Paul Stuns Nadal At Paris Masters; Fritz, Hurkacz Fall Setting ATP Turin Field

by Staff | November 2nd, 2022, 10:41 pm

It was an eventful day at the Paris Masters on Wednesday. The ATP Finals field was set and the tournament got hit by a slew of upsets.

Rafael Nadal’s pursuit of a first indoor title in Paris will have to wait another year as American Tommy Paul knocked out the former No. 1 3-6, 7-6(4), 6-1.

Paul was up an early break to start the match before Nadal pulled away and looked in control. Paul would again threaten in the second getting back on serve before winning the breaker, then breaking early in the third en route to his biggest career win.

“It’s probably my best win,” Paul said after. “I was obviously pumped for the matchup because it’s always interesting when you play one of the Big Three. I’ve only played him the second time, but the first time I was so nervous. It was weird, this time I wasn’t really nervous. I was pretty relaxed going onto the court and the day before. I think that played a role. I came out playing pretty well. He got the first set, but I feel like I played pretty well from the jump.”

Playing his first singles match since the US Open and first match as a father, Nadal was upbeat despite missing a chance to return to No. 1 this week.

“A lot of things going on the last couple of months, without a doubt,” said Nadal. “But we are always ready to find excuses, but at the end, it’s always the same. You play well, you win, you don’t, you lose. And today for moments, putting everything in a pack, I was playing quite well.”

Nadal wasn’t the only Slam winner ousted. Former champion Daniil Medvedev fell to Alex De Minaur 6-4, 2-6, 7-5.

The Race for Turin is over after Taylor Fritz and Hubert Hurkacz both lost. Fritz fell to Gilles Simon is just over three hours as the Frenchman held off retirement for another day with a thrilling 7-5, 5-7, 6-4 win in front of his home fans.

Hurkacz was upset by the red-hot Holger Rune 7-5, 6-1. The 19-year-old Rune has now won 15 of his last 17 matches.

But no one has been hotter than Felix Auger Aliassime and today the Canadian held on to win his 14th straight match in a nailbiter 6-7(6), 6-4, 7-6(6) to win his 14th straight match.

“Somehow I found a second wind after saving those break points at 4-1,” said Auger-Aliassime. “I played better and better, coming through the court much better, serving better. It was pretty epic. Three hours and 30 minutes on the court, quality rallies. He was making me work all the time. Definitely a win to remember.”

Auger-Aliassime will now meet Simon tomorrow. But more importantly, the Fritz and Hurkacz losses assured the Canadian and Andrey Rublev of the last two spots in Turin.

Carlos Alcaraz, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Grigor Dimitrov and Frances Tiafoe were also winners. Tomorrow, Alcaraz returns to face Dimitrov.

Also, Novak Djokovic continues his title defense against Karen Khachanov and Casper Ruud takes on Lorenzo Musetti.

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40 Comments for Paul Stuns Nadal At Paris Masters; Fritz, Hurkacz Fall Setting ATP Turin Field

zed Says:

Nadal proves again that he is a one-surface player.

He ran away and hid from Novak at Wimbeldon, he got whipped by Tiafoe at the USO and now he got embarassed by Paul at the Paris Masters.

You are seeing the end of his career. Nadal just isn’t the GOAT and never has been.

Sure, clay season he’ll be winning a match here and there but he doesn’t have years left, maybe one year at best.

Novak on the other hand is playing like a spritely youth. Even though he is one of the oldest players on the tour he is probably still the fittest and clearly the best player we have. The best player we have ever had.

I think Novak has at least 3 but maybe 4 or 5 years left in him.

How many grand slams will he hold when he finally retires?

Only politicians and bureaucrats can stop him.

chrisford1 Says:

Like the Olympics for Djokovic, it looks like Miami, Paris-Bercey, and the ATP Championships are never to be for Rafa.
That’s fine. They are humans, not supermen.

And Rafa likely would not have a double career Slam without Novak getting a little anti-vaxxer flakey about his alt-heath lifestyle and getting banned from Australia.

Fans know Rafa plays in pain, every match. He’s done things no one will ever match. He was so good, he proved Ned wrong. He’s be a Hall of Famer just on his accomplishments off-clay. He’s got a young son, a great wife and nothing to prove. He can walk away at any time, like Roger did, with honor. I’d guess it’s 50-50 Rafa wraps his glorious career up in 2023.

No matter. In 30 years, tennis may be gone and replaced by a faster played racket sport like pro pickleball and talk of GOATS and legends and stats are going to be in a small band of lovers of a once-great sport or diversion. Like boxing, the fading allure of the Olympics, bowling – it won’t die out completely but looks at a fate of less fans and participants in future generations.

