Medvedev, Tsitsipas Survive American Upset Bids At Australian Open; Nadal v Shapovalov QF

by Staff | January 24th, 2022, 1:09 pm

Bottom half favorites Daniil Medvedev and Stefanos Tsitsipas had to survive stern upset bids by Americans on Monday at the Australian Open.

After an easy first set, Medvedev was in deep against the hard-charging Maxime Cressy. The 24-year-old American exclusively serve-and-volleys, and while he got rolled in the first, his style began to frustrate the World No. 2.

After dropping the third, Cressy kept fending off break points in the fourth, prompting Medvedev to go into a tirade about Cressy, for which the Russian later apologized.

Medvedev did finally get the break after eight missed chances in the fourth and served it out for a tough 6-2, 7-6(4), 6-7(4), 7-5.

Medvedev faced just one break point but finished just 3 of 12 on break points. Cressy banged away 18 aces but also 18 double faults along with 89 points won at the net.

“He really did well,” Medvedev said of Cressy’s tactics. “First set I had control, but the second set I didn’t manage to break him but won the tie-break and just wanted to continue this way. When I lost the third and when I had eight break points in the fourth set, I was like, come on. Some of them I could have won, but he played well, but on the last one I played well.”

In the quarterfinals, Medvedev gets rematch with Felix Auger Aliassime who he beat in the semifinals at the US Open.

The Canadian dropped the first set before storming back to beat former finalist Marin Cilic 2-6, 7-6(7), 6-2, 7-6(4). Cilic had a set point to go up two sets, but couldn’t convert.

“This was my first win against him, at an important moment like this. I told him at the end of the match, he’s a champion, the way he handles himself, the way he plays, so he’s going to come out with his best level and test me and make me earn my win. I’m really relieved and happy to get through, especially the way I did it.”

With Denis Shapovalov already in the last eight, it’s the first time two Canadian men have made a Slam quarterfinal.

Auger Aliassime, though, is 0-3 against Medvedev.

“I’m feeling good,” said Auger-Aliassime. “It was quite hot at the start, the sun here in Australia hits you pretty hard. It’s still early in the day, I’m going to have time to recover before I play again on Wednesday, so it’s the perfect scenario.”

Tsitsipas was on at night and had another drama-filled match. The Greek was pushed to five sets before getting a break at 4-all in the fifth to deny Taylor Fritz 4-6, 6-4, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4.

Playing his first Slam fourth round, Fritz struggled on his second serve the last two sets winning just 47% of his second offering. Tsitsipas shrugged off multiple coaching violations ripping 53 winners including 19 aces to reach his third Australian Open quarterfinal.

“I gave everything out on the court today,” Tsitsipas told the crowd. “I am very proud of myself with the way I fought and the way I stay consistent in the crucial moments. I am overwhelmed. The stadium was on fire. It is too good to be true.”

In the quarters will be Jannik Sinner who outclassed the last Australian man, Alex De Minaur, 7-6(3), 6-3, 6-4.

“He had an amazing 2021, I’m expecting big tennis from him,” said Tsitsipas of the Italian.

Tonight, Rafael Nadal returns to face his second straight lefty in Denis Shapovalov. The 22-year-old Shapovalov is the last lefty to beat Rafa, that back at the 2017 Canadian.

Then in the evening, Matteo Berrettini meets the very in-form Gael Monfils with a spot in a first Australian Open semifinal on the line.

Rod Laver Arena
Day session – From 11am
S. Groth/P. Rafter v W. Ferreira/M. Philippoussis
Day session – Not before 12:30pm
B. Krejcikova 4 v M. Keys
Day session – Not before 2pm
D. Shapovalov 14 v R. Nadal 6

Night session – From7pm
A. Barty 1 v J. Pegula 21
G. Monfils 17 v M. Berrettini 7

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103 Comments for Medvedev, Tsitsipas Survive American Upset Bids At Australian Open; Nadal v Shapovalov QF

Anto Says:

Is anyone watching the Nadal Shapovalov match? I don’t think may expected it to go to 5 sets when Nadal won the first 2. Shapovalov really did bring it to Nadal in the 3rd and 4th sets. I wonder if there is any more twist in the match. Nadal up a break in the 5th so far

Anto Says:

Well in the end no more drama. Shapovalov needs to learn to be cool when thing don’t go his way. Btw I still think this slam is Medvedev’s to lose.

Zed Says:

Denis tells what happened.

I guess this is what Rafa has come to, he probably has little choice other than to do things like this. The fan boys won’t care:

Anto Says:


Lets assume what Shapovalov is saying here is totality correct and it was wrong of Rafa to do it. Are you going to apply the same standards for your favourite player Novak Djokovic ?

They way I see it, Nadal and Djokovic and even Federer at times have done it. And I really don’t see much of a problem here. Btw when I say all three have done it, I am in no way saying each of them did it each time to “cheat” and win. Maybe they needed to go to the toilet during that time, maybe they really had a valid reason to take medical time outs. I could easily see them doing it just to get a breather from the long match there are having both mentally and physically.

But to say things like its because they took that timeout at that time is the reason the opponent’s momentum is gone and then lost the match, has nothing to do with the ones taking the timeouts but rather everything to do with their opponents the lack of mental strength to not care what happens across the court from you.

