Why Roger Federer Will Win Miami
by Sean Randall | March 24th, 2010, 2:22 pm

As you can tell from the title, I’ve gone against my better judgment by picking Roger Federer to win the Sony Ericsson Open Miami (call it a case of March Madness!). ADHEREL

A few weeks ago my logic for going against the top guys at Indian Wells was that they weren’t ready or at 100% – Federer was coming off a lung infection, Rafael Nadal a bad knee, Novak Djokovic too much tennis, etc.

But in Miami, which begins today with first round non-seed matches, the upper echelon players should be rested, ready and in near-peak form. After all, it is the last hardcourt event until August. That’s right, AUGUST! And I think that fact alone may provide an additional spark to some select players.

So why Federer? Here are my five reasons.

1. Good draw
A number of you commented that because Tomas Berdych is in Federer’s section there’s trouble ahead for the Swiss. But really, how many times has Berdych come through with the big, signature win on a big stage? Almost never. In fact, while Tomas has enjoyed some decent results in Miami getting to the semifinals in 2008 and the fourth round last year, his lone Top 20 win in Florida was against No. 14 James Blake last year. Impressive? Not really. And I could also see Tomas losing to Thiemo De Bakker or Gilles Simon.

In the quarterfinals Federer could meet Marin Cilic. I liked Cilic a lot at Indian Wells and I think in Miami with the aid of former finalist Goran Ivanisevic he’ll have a strong tournament. But I still like Federer over the Croatian in the quarters – yes, that means Marin beats Marcos Baghdatis and then Fernando Verdasco to get there.

I can also see Roger losing a few sets along the way but in the end I like him out to the semifinals.

2. Motivation
As I talked about, this is the final hardcourt event for a while, but I doubt Roger cares about that fact very much – his best results last year came on the clay! In the open I said by tabbing Roger that I was going against “my better judgment”, that being that Roger doesn’t care much about not winning these Tennis Masters type events. Well, I still feel there’s truth to that. However, he’s got to be sick of hearing such speculation for the last 10 days and really dating back to last year that this has been brought up. So no better way to shut people up than by getting this title.

3. The Contenders
While they may be fit(ter), I don’t think the top contenders are playing at their best – then again, neither is Federer. Andy Murray, Fed’s greatest threat in his half, has been lollygagging since he was at the wrong end of that Australian Open beatdown. Then Murray proceeded to lay an egg against potential Miami quarterfinal foe Robin Soderling last week in the desert. Murray trains in Miami and comes in as defending champion, but there are doubts.

Nadal certainly had his moments at Indian Wells, but he would only meet Fed in the final if the Spaniard can get there. Djokovic is also on the other side and I expect him to play much better than he did last week, but again, that match with Fed would come in a final. Roddick the same.

I think Fed also benefits by the withdrawals of Juan Martin Del Potro and Nikolay Davydenko, two guys who have proven that they can take the Swiss down.

So on Fed’s side of the draw, the hurdles are Berdych, Murray, Verdasco, Soderling, Simon and Baghdatis. Of the bunch, I think Soderling is the trickiest given how well he’s been playing, then Murray. But against any of them I think Fed’s the favorite right now – that could change depending on how Roger plays.

4. R&R
As I’ve said I think the extra couple week of practice, rest and recovery should help Roger get into better form than what we saw of him at Indian Wells.

5. Past Results
Fed’s won Miami twice before in 2005, 2006 although since his last title he’s struggled a little by Roger’s lofty standards.

His last three losses have come in three sets to the now-retired Guillermo Canas (4th RD – 07), Roddick (QF – 08) and that memorable racquet-smasher of a show against Djokovic in the SF last year, a performance I’m sure he’d rather have his fans forget. So perhaps he’ll have some added motivation to make up for his unsportsmanlike act against Novak from 2009. Regardless, the guy’s had success in South Florida and that’s a positive.

Those are my five reasons why Federer can win in Miami, but there are more. And to take the contrarian viewpoint, there are several arguments that can be made against Federer walking away with the championship. Among them: he doesn’t care about these events anymore; his only title in the last seven months came courtesy of a Davydenko choke; he has a tough draw and guys like Berdych, Murray, etc, will beat him in best-of-3; he’s still not 100% in playing form; he can’t handle the Miami wind.; and of course the popular fact that I have now pick him so…; etc. And those are all fair points, but I’m sticking with Rog here.

That said, my semifinals look like Federer v. Murray; Nadal v. Roddick with… Yes, a Federer v. Nadal final! How great would that be? Honestly, though, somehow I don’t see that happening!

A few other thoughts. I could see a guy like John Isner getting out to that semifinal, beating Nadal. I also think Soderling could upset Murray again like he did a week ago.

Overall though, I think we’ll see fewer surprises than we saw in the desert. But I’m all for it if we do!

As for today’s start of the men’s draw, we have some good matches on the schedule. Mario Ancic v. Jeremy Chardy, James Blake v. a rising teen (Krajinovic) and just two of the good matches plus David Nalbandian (who’s lurking in Rafa’s section), Richard Gasquet (remember his Miami “kissing” experience a year ago!) and American future star Ryan Harrison are also playing.

A few late withdraws to speak of were my fragile man Gael Monfils (wrist), Carlos Moya (foot) and Radek Stepanek (perhaps making early wedding arrangements!).

