Poll: Will Rafael Nadal Play The US Open?
by Staff | August 15th, 2014, 1:51 pm

It’s the question most on the minds of tennis fans, especially those Rafael Nadal supporters: Will Rafa play the US Open and defend his title?

That determination has now been delayed a third time and he’ll now decide on whether to go to New York early next week.

Nadal injured his right wrist 17 days ago, forcing him out of title defenses at Canada and Cincinnati. On Tuesday he had the splint removed but it is unknown if he is now cleanly hitting two-handed backhands again or moving closer to that point.

There’s still 11-12 days before Nadal would have to play his first round match (Tuesday or Wednesday), so there’s time for improvement. And we saw Novak Djokovic overcome his own wrist injury a few months ago. So maybe this delay signals hope, or maybe it doesn’t.

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10 Comments for Poll: Will Rafael Nadal Play The US Open?

Tennis lover Says:

I said it earlier again warning people not to root for Novak or Nadal. US Open 2014 does not belong to them

Tennis Fan Says:

Yes, he will be playing … no question. Too many points not to defend. 100% certain.

Patson Says:

Nope. I don’t think so.

sidd Says:

any tournament is boring if the title defender is not there..hope rafa will be at new york.

Peter Says:

If he is smart he will not play at the US open. If he does then he stands a good chance of injuring himself for even a longer period. He is injuiry pron more then the others in the top ten.

C!P! Says:

what is the purpose of the “don’t care” option in the poll for these kind of questions? to show us the number of stupid people trolling this site? i mean why would anybody be here ,and waste time placing a vote if he doesnt care?

Polo Says:

This is the most useless poll I have seen in a long time.

natka Says:

haha, I don’t get it either – folks who don’t care obviously care enough to read the article and cast their vote. How does it work? I’d love to see Rafa play but hope he does whatever is best for his health.

Rita Says:

Nadal’s wrist is the question most on the mind of Nadal fans – I guess. But the rest of us are thinking about the other players. About the Djokovic baby, Federer’s records, how the new players like Dimitrov and Kyrgios will do at the US Open, about when Nishikori will come back. About whether Haas will try to come back or not…. (just trying to bring a little perspective !)

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