Nadal Runs Clay Table, Wins Fifth French Open in Dominating Fashion; Returns to No. 1
by Sean Randall | June 6th, 2010, 1:21 pm

What did Roger Federer say last month after losing to Rafael Nadal in the Madrid final, that the clay season would be determined in Paris? Well, it’s been determined and once again Nadal in the King of Clay. ADHEREL

In his best and most complete match of the tournament, Nadal pounded on Robin Soderling 6-4, 6-2, 6-4 to capture his 5th career French Open title.

“Very important victory for me,” Nadal said. “I think one of the most important victories in my career, I think. Yeah, I told you 100 times, but was a difficult year for me the last year. So after this tournament last year was a difficult year, and I worked a lot to be here. I was very nervous during all the tournament, because I know before that that I was ready to try to win another time, and I saw the chances there. But the very positive thing is today I was ready to play. I was ready to play with calm and to try my best and to enjoy the match. I did, and was a very special day.”

Soderling pushed Nadal in the opening set earning a break chances early on, but as he does so often Nadal didn’t give an inch in the 2-hour, 18-minute affair.

“Was very difficult to play against Robin,” added Nadal. “I think he’s a great player. But at the same time, very difficult to play against because he has a big serve, very flat shots are long from the baseline, very good shots from both sides, forehand and backhand, and is very difficult to control. It’s almost impossible to have the control of the points against him. Today I felt great physically. I felt perfect mentally, too. I run. My movements was much better today than the rest of all the tournament.”

Nadal seized a break in the very next game for a 3-2 lead, and then followed with a first set victory. In the second set Nadal pulled away early as Soderling grew weary as Nadal was simply not missing. And in the third Nadal raced out to a quick 2-0 lead and the match was all but over.

For the second time Nadal won the French Open without dropping a single set, equaling the efforts of Bjorn Borg.

At 24, Nadal is already halfway to Pete Sampras’s 14 Slams, and he ties John McEnroe and Mats Wilander on the all-Time Grand Slam chart.

“As I said, it’s a huge pleasure for me to be here in Paris,” said Nadal. “I am in Paris. I won in Paris. I’m very lucky, and I was very fortunate in life to have had the opportunity of experiencing all this at the age of 24. Never in my wildest dream would I have dreamt of such beautiful presents. Life was very kind to me.”

Soderling, who had beaten Nadal in their last two meetings, wasn’t up to a reprise to his stunning victory a year ago in Paris.

“Of course I didn’t play as good this year as I did against him last year,” Soderling said. “I didn’t serve as well. I wasn’t hitting the ball as clean. It was tough today. I didn’t really get into the match.”

Nadal has now won 22 straight matches and he’ll head to Queen’s and then Wimbledon where he’ll play his first grass court tennis in two years.

“The confidence always is the most important thing. So winning here and winning the last 22 matches on clay is always very good preparation for grass,” said Nadal who won Wimbledon in his last appearance there. “So tomorrow in afternoon I gonna be practicing on Queen’s for not a lot of time. For 45 minutes. Maybe I will love to play doubles on Tuesday there to prepare. And later, sure, I gonna play, I think, singles on Wednesday. So I love this tournament. I love Queen’s always. I enjoy a lot to be there. It’s different tournament because you play in a club. That makes the tournament very special. I am feeling great all the time there.”

Soderling and his fans still have to be pleased with the two weeks despite his subpar performance in the final. Few expected Robin to repeat his runner-up finish a year ago, but after a suspect few tournaments leading up to Paris, the Swede somehow found his form again.

He scored a big win over Federer on Tuesday then overcame Tomas Berdych in five sets on Friday.

It’s hard to say if he will ever breakthrough for a Slam win – I will say he won’t – but having reached the finals of two Majors is still a pretty good career mark.

“Losing a final in a Grand Slam is not great,” said Soderling who also lost in straight sets to Federer last year. “It’s not a great feeling. But, you know, I wasn’t close in any one of them. I lost straight sets last year and the same his year.  It’s always tougher if you lose a really, really close match.”

With the win Nadal sweeps all four major clay events (Monte Carlo, Rome, Madrid, Paris), the first time anyone’s ever done that. And recall Nadal was on a 10-month title drought until the clay season.

“The feeling is when you win you know how many hours you had on court, how many hours you was thinking and working to play your best tennis, how much time you wait to win another time a title,” he said. “For me was 11 months without win a title, so a lot of tournaments going back to home without a victory. A lot of moments, difficult moments, because in a few of these tournaments I had to retired for the problems. So is difficult moments to accept I say before, and this, sure, it’s very important for me. It was personal goal to be back at my best. So I did. And for me, sure, the important thing is Roland Garros. But for me the biggest thing is the personal satisfaction to be here, to be here another time and to be at the top level.”

The win also returns the No. 1 ranking to Nadal. Rafa will begin his 47th week at No. 1 tomorrow while Federer, who must defend Wimbledon title points, will have to play catch up as Nadal should hang on to the top spot through July. And Nadal’s ascension puts Federer’s assault on Pete Sampras’s record of 286 weeks at No. 1 on hold, just one painful week shy of the mark.

Federer of course struggled for much of the clay season and in the end he was nowhere to be found the weekend of the French finals. The Swiss will be in Halle this upcoming week trying to get back in the ATP win column for the first time in ten months.

The race for the 2010 year-end No. 1 ranking is officially on, and the greatest ever on clay is in the lead.

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189 Comments for Nadal Runs Clay Table, Wins Fifth French Open in Dominating Fashion; Returns to No. 1

JCZ Says:

The king of clay is back!

ron Says:

Here’s a match about Nadal vs. Soderling, and Federer gets mentioned 4 times.

Need to change the name of this site to

Andrew Miller Says:

Nadal, huge win, playing ferociously. Soderling’s 2nd and 3rd set slump truly surprised me. He summoned his “worst stuff” for those sets and seemed to tank (even if he didnt, he seemed do depressed and ready to go home!)

So, shocking for me to see Soderling “destroyed” two French Open finals in a row.

Are there other “bridesmaids” like Soderling in recent memory, with multiple slam finals but never a slam win?

Maybe Cedric Pioline?

Janadev Says:

Nadal to defend around 2400 points for the rest of the year, where as federer to defend around 5000 points(including WTF)

Andrew Miller Says:

Very touched by Nadal’s sobbing in the towel. Reminds me of final moments of Season 3 from the TV series 24 when Jack Bauer cries.

So Nadal isnt Jack Bauer, but it’s fair to say that between 2009’s Aussie Open and 2010’s French Open title, he’s been through some doubts (even with results other top 10 players, minus Federer, would love).

Huh Says:


NachoF Says:

“The Swiss will be in Halle this upcoming week trying to get back in the ATP win column for the first time in ten months.”

What does this mean?.. Federer won the australian Open.

Ben Pronin Says:

First time in 10 months? Sean, did you forget the Australian Open already?

Ben Pronin Says:

All in all, incredibly impressive performance by Nadal throughout this whole year, really. He’s reclaimed the top spot with authority. Several people claim that the changing of the guard that started in 2008 was simply put on hold because of Nadal’s injuries and that seems like a plausible argument. I really feel like this is the beginning of the Nadal era. He should definitely hold the top spot for a 2-3 years at least.

van orten Says:

what can you say? the sod didn’t have anything left in the tank. nadal played unbelievable tennis today. he deserves to be where he is right now. at the top.
now there’s wimbledon. could be a whole different story there. let ‘s see who prevails. i wish the two top players a tough draw by the way. although i guess it could harm nadal more than federer knowing his record there only losing to nadal once in over 7 years

Huh Says:

Probably yeah, even Fed gave a hint about the possible start of Nadal era when he in his interview to a French magazine stated: As scary as it might sound, but the best of Rafa’s yet to come!

ron Says:

Federer will never be number one again.

Huh Says:


I remeber you marvelling last year about how Nadal’s winning almost everything during the beginningof 2009 and particularly during clay season, this was until Madrid. I disapproved of you then coz I didn’t want Rafa to sweep the whole clay season. But now that he’s finally sweeped the clay court season in the real sense of the term, I say without regret, what the Nadal has been able to do this year is:



Nadal has earned my HUGE HUGE respect, he’s sensational.

aleish17 Says:

Hi Huh!

Thanks for congratulating my Rafa! Sorry for Sod though.

I only got to see the first set. I was so tensed that I had to stop watching and turned off my computer. And take note, I was the one who advised you to chill and relax and yet, tension was all over me. I went to my colleague’s house and when I arrived, I turned on the tv and saw the part where they present the award for the winner.

I was just soooooo happy that Rafa pulled it off without dropping a set. I know a lot of tennis fans out there would have wanted a 5 setter. As much as a Rafa fan in me, I want him (Rafa) to finish it off quickly and he did in straights.

Congrats to Sod for a wonderful FO run.

But this is Rafa’s time. All cheers for mah man!!!
Gotta watch the replay. At least this time, I am certain of the outcome. lol

Ben Pronin Says:

I don’t remember marveling at Nadal last year. I was probably pissed he was winning everything.

I’ve gained a lot of respect after seeing all his struggles and the way he’s come through. Best part of this whole tournament was seeing Nadal cry like crazy into his towel after winning. It just goes to show how much this win meant to him after all the crap he’s been through. All that emotion he let out was truly priceless. It’s a much more “real” moment that Federer being all giddy and not knowing what to do with himself after winning the AO this year.

van orten Says:

@ ben pronin
why playing wimbledon by the way..? for you nadal is already the winner of every tournament left in the calender 2010, isn’t he. winner of every tournament for the next decade;-)

van orten Says:

the other players should retire immediatly

van orten Says:

it’s disgustin to read such crap from a fan or pseudo expert or whatever you call yourself. really be serious.

Ben Pronin Says:

Cool, van orten.

Huh Says:


Make no mistake, I remember you said you were pissed off, but the heaps after heaps of praise you bestowed on Rafa even then, couldn’t actually convince me that you were pissed off. One like you can be hardly be said to be pissed off about Nadal winning everything when most of your posts contain so much respect for Nadal! I don’t think you in anyway hate Rafa or stuff, hence my terming that you were marvelling, it appeared to me so at least.

aleish17 Says:

This has been the greatest clay season of Rafael Nadal. He really deserves these clay victories since he worked too hard for it. Having to endure 11 months without a single title is no joke for a top player like Nadal. Im not sure how other players would handle it but just proud of how mentally tough he is. And now, he was in full force coming to the clay season and sweeping it all. Another mark in the history board for Rafa.

Clay sweep, 7th Grand Slam title and No. 1 spot is so darn incredible. Way to go Rafa! Good luck in Queen’s and Wimby. Continue to improve your game and we will be watching you, supporting you all the way.


jane Says:

Sean kudos to you on your picks for the French Open; you made some good and unexpected predictions, like with Berdych in the semis and Kirilenko, who did beat Kuzy and almost made the semis, like you’d thought. You also called the final right – Nadal in 3 “tight” sets. Good job!!

