Poll: Should Rafael Nadal Have His Appendix Removed?
by Tom Gainey | October 8th, 2014, 10:03 am

The most famous appendix on the planet belongs to Rafael Nadal. And unfortunately for the Spaniard the organ is not playing nice. Nadal revealed yesterday that he is battling appendicitis, but vowed to play on in Shanghai. However, the former No. 1 just lost today to countryman Feliciano Lopez 63, 76 in the second round.

Nadal will now return to Spain to see his regular doctors and get further medical evaluation on the illness. As discussed on this site, appendicitis can be treated with antibiotics, but the common procedure is surgery. However if Nadal elects for surgery he could be sidelined another 4-6 weeks potentially ruling him out of the ATP London Finals on November 9.

Yesterday before his loss to Lopez, Nadal spoke about his plan on addressing the illness.

“I have to talk with my doctors when I get back home,” Nadal said. “Is true that the doctor here told me that one or another moment I have to take out that. Because when you have one time, the normal thing is that going to come back. Appendix is something, to not have risk to have that happen again, for example, in Australia, that sooner or later I have to take out. My idea is take it out, but you can imagine that I didn’t thought much about that yet. I am here in Shanghai, no? I just want to try. Then when I come back home, I will see the situation with my doctor. Let’s talk about what’s going on, and we’ll see.”

So what’s Nadal to do? Continue to play at reduced strength, risking a more serious injury (burst appendix), hoping the medicine works, or bite the bullet and have the appendix removed putting London in jeopardy?

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30 Comments for Poll: Should Rafael Nadal Have His Appendix Removed?

Hippy Chick Says:

A poll on this is quite sick IMO,but yes he needs to get it removed,as make no bones about it a burst appendix could actually kill him….

Brando GOAT Poster Says:

Beyond any shadow of a doubt:

Have the operation now and sit out the rest of the year or whatever need be whilst recovering.

His health is of paramount importance not playing some Tennis matches!

And what’s the worst that can happen should he stop now in the season?

His ranking falls into the top 8. Hardly a calamity to the opposite worst case scenario of continuing:

A burst appendix!

On top of it all Rafa is returning from a 3 month lay off anyhow. His form is obviously patchy, the rust is there so he could hardly be enjoying his Tennis right now. On court his Tennis is rusty and on the inside he must be having a hard time dealing with this issue.

With that in mind it makes even more season to call it time on the season right now if need be. Yes: it sucks. But it’s been a injury ridden affair this year. Best try ending it now rather than prolonging it or making a severer thing than it need be: one that could even be life threatening if mistreated.

And I think most of his fans would rather have him call it time on his season now rather than see him on court not playing well, knowing that he’s experiencing real discomfort.

Put simply:

There really is no good reason to risk his health at all. And I think he won’t. If he was happy enough to sit out the USO swing, then i’m sure he’ll pass Basel, Paris and WTF for a even more severe issue.

Make the right decision health wise Rafa!

Hippy Chick Says:

Brando too right,it doesnt bear thinking about,health comes first not even an issue there,Rafa can only play tennis if hes still alive to do so?

Daniel Says:

Also. He is mostly garantee #3. Wawarinka, Cilic and Kei lost and I doubt any of the remainign will gain 3000 pts to surpass him. So je willhave a top 4 rankng for nex year AO, being #3 or #4 won’t matter much. He needs to cinirm if his case needs surgery or not and as much as he wants ti play, which seems to be the case, sometimes we just have ti accept it.

Brando GOAT Poster Says:


Spot on. If your maths are correct and he would still be top YE if he pulls out now then:

I really see zero reason to continue.

It’s a no brainer to take a time out now.

His fans, Tennis community would not even blame him for this.

I really hope he does the right thing and if his doctors says- like they did in China apparently- Rafa you need surgery and have to end your season now, he accepts it and goes ahead with their advice.

Hippy Chick Says:

I dont know if its me being OTT?but this is making me quite frightened….

Giles Says:

As of now Rafa says he will have the op after the WTF. Wants to play out the year! :(

skeezer Says:

Oh man c’mon. Is this something worthy of tennis discussion? Move on.

Polo Says:

Most irrelevant poll. This is a medical decision where there are guidelines that need to be followed for the benefit of the patient. It’s not a poll for laymen.

Giles Says:

Yes it is very worthy of tennis discussion. This is Rafael Nadal under discussion!

Steve 27 Says:

Disgusting decision, I dont know what Rafa and his team is thinkinging but this bad example for other players. Please go home, take care of yourself, and be prepare for next year. His only highlights was RG, he was awful all year.

Brando GOAT Poster Says:

If true that operation is what Rafa intends then that is great news as it’s the right thing to do.

But if true that he wants to play out season and then after WTF do the operation the sorry Rafa but:

That’s a horrendous choice to make.