This is just my two cents and I could well be wrong. But I am positive you can’t really prove what is said is wrong.

skeezer Says:

Denis did have a legimate gripe, but the umpires have been consistent in letting him(Rafa) go over the allotted time. Djoker has done the same with using the ball as a bouncing toy taking too much time. Its turned into a guideline not a rule.
Play on.

Giles Says:

Shapo is a SORE fkn loser. Now stfu and go home. You lost!

Zed Says:

Denis had all the momentum and then the dirty tactics came.

I guess this is where experience comes into it. A player who has been in this situation more times than Denis would have been expecting Rafa to do some weasel-type action and been prepared for it.

A more experienced player would have immediately pointed out for the watching world cameras how Rafa was cheating and how the referee was refusing to do his job properly.

We are seeing the final days for Rafa, he cannot win any tournament where Novak is playing and even when Novak has been cheated out of the tournament Rafa needs to cheat to progress.

Anto Says:


Are you going to pretend that Djokovic never does this?

Zed Says:

Berrettini now through to the Semi. He will have seen how the dirty weasel played against Denis and he will be watching for it.

Zed Says:

Anto, I dunno, I’m just focusing on what I saw today.

I saw a man who has had an amazing career but who is in the twilight of that career.

What will happen when Novak wins the French again? What excuses will you all make this time?

Giles Says:

The only dirty weasel around is you Zed so just stfu and accept that Rafa is in the semis whilst your antivaxer has been deported for lying and cheating his way into Australia.. The man really has some front to think he would get away with all his dirty tactics . Thank goodness he’s buggered off and tbh nobody cares . The AO is still drawing mammoth crowds even without him! Whether Rafa wins the tournament or not doesn’t matter as long as joker was deprived of the win. Have a looooong rest joker! 😱😱😱

Giles Says:

ROFL. Joker ain’t never going to win the French Open again. He beat an injured Rafa last year! Asterisk please.

Giles Says: Have a look at this. Shapo is the cheat. I guess he tried his best to distract Rafa. The weasel!

Madmax Says:

Giles, watch your language. Disgraceful.

Zed has a point about this. He really does.

“They need to be fair with the time. At the end of the day the intensity and pace of the match should be within the rules. You’re giving an older player more time to recuperate in between points which is an unfair advantage. He should have to play within the regulation set speed of the game.”

It is all about fairness. I love watching Rafa play. He is an icon, but bathroom break AND medical time out? I had not realised that Shapo was refused this last year, that is what is unfair Giles. How can you argue this?

Shapo will come back from this, and get better and better. I think it was his coming of age at the AO. He did brilliantly, bound to be hurting though.

He was honest in his interview. Emotional, yes, but honest.

Bravo Shapo.

Giles Says:

Oye madmax. No words for you! 👹👹👹👹

Okiegal Says:

I thought Shapo’s language was disgraceful! Can they get fined for filthy language? If not, they should.
Rafa, go back to sleeveless…… at least 4 seconds would be saved on serve, just saying! 😊😊😊

MgMg Says:

The average time taken between points for Rafa was 31 sec and it was 29 sec for Shapo according to ESPN. So, they both broke the rule.

MgMg Says:

It was a very entertaining match for sure. They both played brilliant.

Patson Says:

Coming to tennis-x after a long while (Hi Okiegal! How’s life in Oklahoma?).

Missing Nole … Oh well. He’ll be back at the French!

Speaking of gamesmanship, let’s not act as if Mr. Federer is some paragon of fair play.


“I was at the Australian Open quarterfinals in 2010 when Nikolay Davydenko was crushing Federer. Suddenly, Federer needed a bathroom break. If you do that, the rules require that you actually go to the bathroom.

It was a time when players would pretend to have cramps to delay things and break their opponents’ momentum. So the tour put in a rule banning strategic cramping. Federer then decided instead for strategic, well, whatever-ing.

“When the sun comes from the side, the ball seems half the size and is just hard to hit,’’ Federer said after that match in 2010, explaining why he took that break. “I never take toilet breaks, but I thought, ‘Why not?’ I just hoped that with every minute it took, the sun would move another centimeter.’’

1. Everyone bends the rules to their advantage when they’re pinned against the wall.
2. Fed fans, when talking about fairness, how about you say a few words about Fed as well ?Thanks.

Okiegal Says:

Hi Patson! Don’t comment too often anymore…but thought I’d pop in for a spell. We are having a cold snap in Oklahoma….but I’m managing it just fine! Thanks for asking! 😊😊

Okiegal Says:

@MgMg I saw that stat pop up on the screen too. It wasn’t like he was getting his serves off in a hurry either…..pot and kettle thingy…. 🥴🥴🥴

Zed Says:

Wow!!! Talk about hitting a raw nerve! Giles seems to be borderline psychotic on this subject.

In Australia we have a saying which says “The Truth Hurts.” I think it’s very apt in this discussion.

In any case, Rafa got away with it (again) so we must move forward.

Berrettini vs Rafa is coming. I give it 40% Berrettini vs 60% Rafa for the following reasons:

1) Berrettini is still choking on the big points against Novak and I expect the same against Rafa. Experience will allow him to stop being overawed by the event but I don’t know if he is there yet.

