Federer Shocked by Wawrinka in 3rd Rd Exit at ATP Monte Carlo
by Staff | April 16th, 2009, 12:17 pm

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will not reprise their meeting in the ATP Masters Monte Carlo final for a fourth consecutive year, as the world No. 2 Federer was upset 6-4, 7-5 in the third round Thursday by Swiss countryman Stan Wawrinka.

Federer’s weaker backhand wing was not the culprit today, as the former No. 1 pressed hard off the forehand side in an effort to create opportunities, but instead created 21 of 31 unforced errors off the forehand alone.

It was the first time Wawrinka had won a set off Federer in three meetings, and keeps alive a streak that hasn’t seen the former No. 1 raise a trophy since last October in Basel. It was the first time this year Federer lost prior to the semis at an event, with three semifinal efforts and a runner-up at the Australian Open where he lost his composure against Rafael Nadal in the fifth set.

Prior to the meeting, Federer said of Wawrinka, “He was always a guy taking one step back, two steps forward. So it’s nice to see him playing more consistently now on a regular basis. It’s our first match on clay against each other. I’m excited to see how it’s going to turn out.”

Federer is now decidedly less excited after falling to 18-5 on the season, with the 27 year old now in danger of losing his No. 2 ranking.

The only other matches completed on the rained-out Thursday were No. 3 seed Novak Djokovic recovering from a second-set hiccup to defeat Spaniard Al Montanes 6-1, 6-7(4), 6-0; No. 7 Fernando “Hot Sauce” Verdasco winning the all-Spanish meeting with No. 10 David Ferrer 6-2, 6-1; and German qualifier Andreas Beck advancing to a meeting with Wawrinka after a grinding 3-6, 6-2, 7-5 upset of Argentina’s Juan Monaco.

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128 Comments for Federer Shocked by Wawrinka in 3rd Rd Exit at ATP Monte Carlo

jane Says:

” the 27 year old now in danger of losing his No. 2 ranking.”

Really? Does anyone know the points differences between Federer and Djokovic? Wouldn’t it be interesting if Djokovic took over number 2 for a wee while, then Murray moved up to three, then maybe Murray and Djoko would jostle there for a bit, then they’d creep up on Rafa, then… who knows? Wow – could there actually be different numbers 1 & 2 than Rafa and Federer!??!! It seems so long since these two have been number 1 & 2 that it’s difficult to imagine anyone else up there.

zola Says:

Fed has 11020 points and Djoko has 9010 points. Fed will lose (I think) 550 points and depending on how far Djoko can go in the tournament he can gain up to 550 points ( but he has to reach the semis).
so a talk of losing No 2 is a bit premature I think.

However, the more dangerous situation is for Djoko to lose No 3. He has only 170 points lead over Murray. If Murray passes reaches the semis and Djoko lose before the semis, I think a change in the rankings will be possible.

RZ Says:

Is it really a shock for anyone to lose to Wawrinka these days? The guy is a solid player. Nadal barely got by him in two tie-breaks a few weeks back. We’re not talking the Wimbledon final here. Not such a shock.

Duro Says:

Hi Jane.

jane Says:

Hi Duro!! Hope you’re smiling.

zola – yes, it may well happen that Murray overtakes Novak for a while anyhow. Thanks for the update on points.

Duro Says:

Of course I’m smiling, but too early for me to participate here. Just came to say hi. See you in the finals!

jane Says:

See you Duro – nice that you could pop in! Keep your fingers crossed for Novak.

Daniel Says:

Even if Djoko makes semis he will lose points cause this year the points are less. Last year Djoko made 450 pts for semis, this year semis worths 360 pts (- 90 pts).

If Murray, who reach R16 last year (150 pts), makes quarters and Djoko loses in quarters, he will be new n.3

If Murray makes quarters and Djoko makes semis, Murray will be n. 3

If Murray makes semis and Djoko makes semis and both lose, Murray will be n. 3

The only chance for Djoko to not lose his n. 3 considering Murray wins today, it’s for him to reach the finals and Murray not reach the finals, or him winning the title.

Fed, with his margin (as zola pointed out), will only be treat in RG. After this lost he has a lot of points to defend in Hamburgo (700 pts – final last year) which will drop, but everybody will drop and have points to gain in Madrid. Rome he is only defending 250 points and he’ll Estoril (350 pts).

Daniel Says:

My mistake the third line should be disconsidered: Murray quarters and Djoko semis, Djoko maintain n. 3 in this scenarium!

vared Says:

How come Djokovic and Montanes are playing when everyone else is rained out?

zola Says:

this is odd. They have abandoned the matches for the day. That’s what the tennistv announcers said. But when they showed the court, the rain had stopped and there was some light. I guess they wanted to finish the matches they had ( then why not Murray/Fognini)?

Maybe the players wanted to finish it. Anyway, we will learn later I guess.

and this is what Stan said after the match:
““I am a bit embarrassed to celebrate it,”….

Duro Says:

They have a roof.

vared Says:

Guess Stan is getting even for Fed marrying Mirka.

sar Says:

Djokovic was offered the choice of the first match on Court Central or the second on Court des Princes. He chose the latter option.

sar Says:

Come on Novak, you are almost there.

sar Says:

4-0 chop chop

Duro Says:

Chop chop 5-0!

Shan Says:

Wawrinka vs Federer was an interesting match but not too shocking. First, Wawrinka is a solid player who has the game to beat any top 10 player when his game is working well. Second, Federer didn’t come to Monaco overly prepared since he was on the fence about player because of his wedding which is why he asked for a wildcard entry.

sar Says:

Bagel! Hernandez, Montanes on to the third member of the Spanish Armada, Verdasco. I’ll bet when Novak heard about the Fed loss he got super motivated.

Duro Says:

Chop chop 6-0! Over and out!

Duro Says:

Congrats Jane and Sar! Mighty mighty…

Jonga Says:

It`s hard to see FED loosing so “often” now, but there is no doubt, he is still the “one”. Federer still has got the game to outplay any other player (if he belives in it). – It seems like Federes focus is somewere else (maby next story in life). When Federer serve is close to 50%, well, – you know he`s not there.. However – he is by far the greatest player in tennis today. . Many young players is closing in on him – but as long as Federer is in the game – he will always be the one to beat. None of the top active players is capable of producing tennis like RF. Roger Federes tennis legacy is amazing already, and should he decide to add some more to it, it would be great.

topspin Says:

So marrying Mirka did not help Federer improve on his tennis.

