Novak Djokovic: Talent and Turmoil
by Tom Gainey | March 18th, 2010, 6:48 pm

CNN’s Pedro Pinto sat down with Novak Djokovic for an extended interview two weeks ago in Belgrade just before the U.S.-Serbia Davis Cup tie.

Djokovic opens up at length about tennis in his home country of Serbia and even reveals his preference in Facebook friends – the World No. 2 prefers female friends!

You can see more here and check out CNNs Open Court page for more videos – I am not posting all them, sorry!

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10 Comments for Novak Djokovic: Talent and Turmoil

jane Says:

I liked the “quick fire” video myself. Thanks for posting these Tom, for others who may be interested.

sonic Says:

What complete bullshit. He even almost teared up at one point!

Yes it was really though for him. His country leveling Sarajevo with ground, only a few hundred miles away, is nothing compared to the 10 bombs he had to endure.

They deserved to be wiped off the map, so count your blessings, stop playing the drama card and stfu.

stu Says:

Nole fans, if you want to get really riled up, read Peter Bozo’s article:

jane Says:

stu, thanks for posting that link. Bodo really gives it to Djoko there doesn’t he? I don’t know if I agree with him that Djok doesn’t want to be playing tennis though; I think he likes tennis though he does let the pressue get to him. I do agree with Bodo that the main problem with isn’t his schedule or even his desire; it’s his present form/serve problems. He most definitely isn’t as “crisp.”

marija Says:

Sonic, you are a Hitler axis Croat and you should STFU yourself. Remember your WW2 nazi brethren.

Terra McCraw Says:

I enjoyed the vido very much. Novak will be num,ber one the world will see. He is a great player. I am his biggest fan.

MarkoPolo Says:

I would not read too much into Bodo’s article. He had to come up with one so he can make his bread and butter for the week…… It so happens that Nole was the one he was bashing this time…… Let’s see who will be next? As far as Nole is concerned, kudos to him for playing it all and not giving up…. With the schedule the way it is it is impossible to win everytime (sans serve, in his case). His serve has been in the ER for some time now and to make matters worse he has not had a chance/time to fix it because he had to travel to 3 different continens and adjust to what 3-4 different time zones!!!!! Not making excuses for him, but overall his team will know what to do to get him back on track……. We are still at the beginning of the season and a lot can happen until the end????!!!!!!!

Back to the subject at hand, Nole’s interview with Pinto was good!!!!! He was very emotional, but that is Nole!!!! He can never be any different. He wears his emotions in his sleeves and his emotions range from sad, lost, dangerous, happy, cocky, sassy, into it, completely out of it, and so on…….. Will that personality characteristic help his in his battle for #1? I don’t know and we will see, but one thing I do know, HE HAS PERSONALITY, like it or not!!!!!! Hajde Nole, you will prevail like a champion!!!!

Polo Says:

If Djokovic becomes number one, it will be by default. Of course, that will not be his fault. As long as Nadal’s knees hold up, Djokovic will never be able to surpass him. He is not as physically strong as Nadal. I won’t even talk about mental toughness.

MarkoPolo Says:

You may be right Polo!!!!!! Time will tell…. Nadal is the ATP Gladiator, we all know that and I really hope his body will allow him to get back to the top, tennis sure missed him! My question is: how long will he be able to stay at the top? I hope for a long time with his style of play?

Danica Says:

Djokovic is more talented than Rafa and Rafa owns (by not a very large margin) Nole only on clay. The two matches on grass are not good examples of who is better on that surface.

Sonic, right, show your democracy and true self with more sadistic comments that accuse the whole nation. Or better, take a look at a mirror and just remember what your own flock offered to the world. Shame on you.

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