‘N-Dru’ Wins 2011 Tennis-X Year-end Top 10 Contest
by Staff | December 22nd, 2011, 11:20 pm

Holy cow! The smack talk, the whining, and the general competition reached new levels with the 2011 edition of the Tennis-X Year-end Top 10 Contest.

Last year 13 entrants tied with seven correct to force a tiebreak. In 2011, due to injuries to various players and the Top 10 surges of darkhorses such as Mardy Fish and Janko Tipsarevic, ONLY THREE PLAYERS were able to tie with seven correct out of the Top 10.
Eighteen (18) entrants were in the running with six (6) correct picks out of the Top 10, and for that here’s your props — Bobby, Margot, Saint_Parrish, Zip, VE, Tom Gainey, Adam, Kaiser, Sameer, Thangs, Thark, Kimberly, Gallant, Guy, Vined, BabolatClijstersFan, and Fumus — congrats you also-ran fourth-place finishers.

Injuries to Robin Soderling, Juan Martin Del Potro and Andy Roddick derailed many entrants, as did dives into the tank/injuries by Gael Monfils, Nikolay Davydenko, and hope-he-does-well Marcos Baghdatis and Jurgen Melzer during the year.

Surprisingly lots of Tuna Melzer Top 10 fans as of last January. How did that turn out? IT DIDN’T!

If you got five of the Top 10 right, you were among the 42 entrants that did. And you’re pretty much in the average-to-suck ratio.

For 2011 we only did a men’s Top 10, and we’ll roll out the same for 2012 in the next week. No women’s Top 10 contest? There was a good amount of blowback from that.

“Gregoire Gentil” summed it up by saying “Men contest, no women contest [frowny icon here]. Tennis-X staff is sooooo disappointing! Do I need to remind that women earn as much as men on the grand slams, even at Wimbledon — and women have vote rights for decades now? At least, you could have opened the door to encourage both top. I ENCOURAGE EVERYBODY TO POST BOTH MEN AND WOMEN TOP 10!”

Okay, you don’t have to yell. Women can vote now? Damn. Let us think about it…ummm…no. The WTA was a joke in 2011, again everyone was injured, and the No. 1 ranking went to the player who played most. Li Na won a Slam, then practically had a nervous breakdown.

“Kimmi” rounded it up when she said: “i watch WTA tour. I love it when they can give us competative matches. like the final of YEC in doha between Kim and caro was great. But it is hard to predict. IMO..it all depends on serena, will she recover enough to be the serena we know. can hennin play the whole year without injury. Is sharapova getting her form back? what about ivanovic, can she continue her resurgenc? What about safina, JJ, and venus?? So many questions???”

Aside from that atrocious spelling we’ll agree with: Serena, Henin, Sharapova, Ivanovic, Safina, Venus as all “no”s — no, no, no. Ugh.

Gregoire Gentil went on to say: “OK, I continue my efforts and I will try to give you another reason why it’s much more fun to play with women top-10 than men top-10. As of now, 74% of the participants have the fab 4 (Djokovic, Federer, Murray, Nadal) in the first 4 positions and 98% (yes 98%!!!) have 3 names out of the fab 4 in the first 4 positions and the last one in position 5. Tennis-X men top-10 is not any more a top-10 game, it’s more like just guessing the “6 other names”. On the opposite, playing the women top-10 (if it existed), your chances to win are tenfold because there are fewer posts and it’s much more open.”

That was pretty much the argument for the women’s Top 10 — that it is so crappy and hard to guess, it’s fun!

“Steve” said: “Women’s tennis hurts my eyes, come on, men’s tennis is so much more interesting right now, if you are a bit talented at tennis yourself it’s quite hard to watch women’s tennis, at least for me.”

We’ll leave it at that. We don’t hate women’s tennis, we just wish it was better. Come back Serena, Venus, Kimmy. Enough of slagging women’s tennis, back to topic.

Tied for first with seven of the year-end Top 10 correct were: montedelasanimas, Matt and N-Dru.

Since it was a three-way tie, the tiebreaker was…who had the most correct in their respective positions No. 1-10?

Well thank you Creator Above for Tomas Berdych, because montedelasanimas and Matt had none of their correct seven in their final resting places, but N-Dru correctly predicted Berdych finishing in the No. 7 position.


Contact the webmaster with your mailing address for your fabulous prize package, and see you soon for the 2012 contest (look for it).

Happy holidays — Tennis-X staff

(Bonus: here was N-Dru’s winning entry:

“1. Nadal
2. Federer
3. Murray
4. Djokovic
5. Soderling
6. Ferrer
7. Berdych
8. Verdasco
9. Tsonga

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22 Comments for ‘N-Dru’ Wins 2011 Tennis-X Year-end Top 10 Contest

Humble Rafa Says:

Thanks for your support Dru. Dru and Humble will get along just fine.

Gregoire Gentil Says:

Good news: I’m famous on Tennis-X now! lol. Bad news: I’ve not managed to convince the Tennis-X team. Yet. For sure, my position stands!

Kimberly Says:

Do u have to be 18 to pick tennisx? Can my six year old enter and pick a list next week? Maybe he will win and we will all be really embarrassed?

