Quick Hits: Needy Roddick, Taped Masters, Golf a Sport?
by Richard Vach | October 18th, 2006, 12:23 am

Some mid-week quick hits:

NEEDY RODDICK: After his US Open success failed to translate to Europe, Andy Roddick showed up this week in Madrid with part-time coach Jimmy Connors in tow. The Roddick-Connors camp previously said Jimbo wouldn’t join Andy again in 2006 unless he qualified for the Masters Cup, but you have to assume A-Rod picked up the red emergency phone after losing both singles against Russia in Davis Cup, then last week losing to the lower-ranked Fernando Gonzalez in the Vienna semis. The ice-quick Madrid courts are perfect for Roddick’s game — now can Connors revive his confidence? Andy is 0-4 versus Top 10 players in 2006, not stats that will get you a lot of wins at the Masters Cup.

BLOGGING THE ATP: Some of the weekly ATP player blogs (Dmitry Tursunov, Marat Safin) have been very entertaining — but are they “blogs”? Is pouring over well- (and not-so-well)-thought-out topics over your keyboard the same as dictating your thoughts on your day to an ATP employee with an audio recorder who then types them up to be posted on the ATP website? Instead of blogging couldn’t it be called ‘dicta-blogging’ or something equally stupid? How about just “an interview”? Now bring back Marat.

SHOULD TENNIS AND GOLF EVEN BE IN THE SAME “SPORTS” SENTENCE? After the Roger Federer-Tiger Woods love-in at the US Open, a number of similarities were drawn between the dominant champions. Tony Kornheiser of the Washington Post and ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” fame went on to state that Woods’ achievements are greater. “In the majors, where all the great players compete, Federer only has to win seven matches and only has to beat the person in front of him. In golf, you have to beat everybody to win.” Then again, tennis requires some of the highest levels of fitness in world sport, while golf is a game where guys with giant guts never achieve a heart rate over sitting. And during practice rounds you can walk down the fairways with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Monopoly must be another game tougher than tennis — since you have to beat everyone sitting around the board. Wasn’t it John McEnroe who said something to the effect, ‘If you don’t run, it’s not a sport’?

ROLL TAPE: Ever recall seeing a Grand Slam semifinal or final on tape only? How about the Super Bowl on tape? The World Series? The World Cup final? Bummer to see both the ATP Masters Cup and the WTA Tour Championships’ semifinals and finals will be shown on tape only in the U.S. The Masters Cup is in the wasteland time zone of Asia, but at least there will be live tennis on ESPN2 Monday through Friday — at that coveted sports time slot of 6-8 a.m. EST. The Versus network (formerly the Outdoor Life Network) will show an impressive six hours of live women’s tennis Monday through Friday throughout each day before going to the taped semis and final.

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14 Comments for Quick Hits: Needy Roddick, Taped Masters, Golf a Sport?

RHC Says:

Kornheiser is full of it. A golfer can play a bad round and still win a major tournament. If a tennis player plays a bad round, he’s out. Tiger is probably well aware of that. After all, he seems to have a harder time winning match-play tournaments.

tennis thr real sport Says:

1. why is roddick no1 in the losers of the week???????????

I am not roddick fan, but he played realy good in Vienna. played prety tennis v gusqet (I cant belive I even saying prety of roddick game), and just lost in a breaker to on fire gonzo.

the no4 in the world nalbandian (whos game I love) lost to the same gonzo a round befor roddick 6-0 love love the no4 player in the world who loves indoer tennis, so how he isnt the bigest or 2 loser of the week.

but again yos show your hrat for roddick and love for nadal I gauss, you love hype dont you.

the no2 player in the world lost not only in the 2 (at list roddick lost in the sami), he lost to a player ranked 690, the lowest rank player ever to beat no2 rank player in the world, and that no690 player was coming off an injery.

that is the biger loser of the week nadal nadal ndal not roddick nadal and nalbandian are way head of him in the loser of the weel list.

and another thing when gonzo beat roddick he wasnt top 10 player, he became top 10 on monday, he beat roddick on satrday, so dont try to twist the stats.

2.golf isnt a sport, is a hobbi not a sport. and in golf you can have an off day, really off day and still win, not really ofen in tennis.

knock out sport is the most diffeclt sport, there isnt a 2 chance like in golf. that its way in football (socer) in the champions lige in the group stage you will see usully a lot of gols and open games, in the knock out stages you see most of the time 1-0 wins because it is more diffeclut and dengures.

golf no sport- amrican love it now because you have tiger and he is winning but if a kind of roger faderer start beating tiger I can see how the rating will fall in the us.

amarican love only winners and were there is amrican winner who domant the filed the will watch if not, they dont give the ffffffffffff

no change the loser of the week, its nadal not roddick.

and if you can ask the atp stop poting nadal in every ffffffffffff page on the site.

play of the week-nada
roddick page-nadal
hewitt page -nadal
dauce mag-nadal

evry ere

dont like his game think he look like donky se stop pot him on evert ffffffffff page.

tennis rules and I want to give pro to roddick ddint like his game in the past but he is really comming around conners in doing great job, keep it up roddick the fans of tennis they know beater than this sport writers,

who are you the loser of the week I dont get at all.

dont get and it shows how much they know about tennis.

keep the good work.

gabos Says:

blogging the atp?
it’s a log (i.e., a record–of their thoughts, their feelings, their day, their empty meandering idle nattering, whatever.)
it’s on the web.
thus, by definition, a blog. web…log.

gabos Says:

and kornheiser is an idiot, at least on this one. i’ll go with blake- fed can’t have a bad day. one bad match and you’re out.

and in golf apparently you can get by walking around with a beer and a cigarette even during the match. exhibit 1: see Daly, John. somehow i think there’d be a drastic drop in the level of play if the atp players were lighting up and cracking open a cold one on the changeovers. actually, i’d like to see that, but that’s another story.

don’t get me wrong, golf’s great, but these sport vs. sport comparisons are always specious

Fan of Tennis Says:

I agree with most of the comments on the golf vs tennis.

