Medvedev Motors Past Koepfer At US Open, Tsitsipas Through; Djokovic Back Thurs.
by Staff | September 2nd, 2021, 1:56 am

Daniil Medvedev has been the most dominant force thus far at the US Open. The Russian former finalist has hardly been tested in two matches after breezing past 6-4, 6-1, 6-2.

Koepfer pushed Medvedev two years ago leading by a set and a break, but today Medvedev simply dominated, losing just 15 total points in his service games.

“I think it was a great match from my side,” Medvedev said. “I’m really happy. The conditions were a bit slower, quite cold indoors with the roof closed.

“It was tough to make some crazy winners or some crazy shots. That’s why I saw after the match statistics that both of us, we didn’t do a lot of winners. I had to stay super consistent. I knew it from the beginning of the match, because two years ago when I played him was a tight one. So I knew that from the beginning of the match, I have to, you know, keep my level high, and that’s what I managed to do. That’s how I won.

“So really happy with my level today.”

Tsitsipas also had a big serving day cracking a career-high 27 aces in a 6-3, 6-4, 6-7(4), 6-0 win over Adrian Mannarino. The Greek saved the only break point he would face.

“Had a great start on the first and second set, taking the lead early,” Tsitsipas said. “Did everything tactically kind of correct. Had gained that momentum from the beginning of both sets. It felt like I was just comfortable, performing at my best. Those breaks, I think they came without too much struggle and effort. I just did the right things at the right time. That gave me the lead from early on.

“In the third I had difficulties to kind of find that game, that momentum, as I did in the first and second. I think he also kind of loosened up a little bit, started playing a bit more careless, and things were kind of working in his favor more than they did for me.”

Earlier, 2-time quarterfinalist Andrey Rublev played a tight first two sets against Pedro Martinez then rolled past the Spaniard 7-6(2), 6-7(5), 6-1, 6-1.

The first Top 8 seed fell as qualified Botic Van de Zandeschulp stunned 8th-seeded Casper Ruud 3-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4.

The Dutchman was joined by three other qualifiers advancing: Peter Gojowczyk, Henri Laaksonen and Alex Molcan.

Just 18, Carlos Alcaraz moved on in his first US Open.

Frances Tiafoe returned to the third round with a strong win over Guido Pella and in a bizarre nightcap, Diego Schwartzman chopped down former finalist Kevin Anderson 7-6(4), 6-3, 6-4.

The match began on Armstrong but with the storm reaching it’s peak, rain began flying through the side vents. Play was stopped multiple times and eventually suspended for good at the start of the second as Armstrong was flooded.

With Armstrong soaked from the strong winds and rain, the match was moved and finished in Ashe after Tsitsipas.

Tomorrow, Novak Djokovic resumes his quest for the Calendar Slam and Grand Slam finalists Alexander Zverev and Matteo Berrettini also see action.

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17 Comments for Medvedev Motors Past Koepfer At US Open, Tsitsipas Through; Djokovic Back Thurs.

Dave Says:

For anyone who wants Djokovic to win the US Open this year, watch the Zverev match today and you will see very quickly that that won’t be happening. If they meet, Zverev in 4. I hope I’m wrong. But I’m just not seeing it. Zverev can play with no pressure, while Djokovic will have all the pressure. Unless Sinner can repeat what he did at the French Open against Zverev. Or Shapo can get hot and beat him. I’m just not seeing it. I’m usually not this pessimistic about Djokovics chances. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. WogBoy is right, Djokovic created a monster when he lost against Zverev at the Olympics. Zverev isn’t just winning his matches now, he’s absolutely dominating them.

chrisford1 Says:

If that comes to pass, Dave, it’s a shame how a small decision to play Olympic doubles against his team’s advice at the Olympics can spin into a total debacle for Novak. But it’s also Sasha has been on the brink for a couple years of truly challenging to be the top player. The talent is there and sometimes it’s just that one significant breakthrough that sets the course for years.
I do think there is the factor of while Sasha can win when he is at a level of 81% 1st serves, 93% won by him – but can he win ugly when he is not playing his best, or will Zverev swoons when he feels his play isn’t good or he is plodding about continue?
But…that is for the future. Hard to see him not psyched to, and believe he can, win the USO.

skeezer Says:

^this was not unexpected. Vinolas is a Clay guy. HC? Not.

I would wait a few more rounds before these guys are hailed “the one to beat”.
DJoker is the only one with Slam winning experience. With such a weak field in this years USO it’s easy to lose some focus, but have every confidence he will put them all down.