2) We have seen that Rafa can lean on his “special” status to get preferential treatment by tennis officials so I expect him to once again fully exploit that.

Having said all that, Berrettini’s serving may make the difference if he can just win his personal psychological battle.

Which brings us full circle to my hope that Giles can defeat his (her?) personal psychological demons.

p.s. was telling me to “STFU” ever going to work? Surely no sane person would expect that to have any effect.

Zed Says:

Tsitsipas just took out Sinner. In my mind Sinner will be World #1 sometime in the next 5 years but clearly he needs more big game experience.

Now waiting for the Medvedev v FAA match which most people think Daniil will take, I agree.

Can Stefanos then take out Daniil on this hard court? I don’t think so, I think Medvedev is going to take the tournament and the World #1 position.

Daniil would the first to tell you his honest opinion. He’d tell you this was Novak’s tournament if only he hadn’t been brought down by the snivelling hyenas.

Giles Says:

Zed. Yaaaawwwwnnnn!

Anto Says:


Ofcourse you are going to focus on what has happened this tournament, so you can conveniently forget all those medical timeouts and bathroom breaks novak has taken when his opponents have the momentum.

If you really want to be objective in this, first accept the fact that Novak is no saint. Then maybe you will see that what you have accused nadal of doing is done by novak as well as federer. Ideally we wont be having this conversation if the umpires try to enforce the rules all the time equally against all players. But then again umpires are not robots and they too make mistakes

Anto Says:


Also i have never given any excuse as to why nadal lost to djokovic in the last french open. Djokovic defeated Nadal fair and square. There is no shame is that. Even for the king of clay

Zed Says:

Anto, “… i have never given any excuse as to why nadal lost to djokovic” – fair enough, I can see how you thought it was directed only at you but it was more a general comment to the Rafa fan club. It was not directed at you personally.

Also, “… conveniently forget all those medical timeouts and bathroom breaks novak has taken when his opponents have the momentum.” – In all honesty I cannot remember them but at the same time am not denying they happened. I am sure you can find examples and I guess if you are justified I will accept those examples as correct.

I agree that the solution is firm but fair referees. I also wish we had totally impartial and apolitical judges in our judicial systems but I’m not going to see that anytime soon.

I also agree that Novak is not a saint but all things a relative. I maintain that he is relatively more fair and honest than Rafa or Roger.

Redirecting back to the current match, I am watching Daniil struggle against FAA. He lost the first in a tie-break and just now FAA has broken him in the second.

It’s painfully hot here, it would be very hard for both of them out there, I don’t know whether Daniil can dig himself out of this but will watch to the end.

Van Persie Says:

Tsitsipas will be the AO champion, he was kind of under the radar, like Med was at the US Open, when all the eyes were on Nole and Zverev.

Van Persie Says:

P.S. Am not Tsitsi’s fan, but no way Felix will beat him. Rafa and Berettinni will be a tough match and Tsitsipas did learn a lot from the final vs. Nole. Plus he beat Rafa at the AO already.

Zed Says:

On Outdoor Hard if it was Daniil vs Stefanos I’d be picking Daniil but it’s not looking like that match will eventuate.

Tsitsipas against FAA on Outdoor Hard or Clay you’d have to say that recent history suggests Tsitispas is who to put your money on.

Rafa vs Tsitsipas? Stefanos would be thinking “I’m going to win my first major!” but is that thought alone going to affect him? Is he going to be overawed by the prospect?

I’m not writing Berrettini off, it will be a great match but experience has a say in things.

Has anyone checked what the betting markets are saying?

Van Persie Says:

“I’m not writing Berrettini off, it will be a great match but experience has a say in things.”

Me neither, but do not know if he has the weapons. Has a good FH,a great serve, he is consistent, but he lacks something. Of course he has his chances against Rafa on Friday. Rafa is also not in his best form, I guess, since Shapo managed to push him to a 5 setter. I did not see the match though….

Van Persie Says:

“Rafa vs Tsitsipas? Stefanos would be thinking “I’m going to win my first major!” but is that thought alone going to affect him? Is he going to be overawed by the prospect?”

There would be more pressure on Rafa, as he will know that it mightbe his last chance to win the AO.

Zed Says:

VP, I’m thinking a lot of it is psychological. It’s like you need to remove a barrier, or you have to truly believe you can win.

There’s a 1960’s movie called “The Hustler” with Paul Newman and in it he’s playing Minnesota Fats (played by Jackie Gleason). During the games Newman is winning but after a while something changes and he starts to lose. Minnesota Fats says something, I can’t remember the line, but he says something to the effect that you were never going to win because you never thought you were going to win.

It’s sort of like the line “If you think you can’t do it, you’re right”.

Zed Says:

Daniil just leveled at two sets all, he’s fully back in the match.

It’s getting late here but there’s no way I can go to bed until I see the end of this.

Zed Says:

Amazing match, we had match point well over an hour ago and he fought back to win.

OK so we have a tired Daniil against a less tired Stefanos on Friday. I don’t think I can predict the outcome with any confidence.

Daniil just said when he was down and it was looking like he was done for he asked himself “what would Novak do?”

Van Persie Says:

“what would Novak do?”

