Teary Federer Wraps Up Career In Doubles With Nadal In Laver Cup Loss

by Staff | September 23rd, 2022, 10:02 pm

Roger Federer played his final match Friday night in London.

In front of a full house of over 17,000 at the O2 Arena, Federer teamed with longtime rival and friend Rafael Nadal for his final match.

In the first doubles of the Laver Cup event — which Federer helped create — Federer and Nadal fell to Team World’s duo of Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe 4-6, 7-6(2), 11-9.

While Federer played well — arguably better than Nadal who struggled at the end of the second set — the match result and competition were secondary. This was a night to celebrate Federer.

The crowd chanted Roger’s name as Federer showed flashes throughout, and early on his hit a ball between the netpost and the net, a shot that rarely if ever had been seen.

But the legends fell just short on their bid to put Team Europe up 3-1.

Federer acknowledged the crowd afterward. Wiping tears away, he would bring his team out to thank the fans. And then he would break down further during the on-court interview with Jim Courier.

“It’s been a wonderful day – I’m happy, not sad. I enjoyed tying my shoes one more time, I knew everything I did was going to be for the last time. I feared something would go wrong – my calf would go or my back would lock – but I made it through.

“My wife’s been so supportive. She could have stopped me a long, long time ago, but she didn’t. She kept me going and allowed me to play. It’s amazing. Thank you.”

Federer was later greeted on the court by his wife, kids, parents and the rest of his friends and family.

“It does feel like a celebration,” Federer would say. “It’s what I wanted it to be, so thank you. It’s been a perfect journey, I’d do it all over again.” Most people in the tennis world would love to see it all over again.”

Even Nadal and others were in tears.

The doubles loss leveled the tie 2-2 after the first day. But the World’s power players will be up on Saturday. Although Rafael Nadal has apparently withdrawn from the event and Andy Murray, who lost on Friday to Alex De Minaur, is not scheduled.

O2 Arena Starts At 1:00 Pm
Matteo Berrettini v Felix Auger-Aliassime
Cameron Norrie v Taylor Fritz
Not Before 7:00 Pm
Novak Djokovic v Frances Tiafoe
Matteo Berrettini/Novak Djokovic v Alex de Minaur/Jack Sock

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24 Comments for Teary Federer Wraps Up Career In Doubles With Nadal In Laver Cup Loss

Dave Says:

I cried a lot watching Roger breakdown today. Wow that was a really stressful match to watch. I wanted them to win so much. I don’t think I’ve ever cried like that for any athlete in my life. I really felt sad for Roger today. I definitely felt an emptiness after the match. I really liked when Federer hugged Norrie crying and was so sincere and said I hope all your dreams come true. I really saw the authentic part of Roger today. And I realized how Gentle he actually is. I saw a new part of Roger today.

skeezer Says:

Wow…just wow. Thank you Rog for all your artistic tennis. One of a kind. You will be sorely missed, but never forgotten for re inventing the game, and the unbelievable achievements.

Madmax Says:

Dave, Skeezer!

I cried too – but with joy – the guy is so, so classy…this should be called *emotional Rafa*

I love these guys!

Thanks to the whole team – Team Europe and Team World for last night. Also to Murray, what a match!

Love Tennis!

This is 8 minutes long and if you need to get some emotion out, this will help.


Madmax Says:

Brothers in arms.

I am so emotional today. :-(

All the best to Roger moving forward. Taking control of his life, it’s wonderful.

I will be watching a whole lotta tennis these next few weeks – and have been fortunate to have seen Roger play live 9 times. Wonderful. Amazing. Happy.

Alison hodge Says:

Seems like we are all having a good cry

Madmax Says:


Teary Federer?

Teary Rafa and now Rafa has pulled out – this photo – both guys crying and holding hands – it’s unbelievable. Love them. Love them.

Madmax Says:

It’s the second photo down on the above link.

