Is Rafael Nadal’s Shoulder Also Ailing? [Video]
by Tom Gainey | November 12th, 2011, 12:23 pm

Reports out of Mallorca are that Rafael Nadal is experiencing some discomfort in his left shoulder. Nadal, who skipped the Paris Indoors this week, has been training for the London Finals and next month’s Davis Cup final against Argentina.

Nadal’s coach, Uncle Toni, said that after consulting with his doctor, Angel Ruiz Cotorro, Rafa had overworked his left shoulder during practice. Given the findings, recent sessions have focused on Nadal’s backhand.

The second-ranked Nadal is still expected to play London and the Davis Cup in Seville and this doesn’t seem to be a major concern.

Novak Djokovic is already on the mend with a bad right shoulder which forced him to withdraw from Paris yesterday.

Any further help with translation is appreciated.

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10 Comments for Is Rafael Nadal’s Shoulder Also Ailing? [Video]

Kimmi Says:

“recent sessions have focused on Nadal’s backhand”

i am not surprised the backhand is where they are concentrating on. nadal backhand against djokovic has been his worst shot while against other players it is still pretty good. it must be the big session to try to counter djokovic’s attacks.

Hope his injury is not too serious and that after one week he should be able to play london.

Anna Says:

Yikes! These guys seem to take turns going from one injury to another, except Fed. I have no idea what to expect from any of the top three at the WTF. It looks like the old man might have the cleanest bill of health.

Dan Martin Says:

Maybe he over worked his shoulder trying to make sure he serves like he did at USO 2010. Nadal-Djokovic 2011 USO final may have cut each man’s career short. Such a brutal match. Who knows like Anna said.

margot Says:

Goodness Dan, the price they paid, seems very high, if that proves to be the case :(

someone Says:

And already Humble Rafa has an excuse prepared for when he loses in London

alison hodge Says:

@someone as you only ever show up on the forum ocasionally,to tell us all of your obvious disdain for rafa,why dont you send in a post on someone you actually do like,as nobody has a clue who that is,or for a change talk about the bloody tennis,puulease thats the whole point of having a tennis forum,i am curious to know.

Michael Says:

I hope this is not serious.

Andy Says:

Yep, tendinitis is what he had in his knees, before his magical PRP treatments cured him. He also won his two grand slam tournaments after his last PRP treatments (RG 2010, USO 2010).

Expect Rafa to get another PRP treatment before AO 2012, and win it.

margot Says:

Andy, apparently you can’t do it endlessly and have the same success, which makes sense. The human body has limitations.

Anna Says:

Margo, From what I’ve read prp treatments can be successful when given more than once. I think it’s a matter of healthy cells wrapping themselves around damaged tissue and healing/creating new growth. Probably not much science for multiple treatments (4-5X). I think Rafa’s knees are fine, but it wouldn’t surprise me t hear that he’s been getting treatments this year for the shoulder. Rafa is my all-time favorite player, but if he’s having to repair 2-3 body parts with various treatments then I really hope he doesn’t play more than a couple more years.

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