NEXT great idea….

Cindy_Brady Says:

Well Well Well,

Federer continues his downward spiral in men’s tennis as his trade mark forehand betrays him, yet again. He is even barely the #1 player in Switzerland these days.

Unforced errors have began creeping into his game over the past two seasons but he has been able to serve his way out of trouble most of the time. This isn’t the case now. Federer’s clutch serving isn’t working either. He is running out of time and excuses.

Maybe he will finally hire a coach to help fix his game before it’s too late. I doubt he will!

By the end of this season he will be lucky to be #4 in the world.

Nadal, Murray, and Djokovic now rules mens tennis. Federer is relegated to being a by stander watching them raise the champion’s trophies.

No more Grand Slams for Fed!

jane Says:

I knew that Djokovic would lose the second set; I just thought, once he got broken and then the rain delay that things were going to take a downturn. However, I am pleased to see he won the third set with a bagel.

What happened with Murray’s match? I’ve been at work and the scores don’t show up when I check results.

jane Says:

Duro, sar – I hope Novak has a good shot against Verdasco. I’d like to see him at least equal his semis results here from last year, or maybe even get to the finals?! Fingers crossed.

jane Says:

Okay. I am officially filing a media complaint. I know Roger Federer is a pretty special tennis player; that goes without saying. However, why does every article (outside the British press, which is all about Murray, “Murray talks a walk”, “Murray half done match”, “Murray vows…” ) have to be about Federer?

When Roger was winning everything, all we heard about was, well, Roger winning everything. And now, every time Roger loses, or wins, or cries, or breaks a racquet, or gets his girlfriend pregnant, or marries his pregnant girlfriend, that’s what every tennis writer is writing about.

Why? There are other matches, other things happening in the top ten. Why is no one analyzing the seemingly weak psyches of the French players? Why is no one analyzing how the Spaniards have been able to become all-courters? Why is no one looking into the Serbian reversal, at least so far, of last year?

There are other matches, and other things going on in tennis, that it would be nice to read other things.

As I say, almost the only exception is the British press, which is clearly gung-ho, and rightly so, about Murray. And maybe an article here and there on someone else. But predominately, it’s still all about Federer.

Okay. Complaint registered. Made. Wagered. Put out there. Won’t change much, I am sure, but I got to vent. 8-)

fed is afraid Says:

one positive for fed, he doesn’t have to worry about losing to rafa for the sixth straight time.

zinaldo Says:

Federer will be remembered in history for the player who took full advantage of a weak era but anytie the field got stronger he couldn’t cope but not only was too stubborn or big headed to change anything, so he will go down as the player who was so close to equalling or beating pete sampras, i presume there is always a first for everything isn’t it

jane Says:

Okay it’s not a great article, but it does raise the question about “overlooking” other players, hence it caught my eye. I don’t agree with the “racial” slant of it but it does raise an interesting point about how Federer has always liked being the center of attention, and perhaps that’s why he’s often garnered it.

Joe O'Brien Says:

zinaldo: I think you will find most people would disagree with you. Federer worked extremly hard for what he achieved and really raised the bar for the level of tennis it took to win tournaments. Nobody is going to remember his for simply taking advantage of a what you claim was a ‘weak’ field.
Jonga: You are talking complete sense. I dont understand how people can underestimate Federers abilities so much.

Kimmi Says:

Same applies to Golf, why are all golf articles about woods ? Woods have proven himself for years that he the man to beat.

So is federer !! weak era or not, there was a lot of tennis players that could also have taken advantage of the weak era, but they did not.

Until fed goes way down the ranking then they stop talking about him. but now he is the world number two who is a big threat in GS. Like it or not, they guy have been to almost every grand slam final for the past 6 years.

So i belive for the next “don’t know how long” the news will be how will federer bounce back and why he loses. Like it or not you will just have to live with it.

when news about fed ends it will then be Nadal, Nadal, Nadal. The french guys or Serbian guys have not done enough yet to dominate the news.

AbdUlla Says:

this is not Federer we know ! however I think Rafa will win this championship this year too
good luck !

jane Says:

You’ve kind of missed my point Kimmi. I am not saying Fed hasn’t done lots or that he couldn’t still do lots (although that’s more up in the air these days). I am saying that “there are other things – interesting things – more interesting than Fed smashing a racquet, for e.g. – going on in tennis right now.” A good tennis journalist might recognize this and, therefore, write about it. It would be refreshing to read about other goings on is all.

Kimmi Says:

Jane, Ok maybe I miss understood but media can write stories and there main objective is to sell the articles. Therefore they will always be looking for “what sells”. Normally articles about Fed, Nadal ect would attracts more readers which makes them currently a hot read.

Its a pity some other playes with interesting stories not get big coverage..one needs to dig deep to find those kind of stories. I can see your frustrations.

jane Says:

No worries Kimmi; I am just complaining because it seems like there is no need to make such a big deal when a player loses. They all do, from time-to-time, even Federer and Nadal! :-)

jane Says:

The ATP site mentioned that Murray and Fognini were “rivals” in the juniors which would explain why Fognini was able to come out and dominate like that as he’d be familiar with Andy’s game. I should try to watch juniors but it’s difficult to find coverage.

Kimmi Says:

Good story jane, also I was surprise to see their H2H is 1-0 fognini. So you are right Fognini knows andy’s game.

But what a choker he was, after leading 5-0. he seem to woken up in the tie break but was too late. I am routing for Murray though, i hope he wins. Tommorrw the top half play 2 matches..what a day..

jane Says:

Kimmi, it’d be fun to see Nalby play Andy M but Davydenko will fight Nalby hard, and Davy actually plays really good tennis on clay.

So yes, lots to look forward to tomorrow; let’s hope there’s no rain!

St4r5 Says:

The way I see, it is not that Rafa’s, Djoko’s, Murray’s or even Wawrinka’s game can match Roger’s, it is Roger’s game that has lost its special touch. If Roger’s game still had its special touch today, people would still cry out that he took advantage of not having good challenge from his opponents.

Twocents Says:

jane, kimmi,

Journo’s are a lot like bankers: bankers always want to loan money to people who do not really need it. I think Fed and Murray wish media leave them alone a bit too. But then, sub-prime lending crisises happened when bankers loaned money to people who can not really afford it :-)).