I am interested to see how Rafa now fares on the grass now.

Sean Randall Says:

Ron, nice idea.

Ben/Others, ATP events only (ie non Slam). Australian Open isn’t an “ATP” event.

tfouto Says:

What does Willander and specially Borg would say now of Soderling being no.1 sooner than we think?

Huh Says:

Hi aleish:

Cheers! I don’t think Sod played the best match of his life today, but Rafa produced a determined display. One FH of Rafa was ABSOLUTELY jaw-dropping and I’d to re-align my jaws again, lol! That was one of the sickest FHs I have ever seen, it was so furious, brutal and yet majestic.

Ben Pronin Says:

Huh, I still find it hard to root for Nadal. My dislike of him stems from all his victories over Federer. But since Federer has done everything I’ve rooted for, those losses don’t bug me so much. Plus with Federer continuing a steady decline, Nadal is the clear-cut number 1. You can’t not respect everything he’s done, but that doesn’t mean I’ll always like it.

I’m still not convinced Nadal is a favorite at Wimbledon and I’d be shocked to see him win at the US Open this year or any other for that matter. But he’s easily the most consistent player on tour and makes it deep in 95% of the events he plays.

I mentioned this earlier but, besides holding the record for MS titles, he also holds an incredible record of making it to at least the Quarters of every Masters event since 2008 Hamburg.

Jatt Says:

I think whenever french open or any clay tournament is held in future and if rafa is healthy and fit, they should just hold the trophy to rafa since we all know how it ends :)

Ben Pronin Says:

Technicalities, Sean.

montecarlo Says:

Anybody actually knows total number of weeks No. 1+ No. 2 combined for Nadal and Federer each?

Andrew Miller Says:

Wilander might boast but he really believes in Soderling, and let’s face it: in the past two years, Soderling’s the only one to beat Federer and Nadal on clay.

That counts, in my book, as huge. He played two hideous finals, but he certainly did what no other player alive has done in beating Nadal and Federer at Roland Garros.

Again, nothing to be ashamed of. However, I think Soderling played two bad finals (against the two best players in the world). Predictable, perhaps, and disappointing to himself I am sure.

I’d wager Roddick feels better going five against Roger Federer and losing at Wimbledon (even if it destroyed the rest of his year), than Soderling for not making a match of it.

Shows how tough it is to beat both Federer and Nadal at a slam, which Del Potro did at the US Open (Del Potro being the only player alive to beat both of them at the SAME Grand Slam).

I dont even know if Del Potro believes he can do it again, as other players’ games have risen since Del Potro’s 2010 slump.

Andrew Miller Says:

I’m with Ben Pronin on this one, I cant see Nadal raising the US Open trophy. Could happen, but by that part of the season Nadal is toast. There’s not enough time off for him to be at his best, whereas Australian Open at least gives some breathing room from the previous season.

Not sure what to expect from him at Wimbledon – another story for another day!

madmax Says:

Ben pronin:

he also holds an incredible record of making it to at least the Quarters of every Masters event since 2008 Hamburg.

almost as impressive eh ben as federer making 24 consecutive QF’s in every grand slam event since 2004.


your dislike of federer and his achievements is profoundly evident.

Do you think you could say something which is remotely interesting?

Ben Pronin Says:

Del Potro is a beast.

Fed’s lost to quite a number of people on clay in the last few years, but not at RG.

I actually think last year’s final was better. Well, I thought Soderling played better. At the same time, after the first few games, I knew Soderling wouldn’t be elevate his game too much. Nadal was just too tough. It was his best match of the tournament and he did everything better than Sod. He even matched him in the aces department at one point (not sure about the end).

tfouto Says:

Del Potro in form is a hell of a player. Del Potro has all the game to beat Federer and Nadal over and over again, especially in hard courts. When Del Potro returns in shape he will be number 3 threatening Fed-Nadal…

Soderling is a great player but not number 1. I think number 3 or 4 will be the max he will get in his career.

jane Says:

On the other thread I forgot to say congrats to Rafa for reaching number 1 again. That is quite a feat after the year long struggle that he had to bounce back like that.

Fed probably could’ve held onto it a little longer to break that “weeks @” record if he had done a little better in the clay season, playing in Monte Carlo, winning Estoril and of course going deeper at Rome.

But the exciting thing for tennis fans is that this does heat up the race for year end number 1. These guys will be motivated!

Ben Pronin Says:

Madmax, I honestly don’t think there is a better record out there than Fed’s 23 semis in a row. It’s just, it’s the Federer Record, as far as I’m concerned.

But my point is that Nadal is consistent in every event, including the slams. Fed can lose in any given round, including the first, at the Masters. That’s why Nadal will be number 1 this year and a few more years after that.

Ben Pronin Says:

Does this mean Nadal is the third player to ever reclaim the number 1 ranking? Not a bad feat itself.

Andrew Miller Says:

Who will beat Federer on the hard courts? Del Potro is out, Nadal’s whipped (exhausted) by that part of the season, Djokovic’s serve is still not even at 2007 levels (I think Djokovic 2007 beats Djokovic 2010 6-3, 6-2, 6-2 in best of 3 sets), Cilic dangerous but nothing to show, Roddick hasnt got the job done before at a slam vs. Federer, Tsonga got destroyed in Australia, Verdasco plays too much and is a little too slow on the hard courts. Davydenko? No, injured. Berdych? Same knock as always, someone else will get him. Ferrer? Didnt get it done on the clay, so cant see him doing it on the hard courts.

Guess that leaves Andy Murray. I just dont see Federer going down on the hard courts unless Andy Murray steps it up.

Murray: all you, man.

Andrew Miller Says:

And Soderling on the hard court? No. I dont think he gets Federer on the hard court.

Ben Pronin Says:

Andrew, I’m guessing you’re referring to the US Open hard courts. Because Fed’s fair game to anyone at the other events, but I fully expect him to make it to a 7th US Open final, and most probably win it unless someone plays the match of their lives and he blows a bunch of opportunities. Like you, I can’t see anyone beating him there. Except Nadal, maybe. But Davydenko will never beat Fed in a slam and that does leave Djokovic and Murray, both of whom need to find their A-games asap (especially the current number “3”).

montecarlo Says:

@ andrew

Berdych, Baggy, Davy, Tsonga, Benneteau, Karlovic, every tom dick and harry .. The list is endless.. Now they know Federer isn’t that special in slams anymore. If they can beat him in non slams they can do it in slams too.

tfouto Says:

Davydenko is good now. He will play this week in Halle, so in hard courts he should be fine. Gulbis? Who knows. Murray against Federer on hard-court… hmm i dont think so. At least in US open. In Masters its perfectly possible.

Rsutherland Says:

I agree with what you say about tennis-x and how it deserves re-naming.
A while back I wrote that even if the topic was women’s junior tour, the hallowed name of Roger Federer would be prevalent.
Low and behold (though certainly not junior women) in an article about Stosur and Schiavone, who would become a secondary topic…drum roll please…
BEN PRONIN wrote (the topic was the French Open final and the plethora of comments about Roger Federer ensued) that this really was Federer’s world.
Well Ben, tennis-x certainly is ‘really Federer’s world. Why? Because you and your ilk make it so.
MAD MAX said even more recently to someone else with a similar complaint, basically, if you don’t like it, get out.
Perhaps Mad Max. but if you really wanted an awesome site, you would instead chose to encourage a little more parity on here.
While I’m at it…
I read all this outrage about the comments of some cerebral sycophant named Nadal is the GOAT. Fair enough right? Well…where is the outrage when some jerk Federer supporter goes at it? …crickets…
For instance:
RAFATARD or TARD: These have become regular terms on tennis-x. Some of those who get all hot and bothered by Nadal is the GOAT use or engage in discourse with those who use this term. This is hypocritical at best.
Of course my problem is not that it is insulting but it is a term worthy only of an intellectual troglodyte.
But you know, Mad Max, you are probably right about this site.
It is basically a perpetual Federer Bacchanale…and orgy for Federer supporters.
That said I can certainly put aside my disdain for mental mediocrity for a good time.
I know many of the g-spots.
Here goes (to be set to the last three minutes of Maurice Ravels Daphnis et Chloe, suite #3):
Stephan Edberg award…”ooh, that’s nice’
123 weeks…’ah yeah’
16 GS … “Oh Baby!”
Federer is greater than Nadal… “Yes, Yes!”
GOAT “Oh yeah, don’t stop”
GOAT “keep going baby’
Roger Federer is the Greatest of all Time!!! “YES!!!!!!!!!!!”

Ben Pronin Says:

Montecarlo, I really doubt players will be confident against Fed in the slams, even if they’ve beaten him outside. They still need to play amazing for at least 3 sets and they have to deal with the pressure of beating him at a slam. Just because he lost before the semis once doesn’t mean it’s going to be a common trend. Not yet, anyway.

The French Open has always beens Federer’s worst slam. If his streak was going to be snapped, obviously it was going to be snapped in Paris. But he still has incredible streaks at Wimbledon and the US Open and it’ll require a little more than Benneteau believing in himself to knock out Fed.

blah Says:

Still early, but I like cilic to make his mark this uso. Soderling is still dangerous, but it shows how tough it is when you have to beat two of the sports greatest to get a slam, and shows what Del Potro did last year was really a pretty amazing accomplishment.

Congrats to Nadal for reclaiming his FO title. At wimby it’s probably 1- Fed and 2a- Nadal 2b- Roddick. Let’s see what Murray can do there.

montecarlo Says:

@ Ben

If Robin Soderling who won just 1 set in previous 12 meetings can beat him..why not the guys mentioned above?

Ben Pronin Says:

Montecarlo, Sod had 2 sets. But besides that, because Soderling was supremely focused and determined. Plus, what better way to warm up to snapping one of the greatest streaks of all time than by snapping one of the other greatest streaks of all time the year before. Soderling, unlike anyone other player, knew he could pull the greatest of upsets. He’s a French Open Upset Specialist.

A lot of the guys you listed aren’t the most fit guys out there. Karlovic? Benneteau? Plus Berdych and Baghdatis almost choked against Fed in non-slams, imagine the choking in a slam. And most importantly, he’s still Roger Federer. He’s not a mediocre player who got on a lucky run. He’s still better than these guys on his day, so they’ll have to catch him off his day.

guy Says:

nadal winnning the usopen has a lot to do with murray and djoko. i think those two match up better with him then fed on fast courts and they’ve beaten him a bunch of times when in form. if they heat up by the end of the year, it’ll make it very tough. but if they continue their patchy play, i’d say nadal will probably win it.

jane Says:

Ben “He’s a French Open Upset Specialist.” Do you mean Soda? Umm, I think he could actually do well at Wimbledon and the USO, both of which he was stopped at by Fed last year. At the USO, Soda almost pushed Roger to a 5th set. Now that he’s beaten Fed at a slam it’s possible – though the odds may be against it – that he could do it again if he has one of those great days and, say, Fed’s serve is not firing or something.