Win the AO, Daniil :)

skeezer Says:

I’ll bite.
That was 11-12 years ago?You’ll need a lot more abusing the rules incidents from Fed to convince anyone otherwise.
“… but he lacks something.”
My observation as well. Could also call it the “it” factor. He doesn’t have the “it” yet.

chrisford1 Says:

Poor Novax is really in the doghouse in OZ.

Medvedev asks what just about every player down two sets that still thinks they have a shot “What would Novak do”. He tells the crowd that and they boo him.
Then the fast on his feet Daniil adds he also was thinking what Rafa or Federer would do..and the crowd cheers!

Zed Says:

Chrisford1, you’d have to live here to understand. I’ve been here my entire life and I can tell you that Australia has the “big fish in a small pond syndrome” good and proper.

With the rise of the internet this has been a bit softened but remains a major factor.

Basically our media are a close knit club. They socialise together, they intermarry, they cycle through the few TV channels we have (ie they work at Channel 10 whilst their life=partner works at Channel 9 and then they swap) etc. If you want to work in media in Australia you had better know someone or be related to someone to get any work.

Therefore they have group-think to the extreme.

When the media group takes a stance they all take that stance and then their opinion is what is fed into the eyes and ears of the “News at 6” viewers (which are fewer and fewer in number with each passing year but remain large in number).

In Europe you’d have so many other influences but here in Australia, far, far away from the rest of the world this little pond has always been dominated by a very few incestuous big fish. Please note that these ‘big’ fish are tiny compared to your fish (our whole population is only 25 million), outside of Australia you will never have heard of any of these people but here they are on the airwaves all the freaking time.

I personally very rarely watch free to air TV and most definitely NEVER watch free to air news but I am in the minority. Most of the people around me still wait for “their” opinions to be decided for them and then they mindlessly repeat what they’ve been told.

When you come here, it’s like you are coming to a small country town, that is the sort of mindset you will find here.

So when hear those “boos” what you are actually hearing is the bleating of sheep doing what they’ve been trained to do.

Patson Says:

@skeezer: Here, take another one:

Takes a convenient medical timeout after losing the 4th set. If Nole had done that, THAT’S GAMESMANSHIP! If Fed does it, naaah what’s the big deal ? Pat Cash called this as ‘legal cheating’; Federer was offended and offered an explanation (who doesn’t have an explanation for a timeout by the way?)

Against Wawrinka: “He took one, so I took one too!”. Oh so, I didn’t know one has to balance the timeouts in the given even if there isn’t any need.

I’m sure there are more medical timeouts that Federer has taken over the years which can be questioned. It’s just that Fed fans prefer to look the other way. How can I convince someone when they’ve already made up their minds?

That’s it for me on this.

skeezer Says:


Fed is not perfect. But as the GOAT he has represented the game well,. If you think he has “abused the rules”, if you want to call it that, it has been far less and minuscule compared to the others you mention.
You can’t blame Fed for Djokers woes.

Zed Says:

“as the GOAT”

Ha ha, you guys will never give up living in your little dream world.

I guess you don’t have to though, why should you? You can just keep massaging each other and dreaming “what if” for ever and ever.

The facts and figures though tell a whole different story don’t they?

Patson Says:


Zed beat me to it but I’m going to respond here too.


If you look at the statistics from an objective point of view, you should probably stop using the word GOAT for Federer (unless of course you have started including other non-game related factors and moved the goal post). The reasoning used to be that Fed is the GOAT because he has the most slams. I sense that when Nole gets 21, you’d still be calling him GOAT — which just proves that you calling him GOAT is no longer based on objective reasons. It’s mostly because of abstract non-game related reasons: “Oh he has represented the game better”, “Oh he has a greater following”, etc.

This is precisely the problem — objectivity has gone down the drain.

Zed Says:

Patson, they don’t care.

It’s a religion, it is not a matter of fact, it is a matter of faith.

If a belief has not been arrived at based on logic and reasoning then no amount of logic and reasoning can change that belief.

On all objective metrics Novak is the greatest of all time.

If people want to go with subjective metrics then anyone can be called the greatest of all time. Some people will tell you that Bjorn Borg is the greatest player ever, others will say John McEnroe, more of them will say Pete Sampras. None of them use facts and figures, all are going with their feelings.

The Federer and Nadal fan boys are no different.

Wog Boy Says:

I wouldn’t waste my breath on Sleezer, once he used to be Nole “fan”, here is what his fedfan told him after Sleezer had running battles with Rafa fans in 2013. rubbishing Rafa after FO SF.
Then he was Nole “fan” today he rubbishes Nole whenever he can and takes rabid Rafa fans side, provocateur:
Fedster Says:
Hey Skeezer,
You are the chief trouble maker here. You talk crap and invite trouble for yourself and even more for others here. You deserve this.

June 8th, 2013 at 9:00 pm
Was Fedster wrong, I don’t think so, 9 years later he does the same, this time as Rafa “fan”.

Zed Says:

Wogboy, thanks for pointing that out to a newbie like me.

What a productive use of Skeezer’s time :) (/sarc)

I wonder what other equally “winner” type of activities he partakes in?

Van Persie Says:


The majority of the youngsters think the same: they would like to be invincible like Nole. Med mentioned the other 2 only after he got the boos (Hear it all again and there were also applauses, when he mentioned Nole)…. the next gen would like to be unbeatable like Nole first, then popular as the other 2, so it is telling: Nole is the role model for them!