Giving Fed’s performance with Seppi and Stan’s form, this loss was hardly a real surprise. Giving Fe’s performance since Basel Indoor, it’s a bit injustice or miracle whichever way you see it that he still hangs at no.2 (by his own words “talent and expereinces”). Clay shall leave Fed no place to hide: one must keep the ball in play for more than three rallies — something Fed is maybe no.30 in the world right now. No serve, no forehand, no footworks, no confidence. The emperor has no clothes :-))((.

But let’s not crucify Fed yet: Sampras was seeded no.17 (and ranked even lower) when he won his no.14. Just hang in there, Fed.

Kimmi Says:

Twocents, Fed is way yonger compared to samprass when he won his 14 slam, I think samprass was 30, was he ? Fed has plenty of time to redeem himself. You are right, he played very well in Basel 08, but I also thought he played well in AO 09 until the breakdown in the match with Nadal.

Berdych match was good too. berdych was very tough that day, he was hitting big and flat, Nadal does not like that, fed does not like that, even Murray does not like that but berdych could not sustain it.

there has been a big debate on what or who will bring his confidence back. it needs to come quick as the more matches he lose, the older he gets the difficult it will be.

“just hang in there Fed” I agree !!

NachoF Says:

One thing I noticed today is that Wawrinka’s one handed backhand looks way better than Federer’s… that last point was exquisite.

Von Says:

To: Ezorra:

Here’s something for you on your favourite team.


Way to go Arsenal!!

Twocents Says:


Biologically, yes, Fed is much younger than Sampras when Pete got his no.14. But the tennis mileage is much closer. Both had been at the top for about 5 years. And since Fed does not have Pete’s one-two stroke game style, he’s facing more difficult in these late years physically than Pete, imho.

Fed’s movement began to slow down since 2007 USA TMS (after he visited Pete, no less :-))). Gone are those small adjusting steps and along with it, perfect timing. The only spike since then was his 08 TMC performance. 08 and 09 AO were both solid but not dominant. 08WO final was really media-hyped epic — tennis wise. 08USO he played fantastic only at semi and one set in final. I gave Fed lots of credit for haning onto no.1 till 08/18/2008 — he should have lost it in AO08. I also credit him for hanging on no.2 with a sub-par game (by his standard), all with the field catching up too.

It’s quite intriguing to witness the last chapter of a “king” unfold without scripts written.

vared Says:

Nadal and now Wawrinka can’t enjoy their victories for fear they might offend the crying Fed.

Sheila Says:

It is certain that Federer needs a coach and a proper coach that too, to tell him where he is going wrong. Other players have definitely stepped up their play – there is so much competition – while he is still relying on his once well-directed forehand volleys, which are constantly failing him these days.

Shan Says:

@ zinaldo:

“Federer will be remembered in history for the player who took full advantage of a weak era”

When all brilliant geniuses overshadow their playing field by such a large margin during their peak years it makes the competition look awfully mediocre at the time.

McEnroe, Laver, Borg, and many other players lavished tremendous praise on Federer – not something they would say so freely about the flavour of the minute.

Jane – media is in the business of making money, ergo Federer sells, it’s content supply and readership demand.

Ezorra Says:

Thank you Von. Miss you. Walcott is one of my favourite players (together with the great Henry, Viera, Fabregas, Adebayor, Van Persie and the recent one, Arshavin).

I watched the match actually. Great to see they win the match but I don’t think it was a great match. It looks one sided to me. BTW, congrats to your husband too for the win of Man United. Arsenal will next face Man United in the semifinal. Hope the best will win.

Ezorra Says:

Zola and others, have you read this article. It’s very interesting. The title is “Comparing Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal: Are We Overlooking Rafa?” Please refer http://bleacherreport.com/articles/157300-comparing-roger-federer-and-rafael-nadal-are-we-overlooking-rafa for further info.

- I agree with the writer’s opinion in general where he mentioned that Nadal has always been underrated by most of the people in the tennis world. However, I cannot make any comments about some of the issues that he underlined like the racial thing that exist in the tennis world, just because I don’t live in that world. I love to know your views about this one, thank you.

jane Says:

Ezorra, I posted the same article @ 6:50 pm above, today, and I made comments on the article in a second post @ 6:56 pm in case you’re interested.

jane Says:

Shan, obviously the media is in the selling business, but obviously too, a lot of TENNIS fans, as this site proves for e.g., do not worship Federer, and in fact follow other players more closely, like Roddick or Tsonga or Rafa or Novak or Murray or… – SO therefore, it stands to reason that articles on these other top players would be welcome and enjoyed by many and would – hence – also “sell.”

Tennis writers everywhere, take note.

jane Says:

Twocents says (exactly correctly) “Giving Fed’s performance with Seppi and Stan’s form, this loss was hardly a real surprise.”

Ergo, since it’s not really “news” and frankly, not that much of a surprise, why is every tennis journalist and their dog writing about the loss. You could see the writing on the wall a mile away!!

Hence, why not write about Verdasco’s surprising rout against Ferrer, or why not speculate on who the heck this Fognini dude is and why he had Murray on the ropes in the first set, or … why not look into the trend MMT and I were discussing: that the “older” experienced guys are fairing quite well on dirt here – Ljubicic, Davydenko, Nalbandian, anyone? Not to mention JCF and Hewitt winning last week. Or the fact that if Rafa wins this tournament he’ll be the first guy to win it 5 times in a row, like, since, forever!?!!

Mary Says:

I never thought of Spain in terms of race. Ezorra, aren’t you from Spain? Do you think it is an issue amongst Europeans?

The natural inclination when such drama is built up around one player, as Federer, needs a conclusion- yes him breaking the record- before a new story can start.

In terms of the other players, tennis has had many busts and the sport needs continuity to stay interesting. Sadly, sport is now focused on those that win the big prizes.
These players don’t win the next Slam and big tourny and they become written off. See Tsonga, Nole, Simon.
Also, the players have also created the situation.
Seriously, where would the WTA be without the Williams.

Zola Says:


I don’t know what to make of the article. The authour counters himself towards the end. He says that Fed is a public figure and so likable and speaks four languages and is the greatest ambassador for tennis and he will show Wimbledon to his kids etc…..So is he racist too? or do people like Federer because he is likable? That is really confusing.

It is true that Rafa is probably underappreciated. But I don’t think it is a racial issue. Federer dominated this sport since 2003-2004 and was the biggest story after Sampras. I think IMG had a lot to do with it too. They transformed a heavy metal Federer with bleached hair or ponytail to someone who attends fashion shows and travels with Netjets and sits with Ann Wintour or Tiger Woods and visits Sampras on vacation. It is all marketing.