King of the Court Says:

Federer fans > nadal fans or any other tennis player fans. Federer has won atp fan favorite award for 7yrs in a row.

So there are going to be more federer fans than nadal fans except at nadal’s home page or maybe tennis talk, where people like rsutherland are given moderator privileges to not let federer fans post. rafa fans should just go there. seriously, whining on the day nadal won his 7th GS. how sad is that. if you donot like some website, why go there and keep whining? atleast that is what i would do.

soderling made a fool out of everyone who thought he had better chance than Federer at beating nadal on clay. federer’s game matches poorly with nadal than soderling, but his heart and mental strength are greater than anyone not named nadal.

wimbledon is going to be very interesting. cannot wait for the superbowl of tennis.

Andrew Miller Says:

Hi Ben, yes – that’s what I meant, I like Federer’s slam prospects on hard courts especially the US Open. I don’t think Roddick can take out Federer in best of five on hard courts and I’m doubtful on the rest of the field (including Del Potro because he’s injured).

Federer’s never injured, I’ve never seen him call a trainer! Plus, he’s just better than Tsonga and the gang on hard courts, and if he sees Del Potro again at a Slam I fear for Del Potro, Federer ENJOYS those kinds of matches!

Anna Says:

If you’d been on this sight any longer than 2 minutes you’d know that Ben is not a runaway Nadal fan. Why don’t you cut back on the disgust for just a few hours so people can just enjoy and discuss Nadal’s win without malice. There’ll be time enough for your disgust tomorrow.

Incredible season for Rafa. Who would have thought all this just a few short months ago when many had predicted it was all down hill. I can’t believe how lucky we are as fans to have 2 champions of the caliber of Rafa and Roger. And now it begins on grass.

Sean Randall Says:

Monte Carlo, Federer’s at 285 weeks, Nadal 46 before tomorrow. So combined the two are at 331 weeks at No. 1.

Andrew Miller Says:

Full disclosure: I’m a tennis fan, I like all the players equally except for Sjeng Schalken, whose first serve makes someone prefer Jay Berger’s serve, which was atrocious.

Jay Berger:

madmax Says:


MAD MAX said even more recently to someone else with a similar complaint, basically, if you don’t like it, get out.
Perhaps Mad Max. but if you really wanted an awesome site, you would instead chose to encourage a little more parity on here.

another TT intruder?

I am an uneventful poster here rsutherland, and federer is my favourite. It’s not a crime, is it?

I absolutely dont know what you are talking about man. Clearly here to stir things when the meal is already cooked.

My complaint was, (if you can call it that), that if you dont like what people say, then scroll on, or skip the post.

Let me make myself very clear – TENNIS.X is the BEST TENNIS FORUM in the cyber universe. I can only assume rsutherland that you are von, nativenewyorker/mindy/chloe/carrie/nadline, who do nothing else except badmouth people and federer, come to gloat, or not even bother to watch a match, save til the end, then you comment. win or lose.


Ben Pronin Says:

Either way, Delpo won’t be at the US Open (I, for one, couldn’t be more upset about that).

Anna, it’s not the most surprising thing in the world that Nadal dominated the clay season. Last year was the exception, not the rule (and he still won a damn good amount on the surface). The question remains WHICH titles he’ll pick up for the rest of the year. Last year, he was still reaching quarters, semis, and finals of all his events. And it was supposed to be a down year for him. He’s arguably as healthy as I’ve ever seen him. I don’t think he’ll be too worn out for the US Open this time around. He’s supremely confident once again. Suffice to say, the remainder of his year will be a great. But how great?

I think from this point, a lot depends on his rivals. Murray, Djokovic, Tsonga to an extent, Soderling and Federer still, even Davydenko can still take it to Nadal on hard courts. But all of them are so up and down it’s almost funny to compare them to Nadal. In retrospect, the clay season was a forgone conclusion. The most important thing to come out of it is Nadal is back to his confident old self. This makes for an interesting grass season and a definitely a unpredictable hard court season (for now, anyway).

Von Says:

According to Wertheim, Nadal is back and it’s 2008 all over again.

I don’t understand why Tennistalk is getting such a bad rap because it’s a very fair site. Unfortunately, a few disgruntled TT posters have given the site a bad name and that has spread as if it were some kind of infection over here. Needless to say, that a couple of the same posters still post on that site, or even more there than they do here on Tennis-X. It’s a puzzlement to me …..

Andrew Miller Says:

I agree with Ben’s analysis. In that line of thought, a loss by Federer before the finals of a warm up grass tournament would shock me – that would say “Federer’s really in for it this grass court season and his chances are bad.”

Skeezerweezer Says:

Boring match. But hey, if it’s your fav, I am sure it was a great match.

Sincere congratulations to all the Rafa fans here at tennis-x ( but not at TT ), Rafa has proved his dominance again at the Clay court season.

Enjoy and celebrate! Vamos Rafa, well done, and #1!

Andrew Miller Says:

Ben and others are right about Fed on the hard courts, I mis-spoke – I agree with all of you that Federer is “fair game” to opponents on the hard courts and also believe he’s getting to the US Open final 2010.

Over the course of a five set match at the US Open i just dont see anyone getting him until the final. It could happen, I dont think it will though – Sampras kept making the US Open final in his later years and I dont see why Federer wont.

Andrew Miller Says:

(Unless Murray finds his game at the Open and Djokovic miraculously finds his serve!)

For Nostalgia reasons, Djokovic at his best vs. Nadal, 2008 Cincinatti:

King of the Court Says:


Von has said more nice things about Federer than Ben pronin has, so please take her off your list.

I don’t think Von is the kind of poster who uses multiple names. She has been attacked by so many posters over the years and if she was as uncouth as those posters she would have long changed her name and posted with a different alias.

I have been following tennis-x for a long time and I can tell you Von is far above the leagues of cowards who use multiple names.

Anna Says:

Ben – I agree. Someone said that Nadal’s year would be great based on his clay season alone (probably you). He definitely has his confidence back and that means anything is possible. Before the you know what hit the fan last year, I think Rafa’s intention was to focus on hard courts (uso in particular)and I thought it was interesting that he mentioned USO in particular to MacEnroe after the match today. Rafa played Robin tough on hc(and won) in abu dhabi in Jan and while Murray beat him at AO, it was actually alot closer than the score indicated. If he can hang on to that serve (matched Robin for aces today) he might (fingers crossed) make it happen.

van orten Says:

you confuse me ben pronin. thought you were a nadal fan. but a hardcore one u know;-)

Jatt Says:


I think this year we might have to consider Rafa chances. If he meets fed in US open,without any doubt rafa would be the one coming out in finals..blame it on fed mental game against rafa or what and this time rafa would be careful to take care of this knees by the time US open comes.. I mean look at what happened at the clay season..complete washout by Rafa.. I just hope fed rediscovers himself and his confidence against rafa this year…

andrea Says:

good stuff from nadal. robin just couldn’t catch a break – literally, any break point – which just seemed to add to his frustration of so many UE’s. he had so many good chances…but that’s what happens when you’re playing the top guys….you push.

i wonder if robin will be the next federer…losing in the FO finals for the next 1 or 2 years after this? :0

too bad about fed’s #1 record…shy of one week is really kind of cruel, but he’s obliterated so many other records.

King of the Court Says:

I think federer’s record at GS, sans FO is even scarier. since 2004 to date, out of 19GS sans clay,

Federer has won 14. he was in the finals of another 3 (all lost only in 5sets) and 2 were in semis. (1 of them a all-time classic 5set with safin and another a straight set loss to djokovic at his very best).

More dominating tennis than that, i cannot think of.

madmax Says:

King of the Court,

I know you are von. very clever, but transparent. nice try.

and sorry mate,

but you dont know von that well. you only have to read her posts on TT to know what a crazy, angry woman she is. best to avoid her at all costs, despite the concilatory tone she adopts here, she doesnt fool me. (what am I doing? but talking to an alias (!) aka von!).

Referring to tennis.

I knew this would happen and I dont know why I should be so shocked/surprised – fed doesnt reach a grand slam final for…let me think now….oh yes, 6 years – goddamn it! 6 years, and all of a sudden he is toast!

Wasn’t rafa toast in 2009, God, the stories which were written about him – “nadal decline” headlined most british papers, and now it’s Fed, and then the gloaters come out and add their two cents – it’s laughable.

Andrew Miller Says:

Hi Jatt and Anna – interesting about the US Open and Rafa’s mention of it! I wonder if that’s coming from Uncle Toni, Nadal’s coach, or if Rafa really wants to win the US Open.

You are both probably right that he has his sights on it – his schedule is “very light” from now through to US Open (five tournaments! two grass and three hard court tournaments – including the US Open). So he’s definitely depending on momentum (on one surface or another).

Throw in an early loss in Cincinatti (has happenned before) and there you have it: Rafa fresh for the US Open and ready to win it.

Whether or not I believe it will happen (I dont think it will), Rafa’s schedule is geared towards exactly that end.

Von Says:

@ 4:05 pm, I think I need to say the prayer of St. Francis right about now or else …..

Rsutherlland, I’ll say it would be infra dignitatem to answer. I remember it well — you speak the truth. She also told Ben Pronin and Sean Randall to leave the site when she diksagreed with what they said.. LOOL. We’ve been around here longer than the new comer.

King of the Court Says:


Rafa is not the 3rd guy to reclaim no.1. I think you are confusing it with reclaiming the year end no.1

only Federer and lendl have done that in atp. reclaiming no.1 ranking has been done by agassi and sampras quite a few times.

And sampras’ 286 record lasts longer. poor pete, he lost everything so fast. atleast he holds this longer and he has the 6consecutive year end no.1, which roger has no practical chance of bettering.

madmax Says:


I’m surprised, usually you’re used to writing homiletic epics, which send me to sleep. and to come on here at the end of a match to add your empty words – well, what more to expect from you? O vey.

von da brink again?

King of the Court Says:

Madmax :

Stop being an idiot. I am Von? It is like me saying you are Duro.

You can ask ben for his straightforward opinion. He will tell you Von is a fair poster. would never do multiple names. You can even ask Jane. Huh or any other sensible poster who has been around longer than you.

and sorry, duro does not count as a sensible poster. he is too blinded by Djokovic to see the real world.

King of the Court Says:

I do not know what Von posts on tennis talk, but here she is fair and just.

If I ever posted on tennis talk, I would give a mouthful to a lot of posters there. It is a real junk site. I can only see pro-rafa posts there.

Tennis-x is miles above tennis talk.

Andrew Miller Says:

(as for my predictions, I predicted Federer to repeat and Serena to win her 2nd French Open in the match of her life vs. Aravane Rezai. WHOOPS!)