Jf Says:

Zed- I understand we all have our opinions, but to call Nadal a one surface player is preposterous.

zed Says:


OK, I was being too harsh, I admit that. He has won 8 Slams on surfaces other than clay and has won other tournaments not on clay but I am sort of still correct comparitively speaking.

Compared to Roger and Novak he doesn’t have the breadth. In fact I think he’s now at 10 years (or is it 11 years?) that he has not won a single set from Novak on other-than-clay surfaces.

Also, his win percentage on other-than-clay is something like 69% (I think) whereas Novak is at 80%+ on all surfaces (even on Clay).

So, yes I went too far.

Dave Says:

That’s why the debate will go on and on if Rafa wins the most majors. Where if Novak wins the most and he ends up having more than anyone on hard courts and Wimbledon, he will have it on 2 of the 3 surfaces. Nadal will always be one of the 3. Even if Djokovic does this, it will still continue to be debated for years to come. Rafa has the clay surface locked down in this debate by far. The only way I think the debate stops is if somehow Novak ends up 3 or more majors ahead of Rafa. Or if Rafa does the same to Novak. 3 or more majors ahead is pretty significant for the ones entertaining this debate. But as many people on this form have said, let’s just enjoy all of them. Comparing each one can be a fruitless endeavour. From a statistical standpoint it can be interesting to see who will hold the advantage.

zed Says:

Dave, I think from a statistical standpoint Novak is untouchable but the average person is only aware of the slams. So for the average person the slam count is how they judge.

Another layer is the media. If the media raise one player above another player, even if they are twisting things, then that affects a lot of people’s views.

As far as the debate stopping, it depends on how you define “debate stopping”. I personally know people who simply don’t care about facts and figures, they are infact blissfully unaware of any facts or figures.

For them the debate stopped a long time ago. The news told them over and over again that Roger is the greatest of all time and that has cemented in their brain. For some others I know, they have been told that Rafa is “a nice guy” over and over again and therefore he is their favourite. You can show them as many stats comparing Roger to Rafa as you like, you can show them all the data on Novak, it won’t make a difference.

What will make a difference is time, a lot of time. After a decade or two all the media manipulation will fade, all the feelings and emotions will fade, the new players (who are not even born yet) will be dominating.

At that time what will remain is facts, figures, statistics. And in that arena Novak will stand supreme, he already does.

Focusing on Slams, I think Novak’s got at least another 3 or 4 slams in him. Aus Open 2023 (assuming the new government is fair to him), Wimbeldon 2023 most certainly and maybe another USO. 2023 French I think you’d still favour Rafa but he does seem to be aging faster than Novak. Maybe the young ones have a stronger chance at the French.

2024 I don’t see Rafa being competitive any longer. Novak however will be there. He will struggle of course, age tends to do that to you, but he should take the AO and Wimbeldon in that year as well.

I expect Novak to end up at 25 slams. I do not see a path forward for Rafa in that regard. Rafa I think will at the very best end up with 23.

AO 2022 will forever have an asterix next to it, at least amongst people who are honest.

Dave Says:


Something I’ve learned when watching tennis is that nothing happens until it happens. Djokovic won’t win another slam until he wins another slam. He won’t be playing in Australia until the ban is lifted. That still hasn’t happened yet. In other statistical categories, your right. 2 players that are both 19 play a style that Djokovic doesn’t like. Wawrinka won by overpowering Djokovic and taking the racquet out of his hand. Rune and Alcaraz are better versions of that style with 2 handed backhands and much more consistently than Wawrinka. You never knew when Wawrinka would catch fire, which wasn’t often. There is a lot of depth in tennis now. The only major where I have confidence that Djokovic can win is Wimbledon. How many times has Rafa looked down and out and proven me and many others wrong. He’s not done until he’s done. No one knows for sure when that will be. The odds at this moment are probably higher that Djokovic will end up with more slams than Nadal. And his odds are probably much higher. But those odds don’t win slams. After 2023 things will look a lot clearer. I hope you’re right Zed. But I won’t get my hopes up. Todays match was a great example of that. Djokovic was in a position to win this match and really should have won it. So many times he should have taken over and didn’t and missed shots he should have made. But he somehow lost today. You don’t win until you win. I can’t remember a match with Djokovic in this kind of form where he messed up on decisive points sooooo many times. He will learn from it though. I hope he wins in Turin.

zed Says:

Dave, everything you have said is correct. I’m just forecasting but I know full well things can go differently.

Years ago I was forecasting how the slams would work out but then Novak was out of commission for 18 months due to his elbow. Then after that I forecast again and along came COVID.

One thing’s for certain. We are within years of the end of the big three. It could be one year, it could be 5 years but we are close. Then we can take stock but will probably just argue more :)

p.s. Turin. If Novak and Rafa are to meet what do you think Rafa will do? Will he go ahead or will he claim injury again?

