Sampras v Federer Exhibition Clash Begins Tuesday
by Staff | November 19th, 2007, 11:16 am

Tuesday of this week will be the first airing of three exhibition clashes between all-time Grand Slam title winner (14) Pete Sampras, and all-time great-in-waiting (12 Grand Slam titles and growing) Roger Federer.
Tennis Channel will have live coverage (and prime-time replays) of the Asian exhibition tour, with the first match in Seoul airing Tuesday, Nov. 20 at 7 a.m. (EST).

Other live airings this week will be Thursday, Nov. 22 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 7 a.m., and Saturday, Nov. 24 from Macao, China at 1 a.m.

Will Federer ease up on the former great to extend the match to three sets in typical exhibition style, or thump the American in straight sets? Tune in as egos clash this week to see if the fearsome Sampras serve and forehand remain formidable.

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17 Comments for Sampras v Federer Exhibition Clash Begins Tuesday

John Walker Says:

Roger Federer is The Greatest, Sampras is one of the greats, he was amazing as well, Federer sets himself apart from everyone in all aspects, off-court as well.


this is a rather stupid idea.i don’t know what will it prove.both guys r doing it for the money.fed ‘d be better of resting himself after a grueling season.pete’d be fresh and really keen to prove a point.fed has everything to lose here and nothing to gain except those dollars.a match with nadal could have provided some contrast becoz pete’s game is all seve and volley and rafa’s is all baseline.i hope fed creams pete and we this thing never happens again.

grendel Says:

“I’m probably hitting the ball better than I did in my prime because of the [improved] technology,” Sampras said last month

SG Says:

“I’m probably hitting the ball better than I did in my prime because of the [improved] technology,” Sampras said last month

Sampras actually said that? Wow! Sounds like a little hype to spice things up and generate some interest. If Sampras hits the ball better now, he should come back and play the tour again. Then again, Agassi hit the ball as well at 35 as he did at 29. But better? I don’t think so.

The problem is not hitting the ball, it’s getting to it. At 35, his physical strength and dexterity are still there. But his legs aren’t getting any younger. There is no substitute for youth. If this thing is legit, Sampras gets smacked. Maybe his serve can help him not embarass himsel for a while, but not forever. The rest of his weapons can’t possibly be as sharp as they once were.

Christopher Says:

I don’t really see what any of this is going to prove. Federer is in his prime and Sampras is past his. This is just another money hungry whore exibition.

I’m with the poster above – Federer should rest up for next season and Sampras should go play golf. If Sampras wants to be back in the lime light again then he should return to the tour and earn the right to play Federer in a real tournament where the stakes are real. Good Grief!

max619 Says:

I don’t think they are doing it just for the money, both players have plenty of it. And I don’t think this event is intended to prove anything either.
In the same way Tiger has helped Fed be noticed more in the US market, that is, marketing wise, playing with Sampras will have the same effect and for tennis in general it is a good marketing thing.
Obviusly there is money to be made too by a lot of parties not just the players.

grendel Says:

To be fair, SG, Sampras also said:”I haven’t quite captured the explosiveness I used to play with. I’m not as limber.”

‘Ware selective quotation! Sorry, I couldn’t resist it….

j. eric Says:

I think in principle it is a legit idea – especially if there is a charitable aspect to it (not that I begrudge anyone the opportunity to earn money).

I agree with max619 above, it is an excellent marketing ploy to develop a new and very lucrative Asian market for tennis and tennis players.

j. eric Says:

I forgot to add, the one disappointing aspect, for me, is I won’t be able to watch it – we don’t have Tennis Channel in Canada.

张奔斗 Says:

I can understand why Fed wants to do it (marketing obligations to his sponsors and management company), but I don’t quite get why Sampras would be enticed by this undertaking. For one thing, he would have to be out of his mind if he thought he could beat Fed (absent a pre-arranged outcome), so it would just mean that he would get creamed publicly four times in a row (Seoul, Macau, Malaysia and Madison Square Garden). What’s the fun of that? More importantly, why would he need that at this point in his life?

hmmmm Says:

it’s just an exo. it doesn’t need to prove anything.

tennis is a game. remember? it’s just supposed to be fun for the fans. that the players get lots of money for it is ok. there are obviously enough fans and sponors interested.
there’s nothing wrong with wanting to market tennis?

Vincent Says:

Let them play and see how it goes so all you guys relax let the tennis begin, Alright guys no streess!!!!

Irene Chin Says:

I congratulate the people who have thought of organising these exhibitions between these two great tennis players. I am a great fan for both. They are not only great players but they are great human beings. This is good for every tennis fan.

I am so sad because I can’t watch these exhibitions here in Germany. Similarly I missed the matches in Shangai.

Leke Alagbe Says:

Actually, I think it is a good idea for both GREAT Players (present and past) of the game to play an exhition match. Afterall, it is an exhition match. Hopefully, the proceeds will go to charity. Oops, can help being English.

Well done to the organiser(s) of this match.

Leke Alagbe Says:

Oops, I meant ‘exhibition’

Dafne Says:

Now let’s predict some scores:
I say 6-4, 6-2 Federer only because he can not possibly do 6-1,6-0 out of respect to Sampras.

Chris Says:

I suppose out of respect to Sampras, Fed may even drop a set. So my prediction is 6-4, 4-6, 6-0 to the Fed.

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