Roger Federer Stops The Streaking Novak Djokovic At ATP Finals, Clinches SF Berth
by Staff | November 17th, 2015, 5:28 pm

Roger Federer proved once again that age is just a number. Today the 34-year-old scored his third win this year over Novak Djokovic breaking the top player in the world four times to cruise 7-5, 6-2 in the round robin of the year-end ATP Finals.

“You have those days as well when you are not feeling your best, not even close to the best,” Djokovic said after the 77-minute match. “Credit to Roger for mixing up the pace, giving me always a different ball. He used the slice and spin very wisely. He served very efficiently. I made a lot of unforced errors. Just handed him the win, especially in the second set.”

The two traded early breaks but Federer, thanks to this exceptional serve and return, was the better man on the day. He broke Djokovic at 6-5 in the first and then twice in the second set.

“Winning the first set clearly in a match like this gives you the upper hand,” said Federer. “It was important to strike again as quick as possible in the second set, and I did.

I didn’t think I mixed it up that crazy, to be honest,” Federer added. “I didn’t play any insane tactics. It was pretty straightforward, in a way I’ve played him many times in the past. My game is to mix it up, change up the spins. His game is to press you away. I think we both played our regular game, and it was a good outcome for me tonight.”

Djokovic finished with just 12 winners, 22 unforced. He won just 51% of his first serve points.

“The court is playing a little bit slower than maybe the US Open or Cincinnati, the last couple times we played against each other,” Djokovic said. “He tactically played well. Undoubtedly, he was the better player on the court. But I think I also allowed him to play and penetrate through the ball and dictate the tempo from the baseline.

“I didn’t have this follow-through on my shots, no depth honestly, many mistakes. Basically, if you play this way against Roger, you have no chance.”

The win puts Federer into the semifinals. Djokovic will now face Tomas Berdych on Thursday.

“This is the last week of the year. Obviously, it’s been a long season. But I need to push myself mentally, physically, emotionally as far as I can basically in this tournament,” Djokovic said. “I have another group-stage match and I need to win it to get through.

“The day that I have between the two matches will allow me to reflect on this match with my team, work on things that didn’t go the way I wanted them to go.”

The loss for Djokovic snapped several streaks. The Serb had won 38 straight matches indoors, 23 straight overall and had won his last 15 matches at the ATP Finals.

Djokovic was also trying to have the series lead over Federer for the first time. Instead, Federer moves ahead 22-21 and won’t fall behind Djokovic this year.

Federer is now 2-0 thus far and he’s into the semifinals for a 7th straight year, 13 of 14 times he’s played.

Earlier Kei Nishikori kept his semifinal hopes alive beating Tomas Berdych 7-5, 3-6, 6-3. Berdych held break chances early in the third but couldn’t convert.

“That was a really big point,” said Nishikori. “He had three, four shots that he went really aggressive. I was on the defence all the time. I mean, [the] last shot, I kind of went for it, closed my eyes. [I] was a little bit lucky I made that shot.”

Berdych falls to 1-4 against Nishikori and now must beat Djokovic on Thursday to have any hope of making it to the weekend.

“I was playing very good in the second set,” said Berdych. “I was playing well in the third. I was the one having a first chance, having a break point in the third set. [I] had a good rally, had a good position to finish the ball, but I just didn’t make it. Then he took his chance. He broke me next game.”

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37 Comments for Roger Federer Stops The Streaking Novak Djokovic At ATP Finals, Clinches SF Berth

jalep Says:

I’m confused.

FedExpress Says:

in which scenario fed cant finisih 1st in the group?

jalep Says:

Ben Pronin on the other thread says:
“Now he’ll have to beat Berdych and hope Federer beats Nishikori just to make the semis.”

Nole should beat Nole (hopefully). Are you saying Federer losing to Kei can cause Nole to miss the semi’s? Am I in denial?

elina Says:

Perhaps Fed should tank to eliminate Nole.

elina Says:

Jon Wertheim ‏@jon_wertheim 37m37 minutes ago
Federer has beaten Djokovic three times in 2015. Rest of the field has beaten Djokovic….three times. In 77 matches.

Nole maybe the new Federer in terms of winning but Federer is the new Rafa in terms of kryptonite.

jalep Says:

meant to say “Nole should beat Berdych.”

Yeah, I’m worried now.

django Says:

The winner of the stefan edberg award would never do that, would he?

jalep Says:

Very funny, django.

Emily Says:

Roger has to beat Novak at a slam to be his Rafa-like kryptonite

Dascochoke Says:

Emily Says:

Roger has to beat Novak at a slam to be his Rafa-like kryptonite
to old, we all know this. Hope Rafa gets back and takes him out.