And Federer speaks English very fluently, on top of three other languages, he is handsome and a good man with a steady gilfriend, family , etc…perfect material

So, yes, I think Rafa is underappreciated, but I don’t think it is racial. There has been so many expectations from Federer (because he was so good) that the media has to follow it up with stories, any stories, from Federer.

I might be too optimistic, but I thought the reason PMAc and Cahill or anyone talked so much about Fed’s loss in AO rather than Rafa’s win, was that the loss was so shocking and so was Fed’s reaction during the ceremony.

As for Andy Murray, he is a player on the rise and the hero Britain was looking for and could not find in Henman. That’s what all the hype is.

Anyway, Bleacher report is not an edited magazine and anyone can write. That’s why the opinions can be extreme at times.

Von Says:


You’re welcome. I also wanted for you to see the following. I’ll convey your good wishes to my husband ref: Manchester United. Of course, he feels they are the winers already. We’ll see. I know you’ll have something to say about that. Ha, hah. There’s a blog appended to the article, perhaps you’ll want to join in, so check it out. If you do, happy blogging and enjoy.


Colin Says:

Mary, I’d have thought “race” was the wrong word. Any feeling between European countries (and there is plenty) is a matter not of race but of nationality. After all, we Brits are the same “race” as the Germans, aren’t we? (even if some elderly Brits might not like to admit it!)
Regarding Federer, I see he’s reported as saying “My serve let me down”. Once again there is this habit of distancing himself from his own game. It’s his serve, not HIM. He is unwilling – or unable – to admit that he has real problems with his tennis. He won’t fix his game until he grasps that it’s damaged.
I didn’t see the Murray match, but he made a remarkable comeback. However, if he makes a bad start like that against one of the top clay specialists, the whole match will be gone before he knows it.
Lastly, as I said before, maybe the rest of the world will not joke so much about English weather, as the global climate changes. Wimbledon, a large-scale outdoor event lasting two weeks, has as far as I know never failed to complete the tournament. But now Monte Carlo, on the shores of the lovely blue Med, is in danger of being washed out.

Ezorra Says:

Mary, I’m not from Spain. I’m Malaysian (people of a very small country stated in Southeast Asia). That is why I never know what is really happen in the tennis world; in addition, tennis is not no. 1 sport in my country. Therefore, my knowledge about tennis is solely based on what I read and watch from the media (and internet).

I think the main idea of the article is to urge certain people to give the credit where the credit is due. The problem is this people such as ex-players, reporters, tennis writers, bloggers and others who play very important role in promoting tennis to the world are stressing too much on particular player/s (in this case – Federer) or certain issues rather than more related or significant issues. For example, why should we focus on Federer’s tears when the winner is Rafael Nadal? (Please take note that I never accuse Federer of stealing Rafa’s limelight or his tears are faked – no, I’m not saying that) or why should we put too much emphasis on Mirka’s pregnancy when they’re a lot of other topics to be talked about like the rise of Del Potro, Verdasco, Azarenka and others?

On top of that, same like Zola, I do believe that the writer of this article has exaggerated his point a little bit by adding the racial stuff.

Ezorra Says:

Jane, I’ve read your comments about the article and I’m completely agree with you.

Nadal is the GOAT Says:

Wow, The ultimate loser Roger Federer has lost again. I’m so happy. I hope Von, tennisbebe, MMT etc are enjoying the moment. It’s such a wonderful time for tennis. We are watching in front of our own eyes the fall of the most arrogant tennis player ever and the rise of the Greatest Sportsman of All Time.

Those of you who are talking about Nadal not getting enough attention from the media may be right. But the fact is there are many many more Nadal fans nowadays than Federer fans. About three or four years ago I used to see a lot of Fedtards around me. Now, almost everyone loves Rafa.

11111 Says:

Nadal is Goat you are retarted.

Colin Says:

11111 – when you call someone retarded, it isn’t too clever to spell the word wrongly!

Cindy_Brady Says:


Any time Fed loses it’s a big deal in tennis. This man is touted as the GOAT.

He’s been in the final Of Monte Carlo the last 3 years and has been consistently the 2nd best player on clay. Everyone was wondering what his clay court game looks now and it’s not good enough to win.

Fed is always BIG news!

No one care about the other Spanish players except for Nadal.

BTW, how can mens tennis ever become energized in the U.S if they never televise it on the major networks? How can the average fan learn who’s new and exciting in tennis?

Indian Wells and Miami had disgraceful coverage. ESPN won’t even touch it anymore.

Tennis needs better coverage and promotion.

Voicemale1 Says:


Regarding rankings. By the time we get to Madrid this year we should have an idea of what the year end rankings will look like. Nadal is clearly in the drivers seat now by virtue of winning the Australian Open. He needs to defend titles here and then Barcelona. Should he do that, Rome offers Nadal only upside, having gone out in the 2nd Round last year to Ferrero with the blister on his foot. If he does well there too, expect him to skip Madrid. If he loses early in any of the other three, he’ll likely play Madrid to make up for any losses. Since all are on clay, he looks to be in great shape going into the French again. The trick for him is the 4 week Grass Court swing. He needs to defend Queens & Wimbledon. If he succeeds, or doesn’t lose too many points there, his hard court summer swing looks easier to negotiate with no trip to the Olympics to throw into the mix. After the US Open, he’s basically home free with next-to-nothing to defend.

Djokovic has a lot to defend during the clay swing. He has a title in Rome to defend, and Semis both here and Roland Garros. Murray, conversely has a bunch of upside to gain. But Djokovic is better on clay than Murray. It’s a pick ‘em as to which will happen more often this year: Djokovic faltering on clay or Murray stepping up on clay. I’m still not convinced clay is a surface that suits the Murray brand of junk balling, especially over a Best of 5 format at the French Open. If Novak can keep the bulk of his points on clay, it puts Murray in a pickle, speaking long term. Any gains on clay will help him advance up the rankings now, but then he’d still have to run the table come the summer through the fall to move up. he did very well through the winter hard court swing, as we know. But if he does gain on clay now, it compels him to stay on top of everyone for the entire year of 2010 to keep what he gains now. Can you imagine? He’d have to not only defend titles in Doha, Rotterdam and Miami – but also an IW Final and an AO QF. And THEN defend a lot through the clay & grass swing – with all the hard court stuff from the summer onward through the indoor fall on top of all of that. That’s a very tall order for a guy that’s basically a counter puncher.