Gregoire Gentil Says:

And the real winner is… margot with 5 correct spots plus the #1.

As a reminder the 2011 end-year ranking was:
1 Wozniacki, Caroline
2 Kvitova, Petra
3 Azarenka, Victoria
4 Sharapova, Maria
5 Li, Na
6 Stosur, Samantha
7 Zvonareva, Vera
8 Radwanska, Agnieszka
9 Bartoli, Marion
10 Petkovic, Andrea

Congratulations also to Kimberly, RSP and DMB for picking 5 of the top 10. Many thanks to the 12 (!!!) posters who participated to this fabulous lottery. I’m sure we will be more next year.

margot, you can contact the webmaster to collect your fabulous prize package. See you soon for the unofficial in-the-comment 2012 contest (look for it).

jane Says:

LOL, Gergoire Gentil. :)

Kimberly, would love to see how your tykes would make out. We know Colin would’ve got Fish right. ;)

Congrats to N-DRU. And to all who came close.

margot, you pwnd, doing well in both ladies and mens picks. And Kimberly you too. Well done.

Guess I am in the average-to-sucks category. Ha, ha.

Matt Says:

Whoo…a HUGE congrats to my brother N-Dru for winning this comp!!! And wowww, i came in tied 2nd as well?! Heh heh, not too bad at all! :D

dari Says:

Way to go, guys!
Happy holidays to everyone!

Kimmi Says:

ha ha five minutes of fame on tennis-x, or is it one day?

“Aside from that atrocious spelling we’ll agree with” lol staff. new year resolution from me, is no spelling mistakes.

Congrats to the winners!

jane Says:

Happy Holidays to: mat4: the poet; Kimmi: the most enthusiastic in-match commentator we have; margot: the proof that “brevity is the soul of wit”; Kimberly: the contest galvanizer; grendel: the genius with words; skeezerweezer: the fun guy who shares recipes AND tennis wisdom; Humble Rafa: the best impersonator; Wog Boy: the newest Nole fan; MMT, the resident technical and historical expert; Daniel: the longtimer who shows up for the big ones; Skorocel: the provacteur; i am it, the math genuis; contador, the one who creates the best nicknames and is on top of new talent; and especially to all the Nole fans here like sar, Duro, Nina, and Murray fans like margot, Colin, puckbandit since we share the same wishes. And to everyone else I missed, including the staff, like Sean, Dan, Ben and funches:

May we all have a fun 2012 watching tennis and blathering on. :D Cheers

Humble Rafa Says:



I can’t believe you made all those spelling mistakes WITH SPELL CHECK. I am calling your English teacher.

Kimmi Says:

humble rafa – Is there a spell checker? bummer, never knew it exist. BTW, there is a rumor going around that you might pull out of abu dhabi, shoulder problem and viral infection is the cause. Is that true?

Kimmi Says:

jane: good one. What about you though, the most fair poster on tennis-x? I have seen lots of people giving you that compliment…i think it fits you.

Happy holidays to you and everyone here. cant wait for 2012 tennis to start.

Humble Rafa Says:

You know the tennis season is about to begin when you hear “Rafa is injured”.

As Uncle Toni said: “The idea is to be present in Abu Dhabi. (What he didn’t say was, I will be present to collect my oil money. As per the contract, a mere presence will earn me cool money!).

Rafa Nation, Nothing to worry. I will be running like a squirrel come the Australian Open.

Kimberly Says:

allison hodge gets honorable mention in the fair poster category too.

Happy Holidays to all my tennis x peeps, jane, kimmi, contador, daniel, dari,scirem, skorecel, dory, stu, duro, nina, mat4, humble rafa, skeezer, blank, ben pronin, madmax, el flaco, chico, margot, colin, grendel, allison hodge, lulu iberica, steve-o, dave, rick, fed is afraid, gregoire gentil, wog boy and of course the writers at tennis x Tom Gainey, Sean Randall and dare I even say Jeremy Davis and all others I might have forgotten to mention.

Hope everyone gets the presents on their list to Santa! No lumps of coal!

I am looking forward to the WTA this year, I think it will be quite interesting. I hope SHarapova can actually do something!

The ATP who knows any of the below is possible to me:

1. Novak continues where he left off at the US Open and dominates the tour in a Federeresque manner
2. Novak reverts back to the 3-4 player he was before he opened up a can of whoop=ass on the atp tour
3. Novak remians number one but not as dominant as last year
4. Nadal pulls a 2010 and comes back to #1
5. Nadal continues like last year to struggle but still playing top 4 tennis
6. Nadal total crash and burn
7. Federer gets back to number one but continues to have a match or two where its shank city, just against opponents where he can still win playing poorly.
8. Father time catches up and he stays like early to mid 2011. I see no signs that he will slip further.
9. Murray win a slam on all his demons vanish and he lights a fire on the tour.
10. Murray continues not to win slams and his negative demeanor remains and he stays a top 5 player
11. Murrays negative demmeanor causes him to slip further.
12. Del Potro goes to top 8 at least
13. More injuries and Del Potro goes nowhere

I believe all of these possible.

alison hodge Says:

thanks kimberly may i also say the same about you too,one of the farest blogers on the forum,for us fans of rafa its been a tricky year,but he still bagged another slam so all was definetly not lost,and hopefully he will still bag more only time will tell,looking forward to 2012 with relish whatever happens next,so heres wishing all bloggers and staff at tennis x, a merry christmas and happy new year,a special mention goes to jane,, kimberly,margot,nina,swiss maestro,grendel,skeezer and brando,who are my favourite bloggers on the forum,all the rest i love too,but those ones are my favourites,looking forward to more of your posts in the near future ,but for now,over and out,take care all.