King of the Court Says:

Ofcourse Rafa CAN win USopen. but i do not think he will ever match Roger’s/Sampras’ record at either USopen or wimbledon.

similarly, I doubt he will ever match Roger/Agassi’s record at Australian Open.

By the time, all is done and dusted, I think Roger will have all time men’s record at Wimbledon (he needs 2) and USopen (needs 1) and add 1 or 2 aus open titles. but who knows? it is all speculation till it happens, but if any player has matched the expectations of what the tennis world has expected of him, Fed comes out way ahead of the class.

blah Says:

well. Let me start off the wimbledon predictions by saying Richard Gasquet will win 2010 wimbledon without dropping a set!

(yes, I am delusional.)

King of the Court Says:

Andrew miller :

thanks for that laugh! I had safe picks (nadal and henin :).

I do not think I could ever make bold predictions like you. The men’s tour has been nice and kind to people of my ilk for the past 7years.

Thanks to Roger and Rafa.

Ben Pronin Says:

I do agree with King of the Court. Von is generally pretty fair and I so respect her despite some tussles here and there. But once again, how did this become a Von attack? She jumped in really late and has only mentioned tennis, nothing about other posters. What’s with all these personal attacks in general?

And yeah I was referring to reclaiming the year end ranking. And he would be third, no?

I’m not a hardcore Nadal fan at all. I don’t know where that comes from.

And there is no way Von has said more nice things about Federer than I have. Just no way.

King of the Court Says:

Blah – you are my hero.

I have been rooting for gasquet since 2007 wimbledon, but that guy is worse than Safin. It would be amazing if he won Wimbledon 2010.

He should learn from nadal who is an inferior player to him talent-wise outside of clay and he dwarfs richard’s achievements outside of clay. Heart and mental strength are the 2most ingredients for a champion. natural talent and skill is secondary. Gasquet, murray and djokovic should have nadal as their coach! though, even by rafa’s generous standards that is a bit much to ask of him when he is active on the tour.

blah Says:

Well, it’s quite obvious what will happen. He will take down Federer, Nadal, Roddick, and then Federer (again!) on his way to the trophy.

It’s just destiny.

madmax Says:

Oh ben,

these arent personal attacks, read the post from von to me, she singles me out every single time, she posts drivel on TT and brings your name into it over there every now and again, go read – it’s all there – the woman is not fair. she is deranged and when things go wrong she takes it out on many people, i find her tedious most of the time, but that is my personal opinion.

She is way over the top and needs to calm down. she is not a stable poster, when disagreed with, she blows a gasket, a fuse, it’s boring. Needs to take a chill pill.

One thing we do agree on, K of the C, (if it is really you), is that tennis.x is way above TT. and there is nothing wrong with Duro’s love of novak, he has always been a fair poster with me and I love the passion and loyalty he has for novak –

Pure class.

Von Says:

blah: You know that I would love to see Richard win a slam but Wimby 2010 ik reserved for Roddick, n’est ce pas??

blah Says:

You guys should just take away user names on posts and these personal attack problems would be solved.

King of the Court Says:

Thanks Ben for vindicating my belief that posters who have been around long enough would have a better view of Von’s posts.

How did this turn into a Von attack? Mad Max mentioned her (wrongly in my opinion) that Von uses multiple names. I pointed that out and mad max thinks I am Von too!

ok, you have said more nice things about federer than Von. i was just exaggerating that.

Von, has posted links on good articles about federer a lot of times. She does so for all players. Thank you Von.

Take it easy on madmax. She will learn things over time.

blah Says:

“these arent personal attacks…she is deranged”

I don’t think you understand what you just posted…

madmax Says:

K of the C,

I dont need you to justify my actions here. I enjoy posting here on tennis.x and I dont really think that the time someone has been on a forum is indicative of the person. I certainly dont need you to ask von anything, the woman is on self-destruct.

I intervened (rightly or wrongly) when Von was having a go at Jane (a fabulous woman in my view), and von took umbridge at it – so please – get your facts right first. but that is past.

moving on…

for the true federer fans, out there (Huh, Kimo, Kimmi and skeezer), here is something I have just found about Federer playing in Halle – it’s positive and very interesting –

night everyone.

madmax Says:

night blah,


King of the Court Says:

Mad Max:

No one is nice when disagreed with. Duro has been nice to YOU. Go look at his posts when Djokovic and Federer were at it, around 2007 and later, on this very site.

Von has definitely been nicer to Federer than Duro. You can search for old posts if you are interested in the truth.

Again I do not know what Von posts on TT, but I am sure she would never do multiple names like you claimed here.

Andrew Miller Says:

BACK TO TENNIS! From the New York Times’ John Branch about Uncle Toni and Nadal:

“His uncle and coach, Toni Nadal, said that they continued to tinker with Nadal’s serve, which struggles for consistency. Nadal is right-handed but wields a racket with his left; the service motion might be more fluid and consistent if he used his throwing arm, Toni Nadal said. They have watched YouTube videos of Britain’s Andy Murray for tutorials, which is not unusual. They have done the same to examine Roger Federer’s footwork. “

Ben Pronin Says:

Blah, that gave me a great laugh. Wow.

Mindy Says:

Yikes! I am not even here and my name has been brought up by – surprise and drum roll – the one and only madmas/aka maxi! Good grief, attacks at someone who only rarely comes here? I know the Fed fans would be in a bad humor today, but bringing my name into it when I haven’t said anything yet is kind of jumping the gun.

I can understand the pain. Of course, I see there are the usual comments about it being a “boring match”. I guess it would be for those who hate Rafa. Personally, let me say that I loved every single minute of it. Having to endure seeing Rafa’s epitaph being written here all too often some months back, I must say that I intend to enjoy this moment to the fullest! Now, the questions have been answered. Rafa is back, he has redeemed himself and proven that when he is healthy, he will beat all comers in his kingdom of clay. No need to recap all of the stunning records and history Rafa has made today. I will leave that for the Fed fans to read at their heart’s content.


Great to see you here! Keep your head and up and don’t ever let the crazies get you down! Now the lies about Rafa losing to Sod when he was not injured, will finally be put to rest. Isn’t it nice to see madmax doing her usual comedy act and pretending that she hates tt! You just have to love it. She is the gift that keeps on giving! Hypocritical to the end. Someone who hates tt with a passion, but just can’t stay away!

Yes, we all know that this site if the fountain of endless pearls of wisdom, dominated and ruled by Fed fans who have zero tolerance for any Rafa fan. It’s easy to go after Rafa fans when you have strength in numbers and there is no real moderation here. They you can throw around the cheap shots without fear. If anyone dares to disagree with the established Fed fans, then they must be crazy, mentally disturbed, need a chill pill, be “boring” or deserving of a “yawn”. Insults are the last refuge of those who have nothing of intelligence or merit to say, those who cannot make an argument and must rely on cutting and pasting the words of others in lieu of trying to think. Yes, I am looking right at you, madmax!

Thanks for mentioning my name when I wasn’t even here and saying anything. Now I’m here to tell you that maybe it’s you who needs a pill to calm yourself. Oh, and for those pseudo-experts who have decided that Rafa has NO chance to win the USO, if you heard Rafa’s comments to John MacEnroe in his on-court interview, it would appear that he has other ideas! I can’t wait!

Cheers and have a great day! I know I will! :)

madmax Says:

that link might be broken federer fans,

so this is one similar to it:

Federer plays on Tuesday at 4pm (European time).

Andrew Miller Says:

Hi King of the Court, thanks! I agree with you on Gasquet. I think talent-wise, some underachievers coming to mind:


True, Monfils, Berdych, Baghdatis, Gasquet all made slam semifinals. Maybe they’ve reached their potential from THEIR point of view; as a fan I look and say:

“So much talent. Some wins to show for it.”

But compared to Soderling, all those guys fall short. They all have more talent than Soderling. Goes to show: maybe the guy, like Wilander says, really does have guts.

King of the Court Says:

Jane is a fabulous woman? again, go read posts in 2007 and maybe even before for Jane. You will know her real view on Federer.

Just like you wouldn’t know about a person from seeing what she posts on one site, you cannot know about a person if you have seen very little of them.

It is easy to be nice and fabulous when you do not stand up for anything. Jane’s favorites change with every day and tournament. I will promise you it will never include Federer.

Mindy Says:

Oops, I need to correct a few typos made in my excitement.

I must remember it’s madmax!

To Von,

It’s supposed to read – keep your head up!

This site IS the fountain endless pearls of wisdom!

THEN you can throw around the cheap shots.

Now I feel much better! Still giddy with excitement on this great day!

madmax Says:

Mindy/ aka nativenewyorker,

*yawn* I simply cannot be bothered to read what you say. homiletic crap.

madmax Says:

K of C.


Always ready to discuss tennis with you, if it’s properly done and positive, but I need to sleep now.

So goodnight.

Ben Pronin Says:

I don’t think Nadal has NO chance at the USO, I just feel it’s still unlikely. But My jaw wouldn’t drop if he did it.

I think the reason this match can be perceived as boring is because everyone executed it would be a close encounter but in the end it really wasn’t. I enjoyed it for the most part although Soderling could’ve been better. But nadal was awesome.

Ben Pronin Says:

King of the Court, I don’t think it’s fair to say go back and look at 2007. People grow and change and mature. I think I’m a decent example of this, especially considering how young I was when I first stumbled upon thins site. Couldn’t
stand Nalbandian or Nadal even a little.

King of the Court Says:

AM (I hope you donot mind) :

That is a fabulous list of underachievers. They can learn so much from Soderling. He is a fighter. If they want bigger examples – Roddick and even more –

The most mentally strong player ever in tennis –

Lleyton Hewitt. His tennis achievements are an inspiration.

I actually think hewitt and roddick will do considerable damage in the next few months. I hope they can stay fit.

J Says:

I think some folks are seriously underestimating Rafa’s chances at USO this year. He’s finally wised up schedule-wise and he’s playing far more efficient tennis than he ever has. With momentum and the world no.1 ranking firmly in his pocket, I think Rafa will surprise a lot of people come hardcourt season. He’s already suggested that now that RG is done and dusted, he’s set his sights on the USO. The other players had better start worrying a bit…

Mindy Says:


I just wanted to thank you for being a class act on this site. I dearly wish there were more of you. I read what you said to Mr. Perfect and know that you got a lot of grief for it.

I just happened to see your offer of congratulations on the other blog. I appreciate it very much. You must know that it’s impossible for Rafa fans to stay here long. We are badly outnumbered. If this site ever decided to implement some real moderation and hold the people who post here to some level of decent behavior and appropriate language, then we may be able to co-exist.


Congratulations! Very nice word – homiletic! I see that you have been using the dictionary.


I guess that I can see how you would find today’s final “boring”, although uncompetitive might be a better word. I am sure you can understand that I found it absolutely thrilling! Rafa saved his best tennis for the final! It has been a long, hard year for Rafa fans and this is our moment! No one can take this away from Rafa or any of his fans!