Federer looks to be at the stage of his career so many others before him have experienced. A good friend put it to me when he paraphrased Chris Evert characterizing her later career: “When you get older, there are more bad days”. At root, it’s about the laser focus and concentration expanding into other areas of your life. When you’re young & hungry you eat, breathe, sleep and live for tennis. At 27, newly married and with a baby on the way, it’s just tougher to stay focused on a 2nd or 3rd Round Match than it was when he was 23 and his whole tennis career yet to be carved out. I’m thinking Federer has really one ambition in 2009: get the Wimbledon Title back, period. I’m convinced that’s what he’s gearing himself for. And if he can do it at Nadal’s expense, even better for him in a whole host of ways. If Federer is unsuccessful there, its hard for me to think of what the rest of his year will look like.

St4r5 Says:

11111 – Colin, you guys make my day! My coffee was almost spilt over. It’s sooo funny.

Duro Says:

Semifinals again… Bravo Nole!

vared Says:

At 27, newly married and with a baby on the way, it’s just tougher to stay focused”

I dont know. Tiger Woods is staying focused with a wife and 2 kids.

jane Says:

Hi Duro, sar, and way to go Novak! He’s playing well on the clay. Best of luck to him to come through to the finals.

jane Says:

Hi Voicemale1,

Thanks for your post. The way Nadal looked today, I think he should have no problem skipping Madrid; he looked much crisper than in his earlier match, even though he cruised through there also. I’ve always loved Rafa’s effort and fight, and because he was the first player to step up and really challenge Federer. Roddick and others tried but without much success due to match ups etc. Anyhow, if Rafa could win the calendar slam that would be such a historical feat. But I think you’re right; his toughest challenge will be in defending the grass court results of last season, and then the summer hardcourt swing, and thereafter indoors, shouldn’t be as challenging with Olympics taken out of the mix.

Clay will decide the 3 and 4 rankings, for now, but I wonder if it could even result in Roger dropping down from 2? I guess he doesn’t have lots to defend until the French Open, but were he to falter early there, and were Novak or Murray to make it to the finals, I wonder if one of them could pass Roger? Roger has much to defend on grass too obviously, and the USO too. Though he can stand to gain a lot in Canada and at Cincy. I think Rafa will stay number 1 in 2009, unless something drastic happens, but I think 2, 3, and 4 – and below that too – will shuffle around, which makes for some excitement.

Perhaps you’re right that Roger’s ultimate goal is to get back the Wimbledon crown; that loss must’ve hurt the most, even though it was at Australia that he broke down. However, the problem in achieving this may be the focus, or lack thereof, which you mention; it could be exacerbated right around the time of Wimbledon if that’s when the baby is due (all I’ve heard about the due date is “this summer”), and therefore it could affect his chances of reclaiming Wimbledon.

jane Says:

Cindy_Brady, Mary, I am not saying no article should be written when Fed wins/loses/cries/smashes racquet/ etc., I am merely saying that not ALL of the articles need to be about Roger. Yesterday I was doing a google search to read about the matches, as I was at work and missed most of them, except Federer’s for which there was coverage, but every single article, no matter if I typed in “Verdasco” or “Djokovic” came up with Federer in the title and the article was mainly about him losing (aside from the British press). That’s kind of frustrating to say the least. Why can’t I read about other matches and players?

Regardless of the GOAT story, which I don’t buy anyhow, since the world is not ending and thus no one is greatest of “all time”, there are other things going on in tennis.

Gosh I guess I am sounding like a broken record eh? Kind of like the tennis press. lol.

jane Says:

Cindy_Brady, Mary, I am not saying no article should be written when Fed wins/loses/cries/smashes racquet/ etc., I am merely saying that not ALL of the articles need to be about Roger. Yesterday I was doing a google search to read about the matches, as I was at work and missed most of them, except Federer’s for which there was coverage, but every single article, no matter if I typed in “Verdasco” or “Djokovic” came up with Federer in the title and the article was mainly about him losing (aside from the British press). That’s kind of frustrating to say the least. Why can’t I read about other matches and players?

Regardless of the GOAT story, which I don’t buy anyhow, since the world is not ending and thus no one is greatest of “all time”, there are other things going on in tennis.

Gosh I guess I am sounding like a broken record eh? Kind of like the tennis press. lol.

margot Says:

Hi Jane: did you see Jko beat Verdasco? I did! Thank goodness for European time! I thought he played really well in the first set, he moves very well on clay and looked the best I’ve seen him for ages. But wasn’t Verdasco was making unforced errors by the dozen? Hot and cold like Tsonga. I also saw Andy M’s second set. I remember you saying how your heart sinks when you see Jko’s coach coming on court! Well, mine does the same when Andy starts grouching at the ref. I just know his concentration has gone then, wish he’d get hypnosis or something, there’s no need.
Voivemale1: thought you were a bit dismissive of Andy M., also don’t underestimate his desire to improve his game, also is Rafa not a counter puncher too? He did it!
Knowing life, will probably have to eat my words later on when Davydenko whops Andy….!

jane Says:

oops – why’d that post twice? sorry folks.

jane Says:

Hi margot – “But wasn’t Verdasco was making unforced errors by the dozen? Hot and cold like Tsonga.” Well, you’ve just summed up Verdasco’s career unfortunately; he has never been the most consistent player, but always flashes of brilliance.

And yes I noticed in this Fognini match that Murray was more distracted and talking aloud more, like his old self. He did this in the bad windy match against Rafa too – he can occasionally go off focus, but so can most of them I guess. The main thing is he won in the end this time!

Colin Says:

Jane, one thing must be said in Murray’s favour – when he swears on court (and I’d rather he didn’t)it’s at himself rather than at officials. Unlike some…

gordon Says:

It seams Novak is getting his form back!

margot Says:

Colin: there’s many things to be said in Murray’s favour! One I like the best is he never makes excuses when he loses and never disses other players. Read somewhere that the needle with JLP is because he made remarks about Andy’s mother. Do you know if this is true?
Also agree, marvellous about the rain in Monte Carlo! No more sarky comments about Wimbles please!

jane Says:

Colin, it’s true that Murray usually berates himself; however, having said that, he used to be notorious for yelling at his coach, and in the IW final against Rafa he hassled the umpire way too much over that piece of paper which apparently the umpire hadn’t even seen.