Wog Boy Says:


Agree with jalep, good one:)

jalep Says:

Federer with the beard does looks like a bad boy to me, Wog Boy. And didn’t skeezer post something about Federer should smash some racquets, pitch a fit, no more nice guy? That was some prediction ;)

Terrible 2nd set. I was just waiting for Nole to kick it up a gear…but it never happened.

Congrats Federer and fans. His serve and that drop shot that spun left and out of reach. Quite a performance.

Wog Boy Says:

Haven’t seen the match, had to go to work (started 7am local time), I’ll check ir tonight. Last time Roger broke Nole’s streak, Nole won Wimbledon, USO, AO after, we’ll see, but to be honest I’ve never liked those streaks, to much pressure, I’m really glad it’s over.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Just watched my recording. That was a very entertaining match. Novak played at an extremely high level, but it was certainly not his best.Federer had a really good day.
The first set really could have gone either way. In the second set, Federer’s return of serve was ridiculous. Halfway through the set, they showed that Novak was only winning 25% or so on his FIRST serve. It seemed like Federer was returning Novak’s first serve without too much problem, and he was returning it strongly, almost getting to a neutral position.
In addition, Fed had amazing depth and angles on his groundstrokes, and he lasted longer in the rallies than usual. Novak’s baseline game was for the most part excellent, but he uncharacteristically missed his opportunities. When Fed left balls short and high, ready to be put away, Novak would just put it back in play.
I thought, other than Fed coming to net a bit more, their styles looked quite similar today, more than I’ve ever seen with them before.
Hope we get that for a final too.

AndyMira Says:

When roger said novak is not invincible,he knows what he’s talking about and he proved glad he did’s time novak put his feet on the green earth..he’s flying so high on the sky long enough..

Daniel Says:

Roger is #1 in his group unless Djoko loses to Berdych and Fed loses to Kei, than Kei is first with 2-1, Fed 2-1 second (direct confront with Kei) and Djoko and Berdy eliminated with 1-2.
Any other scenario and Fed is first of hos group.

1 – If Fed loses 2-0 to Kei and Djoko beats Berdych in straights it will ve a three playee tie, Fed finishes with 2-1, 4-2 in sets / Kei finishes 2-1, 4-3 in sets and Djoko 2-1 with 4-2 in sets. Fed and Djoko qualify Fed first in direct confront with Djoko.

2 – If Fed loses 2-1 to Kei and Djoko beata Berdy in straights:
Fed 2-1, 5-2 in sets
Djoko 2-1, 4-2 in sets
Kei 2-1, 4-4 in sets. Kei out, Fed first Direct confront with Djoko

3 – ig Fed loses 2-0 to Kei and Djoko beats Berdy in three
Fed 2-1, 4-2 in sets
Djoko 2-1, 4-3 in sets
Kei 2-1, 4-3 in sets

This way Fed and Djoko through.

Only way for Kei to qualify is beat Fed and Hope Berdych beats Djoko or Loses to Fed in 3 and hope Berdych beats Djoko in 3. Than Fed firsr 3-0 and the otger three tied with 1-2 and sane amount of sets, 4-3. Than Number of games will decide and even Berdych coyod qualify

Wog Boy Says:

“…it’s time novak put his feet on the green earth..he’s flying so high on the sky long enough..”

Nole always had his feet firmly on the ground, but obviously you can’t handle watching him being The Best Player in the World. Guess what, you have to get used on it since he is not going anywhere anytime soon, he will stay where he is (#1) for a bit longer, that’s No1e.

Dascochoke Says:

“Nole always had his feet firmly on the ground, but obviously you can’t handle watching him being The Best Player in the World. Guess what, you have to get used on it since he is not going anywhere anytime soon, he will stay where he is (#1) for a bit longer, that’s No1e.’

This guy 1 time does not win.

His witches go crazy.

Dascochoke Says:

“to be honest I’ve never liked those streaks, to much pressure, I’m really glad it’s over.”

What a joke!

Wog Boy Says:

Well, well, well…what do we have here? Some old posters with new monikers, wellcome back..I know it pains you to see No1e’s achievements, but that’s ok, you’ll get used;)

Viki Says:

Beside these thing i also observed that Djoko for some reason does not return many balls to Federer Backhand. It is historically proven that even if Federer has good day, if in a rally you can play 10-15 times to his backhand, his backhand is bound to fail, but this time it looks Djoko was trying something else.

Better for Djoko and others, Fed has only one weakness and better to target that only. May be this match was not knockout match that’s why Djoko change the tactics.