Adam Says:

Am i the only one who called fish?

Daniel Says:

Happy Holidays everybody!!!

Damm, 6 years on tennis-x already (That’s 24 GS), it goes so fast… My god, all the milage.

Hope to see everybody here next year again, for our awesome tennis discussions, and maybe we can reach another 1000 post treads as we had mid this year.

I will try to post more, but already eager for AO 2012, can’t believe it starts in 3 weeks and all my schedule will be a mess, waking up in the middle of the night just to watch a match, making excuses to miss work,,The most taxing Slam for the fan:)


marko Says:

Just out of curiosity? How many of the contestants guessed Djokovic would finish No. 1??? 1%? 2%?

grendel Says:

@Daniel – I always look forward to reading any post from Daniel,even though I know he rather sees me as switching sides. Daniel, I was once, a long long time ago,when I was but a young and ickle boy (at college, actually) asked to speak at a debate. I can’t remember what about. I was never much good at talking, too nervous and self-conscious, whereas with a pen in your hand you can kind of hibernate, untroubled by the awkward fact of other people.

Anyway, I started babbling away, and for some reason I was considering the position of my opponent and in so doing,I couldn’t help recognizing certain commendable aspects of it. So I started to expatiate on these until I became conscious of a bit of murmuring and one person called out quite loudly:”Just whose side are you on?” I believe I grinned weakly, babbled a little further, and as soon as opportunity decently presented itself slid away from the platform, slunk outside the building and repaired without delay to the nearest watering hole – there to get systematically sozzled.

This tendency to irresolution should not be taken as a mark of relativism, which after all is a kind of ideology and adhered to as a calculated choice (spot of contradiction there, don’t you think: I mean, can one be relative about relativism?). With me, it’s more or less spontaneous and reflects a certain instinctive belief in the messiness of life, the origins of which are, I daresay, only explicable in terms of the analyst’s couch – not that I believe in psychoanalysis, as it happens, or not much. So where others see order, I see only a simulacrum of order, affording a thin veneer for the chaos which lies at the heart of life.

People tend not to believe this and, if they like you, they think you are very objective and detached (ha!) and if they don’t like you, they think you are a slimy toad concerned only to curry favour in various quarters (actually, I quite like the sound of that one – it conjures up images of languor and decay and a certain sluggish beauty). Some people, disappointed, pass seamlessly from the first position to the second. That kind of traffic is one way only, however.

Even so, as I slither hither and thither (that was not deliberate, believe me, just slipped out – I’m a great believer in serendipity), at heart I remain a Federer man, and of all the Federer fans, I like Daniel the best, there’s a chap called Angel, who hardly ever posts, and I like him because he exudes a kind of painful sincerity and that touches me. There are others too, of course, although a few posters are so magisterial you suspect they are Fed men at heart but are not quite sure. I have a soft spot, too, for certain posters I got into endless, fairly vicious tussles with. In retrospect, all that seems silly, and I feel a curious affection for them. Strange – like everything, really.

ged Says:

1 Djokovic, Novak
2 Federer, Roger
3 Nadal, Rafael
4 Murray, Andy
5 Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried
6 Del Potro, Juan Martin
7 Berdych, Tomas
5 Ferrer, David
9 Tipsarevic, Janko
10 Dolgopolov, Alexandr

the last is more wish than anything else, because i like his style of play a lot.

grendel Says:

Other Federer posters we don’t see so much of who warm the cockles of me heart:
Gannu:”….a quite disgraceful performance by Federer, I can hardly believe what I’m seeing… I think I’m going to get my knife and cut my hand off I’m so mad I might do something dangerous with it otherwise….the world’s just gone upside down and nothing means anything anymore and my name isn’t really Gannu well of course it isn’t anyway really but you know what I mean, madmax where are you how are you coping with this nightmare….” Gannu puts down in print what the rest of us are actually feeling but are far too cowardly to admit to: thus:”Federer seems to be a bit out of touch today, his bhs are not quite on, but never mind, he can’t always do it, sure he’ll be himself in his next match” – such sober comments are delivered by one who is in the meantime screaming at his partner to kindly piss the f**k off since she obviously hasn’t the remotest clue what she’s talking about and certainly, yes, if she wants to split up that’s absolutely fine at least we’re agreed on one thing, and meanwhile that ashtray narrowly misses the television screen. At the end of the day, Gannu’s comments have a certain healing quality….

Contador – she is always gentle with a hint of melancholy, hope she’ll be back.

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