Dave Says:

I actually don’t expect Rafa to make it through the tournament. If they are in the same group, they would play each other in the first match I think. 1 verses 7. So I don’t see him not playing the match. I just don’t see Rafa playing 4 matches. His body needs more time to rest in my opinion.

JF Says:

Zed- I believe Nadal went 5 sets against Djokovic a couple of years ago in Wimbledon semi-final.

JF Says:

Zed- I believe Nadal went 5 sets against Djokovic a couple of years ago in Wimbledon semi-final. But I get your point.

zed Says:

Dave – They’re fixing it again to make it easier for him to get further. He’s never won the final for a reason and that is because he simply can’t. Roger has 6 finals, Novak has 5, Rafa has ZERO. Despite fixing the draw to make it easier for him he will once again fail.

As a pre-step, here is a video showing how tons of previous tournament draws were fixed:

And once you’ve watched that, here’s a video showing that they’ve fixed it for this ATP final as well:

But here’s the thing, he won’t win because he’s a soft-c0ck, he cannot beat Novak on anything but clay and even there it’s touch and go if he can win.

My prediction is that if there’s any chance he’ll actually have to face Novak on the court he will again feign injury and run away like he did in Wimbeldon this year. He’s a coward and despite having the tennis establishment and media constantly cheating to help him he still can’t beat Novak.

JF – I can’t remember the match. Do you know which year it was?

chrisford1 Says:

While I think the odds are low, never count Rafa out. The more interesting thing is Rafa plays OK in ATP Finals at times, made a final or two, but for some reason, he just can’t win a title indoors.
Paris Bercy, the winter Euro indoors tournaments he played initially, but avoids like crazy later in his career.
I’m not ROOTING for him to get the title, but I’d be happy for him if he did win.
Shame Sasha Zverev and Carlos Alcaraz could not be in Milan and compete. They deserved to be there. But injuries happen!

Giles Says:

XYZ. You really are soooo FOS.

Alison hodge Says:

Lol same old Zed

skeezer Says:


You gotta quit watching YouTube for a source of unbiased information. Especially channels that rhyme with Djokovic(Goatkovic).

fred stone Says:

Joker hasn’t won the ATP Finals in *7* years.
That is an obvious sign of an unbeatable goat, right?

zed Says:

I see the fan club is in full swing. I was impressed with the speed your boy displayed in Wimbeldon.

Once it was looking like he might have to face Novak he ran as fast as Usain Bolt to get away :)

My prediction is that he will run away again like the coward that he is if there is a hint of a chance that he has to face Novak.

p.s. by “run away” I mean he will pretend to be injured, that is what he has done an enormous number of times and then magically he’s healed again when clay season comes around.

zed Says:

Of course, now that Fritz made mince meat of your boy the prospect of him having to play Novak diminishes.

Can you see why he has zero ATP Masters? He just can’t play well enough, he’s not in Novak’s (or Roger’s) league. If not for clay he would be nothing.

Wog Boy Says:

It’s not fan club, the only thing they have in common is their hate for Nole, two of them are fans of that retired one and the other two are fans of soon to be retired, permanently injured one.

I don’t see Nole coming out of RR stage, the injured one still has a good chance, Rud is worshipping permanently injured one and FAA is….well FAA.

Wog Boy Says:

Also, of course it’s rigged draw, even blind Freddy could see it.

zed Says:

Hey WB, good to hear from you.

Round Robin stage will be tough for Nole. Last time he played Tstitsi he won it by a bee’s dick so I’m not counting chickens.

However, when the going gets tough, the tough get going and there are none tougher than Nole.

FAA will lose the support of his own coach when he plays Nadal, so yeah, that’ll be easier for mystery-injury man.

With regard to the Nole-haters, it will be all the more delicious to drink their salty tears as Nole keeps winning slams all through 2023 and 2024. I’m really looking forward to it.

They will always remain bitter and hateful and Novak will hold all the records. I think that means he gets the better of all of them, what losers these people are.

Wog Boy Says:

Zed, likewise.

This draw reminds me on one year draw he had in London (one of the years he won) and that’s my only hope that he might pull this one of.
He was in by far toughest group, Delpo and others, loosing first and winning the matches just to come out victorious, bit he was much younger then, so it’s hard to repeat it, though hope dies last.

fred stone Says:

Hey Hogboy, what’s wrong with the draw?
On one side two dirty Russians and a war criminal admirer, Gumby, and the Greek thrown in for the OHBH fans.
The other side has Rafa, two-time current year slam finalist, Ruud, Felix (Gumby-killer) and Fritz for some Yankee flavor.

No one has an easy draw at this level, brainiac.

