even play 1 match on tour.

Fed and Nadal did nothing in hardcourt Slams unless they played each other and #60-80 journeymen

Fedal. 2 media hyped poster boys with very mediocre boring matches and low ranked journeymen in Slam draws. Since Djoko crushed Fedal since 2011, Fed couldn’t play anymore and disappeared from clay events.

mat4 Says:


I always thought that Nadal had emotional, mental problems to face defeat, setbacks. He won so much, and so early, especially on clay where he wasn’t challenged for years. Until 2011, when Novak started beating him outside of the Philippe Chatrier (from 2011-2016, the H2H was 6-2 for Novak, and 3-1 Rafa at Roland Garros; after Novak’s elbow injury it is now 6-6 and 4-2).

His slump, that started in 2014/5 was, imho, linked to the fact that, for the first time of his career, he consistently faced defeat. He could not win 3 games in a set against Novak on hard, and, despite the favouritism of Italian organisers (Nadal almost always plays the first semi at Rome, and it is an important advantage), he continued to lose at the Foro Italico, at Monte Carlo, and he eventually lost at Roland Garros, in the QF.

He started recovering only in 2017, when Novak was having his own slump, which ended with an elbow sugery.

Lately, Nadal has lost all composure. Despite everything the PR agencies want us to believe, Nadal is not humble, he is not without ambitions, and yes, just like any tennis player, he wants to be the best, and in his concrete case, like Djokovic, Federer, he wants to be the GOAT.

So, he commented Novak’s successes in a indecent way, he stabbed again Novak in the back after the OG. His ego is hurt more than ever. Since RG he prepared his final stand: he knows that Nike will do everything to help him win another USO, a media campaign has been launch against Novak (the “Biles affair”), and it is all planned and concerted. He needs to stop Novak winning the CYGS (Novak has already won the NCYGS), otherwise, winning another RG will not advance his case. BTW, he already has a statue there, as a witness of Rafa’s humility.

I digressed a bit too much. To conclude: the next few months will be the most crucial in Rafa’s career — he has to win at least one GS before Wimbledon. If he faces another setback at Roland Garros, I think his winning days are over. In general, I think that it will be very difficult for both Novak and Rafa to win more, but especially for Rafa, who, without a copious help and easy draws (behind closed doors!) is irrelevant on hard.

Truth Says:

Of course, the evil Fedal fans want perfect higher standards for Djoko. They don’t even care who or what Fedal are. That’s how low their standards are for Fedal.

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