And also this is third time this year against Federer, Djoko played first set competitively and if lost, he give up in second set. Lets see what will happen if Federer won first set in GS match.

AndyMira Says:

To Wog Boy,He!he!’re right,he’s not going anywhere anytime soon..but next season will see him go down a little bit since he has to protect so many points..and i doubt very much that he will repeat his incredible season like this one ever again..he’s already done it twice..he maybe will add 2,3 slam but that’s it.

roy Says:

the key to beating djoker is aggression/taking time away from him. nadal knows this himself and knows that’s how he beat him at the us open etc., but it’s harder for him without the serve of federer to set up attacks/get initiative. this is also why murray has so much trouble with djoker as he can be relatively passive.
but probably it mostly comes down to serve more than anything. if nadal or murray had federer’s serve, they’d have very equal HC records with novak.

skeezer Says:

“the key to beating djoker is aggression/taking time away from him..”
Lol….funny. Same is said about Nadal.

J-Kath Says:

AndyMira @ 10.43pm

re. “Nole’s incredible season”. If Nole “maybe will add 2, 3 slams but that’s it” ….???? etc. etc.

It seems to me that if Nole does add 2, 3 more slams he’s not going to need much more to achieve another “incredible season”.

AndyMira Says:

To J-kath,what i meant was 2,3 slams in 1,2 or 3 years to come not in one year like this year,but if you don’t believe it.. that’s okay because it’s just my prediction after all..people predict and they’re wrong all the time..just like they’re predict novak will win against roger last night and they’re wrong..

J-Kath Says:


OK …You meant over a period of time. Fine. However, Nole will retain No. 1 position throughout 2016 (unless he has long-term injury)…I’m not really into predictions ….this is based on the staggering points gap between Nole and Nos. 2, 3 and 4 + Rafa and a reasonable expectation that Nole isn’t going to crash completely in 2016.

PS: Andy Murray is my favourite player which is why I try to avoid predictions as Andy is a bit of a maverick …U never know from one minute to the next whether he’s going to dazzle or frazzle.

Tennisfan Says:

So Novak lost a match- it happens. Not reading that much into it tbh; let’s see what happens at the finals. Would be nice to see Fed win but I doubt he’ll be able to reproduce this if he gets to play Nole again.
Pretty interesting to note that half of Novak’s losses occurred against Fed this year- but I wouldn’t say its the equivalent of Roger being to Nole what Nadal was to him as Rafa dominated over Fed much more. Still, very impressive by Rog at 34-years old against a dominating player in his prime.

django Says:

Any slams Novak gets over 12 is gravy IMO.
I believe he can do 2 per year until he fizzles out or a youngster appears.
Remember he only needs around 30 masters to sew that up and hes at 26 now.
That is doable in the next two years.

jane Says:

django, well said and i agree with you. it’s thrilling that he’s won double digit slams in a time when he’s had such difficult rivals, two possible goat contenders, if you believe in that concept. and even if you don’t, he has repeatedly faced two of the most successful slam players ever, creating the two most prolific – in terms of meetings – in the open era: nole-fed, and nole-rafa. yet somehow he managed to win 10 slams already. how can we not be thrilled? as a fan, i’m so proud of what he’s achieved – just amazing. :)

jane Says:

*two most prolific rivalries…i meant to say.

AndyMira Says:

To Django,Jane and J-Kath,I understand what you all feel..if i offended you guys with my statement i’m so”s not my intention to belittling your hero..I just feel that with the kind of year he had which is amazing,incredible etc you name it..but next year is a different story..he maybe got 1 or 2 at the most,and he’s going to 29..maybe his 29 is a very different story from rafa,roger or sampras’s 29 who failed to add their tally on slam..who knows..only GOD knows this kind of thing..He’s also dominated the tour for 4 years..roger dominated the tour for 5 years before succumbed to the nature..but then again maybe he’s different…

Noonen Says:

Jesus gave me some insight this morning. Many tennis fans worship Federer, especially in America. Even when Nadal was #1, he also seemed to worship him. Then Djokovic came along. The reason people seem so hateful of him is because he dethroned the one they have been worshipping. This is the important part: The reason Federer was so important to these people is because he represented the lie they were embracing that one could be sinful and not suffer any punishment or downside for it.

Gypsy Gal Says:


Margot Says:

Oh lol, I’ve had a genuinely laugh out loud moment, keep them coming Noonen.
Yes indeedy, “Dazzle or frazzle.” Derren Brown or Tommy Cooper?
Oh lordy its been some ride.

calmdownplease Says:


Top story: Muguruza Outlasts Sabalenka In Doha; Azarenka v Svitolina Thurs.