Overall Murray’s focus and temperament is tremendously improved, but there are bound to be slips and lapses for any player, and no real harm done then if he doesn’t make a habit of it.


gordon, yes Novak is looking more relaxed and playing with more focus and patience; accordingly his shots are falling into place as well. It’s nice to see him playing better; it wasn’t too enjoyable to watch his matches for a while there.

jane Says:

margot, here’s the youtube video with the little exchange between Murray and JMDP at (I think?) Rome last year:


Nadal is the GOAT Says:

Nadal has won two matches today. Now it’s time to destroy Murray and Djoker.

Here’s a wonderful article on Federina and Mirka:

Nadal is the GOAT Says:

Here’s the full article:

“Most of us suspected Roger Federer had gone at all levels and then he went and proved it on Saturday by marrying in secret.

It was a shocking development. Then again, if fat Mirka was my bride, I’d marry in secret, too. The only porkier bride I can think of is Damien McBride.

They say pregnant Mirka has made an honest man of Fed but, if he was that honest, he’d tell her to lose a few stone. Do you think Mirka’s being honest when she sets the bathroom scales to half-a-stone below zero? Not that there’s anything wrong with being overweight.

My first wife was a lump, yet I worshipped the ground she flattened. Sadly, it was 10 years ago this week that I lost her.

Advertisement – article continues below »

I’ll always remember that poker game.

Fed forsook the lure of a honeymoon to pitch up instead this week in Monte Carlo, presumably to spend more time with his money and less with his missus.

He smashed a racket in anger in Miami the last time he played, and Sky Bet are offering 16-1 he smashes another this week in Monte Carlo, where he plays Andreas Seppi in the first round today.

Ladbrokes quote 100-1 for Fed’s nipper to arrive during the men’s final at Wimbledon – the same price as sunshine – and a very tempting 7-4 for him to miss the halfway cut.”

jane Says:

Wow, Djokovic and Troicki just beat Bhupathi and Knowles. I think it’s good for Novak to be playing doubles, but I hope this doesn’t wear him down for his semi against Stan; that could be a very ,very tough one. Stan pushed Novak to 6-7, 6-7 at IW and in the Rome final last year he took a set off him. So it’ll be tough.

Looks like after the dogfight of a first set Murray should get past Davydenko, although Davy was up a break in the second, so you never know, but I don’t see either one passing Rafa in any case.

Rsutherland Says:

Aren’t you Murray-ites out there even the slightest bit embarrassed or irked by his incessant little tantrums? Granted the young man has loads of talent, but doesn’t sportsmanship figure into your decision to choose favorites?

Colin Says:

Rsutherland – what “incessant little tantrums”? You must be hallucinating. And when is he unsporting?
Nadal is the Goat – are you trying to imitate a cheap club comedian?
Mirka is a very attractive woman. If you can’t see that, all your taste is in your mouth.

Colin Says:

Well, Murray did it. So, even if, as is probable, he loses comprehensively to Nadal, he’s done what he said he was aiming for on clay – getting to quarters or semis.
No doubt Rsutherland will say he had a tantrum in that last game – but he was right, wasn’t he?

margot Says:

Hooray for Andy Murray! Gosh I feel ever so criticised from ever such a great height by Rsutherland…what’s the weather like up there?
Jane: much as I like Andy can’t see him defeating Rafa on clay just yet. How about Novak v. Rafa in the final?

jane Says:

margot, the only way in the world Novak could be Rafa in a clay final is if Rafa has an off day and Novak is totally on, winning it in two straight sets. But it won’t happen, and Novak has to get by Stan first!

Congrats on Andy’s win!

jane Says:

beat, not be. oops.

Colin Says:

Just to be totally trivial, anyone agree Davydenko looks a bit like James Woods?

JoshDragon Says:

What is going on with Roger? His forehand is terrible now. I hope he’s able to turn this slump around.

Rsutherland Says:

To all the Murray fans in denial about his bratish screams: There is one top 4 player who does not make excuses when he loses (wind, darkness, etc), give up cause he is too hot or too tired and/or scream/hurl his racket when things do not go his way…just one. That is part of what sportsmanship is about.
You fans who get defensive, make excuses for their ill-tempered favorites or lash out at those who simply point out facts cannot not change that. You do amuse me when you try, however.

margot Says:

Jane: if Novak plays as well as he did in the first set against Verdasco, surely he can beat Stan? And didn’t he play as well as anyone against Rafa in the French Open last year?
Methinks rsutherland is a nom de plume for a certain other blogger……

Daniel Says:

Wow, Murray is one win away of making e out of 3 Masters 1000 final appearance of the year. He just has to pass a guy name Nadal on clay first!

Will Murray be the last hope of somebody to challenge Rafa on clay?! Fed couldn’t do it and neither could Djoko.
It will be interesting if Murray beats Nadal to set a battle over N. 3 with Djoko in the final (he may go to 3 sets, but I can’t see him losing to Wawrinka now).

Murray will have to be way more agressive against Nadal, his waiting mistakes from opponents won’t work with him. When Davydenko found his form in the second set he lead 4-1, but what is really impressive in Murray’s game is his ability to adjust. After he realize waiting Davydenko to miss wasn’t working he quickly changed his tactics and turn the match in his favor, champion (N. 1) attitude!

vared Says:

Colin, his tantrums don’t make him popular with umps and ball boys that’s for sure. During that tie break with Foggy he was yelling at the boys. Today during Kolya he was kicking boxes. Don’t forget he cheers on opponents errors with his Hewitt-like “come ons.” There is even a video where the ball boys are giving Murray the finger.

fed is afraid Says:

rafa is incredible, he is the one everyone should be talking about for GOAT, not crybaby federer.

Kimmi Says:

Wouldn’t it be amazing if murray beats nadal tommorrow ?

Duro Says:

Daniel, I’m not sure about your calculation regarding ranking points. Could you check it out again if the semis for Nole means that he loses 90 points? It’s very hard to believe that the repeated success from the last year takes the points away. If so, this ranking system sucks big time!

Kimmi Says:

Duro, with regards to the new point system, the semi last year had 450 points, but semi this year has 360 points. So now Novak has reached semi he will lose 90 points, but will gain a lot if he reach the final or win the tournament.

Duro Says:

Kimmi Kimmi, how could it possibly be a lot? For the finals for Nole it means 600-360-90, right? 150 points only? Cruel…

Mary Says:

Jane: I was just offering a possible explanation on why it’s all fed all the time, which, in irony, we are adding to with our posts:>

Kimmi Says:

OK, 150 points for the final but if he wins he will have 550.

Nole has a great chance of reaching the final, he has better H2H with Wawrinka. But Murray in the other hand has to beat Nadal, who is a machine on clay.