Rafa, I couldn’t be more proud of you. No matter what kind of hatespeak is thrown around here, they can’t take this away from you. You are a hero who has overcome so much hardship and now you have triumphed.

zola Says:


Very nice article. I can’t believe you picked Rafa and he really won. Your jinxing abilities are on decline! :)

I forgot to say on the other thread that there are some nice posts here from some Federer fans. Thanks a lot. I know he needs one more week to equal Sampras’s record and he will probably get that. Some extra motivation for a guy who has broken almost every record.

About Rafa’s chances at US Open;
He has been to semis there. So why not the final and more? But he will need some serious cut back on his schedule to stay fresh and healthy. After that if he wins, great! If he loses, he will work on whatever needed and can come back the next year. he is still 24.

I think the main issue for Rafa is to stay healthy.

I also think US Open is months away and who knows what can happen. Best of luck to Rafa in Queens and wimbledon.

King of the Court Says:

Ben :

I get what you are saying. People do change over time. Mature? it depends on individuals.

From what I have seen here (and you do see a lot when you do not post) I do not know any other not-a-Federer fan who has been nicer to Federer than Von.

I have to check tennis talk to see the reason for this cat-fight, but that would be too much of a pain to suffer. I find that site too crassy.

So what are the all-time records at GS? Here is what I think :

AO – emerson(?) 6, women’s? must be margaret court? donot know how many!

you think federer would break these numbers?

FO – borg 6, evert 7

rafa looks on track to nail those.

Wimbledon – sampras 7, navratilova 9.

federer should definitely beat sampras’ record. do not know if he can get 10!

USopen – sampras 5, (lendl and connors have same too?)

Roger has tied this. I think he gets this

Ben Pronin Says:

Mindy, I didn’t find it boring, but yes uncompetitive. Nonetheless, you have every right and reason to be proud. Nadal is incredible and this victory, to me, is the biggest of his career. Like I said, let the Nadal era begin!

Andrew Miller Says:

I think everyone is right, Nadal has a shot at the US Open, especially because of the “light” scheduling (he only has four tournaments from now until the US Open – two grass and two hard courts).

My hunch is he aims to win the Canada tournament and, because hard courts are grueling, loses early in Cincinatti (maybe QF or so there), to have some extra prep time for the US Open where he makes an assault on the title.

However, the US Open is tough for a few reasons – first, the US players are looking for upsets (I only think one of them is capable of a Nadal scalp – Roddick, and it would be a brutal match); 2nd, Nadal’s shots on a hard court “sit up” for opponents. 3rd, Nadal’s neutralized on the hard courts (losses to Andy Murray and David Ferrer).

To me I think Murray’s shown himself to be a capable fighter on hard courts – he improved even during the Australian Open, only to stumble against Federer’s incredible backhand (it was so startling to see such playing, Federer really surprised me with his wise placement – not unlike Michael Jordan in terms of how he absolutely mastered a player coming into his prime).

Nadal would have to flatten it out “Wimbledon 2008” style to really stick it to opponents in Flushing Meadows – but if he develops momentum, it’s possible.

I agree it’s possible, and looking at Rafa’s calendar he has plenty to be optimistic about (scheduling looks perfect, some grass [knees will be happy], only a few hardcourt tournaments)

I personally feel it’s improbable and not happenning. But hey, Schiavone won the French Open.

(Somewhere on the planet, we can even hear Kim Clijsters yelling at her TV set, “why didnt I play this year? I mean seriously, why didnt I play? That bracket was my bracket, I own Dementieva, and…sheesh what a pity. I mean really. I could’ve, sheesh. Well, goodbye Roland Garros. Now I have to face Justine, Serena, Venus and everyone on grass, which I’m decent on but I mean….Yeah, sheesh. Gosh I feel like Roger when he says ‘Pity’ “)

King of the Court Says:

I saw the 1st set and a half and once rafa got the double break, I knew soderling was cooked goose.

I played the gasquet-murray match and gasquet played the most exciting tennis of the tournament in those 1st 2 sets according to me. I still hope this guy wins 1 FO and 1 wimbledon. That would be terrific.

Murray really has to cut down on the junk-ball tennis. He definitely needs to get consistent on the serve.

Andrew Miller Says:

I read the AFP article on Federer – I kind of feel it says:

“Yes, I like winning a tournament I win everytime I play it. Second, I get to speak in German, I love speaking German! One of my several mother tongues being a Swiss player. Also, it’s great that every true contender plays at Queens club, I just dont want to give them any confidence going into Wimbledon, though I’d happily beat them here. My friend Marat once played me here, it was fun, I enjoyed that one, though I dont think he liked it much, but he’s out of the game anyway, and I’m still here. And yes, Davydenko (‘the Ruskie Who Threatens No One on Grass’) is here and why, so is Juan Carlos Ferrero, who will, yes I don’t like his chances here, and so are Lleyton and Marcos Baghdatis ‘the baggy’, but well, let’s just say I like my chances against all these fellas! My sentiments to the rest of the oh so not great field here at Halle: good luck, you shall need it, and what a pity you cant stay a bit longer.”)

King of the Court Says:


You are on fire today! that clijster’s one is priceless!

As for the fall hardcourts, this has been where nadal performs his worst, so his task is cut-out. I hope Isner and querry and fish and blake step up and help andy roddick in delivering an american or even two in the final at USopen.

what about grass? Queens is loaded. Roger will be in trouble if he loses Halle!

Andrew Miller Says:

Gasquet as Wimbledon champion – I just don’t see it unfortunately, he enjoys the “hey I’m two sets up!” strategy, and seems to also enjoy the “darn it I lost the match when I was two sets up!” strategy. He plays those matches like it’s best of three.

Richard, the man of many tennis talents, must realize: IT’S BEST OF FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King of the Court Says:

AM :

I cannot stop laughing at the Roger one. I fell out of my chair laughing. I showed it to my girl-friend who loves tennis too and we are two tennis junkies laughing our hearts out!

Andrew Miller Says:

I think Federer’s just too clever, the guy knows what he’s doing. I will beat a dead issue here but, in 2007 Federer played a practice set DURING the Australian Open against Roddick to see what tactics Roddick would employ and let Roddick win it and feel that he had some confidence coming into the match (Roddick had, at the time, come a botched overhead away from beating Federer in Shanghai and had also beat him in an exhibition tournament), and then simply destroyed him in Roddick’s worst (worst looking) defeat to Federer.

The moral of the story: if you are an ATP player that has a good shot of winning a tournament with Federer in it, dont practice with him. You will win the practice match and lose the real one.

King of the Court Says:

Maybe they would consider making Wimbledon best of 3. It would help murray loads too. Maybe I will propose this idea to the Queen and get knighted :)

Andrew Miller Says:

thanks a lot King of the Court, I’m glad everyone can have a little fun here. I like Tennis-X the most of all the blogs, it’s the best format and writers such as Sean Randall, Ben Pronin and Dan Martin all write very honestly about the matches.

I appreciate their analysis, even the jinxing. The only thing I’ve learned about my comments are this: I cant predict worth squat!

Andrew Miller Says:

Hey if Wimbledon is best of three, Gasquet definitely makes the finals!

blank Says:

First off, Congrats to Rafa and his fans. He is the best ever on clay. In the coming years, I think he’ll put a seal on it an lock it for a very long time, if not forever.


Soon after Nadal’s loss to Roddick at IW, you predicted Nadal will go on to sweep the clay season. I was skeptical, but your predictions were bang on. Well done! Maybe this is the turnaround year for you…from being the reliable Jinx’er to becoming a master Predictor.


As much as I respect Nadal’s achievements, I can never root for him just because of the things that he has done to Federer. Nadal may have some issues, but however, he is a classy guy both on and off court.

I just hope Fed, Djoko and Murray light up the remaining tennis season. I miss DelPo :-(

King of the Court Says:

Roger definitely has got the smarts. He plays without a coach! that should tell a lot about this guy. Who was the last Slam champion without a coach?
anyone can shed light on that?

Andrew Miller Says:

I would also like to say I appreciate all the tennis comments from the fans of tennis-x. I like that they know their tennis well, they know it better than i do, and it’s fun to see what everyone says.

I try not to have favorites but I would like to see Roddick win another Slam – the sooner, the better; I’d like to see another U.S. player rise through the ranks in the post-Roddick/Williams era (on both tours) and preferably before they retire!

That’s it for me. It would be cool to see Baghdatis or even Gasquet win a big title. Hopefully they learn from Soderling and have the will to pull off the upset and keep moving through the field. That’s the tough part of it – to get through to the slam victory someone has to beat Federer and Nadal at the same slam these days.

Unless there are some surprises, that’s just the way it is right now, and it’s still the hardest challenge in tennis (further props to Del Potro).

King of the Court Says:

thanks AM. Tennis-x is a laugh riot. Sean is too good. Ben should write more. Dan martin is very good too. I think they are very good. tom is good as well.

what happened to richard Vach? has he left tennis-x. He is major league as a tennis-writer, I am guessing. Is he still with tennis-x?

King of the Court Says:

about the jinxing, Sean gets a raw deal. he gets little credit when he is right. but I will join you in some good-old banter and say Sean is the Jinxer from tennis-x!

as for predictions, it is always fun letting others do it. LOL

andrea Says:

did anyone notice that robin’s fate ended almost identically to last year? he was receiving serve on the same side of the court, 4 balls were played, and instead of dumping his forehand into the left (tv side) of the net, he dumped it into the right hand side.

tfouto Says:

andrea, i notice… it was a mirror point of Federer match point.

jane Says:

King of the Court @ 5:20. I didn’t post before 2007; that’s around the time I found this site. And yes, I used to be negative towards Fed back then, admittedly and I am not proud of it. I was frustrated by seeing him beat my faves, especially Roddick and Safin over the years at slams and sought out the negative as a result. But in 2008 after Djok won the AO and some posters said negative things about him, well I guess I got a taste of my own medicine and of how Fed fans must’ve felt – or for that matter, fans of ANY player who is attacked personally – so I have tried to be a fair poster since then and have tried not to post negative things. Maybe I’ve slipped up now & then but I have tried. I’ve also grown to like Fed, and seeing him struggle in 2008 made me see another side of him. And how can anyone not appreciate his accomplishments and his tennis? Similarly, as Nadal has struggled in the last year, I have felt badly for him because he is such a competitor and a champion.

As to your other comment, my faves do change, it’s true. This is something I don’t think is a problem. I have followed tennis a long time and enjoy the sport itself over one player. My faves don’t “change with every tournament”, although I do like lots of players and watch each match with excitement, looking for new talent or older players to find their best form. I became a fan of Djoko in particular during 07 IW when he lost to Rafa in the final and then Miami when he became the youngest champ there, and have I followed him the closest since. I was a fan of Murray’s even before then. I noticed him when he beat Roddick at Wimbledon in 2006 and thought he had great variety and talent: still do. Plus I have a soft spot for Scotland. : ) So anyhow, my top faves, as most know, have been Djoko and Murray pretty much since I began posting here, but I love a lot of the players and I hate none of them. I just like tennis.