Van Persie Says:

Of course you are thinking about Nole, when beeing in difficult situations and facing match points, Fed missing match points would not help a lot..

Van Persie Says:

Shapo’s comments about Rafa are also telling: deep down they are all aware, that Rafa was gloating about Nole being deported and tried to benefit of that. Rafa is not the role model for the youngsters, after it was obvious for all. of them, that Rafa is afraid to face Nole.

Zed Says:

VP, signs are that Nole will be playing at the French Open.

I will stick what I have said, Rafa can only win a tournament if Novak is not playing in that tournament.

If Nole is not prevented from playing in the French Open he will win the French Open. Rafa knows that, the tennis cognoscenti know that.

However, I am not convinced that the lying little weasel Macron will stay out of it. I suspect his one-world-government overlords will be whispering in his ear that they cannot allow any high-profile examples of people standing up to their authority.

Therefore we will have to wait and see what tactics will be employed this time around. I live in hope that the forces of goodness will win over the forces of evil. The sniveling jackals won the battle at the Aus Open, let’s just hope they will lose coming battles.

John Says:

”Ha ha, you guys will never give up living in your little dream world.”

Oh you poor old Man Zed,

Its the other way around. It really doesn’t matter how many links you post here or how many more trophies your ”Idol” wins.

For the majority of people Fed will always be the GOAT for a number of reasons. Explosiveness, aggressive style, forehand,likeable and relatable personality. His matches are infinitely more enjoyable to watch, His style is more pure. You and nobody else will ever change that. You can belt out stats, argue with others… It does not MATTER! For the majority Fed will always be the greatest. Djokovic’s style is just boring and uninspiring. Outside of Serbia, Djokovic really isn’t liked that much. Sure you will find some fanboys like yourself here and there, that’s where it ends.

The sooner you accept that the sooner you can find peace. Or you can stay on this forum and cry about it, Be my guest.

Honestly if you cant understand why most peoples GOAT is FED then you’re not a fan of tennis, you’re just a Djokovic fan.

Zed Says:

John, so basically a list of things that cannot be measured. Things that are just opinion. OK so you have proven me right.

chrisford1 Says:

VP – You’ve got to credit Daniil for just having the knack for saying the right thing if he says the wrong thing.
He bails himself out with his typical charm and being quick witted.
The booing of Novak was replicated in the playoff game with famous anti-vaxxer Quarterback Aaron Rogers of Green Bay being booed relentlessly.
It was bad enough Rogers apologized for letting his views become public and become a distraction and burden to his team and in his team’s loss – he just had his views and wishes he had not done some actions.
I think it is just about certain celeb anti-vaxxers being held accountable for all the lies and disinformation from various anti-vaxxer sites that has hurt and killed gullible people that likely would not have suffered if vaccinated. And maybe more importantly – a public attitude in many countries that we’d be done with this, done with masks, lockdowns but for the delays caused by the anti-vaxxer people.
That frustration piled up, and people lashed out at Novak and Aaron far worse than either imagined. Or their image people and publicists imagined. There was a feeling for awhile that being anti-vaxx was edgy, and a little smart to wait and a sense that by being anti-vaxxed people were above the lowly, cowardly masses. The lowly, cowardly ‘masses of sheeple” know this and openly delight when big anti-vaxxers get taken down by Covid.

BTW – Since I know you are a discerning person about tennis, are you as happy as I am about the quality of men’s and woman’s tennis as we get close to the end of the Big 3 and Serena?
I’m seeing next gen put together some quality stuff as good as the Big 3 and Andy playing one another in THEIR prime. Medvedev and FAA was outstanding. Can’t see the whole match but 20 minutes including highlights was so excellent. And I did watch the Swiatek Kanepi match on the woman’s side and got the sense that Swiatek is building into a fine top woman’s player that can win multiple SLams after her French Open title year before last. And on the woman’s side, you have a very nice group of 8-9 players that have lot of different styles and a will to compete vs. show up.

Wog Boy Says:

Until last year we were always reminded by fedfanatics (more appropriate name is fed..rds) to check wiki about 40 years old record book, or were sent link by their cheerleader on TX to check those records ourselves.
Now, when those tennis records are all but gone, they are moving goal posts and are not mentioning them, since they don’t matter anymore.

Van Persie Says:


Yes, I agree with you completely about the French Open. Nole would be favourite, if he participates. Let#s see if they allow them to play, thing can change every 5 minutes.

Deep down, also Fed fans know, that Nole is the GOAT. They are in denial now. We are talking now about an aggressive style of play with which Fed got beaten in 3 Wimbledon finals and likeability :D

Zed Says:

VP, I know that most people resist facts and figures because such things are too constraining, there is too little wiggle room.

As WogBoy has pointed out, the next tactic is to move the goal posts as time passes, because what else are you going to do if facts keep getting in the way of lies?

However, there are some people who simply are not comfortable with mathematical things like percentages, they are in the minority but they exist.

For those people it’s really simple questions which may help them see more clearly.

Simple questions like:

1) If Roger/Rafa are the GOAT why has Novak beaten them both more times than he has lost to them? Why has Rafa beaten Roger more times than Roger has beaten Rafa? If Roger is the “greatest” why has he lost more to both Novak and Rafa than he has won?

