Rafael Nadal a ‘More Complete Player’ Says Coach Roig
by Tom Gainey | March 20th, 2010, 2:40 pm

For Rafael Nadal fans do not miss this article written by Niel Harman of the London Times.

Harmon spoke to Nadal’s coach Francisco Roig about the superstar’s health, fitness and much more.

“I have never seen Rafa play like he has this year in my life,” Roig, a 41-year-old former tour pro, said. “In Qatar, in Abu Dhabi, in the first two sets against Andy [Murray] and this week, we have seen he is a more complete player, someone who is able to do more things with his game.”

And on the question of how much time Nadal has left on the pro tour?

Roig believes that he has four, maybe five years at 100 per cent and then he may have to call it a day.

“Rafa has finished four years as the No 2 player in the world and one as the No 1,” he said. “And he still has the ambition to win the big tournaments. I asked him once how many grand slams [tournaments] he thought he would win and he said, ‘Six, seven?’. I said for a player of his talents, he should have between eight and ten because he is a better player than those who have that number, in my opinion.

“But tennis is much, much tougher now than it was three years ago, especially among the top players.”

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19 Comments for Rafael Nadal a ‘More Complete Player’ Says Coach Roig

jane Says:

I thought Nadal’s coach was Uncle Tony?

Voicemale1 Says:

Until he gets his confidence back he won’t be winning anything.

blank Says:

Jane, I was thinking exactly the same.

jane Says:

Redemption? Rafa/Lopez won the doubles title!! I guess it’s not the ideal thing for Nadal’s confidence, but it’s a start.

I am a little sad for Nesty & Z, but I think Rafa needed this win more.

Sean Randall Says:

I think Rafa has a few coaches. Uncle Tony. Roig. Perhaps another guy.

After today the team is back to drawing board.

Voicemale1 Says:

Roig is Nadal’s road coach when Toni Nadal doesn’t want to travel. Toni Nadal hasn’t been to Indian Wells in 2007, 2008, 2009 or this year. probably a little farther than he likes to travel. He normally does go the the Eastern US locations: Miami, New York, and went to Cincinnati in 2008 where Nadal became #1.

tennisfan#1 Says:

the doubles win will do nothing for nadal in singles. i hate to say it, but he is done i think. cheers.

tennisfan#1 Says:

nadal will not be around in 4-5 years. cheers.

nadals forehand Says:

he will be back. he’s world class. class is permanent. to rejoin the tour and get to the semis is great. a little confidence, court time, and obviously him staying in shape will have him back to what he does best, beating fed. he’ll make him cry again.

Tina Says:

There’s still somthing missing in Nadals game. I’m sure what ever it is, he’ll find it again soon. you can definately see he’s improved.

Steve Says:

Rafa annoys me so much, he’s so lucky to be where he is. His unhuman spin of course gives him an advantage over everybody. His unhuman physic and unhuman weird mentally. Plus his unhuman leftie grip.

nadals forehand Says:

Steve don’t be annoyed, be humbled, be in awe, be grateful that you are alive to see this great player called Rafa Nadal grace the courts of the world and display his talent for the world to see. Bow down my child and be blessed.

Siddy Says:

Rafa’s an idiot. Too much defense again that is the only thing wrong with his game. He has to realize he is not 19 anymore and play aggressive tennis. But he should feel better cause Roddick and Novak are idiots too, because they played too much defense as well. When will the men finally have coaching on court so Roig can knock on Rafa’s head and ask him if it is made of wood cause “you’re playing too much DEFENSE!!”

BTW, Toni and Roig are his coaches.

jane Says:

Rafa’s great. As VM1 pointed out elsewhere, out of all of the top four players, Rafa did the best at this event; he won doubles and finished semis in singles. What’s so bad about that. Yes, too many errors (surprisingly) versus Ljubicic, and yes, too tentative in the tiebreak; but Rafa is coming back from a sustained break, like Fed and Murray and so he wasn’t match grooved. Djok, by contrast, was over-grooved. LOL.

Cheers all!

Sue C Says:

Tennisfan#1 and Steve, you are just jealous!!! Do you have 27 mil?

Mindy Says:


Sorry, wishful thinking on your part. Rafa isn’t going anywhere. He still has a lot to accomplish in his career. You may not like having him around, but there are millions of fans like myself who do.

Why I bother answering Sean at this point, I don’t know. It’s not back to the drawing board. Rafa has his game, thank goodness! Now he needs to get his head on straight. He’s going in the right direction. The guy has no quit in him. Considering what he’s been through in the last year, I think he’s doing great.

I never expect Rafa to get his due on this site. That will never happen. But this business of writing him off way too soon, is just getting kind of old.

Von Says:

For those of us who complain and/or criticize the players’ match MO, it’s an exercise in futility because they can’t hear the criticisms. Also, how many of you, (I’d hazard a guess here and say zero) are professional players and have won one match on the ATP circuit? That said, why is it that some of us feel the players are idiots and we know better as to how they should execute a match plan to perfection? The question to be asked: If we were placed in their shoes, could be have done better? And, last but not least, how many millions have you all won in prize money and endorsements?? ZERO.

Von Says:

Mindy: Hello to you. It’s nice to se you weighing in with your comments. Have a nice day, Mindy!!

krishnan.t.s. Says:

actually von… i was under the impression that this was a blogspot…. correct me if i’m wrong… actually very few stars participate in this war of words…. n btw i agree with u that a player knows better what he is doing than his fans
nadal is not lucky but i’ll bet my life that he will be back in no time at all…. hopin for a fedrer nadal match… that will give him a lot of confidence… he enjoy’s pulverizing the world number 1 with his game:)

nadals forehand Says:

Just a matter of time boys and girls.

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