I am not a “fabulous woman” nor innocent, and all of us who’ve posted here for a long time have had our tussles, me included. I concur with you that I don’t know of Von ever changing her user name. Since I have been here, she has used that name and she seems to face her battles head on. I don’t post at TT nor do I even read it except sometimes the match previews/predictions, so I will stay far away from that one.

skeezerweezer Says:


That was some personal stuff you laid on the line about yourself. I respect that immensely. There is not too many posters who NEVER want to eat there words up here or own up when there wrong. And you’ve been more right than wrong, not that is what is is all about. Thanks for sharing and kudos to you.

Post on!

skeezerweezer Says:

There is many, not “not to many”…..typo

aleish17 Says:

Hi zola and Mindy!

Congratulations to us!!!
Zola, guess crossing our fingers for Rafa’s victory did work. Yippeeee!!! I hope you 2 keep posting here eventhough we are outnumbered.

I like this site and this is actually the first tennis site i’ve commented on. I enjoy reading different views though sometimes its heartbreaking to read anti-Nadal comments. On the lighter side, I get a lot of pointers about the game and Im learning everyday. I love tennis but Im not good at it as an observer. So I will have to give myself extra time to fully understand the game that I so claimly love.

skeezerweezer Says:


Congratulations to your fav and his 5th GS title at FO. Rafa played through everyone in straight sets, an impressive feat!

Keep posting Rafa fans, you deserve it cause you know the Fed fans would be doin the same!

Vamos Rafa!

antonio Says:

Just 24 years and 4 days old, 7 GS´s under the belt, surely on track to be the GOAT, the GOATest. Today´s display was simply unbelievable. You see a devilish forehand from Soderling touching the line, aim from the beer thinking the point is over, and two shots later the wonder boy gets the point. Simply unbelievable recovery capacity. Many many years watching tennis, never seen magic like Nadal´s. Roger is formidable, but Rafa is even better, as odd as it may sound.

King of the Court Says:


I am sorry. I guess I went overboard trying to defend Von, who has been a great poster on tennis-x.
I am amazed at your honesty and I am sorry about the things I was wrong about.

I think it was my mistake to get sucked into madmax’s argument when your name was thrown in to put Von down. My apologies.

I will try to stick to the tennis.

aleish17 Says:

Thanks skeeze!

Thank you for giving us (Rafa fans) this moment. It really feels great to see him win another slam again. And I know you will feel the same if Roger is in Rafa’s shoes right now. But hey, you’ve been celebrating like what, 16 times for Roger’s 16 slams. For Rafa, it’s only his 7th and I wasnt a Rafa fan back then when he won his last 4 RG title. It’s just amazing how they give us such happiness when they are playing.

Good luck to Roger in Halle!!!
Best of luck to my fav in Queens!!!
Vamos Rafa!!!

Diane Says:

Many of us are fans of both Rafa and Roger.

I thought it would be Rafa in 4 sets, but Soderling’s serve really let him down. Anyway, another win for Rafa!

jane Says:

No worries King of the Court. Yes, let’s stick to the tennis.

Skeeze, shamoooon! (what does that mean??)

Anyhow, now we have the easy green of the grass to which to look forward!

TGiT Says:

Congrats to Rafa!

I think there is too much of this instant retirement talk.

Roger loses Oz and Wimby. It is over.
Rafa loses French and his knees. It is over.
Roger loses in Quarters. It is over.

Everytime we get here where one is up and one is down…you know the rest.

We should have at least three great years to watch these champs play.

Although I still love the Fed and regret he played in wet mud for the majority of the clay season.

blank Says:


I echo Skeeze. What you said is very impressive. Lots of people would just let it go because it’s the internet, it’s anonymous and there is no bounds or inhibitions. But to be as disciplined and open here as one is in real life, that shows character.

Kudos to you!

Voicemale1 Says:

Love this Tweet from Roddick, belaboring the obvious point:

“@andyroddick – rafa nadal best ever on clay…. period”

skeezerweezer Says:

Jane? Don’t know MJ? He’s my music fav. He’s GOAT, “King of Pop”..Shamoooon! Hee Hee! Ya know…. Ya know it! Who’s Bad?

……and you just posted ” Man in the Mirror”, at your 6:37 post, one of my favs from him ….:)

Kimmi Says:

jane – just needs to add my two cents. i agree with what skeezer has said. You have done more right that wrong. one of my faves poster here, enjoying very much interacting with you.

And about having many faves, I don’t see a problem with that. I have many too, and everyday i add more depending on if I see something special about a player. actually for me, in every match i watch i always pick sides. that is what a tennis fan is all about. So its all cool.

keep up the good work :)

skeezerweezer Says:


Thanks & expected from the Roddick, GOAT of interviews and one liners in tennis:) I had so much fun at lunchtime during work one day youtubing all his interviews. So funny, witty and “Classic”.

Clay Says:

“Was very difficult to play against Robin,” says Rafa … geez, you coulda fooled us!

I am likewise a little disappointed in the Sod and his serve, I thought there would be a set in there somewhere for him. Silly me!

Congrats Rafa! Although I think he has a ways to go to be the best ever on clay, his 2010 performance was undoubtedly the best single clay season ever played. It was a real treat to have witnessed it all.

zola Says:


thanks. Your posts are very nice to read.
lol for “crossing the fingers!” we should do that for Wimbledon as well!

Congratulations Voicemale1 for your excellent predictions. As you said, Rafa had reserved all his energy ( emotionally and physically) for the final!

Andrew Miller Says:

gosh – I thought everyone was about the tennis! Such as what Gasquet feels when he’s up two sets to none.

“Well indeed things are going well! Fantastique! I have nearly won zis match! Zis is, how shall we say, just what I want! I love zis sport!”

one set later.

“Well what can you say, some unlucky shots, yes that must be it, just, well good grief zis is going somewhat less good in fact! Well ha ha I am still up by a set! Zis is terrific!”

one set later.

“Well now, zis is terrible! two sets all! I shall lose zis match! I can see it now! How awful it shall be! I mean kissing zat zat girl, now zat was well quite bad for my tennis, but zis is worse!”

one set later.

“Well zis is so bad! Zis happenned before! I have done zis again! I am ze worst player ever!”

Andrew Miller Says:

(hopefully Gasquet plays well at Wimbledon).

blank Says:


You were bang on yesterday with what you said regarding today’s match. Well done!

skeezerweezer Says:

Q. But today is not very sunny day. It was rainy in the morning. So could you explain what kind of condition it was out there today?
RAFAEL NADAL: Maybe I had a mistake before to say I would love to have a sunny day. Maybe it was better to have a day like today, cloudy. I don’t know. I don’t know.
My feeling before the match was we have a sunny day with hot, the bounce gonna be bigger and gonna be easier for me to control his ball.
But in the same time, this year the court is more slippery than usual. With this weather, the court is more normal clay court, you know.
At the same time, I can run better. I feel more (through translation) stable on court than when the court is very dry. So that’s the very important point for me today.

What Rafa is really saying is……it doesn’t matter what the condition is……why? He owns Clay! :)

Voicemale1 Says:


Many thanks. Proves that sometimes even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then.

aleish17 Says:

Yup skeeze, right on that one. Rafa owns clay. I just hope he will rise to dominate other surfaces as well in the upcoming tourneys, just as he dominates the clay. Well, good to hear he keeps improving his game.

Mindy Says:

I decided to come back and give Sean Randall credit for his prediction of Rafa in straight sets. In the past, I have felt that maybe he was trying to jink Rafa because I know he is a huge Fed fan. However, it appears that he called this as he saw it. He has been fair to Rafa and that’s all I can ask.

As far as the US Open, I do think Rafa has a great shot at winning it this year. The key is the fact that Rafa will be making some changes to his schedule. I believe that Uncle Toni has already indicated that Rafa will not play as many hard court tournaments leading up to the US Open. I believe that they have realized that Rafa cannot play as much as he has in the past. If his knees are to stay healthy, then he must cut back.

Fed is a great example of how to schedule wisely. He has been building in some time off in between tournaments, making sure that he is ready for the grand slams. I think Rafa’s decision to skip Barcelona was genius. He dropped 500 points, but was looking at the big picture, which was RG. The scheduling of one week playing, alternating with one week off, was brilliant. This helped Rafa to be fresh and at his best for RG.

Rafa has worked hard to make his game more aggressive. I think it will pay off when he gets to the hard court season this year. Rafa’s serve has improved quite a bit, he is looking to move into the court to close out points more quickly, going for his shots and playing more efficiently. This is not the guy who has been content in the past to just slug it out from the baseline in endlessly long rallies. I also believe that with the changes in his schedule, for once he can arrive at the US Open mentally and physically in great shape.

This is not to say that there won’t be other strong contenders at the US Open. You always have to think about Fed, Murray, Roddick and Djoko. It’s not a gimme, but I do believe that this could be Rafa’s time. We will have to wait and see.

For now, we have more great tennis to look forward to with Wimbledon. I would really like to have the opportunity to get into some great discussions about tennis on this forum. If I feel that I can be heard without the usual personal insults and Rafa bashing, then I would be more than happy to participate.

aleish17 Says:


You can count on me on that crossing the finger thing in every Rafa match. Keep posting!

Cheers to our man!
Vamos Rafa!!!

skeezerweezer Says:

“If I feel that I can be heard without the usual personal insults and Rafa bashing, then I would be more than happy to participate.”

Excuse me?

Fot Says:

Hey guys! I missed all the action today (was at church for most of the day). But I congratulate all the nice Nadal fans here on this site for your boy’s 5th grand slam; 7th overall slam; and reclaiming the #1 ranking. You guys went through a tough 2009 but you hung in there and now you can reap your rewards.

I like it when Roger said (in his interview) that he (Roger) wanted the best player to win the title and that best player was Rafa, even if it meant him losing #1.

So…enjoy this victory! I remember reading many post last year saying Nadal was washed up, finished, at his end, etc. Roger was the one sayinig “don’t give up on Rafa…he will be back”. And the Nadal fans stuck with him and now you can rejoice in all that has happened to your boy during the clay season.

Again – congrats! No hard feeling from this Federer fan!

anel Says:

Jane,YOU are the best poster here, most people who post or read this site know that.I know that from january 2008.I respect and love YOU since then.
Thank YOU for your sincerity

blank Says:


Don’t be too modest. You are pretty darn good in all your analyses :-)


Congrats on the Rafa win. Hope you are enjoying it. Regarding the USO, I do think this is Rafa’s best chance yet to win it. He’d never been more fresh than now at this point in the season. All his major foes – Delpo, Murray and Djoko are either mentally or physically injured. The Fed, well it’s becoming more harder for me to give him a good chance against Rafa on any surface. If he wins, great. If not, well…nothing new.