2) Why has Roger the “King” of Wimbeldon never beaten Novak in a Wimbeldon final? Why does he keep losing to Novak when it counts?

3) If Roger is the greatest, why has Roger not won all the Grand Slams twice? Novak’s done that :). Why couldn’t the “GOAT” do that? Was he too elegant? Too sleek?

4) Why has Roger never won 4 straight Grand Slams? Surely if he’s the greatest he’d have done that but no, no he has never done that. Novak’s done that. Maybe Roger was above such things? Maybe Gods do not need to do such mortal things?

5) Even if you drop down a level to the Masters tournaments, why has not Roger in his long, long, long career not won them all twice? Novak’s done that in a much shorter career. In fact I think Roger is yet to win them all, I think he’s only won 12 of the 14. How can the greatest not have done something Novak was able to do at least twice in a much shorter time frame? Again, maybe Roger is too shiny, too beautiful to sully himself with actually winning things?

6) In such a long, long, long career why does Roger still have less weeks at number 1 than the much shorter career of Novak? Maybe being number 1 was also beneath the great man?

7) In Novak’s shorter career why has he beaten both Roger and Rafa COMBINED in so many ways. In his 10-11 years he has won 20 grand slams, in that time Roger/Rafa COMBINED have only won 15! In that time I think Novak has won 31 ATP Masters titles (please check if I have not covered them all) but Roger/Rafa COMBINED have only won 28 :), you have to laugh! Sure, before Novak came along Roger won a lot of stuff, Rafa won a lot of stuff, but once Novak came along those easy days were over for Roger/Rafa. In these years why has Novak won 4 ATP titles but Roger/Rafa COMBINED have only won 1???

8) The fact is that Roger already had 13 Grand slams before Novak won his first. Those were good times before Novak came along but it was all over Red Rover for Roger when Novak arrived. Rafa already had won 5 before Novak, he must have got such a shock realising that things weren’t going to be so easy from that time on.

Uncomfortable questions, uncomfortable facts but the truth is the truth. As we say in Australia, The Truth Hurts!

Van Persie Says:


They booed Medvedev also in his early matches, even if he is vaccinated. Those boos came from “Anti-Nole” fans, so I would not discuss this further, as I respect Nole’s decision and I habve no problem with those, which are not vaccinated. And vaccinated people also die…so…

Regarding the next generation, I assume there will be no BIG 3, but there will be spectacular matches for sure. Tennis will not die without Roger, Rafa and Nole, but they will be mentioned for a loooong time.

The most cconstant from the youngsters atm are Medvedev, Tsitsipas and Zverev (even if the last is not very successful at slams, there is progress and I am sure he will do better). Shapo, FAA, Sinner, Alcaraz will also be good.

Van Persie Says:

Kyrgios blaimed the media, that there was too much talk about Nole, Rafa and Roger, and that’s why “Tennis dies”….he might be correct, but let’s not forget: it was only Fedal at the beginning and Nole put a great fight and showed, that there is not only Fedal. Andy did also a great job….the youngsters were also lazy, expected to become legends without to fight..

Wog Boy Says:

I love the outcome of Joe Rogan vs Neil Young battle on Spotify.
The people are slowly waking up, I regret taking third jab month ago, since then I have heart palpitations and strange sense of taste.
I can see that booster shots stalled in Australia as it should be, they do not protect from new strains, not at all, so why are they pushing the people to get jabbed?!

John Says:

”As we say in Australia, The Truth Hurts!”

yes the truth does hurt and you clearly have lost your marbles old man.

Djoker fans have this ”dream” that somehow Federer and Nadal fans tell them Djokovic is the GOAT. Its almost like they have nothing else going for them. You guys are really insecure.

I mean who else would write this: ”Deep down, also Fed fans know, that Nole is the GOAT.”

Deranged Joker Fans! Why do you care what other people think?
Cause it hurts you so so so much.

Djokovic will never be our GOAT! swallow that pill Zed! never ever!

Maybe touch some grass rather than wasting your time Zed, Or take out an ad in your local paper? since you seem so passionate about spreading your words on Djokovic. It might reach more people.

Van Persie Says:


Why are you attacking Djokovic’ fans? You sound hysterical. Looks more to me that you are trying to convince us to say, what you want to read :)

Wog Boy Says:


“ You sound hysterical.”

No, he doesn’t sound, he is hysterical, the dude lost it.😂

Van Persie Says:

Now we should read some stupid things from some cheap tabloids about how Nole is not loved like Nadal and Federer :D

John Says:

SPTA- Certified Tennis Pro and 5.0 player

As someone who has been aware of Djokovic since he was 19 and a longtime tennis fan, I saw Djokovic arrive on the scene and was like, there’s nothing special about this guy’s game.

Compare that to Federer’s rise – remember that Lleyton Hewitt, who bragged that he won Wimbledon without ever coming into the net once – came at a time where we knew Federer was saving and revolutionizing tennis.