1. Like it was said – just try and play every golf tournament in a ‘match-play’ event and I can guarantee you that Tiger wouldn’t have won as much as he has… Look at his record in match-play. It’s not that great. Not only Tiger – but look at how many times the #1 seeds in the match-play brackets in golf don’t make the final. Also in golf you can hit a 300 yard drive but no one is on the other side pushing it back… You can hit your best shot in tennis but the person on the other side can still win the point with an even more fantastic shot.

2. People say tennis players are spoiled – but look at golfers – They don’t even carry their own clubs during rounds! The caddies does! That’s why the can drink, smoke, have guts hanging over their belts and still win. Let them walk the course carring all those clubs at the same time then maybe we’ll see some ‘in-shape’ golfers. Tiger’s one of the few golfers that actually look like an athlete!

3. The argument about golfers having to beat the entire field is weak. You can score a +3 or +4 on the first round, be in last place, and still have another chance to make the cut. Lose to someone in tennis 6-1, 6-0 and you’re out! You can’t say “I’ll improve my game the next day”. the “next day” you’re on a plane somewhere. That knock-out one-punch is a monster in tennis. That’s why you really can’t afford to have an off day because even if you’re a top seed – have an off day and you can go home! Look at the tournaments lately with Nadal, Blake, Roddick, and others.

Well… I really don’t have anything against golf, but for a lot of sport writers to not give tennis it’s due – is just plain stupid. You really do have to be an athlete to play men’s tennis. You don’t have to really be an ‘athlete’ to play golf. Look at John Daly as an example!

Surya Says:

Golf is like education. Tennis is like an interview. Golf is like homework, which you have to complete irrespective whether your fellow students did or not. Tennis is like interview, where you should be 100% fit and alert and give responses instantly. In addition, golf provides time to imagine shot. Tennis is just instant.

John Says:

I resent the “wasteland time zone of Asia” comment. Grow up.

John Messenger Says:

“Wasn’t it John McEnroe who said something to the effect, ‘If you don’t run, it’s not a sport’?”

Here’s a variation: “If you don’t sweat, it’s not a sport.”

When’s the last time you saw a golfer sweat?

kamret Says:

Only in America is golf such a big deal! In the rest of the world, it’s not even talked about or even shown on TV that much. Tennis is actually the second most televised sport on TV (behind soccer) in most other countries, and golf is far behind. So, maybe America is the main country to blame for the fact that golfers make more money than tennis players and Tiger Woods get more recognition than Sampras or Federer, which is absolutely ridiculous as golf is NOT a sport!

tennis xpart Says:

I cant mail so I will say it here and hope some 1 copy it to the other section.

1. unlike what you said: fed has won a titale when beating massu, he did it in TMS IW 2006.
I remember he did it just had to make sure if it was IW or miami, see you fcts.

how many times did he play in sapin since he turned pro not a lot and its also clay.

and how many times did he play in spin since becaming no1? non

since 2003? once, in Tms madrid when he lost to farro and the madrid crowed was hufal as bad likt the were to berdch this week.

2. there was to berdch antics. only corwed hufal crowd and nadal gameship and antics.

did you see him pumping and vamos on berdch double fulet in the 2 set 2-3 . or when bredch mised the smash how the selbreted, crowed and player a like bad. not a tennis crowd.

now tell me after all thet what would you do?

I would do somthing even stronger, but berdch only told then after the match , when it ended he did nothing doring the match (unlike nadal), he told them the ash as its a tennis match not a football match.

let the best man on the day win not bully a player to lose because nadal in spainsh.

the sould be asham of themslef poure pepole, so bad, and I hope the atp will take the tms from them. if you dont want to see tennis just spainsh players or nadal , the atp will take the tms make it a ordnary ture event and belive me the best of the top 10 wont be there with that cowed who want to be there, the will go somewhere else and that madrid crowed have there spainsh winner.

take the tms, and you will not see the 3/4 of the top 10 in madrid.

the only reson they are there is the tms, because who would want to go there with that crowed not fun at all.

berdch, ginapri (2006), fedex (2003), agassi (2004 I think), farrie (v corrja) all nice player that got bod and bully because of dum crowd and because playing spainsh player.

see the interviews of those players after the lost the match or agssi after he won,

so tennis-x there was only cowed and nadal antic not berdch, he was right all the way.

and I love his pi, showed how intlegent boy he is at 21.

go berdch make it to tennis mester cup.

Harbi Says:

How dare he compare tennis from golf? Golf is not even a sport. Geesh, do americans love sports that doesn’t require players to play hard? What are the most famous sports in america: golf where you only have to stand and swing, baseball same thing, even a stupid poker game is considered a sport and regularly televised in ESPN.
These “sports” are best suited for players who aren’t fit.

Jon Says:

Andy Roddick is Richard Vach’s viagra. LOL

GopiB Says:

Golf is comparable to tennis under the following conditions:

Match Play
27 holes – each 9 holes played as a set. This would be like a three set tennis match.

For Grand Slams you play 45 holes each round – sets of 9 rounds. You play 7 rounds over 14 days.

Stoke play is not comparable to tennis as we know it. But if you play tennis like you play stroke play golf, you would be serving without a receiver and count the % of first serves in and the speed. You would be hitting forehands and backhands to corners of court and measure the percentage “in” and velocity and spin of shots.

Eric Says:


The way it is explained really makes sense…

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