Having said that I will root for the Fed to win Wimbledon and the USO but I will also agree that Rafa is totally deserves to get the career grand slam.

Von Says:

blank: “Having said that I will root for the Fed to win Wimbledon and the USO but I will also agree that Rafa is totally deserves to get the career grand slam.”

WOW, that was a very quick change of mind. I thought you were going to root for Roddick?

Andrew Miller Says:

Question – if Aravane Rezai develops a better serve, will she make the top 5 or higher on the WTA tour?

Anna Says:

Skeeze – Your alot better at translating than google!!!!

For the most part, Tennisx is a great place to come and chat. The majority of posters enjoy the give and take of discussion/debate and enjoy exchanging ideas regardless of who’s being discussed. Unfortunately there are a few posters who are paranoid and controlling and at times seem to know how to influence some of the fair minded folks sending them into a spiral as well. The good news is if you’ve posted here for any length of time, you know who those people are. Don’t encourage their trash talk. rsutherland is right about learning alot more on this sight if we encourage people with different opinions to post. I’d rather decide for myself the truth of a matter, than have someone censor what I can and cannot read.

Madmax – you know the story of the grinch? Well even your heart can grow if you put your mind to it. Quit telling people to leave TennisX and quit trying to control every conversation as if the world revolves around you.

Jatt Says:

Having read all about rafa, I am just missing delpo very badly. I dont know but i feel if a healthy and inform delpo played nadal, it would have been a different result for nadal… I see him as the real threat to nadal :)

Mindy Says:


Yes, you quoted me correctly. My comment speaks for itself and you perfectly well what I am talking about.

Mindy Says:

Sorry, I meant to say – you KNOW perfectly well what I am talking about!

Mindy Says:


Yes, I read that comment from Fed. It was gracious of him to say that. Fed and Rafa really do like and respect each other. I have always respected Fed and what he has done in this sport. He is a great champion.

Thanks for your kind words. So now our guys are one and one as far as the slams this year. I keep hearing that the era of Fed and Rafa is ending or over, yet this year’s results thus far would appear that they are still going strong!

Debra Gardner Says:

Congrats to Rafa! Sweet relief indeed. You just never know what mental and physical struggles go on inside a person until they react after winning a final. I’m sure he’s learned to appreciate each victory one at a time because you just don’t know what’s going to happen. “life” has a way of happening to people. I don’t worry about his ranking that much because I like him wherever he is. I just want him to stay healthy and to feel good about the way he plays. I don’t know if he’ll win Wimbledon again-I’d really kind of like andy R to get it-but I know he’ll “fight, fight, fight”. I’d actually like for him to win the U.s. open and get the career slam. because I have a lot of respect for other players, I sometimes wish everybody I like could win a slam.

skeezerweezer Says:


Sorry too , but ?

skeezerweezer Says:


So true so true. I have learned that posters that back up there IMO’s with facts in a debatable discussion are for sure worth listening too. If you just want to say, I love this guy cause, well, I do, then great too! But don’t say your insulted or attacked ( not you ) when someone post facts about a player. It is what it is.

Can’t debate that! etc…….but my “feelings” and “personally” don’t cut it, it gets into DRAMA which turns into a whole worthless thing…

But then, I guess I could be wrong, my IMO.

So, Anna, directed at you, cause you I respect, am I wrong or ???

sar Says:

Don’t let others get you down. You are a great poster along with Jane, Kimmi, Duro, Ben, etc etc. too many to mention.

Daniel Says:

Race points after RG tourney by tourney:

Total points possible for Nadal or Federer in the first part of the season: 250(Doha)+2000(AO)+500(Dubai)+1000(IW)+1000(Miami)+1000(MC)+500(Barcelona)+1000(Rome)+250(Estoril)+1000(Madrid)+2000(RG) = 10500 pts

1 – Nadal: 150(final Doha)+360(quarters AO)+360(semis IW)+360(semis Miami)+1000(MC)+1000(Rome)+1000(Madrid)+2000(RG) = 6330 pts / 8 tounerys

2 – Federer: 90(semis Doha)+2000(AO)+45(R32 IW)+90(R16 Miami)+10(Rome)+90(semis Estoril)+600(final MAdrid)+360(quarters RG) = 3285 pts / 8 tourneys

Nadal has a 3045 pts lead.

Total points of the remaining tourneys that Nadal and Fed will play: 250(Halle/Queens)+2000(Wimbledon)+1000(Toronto)+1000(Cincy)+2000(USOpen)+500(Tokyo)+1000(Shangai)+500(Basel)+1000(Paris)+1500(London) = 11750 pts / 10 tourneys

This is Fed scheduled, Nadal maybe won’t play Tokyo aand Basel, but he may play other tourneys, since neither him nor Fed played a 500 tourney yet this year. But remember that NAdal in last years only played 2 masters prior US Open and 2 masters afetr it, and missed Year end twice.

Now, as I have time in my hands as you all can see, I will post points of Fed and Nadal of the last 5 yesrs after RG, 05-09 (ever since Nadal became who he is) converting the points into today system.

– Nadal: 5(R32 Halle)+45(R64 Wimby)+250(Bastad)+250(stutgart)+1000(montreal)+10(Cincy)+90(R32 Us Open)+250(Beijing)+1000(Madrid) = 2900 pts / 9 tourneys

– Nadal: 90(querter Queens)+1200(final Wimby)+90(R16 Toronto)+180(quarter Cincy)+360(quarter US Open)+25(R16 Stockholm)+180(quarter Madrid)+400(YEC Shangai) = 2525 pts / 8 tourneys

-Nadal: 90(quarter Queens)+1200(final Wimby)+250(Stutgart)+360(semis Toronto)+10(R32 Cincy)+180(R16 US Open)180(quarter Madrid)+600(final Paris)+400(YEC Shangai) = 3270 pts / 9 tourneys

-Nadal: 250(Queens)+2000(Wimby)+1000(Toronto)+360(semis Cincy)+750(Olympics)+720(semis US Open)+360(semis Madrid)+90(R16 Paris) = 5530 pts / 8 tourneys

-Nadal: 180(quarter Toronto)+360(semis Cincy)+720(semis US Open)+600(final Shangai)+360(semis Paris)+0(London) = 2220 ts / 6 tourneys

3290 pts avergae by year with 8 tourneys. Remember that his best year was 2008 when he reached 5500 ponits, but in average he stays around 3000 pts, with hos worst year 2009. He only once won a Slam in the second half of the year in 5 tries, Wimby 2008

– Federer: 250(Halle)+2000(Wimby)+1000(Cincy)+2000(Us Open)+250(Bangkok)+1000(Yec Shangai) = 6500 pts / 6 tourneys

– Federer: 250(Halle)+2000(Wimby)+1000(Toronto)+10(R32 Cincy)+2000(US Open)+500(Tokyo)+1000(Madrid)+500(Basel)+1500(YEC Shangai) = 8760 pts / 9 tourneys

-Federer: 2000(Wimby)+600(final Toronto)+1000(Cincy)+2000(US Open)+600(final Madrid)+500(Basel)+90(R16 Paris)+1300(YEC Shangai) = 8090 pts / 8 tourneys

-Federer: 250(Halle)+1200(final Wimby)+10(R32 Toronto)+90(R16 Cincy)+175(quarter Olympics)+2000(US Open)+360(semis Madrid)+500(Basel)+180(quarter Paris)+200(London) = 4965 pts / 10 tourneys

-Federer: 2000(Wimby)+180(quarter Toronto)+1000(Cincy)+1200(final US Open)+300(final Basel+10(R32 Paris)+400(semis London) = 5090 ts / 7 tourneys

6680 pts average by year with 8 tourneys. Remember that his best year was 2006 when he reached 8700 ponts, and his worst year 2008 he accumulated around 5000 pts. In last five years he alwasy won either Wimby or US Open or both by in every year.

My point is, judging by their display Fed has a shot at regaining n.1 since in his worst uyears so far he managed 5000 pts, and Nadal ony once passed 4000, when he reached 5000 pts. It’s safe to say that the number one position will be around 10000 points, Nadal needs 4000 more and Fed 7000.

Daniel Says:

Sorry for that one guys! I was doing this for myself, to see Fed’s realistic shot and thought, well let’s share with the posters so we can get some prespective in the race between those two.

its all abt da game Says:

I laugh a lot thinking that people argue on tennis-x using the name of TT.. first it was mr. perfect, now it is max and it involves many more names.. looks like TT is worth a visit.. :-)

as for rafa, great achievement..
at 24, it is an amazing achievement.. certainly at 24, borg was more accomplished with 10 slams.. but nadal can get 9 at the age of 24, i think so..
Fed, i do hope he somewhere gets that 2 weeks, though i do ot think he has enough in him to recover it now.. but its so agonisingly close..

now we move to the green grass.. and it is always nice to see green colour.. sad it can be seen just one month a year

Dan Martin Says:

Good perspective Sean. I think the match was not likely to go to Soderling given Rafa’s form, but the defense he played in the 2nd game of the 2nd set to save the two break points was of an epic level. Any other player in the world is down a break at that point. Soderling played well enough in the 1st set and early in the 2nd and late in the 3rd, but Nadal was not going to lose today unless someone played perfect tennis. Prior to the French Agassi said that is what makes Nadal so tough on clay is that in tennis it is generally ill advised to play high risk tennis hoping that everything and every chance one takes works out. So in every other match you play with one mentality and against Nadal on clay you have to have the mentality of needing to draw an inside straight a few times. Nadal’s relief to be back on top and to have a big trophy again was palpable. I do think Bellucci is going to have some good runs in Paris in the future. His match vs. Nadal was my favorite of the event as it was kind of like Nadal 2005 challenging a more seasoned Nadal 2010.

Anna Says:

Skeeze – Facts are facts. Some of the problems happen when certain people want to skew the facts to support their own opinions. But people have impressions about things that are purely subjective and I think that’s fine too. There’s nothing wrong with saying you FEEL a certain way. It’s just my subjective opinion that my “gut” is sometimes more accurate than my head. Might be a girl thing. Really, I just see it as being an issue of tolerance. I mean look at Roger Love. Not alot to discuss in his/her posts, but who wants to rain on his/her parade. Some of these so called usurpers from other sights who come over with snarky comments, may have been snarky because of certain comments made here at TX. I’ve seen Madmax drop the bomb on posters when they’ve barely finished a sentence. You see bullying on grade school playgrounds, but as adults we should be able to do better.

