Holiday Tennis-X Viewer Mail
by Richard Vach | December 13th, 2006, 9:48 pm

Who says December is the tennis off-season? Not Tennis-X fans, for who there is no off-season…or else.

Let’s go to the viewer mail:

From Tari: “Hey there, all done for the season?  Well, I admit that I think you guys are totally nuts and frequently piss me off, but you do get some good scoops. Ah, well, there’s always 2007. Hopefully, you won’t be such pricks about Federer next year. One can always hope! Happy Holidays, T.”

Won’t be such pricks? Hope away! Good luck. That was probably directed toward Sean Randall. We’ll put that in his stocking. Sorry if anyone harshed your Rog vibe.

From Andreas R.: “So is Lindsay Davenport done now that she is pregnant?”

Considering she has cancelled an exo with Maria Sharapova, told ESPN she “can’t imagine” playing again, and was out much of this year with a back injury, I’d say it is good money she is done. Tough for American women’s tennis, as now Venus and Serena are all that’s left. Venus and Serena, constantly injured and now in danger of being convicted of lying in court. Good luck, U.S. women’s tennis.

Speak of the sisters, allcourt says: “I wonder what those people who are suing the Williamses thought that the gigantic and very well-known management company,IMG, was doing all this time — just pretending to be the managers of Venus and Serena??? Even the least informed person in the tennis business knows that IMG has managed the\ose young women’s careers for ages. The idea that these people discussing multi-million-dollar projects did not know this is laughable. This case should be thrown out and under the courthouse!”

IMG or no IMG, correct me if I’m wrong but the point is that Richard has represented the sisters in the past, and he was passing himself off as co-representation with IMG. Thus he could end up having to cough up tens of millions of dollars. Happy holidays Williams family, you regularly lie to the media and everyone and their mothers, but can you lie to the U.S. government and get away with it? Verdict to come…

From Miles N.: “What is your take on sports illustrated not naming roger federer sportsman of the year?”

Sports Illustrated tennis writer Jon L. Wertheim and a number of other sports commentators have laid out the facts that Federer got jobbed — and it had little to do with sports, unfortunately. Rog is not from the U.S., and it’s a U.S. publication. Rog reportedly would not have been able to make the awards ceremony, not a good look for SI. Rog won three of the four Slams and was runner-up at the French. He won the Masters Cup. There have been some disputable namings in the past (the year Steffi Graf won the Golden Slam (+ Olympics)? Nope, no award). It has become a joke — the Europeans know it, they respect only the Laureus award, which the Swiss wins. That award is more who’s-the-best-sportsman than who-is-American-and-will-show-up-for-the-ceremony?

From Thomas: “Did I read correctly that the ATP is changing it’s name to the ATP Worldwide Tour?”

I’m not believing it. That’s got to be April Fools Day three months early. Stay tuned. Next up: the NFL changes they name to National Really Important Nationwide U.S. Football League.

Merry Best Holiday of the Year Christmas.

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Merry Tennis-X Mas And Happy Holidays!

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4 Comments for Holiday Tennis-X Viewer Mail

funches Says:

Hey Richard,

Thanks for all the hard work here. Tennis-X is by far my favorite tennis site.

Unreal Says:

Richard Vach’s ignorance is absolutely astounding.

colin.davis4cg Says:

I think we’re asking the wrong question about Davenport. We should be asking, not “Now she’s pregnant, is she done?” but “If she had intended to carry on, would she have got pregnant?”
I doubt that a successful career woman would get pregnant unintentionally!

allcourt Says:

I should leave any response to Vach’s comment re: the Williamses to Unreal’s comment, but I’ll try not to be kinder and, instead, ask the following questions: When and where did Richard or Venus or Serena lie to the US Government? (I can’t even think of times when they lied to “everyone and their mother.” Just because people don’t like some of the things/truths that they have to say — like “I can’t play this week” — doesn’t make what they say lies, Vach. Hey, maybe you could give us some examples of all these lies to the public from the players or their father that you’ve heard.) Did you miss it when Richard, early in the trial, admitted to lying to the two so-called producers about telling his daughters about the project? And I repeat…serious business people usually wait to see contracts signed by adults — even adults represented by major companies — before they consider a deal with those adults to be valid. Did you notice that the plaintiffs were unable to produce any example of Richard signing any multi-million agreement for his daughters?

Incidentally, long before the first trial, John McEnroe had challenged Venus and Serena to play him, and both Venus and Serena said clearly that they were not interested in any such match with any men. But I guess you thought they were just lying!

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