And then Bam!! Nadal just burst on the scene. I cannot emphasize enough how mind-blowing it was to watch this guy at his 1st French Open. All of his opponents could not believe what was happening to them. There were issues with Nadal in those early years, all the coaching from his Uncle in the stands – I mean, does this kid have any agency or he is just a product of a rigidly controlled upbringing. But Nadal has long ago transcended all that – he is truly one of the greatest competitors in the history of sport and still is genuinely, remarkably humble.

Of course, Djokovic deserves all respect- he’s very very special after all. But what’s fascinating is that part of what makes him successful is that he plays with a huge chip on his shoulder because of his war-torn upbringing and that he cannot be as popular as the other two.

Federer and Nadal as he has matured have truly proven that they are not just great champions but great sportsmen. They compete ferociously but harbor no grievances. Well, its easy to be so gracious when they are universally loved, right? But really, which came first? They are universally loved because they are such great role models for how to be in life.

Djokovic, it’s not his fault but he has to compete from a place of injury, not from a place of grace .

The bottom line: Federer and Nadal have shown they will be lifelong friends. I myself can see why they so respect each other. And it tells me all I really need to know that neither really wants anything to do with Djokovic.

- -Lots more where that came from.

Van Persie Says:


How is your blood pressure at the moment? All good? :)

Wog Boy Says:

Is this Miss pageant competition?!

John Says:

@Van Per

1)I wasnt talking to you
2)Its quora not a ”tabloid’. You know? a place people go to answer questions? Im simply giving old Zed here a sample of what peoples actual opinions are to help him understand why his ”Hero” is not considered the ”GOAT” by most tennis fans.

Wog Boy Says:

It’s so entertaining, let him post, but someone should inform the ambulance and find his location 😉

Wog Boy Says:

Johnny boy, you used to post under different nick, right?

Van Persie Says:


And you expect, that a Quora, where all frustrated Federer fans and Rafans are gathering in order to “vomit their venum” will decide who the GOAT is??
You are a lunatic :)

Van Persie Says:


My advice for you would be to calm down, everybody is somehow emotional involved. Let people in 10-20 years decide, whom they consider the GOAT. The future generations will not read those comments, they will look at the stats, they will look at the finals.

John Says:

@Wog Boy

Thats a good one I will change my nick to ”Johnny boy”.

Ive left maybe a handful of comments over the last 5 years and I normally just use some random name. Honestly thought this site had died.

Wog Boy Says:

Johhny boy, actually no, you posted under one name in the last few years and English is not your first language, right?

Wog Boy Says:

For Nole fans, Nole starts his season in Dubai, confirmed.
I would like him to play Rotterdam, but it’s too soon.

John Says:

@Van Persie

Im flattered that you think im not calm. Very amusing.

Are you a nurse or something?

John Says:


wdym ”Johhny boy, actually no” I just told you. If you think you have all the answers why are you asking me.

Are you trying to become a detective?

Wog Boy Says:

Johnny boy, why are you so defensive?

John Says:

Oh lord,

Blood pressure, Defensive, Calm down – is this a snowflake convention?


I will let Zed and the rest of you post some more ”Stats”. Do enjoy. I really just wanted to tell Zed he is full of sh**.

Wog Boy Says:

Ok Johnny boy, good you told Zed what you think about him, do you feel better now?

John Says:

Woggy boy,

Do you feel better?

Van Persie Says:


I might be a nurse :) Who knows?

What did Zed do? He just posted some stats and comments wrote in a civilized manner.

Wog Boy Says:

I feel great…reading your posts and having conversation with you, but I didn’t come here to cure my frustration and tell someone that he is full of sh…t?

Again, why are you so defensive?

Take a chill pill, it’s only tennis, mate.

Wog Boy Says:

Who would have thought that this thread would become so lively 😉

Van Persie Says:

Agree WB, it was fun :) Hope John will join us more often ;)

Zed Says:

John, this is something that comes up in life no matter how many decades have passed since High School.

Still, after all this time I still meet the people who say “we are the popular ones, you are the outsider, we don’t like your kind, WE decide who is in and who is out”.

Why do they do that? Well it’s because that’s all they have.

Relatively speaking, Novak is the best, it’s obvious, only dishonesty prevents people from acknowledging it. So what to do? How to resolve that relative inadequacy?

Well it’s easy, you wrinkle your nose and you say “we don’t like you” and then poke your tongue out. How easy was that? However, at the same time, how sad and pitiful was that?

John, you have a non-existent argument so you resort to weasel words and emotional manipulation to try and score points. It may have worked when you were a kid but amongst grown men you just look weak.

John Says:

”Relatively speaking, Novak is the best, it’s obvious, only dishonesty prevents people from acknowledging it.”

Dishonesty? oh come on.
Just like every boxing icon has his own opinion about who is the GOAT, so do Tennis Pros and fans.

I personally think Federer is the best. For me fast attacking tennis is the upper crust of the creme brulee. I enjoy fast courts. Unfortunately those don’t exist anymore.

Djokovic is the king of slow-court, high bouncing, defensive tennis. So often he wins by simply hitting as many balls back as possible. The slow courts allow him to out hit his opponents for hours. Its not his fault.

Its a sad reality they slowed the courts down as much as they did or Federer would be sitting on 30+ slams and Djokovic would have far fewer. Apparently long drawn out rallies makes for more viewership – I personally think that’s nonsense.