Michael Says:

First things first, Nadal has proved that he is the King of Clay by winning his fifth title and also adding to his string of Masters Title this year. Actually, no one has been able to beat him on Clay and he has remained invincible. Frankly, I thought Soderling would give a stiff fight to Nadal although I knew that Nadal would be the favourite. But, Soderling did not really play well and foiled his many chances. Neither his serve was working nor his range of shots which more often missed the mark. He succumbed under pressure, played a bad match and Nadal deservedly won playing much better than he did last year against the same man. All credit to Nadal who now has overtaken Federer as No.1. Now sky is the limit for Nadal as far as Clay is concerned and he can well go on to win another may be three or four French Opens making him the undisputed Greatest on Clay. He will also not be a throw away at Wimbledon and is a real threat.

skeezerweezer Says:



blah Says:

“Well indeed things are going well! Fantastique! I have nearly won zis match! Zis is, how shall we say, just what I want! I love zis sport!”

one set later.

“Well what can you say, some unlucky shots, yes that must be it, just, well good grief zis is going somewhat less good in fact! Well ha ha I am still up by a set! Zis is terrific!”

one set later.

“Well now, zis is terrible! two sets all! I shall lose zis match! I can see it now! How awful it shall be! I mean kissing zat zat girl, now zat was well quite bad for my tennis, but zis is worse!”

one set later.

“Well zis is so bad! Zis happenned before! I have done zis again! I am ze worst player ever!”

Zis is true, unfortunately. Well, I’ve come around, and will keep rooting for him and look forward to the beautiful tennis that gives him two set lead and then the physical and mental fitness issues that turn those into disappointments!

margot Says:

voicemale 1: I took u 4 a very serious and gob smackingly knowlegeable poster, now u have made me laugh twice in a row! What IS going on???
jane: We are all human out here and everyone says/does things they regret. Not many have the guts to admit it. Respect! Go girl!
Ben: now suddenly you’ve gone all mature! What’s happening?
von: have not forgotten our pact that someone called Andy MUST win Wimbledon!

Huh Says:


Thank you very much indeed for defending Mrs.Von, who’s one of the posters I appreciate the most. To be honest, she’s probably been the fairest to Fed among the non-Fed posters and unlike the most of the non-Fed posters who cheer loudly on Rafa defeating Fed(even if they’re not Rafa fans themselves), she just gives the credit to Fed/Rafa and she remains neutral during Fed-Rafa matches. What I liked most about her and what actually prompted me to come and post here on tennis-x was the way I saw Mrs.Von defending Fed against the anti-Feds. When people like Zola and her likes were busy discrediting Fed’s MAD 09 win, Mrs.Von was the only person to give credit to Fed in fullest terms among the non-Fed posters. She congratulated Fed and did so sincerely unlike some other posters, not for a moment she seemed to be unhapy for Fed defeating Rafa after a long time, but that’s hardly the trend with other non-Fed posters here. Moreover when every holy man/woman was writing Fed off (this included even the so-called Fed fans), the one and only Mrs.Von expressed her belief in Fed and even predicted Fed’s victory over Rafa in MAD 09! If that’s not being fair to Roger, then I don’t know what else is!

And yeah, she’s also anything, but a coward.

KUDOS TO MRS.VON for being such a nice poster!

Huh Says:

I posted it in the last thread , but may be Mindy, Anna, Ezorra, Osazone4real missed it. So I’m pasting it here again.

“Huh Says:

Congrats to you people! What a performance by Rafa! Awesome! 7th slam, that too! without dropping a set!! Enjoy friends, you had to wait for this almost 17/18 months. Today is rightfully yours!



I very much like Sod and was rooting for him and am not ashamed of his overall performance in this tournament, he too had a great FO barring today’s match, he reached final beating dangerous players like Berdych, Cilic and even Fed, that’s brlliant IMO.

All credit to Rafa for playing so aggressively, so scintillating to watch!

June 6th, 2010 at 12:34 pm”


Huh Says:

I can’t agree with any more with ‘King Of the Court’ when he says in terms of being ‘nice to’/’supportive’ of Fed and defending him:


Michael Says:

If Soderling had played his “A” game the match would have been much tougher, I would say would have gone to five sets with may be Nadal winning in the end due to his relentless pursuit. But Soderling missed a lost of easy gift-aways and threw away the match. It was looking like that he was more or less consigned to the defeat especially when he lost the first set. Nothing to take away from Nadal, but the poor form of Soderling on that day made his task pretty easier. However, even now I maintain that it is not impossible to defeat Nadal on Clay. To defeat him, a player against him should make less unforced errors with a high first serve percentage. That will surely work in the end. All said and done, Nadal by virtue of this victory has become the World No.1 and he deserves it since Federer displayed a pathetic performance in tournament after tournament. Atleast let us hope that Federer wins Halle.

Michael Says:

This is two consecutive defeats for Soderling in the finals and it does not augur well for him in the long run. The grand slam jinx may continue to haunt him like it has done to Murray. Only a strong willed player can emerge out of the ashes. The question is whether Soderling has it in ?

Cindy_Brady Says:

How predictable this was. Soderling turned the final into a routine 2nd round looking match for Nadal. What a pitiful performance by Robin.

He does not have the heart of a champion, that’s for sure.

Kudos to Nadal, he and his shameful half a million dollar watch can ride into Wimbledon #1 but still get seeded #2. The Wimbledon seeding committee doesn’t respect Nadal. Won’t that put everyone’s panties in a twist.

Oh and Lulz to huh, who loves to butt lick his on line special friends. Acknowledgment from the e-community is very important to huh and his continued mental health. Happy licking.

Henry Says:

Daniel, thanks for all the work put into the points post.
However, there are two important factors you are not taking into consideration:

1.) You are referring to race points, hence the accumulation factor, but in the overall rankings as such there will be no accumulation. Both Rafa and Roger will have to defend last year’s points. They are not added/accumulated unless they have a better result than the previous year. Roger has 5090 points to defend in 7 tournaments . Rafa only 2220 in 6 tourneys.

2.) Rafa neither played Queens, nor Wimbledon and WILL get accumulated/added points for any round he makes there, meaning his lead will increase, no matter what, after the grass season. Roger’s point total, during the grass season, can only decrease

Eskay Says:

Rafa had been serving at 190 kms. throughout the tournament except in the finals. He has added 10 kms. to his first serve. He made a lot more unforced errors coming into final. This could be due to his playing aggressive, trying to keep ball deep and hitting from closer to baseline. He abandoned these in some way in the finals, perhaps he felt confident to effect a win with his usual game. But these new acquisitions will stand him in good stead on other surfaces. His game had been dissected by opponents and it was necessary for him to add more shots to his repertoire. It would be nice to see him cover his forehand corner too, since most of his opponents have succeeded in exploiting that weakness of his. His quest for improvement bodes ill for his rivals. He appears to be the main threat to the defending champion at Wimbledon.

King of the Court Says:


Daniel’s calculations are aimed at who will end the year no.1 and not the no.1 ranking itself. It does not matter who is defending what.

Nadal has a 3000 point lead on Federer. If federer slips up on the grass and US hardcourts, Nadal can really close the deal. If federer has one of his magical wimbledon-USopen runs, the race will head towards an exciting finale in the asian swing and european fall indoor tournaments.

Fed has performed miserably after AO, he has just 1 final at madrid and that is the reason he finds himself playing catch-up. Nadal on the other hand aced like 5000 points in the clay season. Fed could match it if he repeats last years run. win wimbledon + cincy + final USopen = 5200 points. If he continues his bad play and goes like 2008 or worse, the no.1 race might finish up quite early.

fed needs to get to work starting tomorrow. He cannot repeat another estoril at Halle.

Allez Roger!

King of the Court Says:

It is going to be one hell of a dog-fight at Wimbledon. We will get a clearer picture at the end of this week, but right now everything is up in the air.

It is like a russian roulette. Fed’s and djokovic’s and murray’s games are in the dumps. Nadal will be playing his 1st match on grass in 2yrs. Andy Roddick has not played much competitive tennis since Miami. the scene is really set for some of the lesser guys to step up and do some damage.

I really hope murray wins this, if not Federer. I cheered for Henman every single year, but he did not have as much talent as murray. He always gave everything he had and murray needs to make strides on that front.

Huh Says:

Nobody likes to lick butt more than Cindy, she goes licking one butt after another, Lol!

Henry Says:

King of the Court: “Daniel’s calculations are aimed at who will end the year no.1 and not the no.1 ranking itself. It does not matter who is defending what”

Thanks KOC, but you lost me…I fully understood Daniel’s calculation was with regard to the “race”, but there’s really only one ranking that counts.
The ATP Race is no longer and the excercise of accumulating “race” points is only for purposes of determining the ATP World Tour Finals in London, nothing else.
Two years ago we still had two rankings: an ATP Race ranking, reflecting only the current year and the ATP Ranking, reflecting who would be the overall Year End No.1. As this was confusing to most, today we only have one official ranking, the one which determines the Year End ranking results. So, in this one and only ‘real’ ranking Rafa has a 310 point lead on Federer and both Rafa and Roger will indeed have to defend points. Only during the grass season Rafa can only gain point and Roger can only lose. Unless he wins both Halle and Wimbledon which will give him a net gain of 250 pts only.

skeezerweezer Says:

It seems the ranking system is fair to me and they do a good job. I hate calculating out ATP points defending/getting, etc, my brain freezes althoug I know it is fun for some folks. I have to work doing that stuff, ugh.

Fed won AO, then? Rafa wins 3 tourneys in a row then FO, so makes sense he is #1 now. that is all the math I need, :)

King of the Court Says:


You are right. There is only one ranking system the ATP using now. Everything you said regarding that ranking system and your analysis of Rafa and Roger’s position is right. (except for fed gaining 250 if he wins both halle+wimbledon. i think he gains less than 250 in that case, because he already played both estoril and doha = 250 tournaments. a halle will win replace one of them (doesn’t matte which because, both of them fed reached semis) so it will be 250 – semifinal points from doha or estoril)

As for the race, even though it does not officially exist, it is quite useful at times like this, when you mainly want to see who ENDS the year no.1. it simplifies the math. Why should we care more about who ends the year no.1? than the no.1 ranking itself? because if anyone ends the year no.1, that dude gets like 6-8weeks of bonus addition to their weeks at no.1.

Race/ranking, the way to get to no.1 or to stay at no.1 is to keep winning. You cannot not win and stay no.1 for a long period of time. Fed did that in 2008 from estoril and finally gave up the no.1 ranking in cincinnati 2008. nadal did that from rome 2009 and gave up the no.1 after 2009 wimbledon. now fed after AO has done squat and gives up no.1 at french. ofcourse, in all these cases the other guy went on a tear at about the same time that these guys saw their form plummet.

makes sense?

Henry Says:

King of the Court:

Yes, forgot about the Estoril/Doha 250 pt tournaments for Roger (they could both still add 500 pt tournaments)

As for the rest, in the end we’re both probably talking about the same thing but explaining/analyzing it in a different way.

No worries.

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