Looks like Murray will not overtake Nole in monte carlo, but in Rome, madrid and Roland garros he has a great chance. nole has a lot to defend and Murray very little. This is where I feel Murray will overtake him. But also there is an issue with federer….

Duro Says:

As I said before, the ranking system sucks! You are getting rewarded for being poor last year… Great!

Kimmi Says:

Duro, I think it is a fair system, one has to match the previous year perfomance or better to move up.

Its most of the time easier to get there but very hard to maintain. Thats why people like Federer, Nadal, Nole have been very good for couple or more years.

Murray is moving up for the 1st time but it will get tougher for him when he has to defende lots and lots of points.

jane Says:

Duro, Kimmi is right about this “Murray is moving up for the 1st time but it will get tougher for him when he has to defende lots and lots of points.” Murray, starting at Wimbledon and on into the hardcourt season and the year end indoor events will have a lot to defend. And next year he will have even more.

Some people do not like the rolling ranking system and it allows players to stay up there when they are not doing well, padded by their results from previous years; it would be interesting to start fresh every year, they say.

I am not sure which I prefer. But i think the title and points changes this year are dumb. Why call events 1000s when they were just fine as Masters Series? Marketing, schmarketing.

andrea Says:

i think everyone who posts here doesn’t have to ask why federer and nadal get all the attention. a posting about the WTA barely gets any responses.

a posting on rog or rafa brings everyone and their dog out. they are fascinating. the others….not so much.

Kimmi Says:

Jane, what you say is interesting. I think the new system give the winner more advantage. For example the GS use to have winner 1000 and runner up 700, these points are too close and does not give the winner a clear lead.

Good example is last year, nadal wins FO and wimbledon, fed is runner up to both but I believe if Federer did well in Toronto and Cincinanti then he would still be number one at the end of the year. but the new system does not allow that. I think same aplies to MS.

jane Says:

Well that’s a valid point Kimmi, though sometimes there is not much to separate the finalist from the winner is there? Other times there is miles separating them – just look at Fed/Nadal finals from Roland Garros where Roger seemed to stop playin but still collected runners up points and a fat cheque, compared to Wimbledon, where he fought to the end and 9-7 in the final set. Much different scenarios but same points and money. Crazy. But as Von would say, who said life is fair!?

jane Says:

andrea, so the only “fascinating” players playing tennis are Federer and Nadal? Do you even like this sport? There are SO MANY interesting players, young ones, older ones, some who are consistently great, some who aren’t. To me, they’re all worthy of a line now and then. Sheesh.

Kimmi Says:

If the runner up did not perform as expected in the final, thats is too bad but this person has the right to be in the final because he beat everybody else to reach there.

I guess you want if there is a good fight (ie close match) then the players may get more points/money and vise versa. I think that would be a very complicated system, sometimes the simple things are the better. Hence ATP is now trying to make it easy to the fans and have simple ranking system only 3 types of tornament points allocation. While before we had about 10 which I confess even myself i used to get confused.

Von Says:

What a major disappointment Verdasco turned out to be today! He has gone back to his past weather-like performances. One day hot and the next day cold, cloudy skies with thunderstorms.

I was looking forward to his match today v. Djoko as the match of the day, based on his AO performance, which he hasn’t duplicated since. Disappointment galore because all I saw was Verdasco over-hitting long shots out of the court and making tons of UEs, shaking his head in disgust and annoyance on his face due to his ineptness; 48 UEs as opposed to 9 winners. On the other hand, Djoko, aside from playing a better first set than Verdasco, due to the Verdasco errors, and Djoko keeping his errors to a minimum, also made a lot of UEs in the second and third sets. The match could have gone either way had it not been for Verdasco’s ridiculous UEs and off-the scale dips in concentration.

What I’ve observed from Djoko recently is that he senses when his opponent is having difficulties and hangs in the match, not doing more than is necessary to win, but holding his serve and allowing his opponent to just self-destruct, e.g., Tsonga and Federer = Djoko wins. Kudos to Djoko, his coach et al, for demonstrating that there are many ways to win a match without playing brilliantly.

I suppose I’m in the minority when I say that I don’t understand the reasoning behind some posters’ incessant harping on some of the players on-court behavior, e.g., yelling, umpire tiffs, et al, and yet they don’t notice but instead condone other players’ in the face fist pumps, raising of the leg with a fist pump, and the nasty looks that are akin to hate. I’m baffled, how can one type of behavior be alright and completely acceptable and the others so unbearable? As I see it, the players who do not show emotion are in the minority and appear as robots, and inanimate objects. The players are flesh and blood human beings with foibles and frailities and have personalities. Why would we want to change them into anything else?

There is selective bias, no doubt about that, when it comes to on-court behavior. As I’ve stated previously, and I’ll say it again, the players who can speak several languages, or another language apart from English get away with their cursing and swearing because they are not speaking in English and their words are not discernible, so no one hears them, or if they are our favourites, we selectively don’t want to hear or see them acting out their frustrations. However, if we were to look at their mouths more closely, we’d seem them uttering some ‘F’ bombs and other curse words in their own language. Not to mention the manner in which the ball kids are treated – unpaid, and meek fetch and carry slaves. The question we need to ask, do we want to watch a sport with flesh and blood human beings, or do we want to see perfect/robotic people playing a sport? I’d rather watch the sport with humans who lose their tempers and curse if frustrated, than see robots in motion, but that’s just my preference. For those who are prim and proper with halos surrounding their heads, I’d suggest they head out to Lincoln Center and watch the Nutcracker or Radio City Music Hall and look at the Rocketees, or the Met and hear Placido Domingo and/or Carreras sing in Italian and forget about watching sports, because all of the sports have athletes who are not into being perfect people. Sports are about athletes who excel and master different types of skills, it’s certainly not about who’s well-behaved and genteel. The well-behaved aspect is just incidental.

Von Says:

“a posting on rog or rafa brings everyone and their dog out. they are fascinating. the others….not so much.”

Hence, lookie who’s here, even the guy who posts once in every 6 months and was once a gung-ho Fed fan but is now a Nadal fan, has come out of the wood work and so has andrea, who has zero understanding of the sport. I think those who only want to watch ‘Rog’ and ‘Rafa’ should rent a stadium and pay the two to play for their personal enjoyment. A fan of any sport wants to see well-played matches where the competition is fair AND EXCITEMENT BUILDS. Unfortunately in tennis, we see light weights having to play heavy weights to get knocked out of the first couple of rounds because those players are only there to make up the ‘draw’ and/or numbers, and to make the ‘heavy weights appear as ‘imperious’.

