Rafael Nadal’s US Open Decision Delayed, Will Now Decide Early Next Week
by Staff | August 15th, 2014, 1:34 pm

Rafael Nadal once again has pushed back his decision on his US Open participation. After getting the splint removed from his injured right wrist on Tuesday, Nadal was to have made a final ruling on the US Open either today or Saturday at the very latest.

Now according to a tweet from his public relations officer, Nadal will delay that decision until next week, allowing the World No. 2 more time to test the ailing wrist.

Nadal is the defending champion at the US Open. Due to the wrist injury he has not played since a stunning fourth round loss at Wimbledon to Nick Kyrgios.

This upcoming Monday the US Open is expected to release their men’s seeding which will likely include Nadal unless Rafa withdraws earlier in the day.

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24 Comments for Rafael Nadal’s US Open Decision Delayed, Will Now Decide Early Next Week

Tommy Woodfin Says:

He just wants to mess up the draw!! Probably waiting to see which side roger ends up on. Gross.

shesh Says:

dont think so tommy.He is very competative.

madmax Says:

I don’t think this does Rafa’s fans’ nerves any good at all.

I wonder how long he can leave his decision, until the very last moment is when? Day before? minutes before?

For me, I just think this “build-up” is uncalled for.

Tommy, that is just a ridiculous statement to make.

No-one would have come up with that. My opinion is that, at this stage, Rafa would know how his injury is progressing, but it is like bui.ding up a positive picture, then bringing in doubts and then really not caring about what his fans think, because they must be “on the edge”.

This is not good PR.

jane Says:

there is WAY TOO much press with rafa’s injuries. last time there was 7 months of it, starting before the us open and continuing until after the australian. and now we’ve had almost-constant updates since he pulled out of toronto-cincy. the first video came out a couple of days after toronto began! i agree madmax; it’s not good pr.

Tennis Fan Says:

getting tired of Nadal’s injuries … we all know he is planning to play. I don’t think he’s going to do particularly well however.

elina Says:

I for one do not expect Nadal to play in New York.

His actions leading up to New York are no different to 2009 Wimbledon, London Olympics, 2012 US Open and 2013 Australian all of which he pulled out of with no preparations.

Why would this year be any different?

He never plays a slam without a lead up tournament. He needs match repetition so he is not a threat this year and would certainly not be a favourite even if he plays.

Djokovic is obviously far from his best and it remains to be proven if he will get back to his peak form. He hasn’t played this poorly over two tournaments since 2010. He says tennis is no longer his number one priority and recent results only serve to support this. Certainly premature to draw conclusions but early signs are not exactly encouraging.

Murray is not the same player this year and Stan is Stan.

I really feel that Roger can win his 18th this year.

Debby Says:

What a bunch of snarky comments, obviously not Rafa fans.
Today is the 10th anniversary of him winning his first tournament. He had a foot issue which could have kept him from being a professional, but HE didn’t let it.
He is someone who gives 150%, at all times. He can’t help getting injured.
Is the whole world about spin? Yes, I’m a fan. Yes, I’m anxious. But you see, I know it’s NOT about ME?
He’s a competitor, the last thing he wants is to have to pull out of a major. He knows what it’s like to sit home, not knowing if he’d ever be able to play again, so he appreciates every moment on court.
But he is a professional, and his (very smart) mind tells him he can’t risk never playing again just because his heart (and fans) SO want to play.

Okiegal Says:


Amen to a great post!! My sentiments exactly. He is a sports star and he is news. I think he has wised up about injuries and not pushing himself anymore. Will he play or not?? I don’t know, but as a fan of his I want the best decision for his health. If he has to pull out, so be it. The media creates the hype about his injuries because they love to see him being trashed on these public forums…….they like to stir the pot…..

Giles Says:

Lol. Joker fan complaining about Rafa’s wrist injury. At least his injury is real and not the fakery we had to go through with joker for weeks!

Lulu Says:

Tennis-x, are you just trying to drive the non-Rafa fans mad, lol! I really hope Rafa plays the USO, but these updates are kind of out of control.

Sivaji Says:


Good post.

Rafa should play only when is fit physically and mentally. All through his career Rafa fighting with injuries. That everybody knows. Don’t make this an issue. Wish you speedy recovery Champ.

Gordon Says:

As frustrating as it is we all have to be patient.

Men’s tennis is not the same without the best players playing at the top of their game. Nothing better than seeing a draw sheet with the 8th ranked player in the world being seeded 8th. It hasn’t happened lately.

Injuries happen. To some a lot more than others. When it’s the top guys in the game we need to know about it so we can look forward to a full card of the world’s best players.


I do hope Nadal does not rush his return unless he is 100%. His chances of repeating as US Open champion are slim at best (remember, Rafa has never in his career successfully defended a hard court trophy win the following year) and the best thing for him to do is come back with a vengeance next month when he is completely recovered. It’s not like Djokovic is racking up a huge lead in the standings.

Get better Rafa, and then get back in the groove.

courbon Says:

@ Gordon: Djokovic is not racking up lead?
That is because Novak is a gentelman. Rafa gives him present ( by not playing 2 tournaments ) and Novak gives him back present ( by not making any points lead!).He is such a considerate boy…

Patson Says:

I’m a hardcore Nole fan but I don’t understand one thing. The amount of press coverage given to Nadal’s injuries is not Nadal’s fault. It is his choice whether he wants to play and when he wants to decide whether he wants to play or not. Tennis-x chooses to post this in news themselves. Hard to see Nadal being at fault here. Yea he gets injured too often but then the press can choose to not cover his injury stories that regularly ?