Rafael Nadal broke down in tears for his great rival Roger Federer as he bid farewell to tennis


skeezer Says:

Also a shout out to Novak, who was very respectful of Fed and the event. He in no way tried to take attention to himself. He willfully was seen cheering Fed on, and in the end one of the guys lifting him up on his shoulders. Respect.

SG1 Says:

Seeing Nadal in tears… that really says something about the respect he has for Federer. Federer was gracious and deeply appreciative of the outpouring of good wishes. Very touching and well deserved final moments to a colossal career.

The crazy thing is that his ability to hit the tennis ball hasn’t really diminished. If his right knee were okay, he’d be top 10 (perhaps top 5) even now. I think that some of the sadness Roger feels is that he can still compete with the best but his body won’t let him.

Federer will be missed. There is a lot of talk about the tennis being in good hands with the next gen (Alcaraz, FAA, Medvedev etc) but none of them can fill Rogers shoes. I can’t think of an athlete more globally loved and respected. Roger has done things the right way and he plays tennis the way we all wish we could. That legacy will never be replaced or forgotten.

Madmax Says:


I hear ya buddy.

skeezer Says:

That was awesome, thanks MM

Dave Says:


That’s exactly the feeling I got from Federer. He knows he can hit the ball well still. His body won’t let him. And he really wasn’t ready to go yet. He didn’t want to go out like this. Why do you think he lost it once he said I’d do it all over again? Because he’d keep playing as long as possible if his body allowed him to play. It’s that simple. So as much as people say it’s a happy time. In reality, there is a sad side to this too.

Alison hodge Says:

Loved that link, reminds me of the time they were arranging matches, for their respective foundations, the one where they couldn’t stop laughing, priceless ❤️

Madmax Says:

For sure Alison, that clip with the two of them, timeless and priceless!

From your neck of the woods now Skeezer:

Ex-US Open winner Roddick noticed that Federer brought out his entire team to bow in front of the crowd. The 40-year-old said that Federer doing so on a night dedicated to his career was testament to his character.

“It’s moments like this when you are able to take a moment to step back and realise that we are all a family on some level in this weird little tennis world, on this tour. We’re selfish day-to-day but looking back on a career, you’re thankful for those relationships. You’re thankful for the cheers that a certain person gets,” Roddick told Tennis Channel.

I took it all in on the night, the bow, when Fed recalled them all to come to the centre – it’s actions like these that are remembered forever.

Okiegal Says:

@Madmax…..Thanks so much for the link…..AWESOME! I have loved this era of tennis. Best of luck to Roger. He deserves a much needed rest. He’s got four kiddos to raise! But I’m afraid there won’t be much resting going on with that!! LOL

Giles Says:

Fed. In the memory banks

skeezer Says:

Thanks Giles, great interview.

Okiegal Says:

@Giles @6:47……..Thanks for the link. I had not seen this one. Awesome interview. I have seen this before…. rivals becoming friends. A great human interest story! This pairing will be missed. Dang it, I wished they’d do a dubs just for grins once in awhile! 😊

Madmax Says:


Just checking in with you, buddy. Great to see you again. I will be watching a whole lot of tennis on replay – so much to see, and to revisit over and over again.

I still live in hope for another exhibition match – some day soon.

Alison, yes – read your comments.

Also a piece here where one of the reasons which made Fed rethink everything is that Mirka did not want to watch him play tennis anymore because of his injuries, so that will have played a huge part in his decision. I remember reading that he had no idea about his decision until a few weeks before he actually made it his *retirement match* at the O2. He had every intention of returning, but the rehab had other ideas…


Madmax Says:

Hey Giles, thanks for the links.

Okiegal Says:

Hi Madmax!! Yeah, thanks for checking in with me. I’m sad about our guys at the point in their careers when it’s gonna be over. Dang it! They will be missed. I’m sure Rafa will be next. I truly believe Nole will be playing for a long time yet. But age eventually rears it’s ugly head. I have a ton of recorded Rafa matches where I can travel back in time to the good old days!
Take care, my friend! Hey, I still remember the 🌿, do you?? 😊😊
Have an awesome week-end!

PS imho tennis will never be the same……😥😥

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