Kimmi Says:

Von, love your 1st point about Verdasco, did not see the match and was wondering what is wrong, is Nole too good here ???

From a very good match with Ferrer to this. Kudos to Nole but Verdasco can be a very good player challenging the top guys consistently if he learn to put the ball on the court…..aaaaaarg when will that happen ??

Your second point is even great, I get fumed when people keep saying Murray is very bad on court, federer a bad loser while a lot of other players have antics on the court that does not show good example either. Good point Von !!

Von Says:

ATP has done a good snow job of the ranking points. Pure and simply put, they are robbing the players, and are taking away the incentive to reach the SF. The MS 1000, SF should be worth more than 360 points, not to mention the QFs, where a player has to play 4 matches to receive a measly 180 points. The same goes for the prize money. I can’t believe the players are not protesting this unfairness in points and money. I used to think the old points/money award was bad, but this new system is just ‘pure wholesale robbery’. Where’s the incentive for the lower ranked players?

Kimmi Says:

Von, it means you need to be really good in tennis to get all the money. Who cares about lower ranked players ? Its difficult for them to proceed coz they play top guys in 1st round….

like what Jane said “Von would say, who said life is fair!?”

Von Says:


Thanks, even though I appreciate your compliments, I believe I will be skewered for my comments, and I had better check Wiki to ensure that nothing I’ve written is the work of someone else. LOL. Anyway, it goes with the territory doesn’t it? seriously though, I don’t care what the players say or do within reason — they’re humans and their tantrums show they ‘CARE’.

I feel some criticize the players for their antics because they want to appear as though they are so very respectable themselves, as if anyone cares. I make comparisons of behavior when I see another player is being attacked for bad behavior, but normally, I don’t care what they do. I just want to see a good match and if the histrionics (which at times are funny) are thrown in, it’s no big deal.

Verdasco is pure and simply put, a head case. Roddick once said about Verdasco, that he has bad dips in concentration and if a player holds on he’ll yield the win. He did that so well today. I think his Roman helmet peak (which I see a vision/picture of plumes, et al) whenever I look at him, is way too heavy for his head. LOL. Sorry, but to what else can one attribute his radical dips in performance?

Von Says:


I say this in all honesty, I really do care about the lower ranked players and I feel the whole ranking/rolling points system is unfair. Each year the points should begin from zero and then we won’t see just a few players remain at the top. I’m all for every player getting a taste of what it’s like to be No. 1 if only for a week.

alpha Says:

I’ve said before that:
1. thaSpaniard
2. thaScott
3. thaSerb
4. thaArgentine

Kimmi Says:

Von: “Each year the points should begin from zero and then we won’t see just a few players remain at the top. I’m all for every player getting a taste of what it’s like to be No. 1 if only for a week.”

Thats the valid point in a way, but I think the system really separate the one off perfomance to the best. If you think about it the rolling point system is not easy to maintain because it forces players to perform at high level in a long run and very few can do it.

I think the issue is debatable as I believe the race will match up the rolling points at the end of the year but alo this may bring the issue about tournaments seeding etc

zinaldo Says:

Eh i understand a lot of you, for not wanting to kick a man when is already down but federer is panicking why coz now he has about 3 guys that pretty much can beat him not 1 like he was few years ago, nobody wants to bow down to him or admire his shots anymore and he pretty much doesn’t know how to handle, he has never been under so much pressure and he is crumbling under it.

I love roger but someone with such a big weakness, you can only say that he profited to an extent of the weak era he was in, yes he might be a little so and older but we all know roger has never been a fighter, judging by the number of matches he lost coz of his weak mental toughness.

But what really bothers is, how stubborn he is for not trying to hire a coach, he has been told so often you are the best, the greatest that he has gone to his head, and from what i see he wants to be the one to take all the plaudits aswell, coz i cannot see another reason why he doesn’t hire a coach, as if by him winning while having a coach is gonna be all down to the coach, just shows you just how full of himself the guy really is, i used to love watching roger but now all i want is fro him to retire coz we don’t want to see cry babies on the court, nadal doesn’t win just with his gameplay but also with his fight,determination,never say die attitude, roger always seemed as someone when is game is there, he is all good but cannot find other ways to win anytime he has to fight to win.

With roger you could always tell he was scared of rafa but now days he is pretty much sh…..g in his pants against pretty anyone who stands up tp him, also have you notice just how much he now even struggles to beat roddick,that should really be an indicator of just how poor roger has become.

Someone once said you see the real you when you are down not on top, amd right now this is the roger we would have seen had he faced this kind of competition back in his peak, he might have done a little better but i doubt he would have won as much as he had then.

zola Says:

the ATP race points start from zero each year and accumulate as a result of the player’s performance throughout the year, whereas the ranking points stay there for 52 weeks after they have been earned. I think it is a good system. Of course multiplying the points by two and changing the master series to 1000 series etc., was a bit confusing.

zola Says:

you have a point about Fed’s being stubborn for not hiring a coach, but let’s wait and see what happens with Roger. I am sure it is not the best time in his career and many are waiting to see what he is willing to do about it.

margot Says:

Von: completely agree with your post at 9.16pm. Love does apparently make some bloggers blind to the on court behaviour of their own favourite while being only to happy to pass judgement on others.
Yes, Andy M can be a mouthy little s—e and I don’t like it, but don’t get me started on the behaviour of some of the others who are given saint like status by their fans…..

Duro Says:

The ATP ranking system sucks! Period.

Giner Says:

No live feed for Nadal-Murray (except one in a foreign language). How sad. That was the only match I wanted to see all tournament.

jane Says:

Well, can’t you watch it at channelsurfing even if the commentary is in a foreign language at least you can see the match, which is what matters anyhow. Half the time the commentary is inane or at least fairly self-evident.

jane Says:

Murray’s making a real push in this final game, and at least he’s making Rafa serve it out – interesting!

Fruitcake Says:

What tripe some of the media write. Did anyone seriously expect a guy, newly married (head still spinning I expect) to tip up 2 days later and reach the s/f let alone the final of MC? I certainly didn’t.

And the nonsense about Murry hiring Coretja and looking lost against Nadal in the MC s/f. By his own admission clay is Murray’s worst surface .. he’s on a learning curve and I thought he did well in the 2nd set to take it to t/b. Give him time … I think he can take Nadal down on clay … but not this year.

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