Patson Says:


From a personal point of view , if and I hope this doesn’t happen , Nole gets injured I want him to keep his fans in the loop. This is the age of social networking. In one instant, you can talk to millions of people. An average fan expects that his idol keeps him in the loop. I feel bad for Nadal and his fans here. I don’t see Nadal being at fault here either. Injuries happen, to some more than the others. The guy wants to play but then isn’t sure if his splint has healed or not. Sort of in a limbo.

I know a lot of people are fed-up of Nadal’s injuries but he’s a tennis icon who has achieved much more in his life than I have. So , I’ll give him the respect he deserves and hope that the guy is fit enough to play the US open which I’m sure he wants to.

Ajde Nole !

skeezer Says:

Now wait a sec..not Nadals fault?
If Rafa and his camp wouldn’t cntinue to voluntarily talk to the media about Rafa’s seemingly daily health status then they wouldn’t have anything to talk/post about would they? Just remember where it starts, not where it ends. Its not all the Medias fault either….

jane Says:

patson, as i said on another thread, it may be because of the vigilant spanish media that this much news is released about nadal’s injuries. i honestly don’t know. but i still maintain that it’s too much regardless of how/from whom it’s arising.

if, god forbid, nole were injured, personally i would hope we wouldn’t get a 3-4 videos in less that 2 weeks, not to mention other written updates. of course i’d want to be in the loop, but not every few days. some might well like this much information, even though it’s largely inconclusive. i’d rather wait and find out the final decision.

but, to each their own. and as i said elsewhere too, for nadal’s fans’ sake, who’ve dealt with more than their share of injury time, i hope he is well and good soon, and that he can play the us open.

jane Says:

lulu, i know you’re a rafa a fan, and even you agree. :)

jane Says:

oh and patson, you may recall that when nole was injured, some of rafa fans called him a drama queen. just scroll up.

Patson Says:

Slightly long post


Ivan Lendl did things his ways and then the media started calling him ‘Ivan the terrible’. The media wants some sort of news from these icons. They don’t want you to be a robot. Websites like tennis-x however, can choose to post whatever they wish to post. Nobody is forcing tennis-x to put Nadal’s injury status everyday, or is there ? I stick to what I said: you can’t blame somebody posting a splint picture on facebook or a twitter feed on their twitter handle. In fact if the news sounds ridiculous, I wonder why tennis-x keeps putting it up on the blog ? In fact, Del potro’s got a pretty active twitter account where he posts his injury updates as well. Nearly everybody likes Del potro, so we sympathize with him. Nadal, not so.

Keeping the media and fans up-to-date about your status is pretty much a requirement these days especially if you are a tennis icon.


I agree with you and that’s why I would attack Nadal fans when they indulge in childish behavior and not Nadal. When it comes to on-court coaching, I’ll go after Toni. When it comes to time-wasting, I’ll go after Nadal. Lastly, and speaking for myself, if Nadal fans act like douches when it comes to Nole, I wouldn’t care less. I wouldn’t start attacking Nadal needlessly just to tick some Nadal fans which some Nadal fans may do against Nole. I just feel that’s a 13 year old’s reaction.

I like to believe Nole fans are the fairest of all in the tennis world. By the way, this is just me stating my position on the matter. All Nole fans don’t have to have the same opinion on the matter at hand.

Okiegal Says:

All the Patson posts are spot on. The media keeps it going. Like you said Rafa is tennis icon who gets hurt way too much and that makes news. I feel bad that he is constantly bombarded by the press…..but all the players have to deal with that problem. I’m sure he wishes he didn’t feel obligated to inform the world about every facet of his life…..but it is what it is. Yes, it does get rather childish on here at times……talkin trash about other players is totally uncalled for. Thanks for the post. I love to watch my fav play, but I also love the game of tennis and watch whether he is playing or not. I had to be out when Andy/Roger match started but I recorded it and just finished watching it. Had I wished it had been Rafa…..Yes….but enjoyed the match…..hoped Andy would have won, but old Rog had other ideas! I believe Roger will win this…..what number is it?? So many I can’t remember. Hope ever can be healthy for the next slam. Not good for DelPo, bless him. He has had his fair share of problems too. Anyway, appreciated the post and thanks for being fair minded……very refreshing!!

Okiegal Says:

^^^^^^Hope everyone can be healthy……should say..

Hippy Chic Says:

im a Rafa fan who also agrees with Lulu,but i rather get the impression the tennis x forum gets some sort of kick out of the Rafa fans misery,as do some of the none Nadal fans here,its been pretty much been the norm for quite a while now ie the wet pants story,the sketch on a tv show showing him urinating into a petrol tank followed by the comments of lol hilarious,the overated year last year,and im rather getting the impression people would love this to be a Nadal free forum,none Nadal fans and writers included,well people should be carefull what they wish for?

Giles Says:

If the Rafa updates are annoying the joker fans in particular, why don’t you people just skip the thread where Rafa is mentioned. There are several other threads you can post on, no need to linger on Rafa threads. This way we won’t have to read your snarky comments!

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