Dave Says:

I would love to have your confidence Skeezer. Vinolas looked completely lost out there today. He did beat Federer on hard courts. And I thought being a lefty and it being their first head to head meeting that there could at least be a tight set. I honestly just want this grandslam thing to be over with. This is the least I’ve probably enjoyed watching Djokovic because of all of the pressure and it’s constantly being talked about. Skeezer you can obviously see things more clearly than me because you can be completely objective and have zero emotional investment in Djokovic winning the tournament. Do you honestly think he’s going to win? Or are you just saying that? And If so, why is he going to win? If Rune hadn’t cramped up, that match was going 3 to 3.5 hours. That’s how out of sorts Djokovic looked. He looked somewhat better today. But his decision making still isn’t fully clicked in yet. He still looks off. Maybe playing someone familiar like Nishikori will make it easier. This is actually a brutal draw. Nishikori, Karatsev, Berrettini, Zverev, Medvedev.

Wog Boy Says:

“ Skeezer you can obviously see things more clearly than me because you can be completely objective and have zero emotional investment in Djokovic winning the tournament.”

Dave, I can’t believe that you are that naive and that you don’t see his intentions when he is trolling Nole fans regarding his chances at USO?!

Dave Says:

If that’s true, I guess there is no point in asking. I won’t get a real answer. I just want to talk tennis. Not troll each other.

Wog Boy Says:

Dave, you are good and honest person without bad bone in your body and that’s the way you approach the people, they don’t necessarily respond in the same manner.
You do sound like a preacher, the very good one, one that believes in what he is preaching and follows it.

Anyway, if you decide to come to watch AO let me know, I will be your host in Syd/Mel, it will be my pleasure, maybe even in Serbia if we can overlap our holidays, I already had my two Canadian friends from this site (they don’t post here anymore) in Sydney and later in Belgrade, you will be the third Canadian that I befriended, cheers.

Van Persie Says:


Agree, it is hard to enjoy this pressure. :)
On the other hand, it is one life time opportunity for Nole. Win or lose, Nole had great year. Perhaps this thought might help you a bit.
Roger and Rafa did not face this opportunity.:D

If you will have the occasion to meet WB, do it. He is a lovely person ;) I had a really great time in Belgrade with him and his family in 2019.

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks VP, likewise.
Every now and then I watch video from Skadarlija restaurant and photos from Novak Center, we thoroughly enjoyed few days with you and your lovely husband.
Hopefully we can repeat it when this madness is finished, fingers crossed.

BTW, The thing that I like the most from Nole’s first two matches is his outfit, probably the best so far in my memory, his game is yet to arrive if it arrives at all.

Dave Says:

Thank you Wog Boy. I will let you know. I think his outfit looks great as well. Even if his game arrives, I’m convinced he loses to Zverev. If he wins, it might be like when he played Tsitsipas in Rome. Tsitsipas was the in form player and Djokovic was trying to get it back. He just barely beat Tsitsipas. Zverev is somehow able to get 70-75% of his first serves in. That’s a very high number. Especially when he can serve 140 mph bombs.

skeezer Says:

Hi Dave,
My confidence comes from watching another all time great player(s) in Fedal. It was not unusual when facing the first round opponents, no matter who they are, start off a little sketchy. Already he looked better in the 2nd round. Overthinking DJokers chances is folly, and he probably enjoys the this sentiment that “he doesn’t look good”. Slams have a deep draw than ATP Tourneys, with 5 setters, and give players to “work there way” through the draw. Main thing to observe is if he is looking better every match, and developing a pattern of improvement. He has does this time and time again, and is one of the best come back kids in a match when he is in form.

Dave Says:

Hi Skeezer,

Thank you for the reply. That makes sense. It will come down to clutch moments if he does win. And he will force Zverev or Medvedev to beat him. And that’s not either of their games. Zverev is very new at this aggressive forehand business. So when things get super pressurized will he revert back to being passive on the forehand? That will be the real test. Him not looking good maybe takes some pressure off of him. Zverev and Medvedev looking too good creates expectations for everyone including them. So you made some really good points, Thanks again.

Van Persie Says:


Yes, hopefully next year🙂

I have to admit I was not able to watch any of Nole’s matches so far, as I had a full week at work and needed to sleep, just saw the highlights. Agree, awesome outfit for Nole.

I can finally see Nole vs Nishikori😁

Wog Boy Says:

So VP, how was the mach, just woke up, looking at the stats not that good, 50+ UE, 11/13 BP saved, doesn’t look like ok Nole?

Van Persie Says:


His backhend did not work so well, he did not start the match very good, but he lookwd bwtter starting with the second half of the second set. Many ereoes drom both players.

I wiuld not b every worried thoufh as this happens to Nole very often in th eearly rounds. I am sure he cannincrease his level in th enext rounds.

Wog Boy Says:

VP, thanks for the feedback, well, we’ll see in the next match which is going to be anything but easy.
I didn’t like the idea of Nole playing against fired up American in NY in a late night slot, which is exactly what we are going to have in two days time.

Dave Says:

You’re hilarious Wog Boy. Jensen has played for 12 hours in 3 matches. Djokovic should cruise in the next match. He’ll lose a set at most.

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