Wog Boy Says:

Wow Freddy, what triggered you, you just proved my point, so much hate and bitterness, I bet you are the one that never had a friends at school and was bullied.
I just wonder how Sean allowed this post to go through and stay and it’s not because of me, you can call me any names you want, I am more than ok with it, this is internet, perfect place for troubled souls, not like you are in the pub in front of me and calling me names.
On the other thought I wish Sean doesn’t remove your post.
Cheers Freddy

zed Says:

WOW, talk about a racist Piece of Sh!te

Freddie I’m pretty sure if you were to encounter any Russians face to face you’d keep your big fat mouth shut tight and you’d be wise to do so.

I think you’d be quite a whiny little lickspittle in real life.

Alison hodge Says:

Zed I’m perfectly okay with Djokovic surpassing Rafa and been the GOAT,he’s an amazing player, it’s not something I’m that invested in, when it comes to tennis I like the idea of having so many greats instead, but that’s just me, I just don’t see the need to trash other all time greats….

zed Says:

You’re right Alison.

On my part, often it’s retaliation when someone else attacks Novak but I have been guilty of giving Rafa or Roger a dig, I shouldn’t instigate that. I do however reserve the right to strike back if struck.

I think you’re a mature and nice person Alison, I wish I could be more like you and wish others would be too.

Wog Boy Says:

Cut the crap Alison, you can’t stand Nole, you are well known with your backhanded compliments to Nole and reminding us of GS numbers, which is about the only record permanently injured one is ahead, also going regularly after some Nole fans here (Michael, CF1, now Zed and others).

Wog Boy Says:

Zed, you don’t know Alison.

More importantly, have you watched the news, just few minutes ago on Channel 7 they announced that Nole ban is all but overturned since Australia doesn’t require people who are entering the country to be vaccinated. I hope it’s true.

Alison hodge Says:

Wogboy if that’s what you choose to believe fine, I have actually apoligized to you before,people do change, life’s to short, I don’t actually come hear very often, it’s all yours, knock yourself out, I don’t care anymore

zed Says:

WB!!! THat’s awesome news!!!

You just know he’s going to win it. Nothing can stop him now.

AO, Wimbeldon for sure. I have hopes for the USO but it’s a tougher tournie for him.

One last wish. He took out Nadal in the FO Semi once before, who knows, maybe lightning can strike twice!

fred stone Says:

LOL, racist.
Wimbledon saw fit to ban the Russians because they were “tainted’ by their motherland’s actions, therefore my ‘dirty’ reference. (must I spell it out for you slow pokes?)
You dish it out all day long but you can’t take it and act all offended when challenged.
BTW, why are there so many Serbs in OZ?
How many war criminals are hiding out there?

chrisford1 Says:

Fred Flintstone – You’re explanation of why you said “dirty Russians” doesn’t wash. Lots of nations have launched wars of aggression (the USA a dozen or so times since the end of WWII), lots of people in other nations have done things as bad as Russian police or soldiers did in the past, and now currently.
Or don’t Chinese concentration camp guards and Han race genocide of Tibetans and Uighurs count? Or the dark past of the Ukrainians?

You telegraph your bias by also adding Serbs in. War criminals? What of the Bosnian or Kosovar terrorists? Or the US who decided to bomb Serbia to make the MIC happy that their war toys could be sold again?
Why did the US/UK meddle in nation after nation in the ME until the 9/11 payback happened?

chrisford1 Says:

Anyways, old and present wars are a little off-topic.
Womans tennis is done, Young Iga Swiatek is #1 after an amazing season.
Alcaraz is #1 unless some crazy small chance Nadal is still left with a chance to advance after he lost today. Rafa Nadal is a great player and anyone not sad if he soon follows Federer into retirement is not a normal person.
Young champions in tennis again! After years of the Big 3 +Andy and “Queen Serena” domination.

Wog Boy Says:

Haha Freddy, pa gde si bre komšija?

Wog Boy Says:

CF1, I disagree, why anybody would be sad when any of big 3 retired, after 20 plus years on tour and what they achieved?

When Nole retires I will put piglet on the spit, throw the party and celebrate the playing career of greatest man to ever hold tennis racket. I might even lunch compensation case against him for shortening my life.

I was sad when Delpo retired,for obvious reason, I was sort of sad when Safin retired because of his talent, but not so much knowing that that was his choice, how to live and not to achieve his potential.

As for Flintstone, it’s obvious why he hates Nole, he couldn’t hide it anymore, it’s because Nole is Serbian, Flintstone is from neighbouring country.

Giles Says:

Bog Boy. Lol. I too will celebrate the retirement of the biggest fraudster and and faker the tennis world has ever seen. And say good riddance to bad rubbish. Sheeeeesh!

zed Says:

Giles you’ll be waiting for another couple of years at least, could be longer.

Will you still be living with your Mum at that time? Will you have job by then?

I wish you luck with both of those things.

Hopefully your life will turn around one day, we’re all praying for you.

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