Roger Federer Gets the Giggles
by Tom Gainey | March 18th, 2010, 6:23 pm

Ever wonder what it’s like behind the scenes at a Roger Federer TV interview?

Here’s some behind the scenes footage released by CNN from an interview reporter Pedro Pinto did with the Swiss late last year.

The two are clearly having a laugh during this shoot as neither of them can contain their humor when Pedro tries to ask question in Spanish to Federer.

Click below to see a lighter side of Federer.

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11 Comments for Roger Federer Gets the Giggles

Evan Says:

It’s great to see Federer like this. You could tell he was having a great time.

contador Says:

Thanks for posting this video Tom Gainey!!

THIS one especially and Roger singing away, loud and off-key with his DC mates are my faves of Federer.

RF is so misunderstood sometimes. Here…is the real Roger Federer, thanks to Pedrp Pinto.

So , do you have any information about Ernests Gulbis withdrawing from Miami?

Tom Gainey Says:

@contador: Glad you liked the video. I will see what I can turn up on Gulbis. Let me check.

Tom Gainey Says:

@contador: Ernests did not make the main draw of Miami because his ranking was so low last month. Unless he received a Wildcard, which I cannot find any evidence of, he will have to play qualifying starting Monday to get into the main draw.

contador Says:


yes. i was looking at the miami website entrants list and gulbis wasn’t on it. but as you say, the list was secured 2/17/10.

i thought he would get a wild card due to his win in del ray. but…the posting i was following on TT from a fellow EG fan received a speculative response that maybe if ernests didn’t get a wild card, he would not want to go through qualifying.

ahh, the rumors. well, we wait and see. thanks for checking, Tom.

jane Says:

Funny video: Fed and the interviewer seemed to be have the same effect on each other and hence neither could keep a straight face. It’s always great to see candid moments of the players like this one. Makes them more human to us.

madmax Says:


i read that Gulbis is playing in Buenos Aires tournament, not Miami. I dont know whether this is true though.

Daniel Says:

I think Pedro Pinto is Brazilian. Pinto is a last name in Brazil with a pecuiliar meaning: “Dick”.

In englis his name would be Peter Dick! :)

skeezerweezer Says:

That was classic Tom, enjoyed it! Thanks! :)

“To laugh is to live”


Petros Says:

Just one information: Pedro Pinto is portuguese.

madmax Says:

Tom, yes, very funny video. I saw this a year ago on ESPN. It’s great because roger is really relaxed and it’s so good to see a lighter side to such a serious guy (on the court). Just goes to show that fed can be “normal” too!

Dontcha just love him?!!!!!

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