My Goat is Federer, simple. Just like some think Sugar Ray Leonard is the greatest boxer and others think Ali is the greatest, numbers alone are not the determining factor here.

You can call people dishonest all you want, people will continue to have views different to your own.

I find it somewhat funny that some Djokovic fans
just cant accept that Djokovic is not the GOAT for so many people.

Thats all I have to say on the subject. There is really nothing you can say to change my mind.

Van Persie Says:

“I find it somewhat funny that some Djokovic fans
just cant accept that Djokovic is not the GOAT for so many people.”

John McEnroe considers that Nole is GOAT at the moment

John Mc is not a Nole fan.

Director of the Miami tournament considers that Nole will go down as the Greatest:

only to name a few…


You are sure entitled to consider the GOAT, nobody will try to change your mind, but please have the common sense and do not tell Djoko fans, that only they consider Djokovic the GOAT. There are already tennis pundits who sees him as the Best among BIG 3…

Van Persie Says:

Correction: you are entitled to consider Federer as GOAT…

Van Persie Says:

One last thing: And there is no way Federer can be the Ali of the tennis….Ali had to face some adversity, Federer had it always easy…Ali had to fight for his principles, Federer is a guy of the system, simple as that.

John Says:

@Van Persie

I never said ”only” Djoko fans.

Hence the entire point of the boxing comparison. That people can have different opinions.

”Just like every boxing icon has his own opinion about who is the GOAT, so do Tennis Pros and fans.”

Did you just decide to completely ignore this when you typed your response? by sharing those links you just drove my point home.

”You are sure entitled to consider the GOAT”

Well thank you very-much as are you and anybody else :)

Have a nice day/evening.

John Says:

”And there is no way Federer can be the Ali of the tennis”

My goodness stop putting words in my mouth I never said he was the Ali of tennis. Have you been drinking wine?


Van Persie Says:


Ali is something different in sport, he did transcend the sports by fighting for his principles :)…I could say that, Nole faced somehow this kind of adversity, Ali was booooed and boooed :) Do not want to say something bad about Federer, but I am not very sure, that Ali would be very happy to be compared with Federer :D…

I would also avoid to compare Nole with Ali,as Ali was not allowed to play for 3 years…not the same with Nole :)

Ok, if you did not mean only Djoko fans, as I understood, then all good :)

Have a great evening!

Van Persie Says:


Ok, I might have misunderstood you, all good.! :)

John Says:

@Van Persie

No problem

I find the entire topic of GOAT rather pointless


John Says:

@Alison hodge

Well, there is something we can all agree on.

Ahfi Says:

Hmm. Ali’s status was not only about the sports he participated in. Way more than that. Wouldn’t compare any tennis player to Ali.

Wog Boy Says:

“ I enjoy fast courts. Unfortunately those don’t exist anymore.”

Very inaccurate, last three AO were the fastest ever, by all accounts. Craig Tiley sped them up for a reason😉, but guess who won them?

Shanghai is the fastest outside last 3 AO, guess who won most Shanghai masters plus 1 WTF in Shanghai.

Dubai is very fast court, again, the same person won 4-5 Dubai titles.

Cincinnati and USO numerous finals and titles are also on pretty fast courts?

So, “ Djokovic is the king of slow-court” is very, very inaccurate, the proper and truthful sentence would be:

“Djokovic is the King of tennis!”

Good morning everyone, beautiful morning in Sydney, the Magpies that I am feeding just woke me up with their call for breakfast, bunch of Lorikeets are in feeding frenzy on my trees and beautiful King parrots family are on my balcony too, patiently waiting for the apple I give them every morning, they are nesting nearby, what a wonderful world indeed 🥰

Zed Says:

WogBoy, there is no upvote facility on this website, if there was you’d have my upvote immediately.

An anonymous someone states something entirely incorrect and you have the facts at hand to immediately show them for the liar they are, I tip my hat to you. Perhaps “liar” is harsh, maybe “misinformed” is a kinder term.

Equally beautiful morning in Melbourne, what a country we live in. We are so blessed geographically to live in this country.

Our governments, State, Federal and Local, leave a lot to be desired no matter what side of the political fence you support but we live great lives despite the shortcomings of our “leaders”.

So here we are, two matches to enjoy today.

From what I can see, betting markets and tennis pundits agree that Nadal is the favourite against Berrettini. I agree that today is probably not Matteo’s day but I’ll thoroughly enjoy watching him give it his all.

Matteo is of particular interest to my wife who opines often on his good looks. Whilst he may never win a Grand Slam he will still do very well financially from sponsorship. I remember the financial success of Anna Kournikova despite her never winning a singles title.

Tonight, the big game I’m looking forward to is the Daniil v Stefanos match. I expect it to be a nail biter. How much energy has Daniil got after that 5 setter? Normally I’d pick him to win this one but he looked drained at the end of the FAA match. Furthermore, if it’s another 5 setter does that mean the winner will be exhausted if/when they meet Nadal?

Wog Boy Says:

Zed, agree on both, beautiful country we live in and shi..y governments (state and federal) we have.

You probably noticed I omitted 6 Wimbledon titles and few Wimbledon finals, I know that hurts some people hear and I didn’t want to spoil their day, nor mine beautiful morning, particularly since I was enjoying my Irish coffee with a twist (I don’t drive today).

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