The benefit of playing on, the scope of possible achievement is minimal. Even in the best of health it’s tough ask this time of the year but in present condition it’s ridiculous.

Hope his doctor makes him come to his senses since this is just not worth it IMO.

Hippy Chick Says:

Agree with Polo a poll on this is in poor taste,a discussion is different,as your talking about the future of a top player and also one of the games all time greats,people say hes lied about injuries and illness in the past,but come on he certainly aint lying about this,and even the most anti Nadal fan can surely see that,otherwise theres no hope,and nothing more one can say on the matter?

Brando GOAT Poster Says:

‘I feel a little dizzy after the match’.


someone get this guy to the doctors, to surgery and away from the frigging court!

Come on Rafa don’t continue with this madness of playing. All to have press conference talking about a appendicitis issue: not worth it!

Call it quits and head to the doctors!

Daniel Says:

Antibiotics could have made him dizzy. When I take them usally attack my gastro system. Affect people different but it’s not nice at all.

Okiegal Says:

Why wouldn’t we discuss Rafa and his ailing appendix….we discuss, the birth of babies, mono, diets, break-ups, marriages, divorces, shooting the “bird”, on court tirades etc……and actually injuries or ailments are the only things that impact the game……Yes, Rafa’s health is of the utmost concern in the realm of tennis, along with all of the others that are sidelined atm due to injury or whatever the case may be. After all, he’s the #2 player in the world.

Hippy Chick Says:

Okiegal yeah too true,we also get posters filling a thread thinking its hilariously funny when theres a sketch on a French tv programme of Rafa starting a car by urinating into a petrol tank,yet suffering from something thats possibly life threatening doesnt warrant a discussion?….

Hippy Chick Says:

To add know one gave a sh*t about Rafa going on court giving Li Na flowers because of course that was positive Rafa news so people didnt want to know,anything negative about the guy,300 or more posts you can guarantee?

SG1 Says:

Get it out now…be ready for Australia.

Jack Lewis Says:

No one is saying this can’t be discussed. What is being said is that a POLL on this is kind of not in the best taste.

@Hippy Chick
Yes some of us don’t care about Nadal giving flowers. So f’ing what? I for one am not the least bit surprised that people care about more about Nadal’s playing or his health then some flowers he gave. Geezzzz

Humble Rafa Says:

Now, what treatment I should get is determined by Arrotards?

Hippy Chick Says:

Jack Lewis the point i was making was negative Nadal news is more popular for the naysayers than positive Nadal news,but as usual the point is lost on some people,no need for the tone though….

Hippy Chick Says:

And for what its worth i agree no need for a poll as i also said top of this thread poor taste,but i do think it warrants a discussion though too….

Hippy Chick Says:

Humble Rafa your bad commedy routine is also in poor taste,and now im gonna swear and say for f**** sake have a day off,and knock it off will ya?

Okiegal Says:

A poll on the subject is in poor taste, I agree with that……but you apparently missed a comment from a poster who thought it didn’t warrant a discussion and to move on. Well, the thread was introduced….the comments abound and the discussion starts! The thread is ridiculous, the only way it wouldn’t be is if we were all doctors!! What would a group of tennis fans know about whether surgery is needed or not?? Yeah,I repeat…….ridiculous!!

Debra Johnson Says:

No brainer! Health before any sports ranking. Fan opinion vs possible major health risk is trivial. Foolishness not to preserve self. Only an egomaniac would risk their life for fame or fortune. Get your butt to your doctor ASAP!!!

Gordon Says:

I doubt that Rafa is risking his life here. As much as we in the west love to be smug we really should acknowledge that China has running water, automobiles and even real doctors.

When he stepped in the court it was because the doctors had determined he was fit to do so. His appendix was treated by the antibiotics but that is only a bandaid solution; it will eventually have to be removed but the operation is no longer the big slice job it used to be. He should be back on the court within 3 weeks of the operation.

However, sooner better than later is probably better. If he is convinced to delay the operation then perhaps what he needs is a Toniectomy.

Kei Says:

Youre right Brando….its better for rafa to jeopardise WTF tournament rather than jeopadise himself…at least after having the treatment he wouldnt need to worry about his appendix anymore….if the latter continue his pursue for london, in worst case the appendix ruptures he will need a bigger surgery procedure and the prognosis wont be good as it is now…remember ruptured appendix can even lead to death due to severe infection…

aletha Says:

Rafa,take that out it is not that bad&zit is very easy I had it and it was not long to recover. I had it and it was not bad at all. I was k in less than a day! I feel it was the easiest I ever had done, have it done it,s no big deal give up the hurt!,It, is no big deal and did not hurt at all!Give it up and enjoy your life I need to see you on the tennis court where you excell!ll…lol…Love Aletha

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