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102 Comments for Why Roger Federer Will Win Miami

Twocents Says:

Fed will take it if it’s smooth sailing. Otherwise, he’ll just bag whatever points he could bag and head back to Europe a happy man. He won’t kill himself for it.

Cuz someone told me that even though Fed had 3400 clay pts to lose, Djok needs 4000 to stop him from reaching 287 by mid-June.

Sean the Jinxer :-)).

Chieko Says:

I really like your analysis. Thank you so very much!!

I do hope your prediction is reality soon. But I also like Nadal san’s chance. I think he may also go to the final ( I hope) and then we will have a Nadal-Federer final. I miss that very much.

Very exciting to see really. I can hardly wait.

Dory Says:

While I hope he does, why do you HAVE TO predict something with __ % chance of being proved outright wrong?

#1Rivalry Says:

Roger Federer will in my opinion win this title for the main reason of wanting to go to the clay with the edge. He will be motivated to win this title whether it’s “smooth sailing or not”. Roger is very rested, and has made up all his training he missed in Dubai. He looked very quick in Indian Wells, and I believe we will see a supreme Roger Federer in Miami. Once again as much as I like Nadal he is being overestimated. I really believe this champion is on his last legs. I still believe he will win some smaller 500 titles, and maybe even a Masters 1000’s, but I do not see another slam in Nadal. The knees are going to be a problem from here on out, and the mental strain from all the rehab that he hs to keep doing will drain and burn him out. I also say it was not wise for him to play these two events because it is undo wear and tear. He is playing Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Rome, Madrid, and Roland Garros. That’s just plain rediculous if you ask me. He will end up hurting himself again by the time Rome or Madrid comes around, and than he will suffer at the French Open for the scheduling mistakes once again. I know people think the clay is going to be some majestic turn around for Nadal, but I think it is extreme wishful thinking. My pick for the clay titles are Federer and Djokovic with Nadal winning one before the pain kicks in. I also have a strong belief Roger will defend the title at Roland Garros even if he plays Nadal. I love Nadal, but I think he is in a spiral downwards.

#1Rivalry Says:

Miami picks:
Federer def. Murray
Djokovic def. Nadal
Federer def. Djokovic

#1Rivalry Says:

Monte Carlo has really taken a hit this year with it being a non-mandatory event. I actually think it would be better if it were a 500 event, and maybe all the players would play it instead of Dubai. Federer, Davydenko, Murray, and a few others have already knocked it off their calendar’s, but hopefully Delpotro will go ahead and play the tournament. Rome is going to be a lot of fun this year, and hopefully all the players are ready to go there.

blank Says:

Roger would like to win this more because he needs the ranking points! He knows defending the FO is a big ask and if he fares poorly there, and slips in the ranking because of that, he will miss out on the 286 weeks as World No. 1

rafa Says:

My picks-

Soderling beats verdasco in semi final 1


Nadal beats Roddick in semi final 2

with Nadal beating Soderling in the final to announce his real return to form. Life moves in cycles. Nadal’s bad patch started with soderling and it will end with soderling.

Fot Says:

I don’t know who will win Miami (I hope Roger will). I just want to be able to see some of his matches! He didn’t go far in Indian Wells so I didn’t get a chance to add to my extensive Federer collection. I want him to go far in this tournament so I can see him play!!!!

stu Says:

haha that’s a good one rafaII, wouldn’t it be amazing if things actually panned out that way?!

Polo Says:

Why Roger Federer will not win Miami?

…because of that article above.

#1Rivalry Says:


I think Roger believes he will win the French Open again, but would like to get momentum going into the European clay court season. He said in Indian Wells he knows he can do the French and Wimbeldon double again. He does not have any doubt in his mind he is going to retain the French Open. That is more important to him than the weeks at #1. That I can promise you. The weeks at #1 will be the result of defending the Roland Garros title in my opinion.

Hasan(vamosrafa) Says:

hey guys i am new here..a big hello :) maxi and ollyk do give me a hello if you see me here :D…i think rafa-roger final is very unlikely :(

blank Says:

#1Rivalry, I am a big fan of Fed. I would be as happy as anyone if he does the FO, Wimbledon double! I was just saying this year it could be more difficult and what the ramifications are if he doesn’t do well at the FO. I truly hope he wins all the GS this year :-)

Von Says:


“I truly hope he wins all the GS this year :-)”

I’ve got a better idea, how about being magnanimous and sharing the wealth, as in four (4) different winners, one for each GS. Fed’s already got 16, give the other guys a break will ya, puhleeze. I would like to see my sweetie win one of the remaining three (3) GS, wimby to be more specific.

Polo Says:

Although I will be deliriously happy if Roger wins all 4 majors this year, I have decided not to hold my breath. It is too much to expect from him considering that he getting old. Any major win will be a bonus. Winning all four will be a miracle. All the other tough guys must have bad injuries for that to happen. Let us see, Nadal has problems with his knees, del Potro and Davydenko have wrist injuries, Murray appears to be psychological damaged, Djokovic seems mentally unstable also (and that horrible serve)and Roddick seems to be cursed! Hmmm, well, well, well. Let me rethink this miracle.

Kimmi Says:

“” Let us see, Nadal has problems with his knees, del Potro and Davydenko have wrist injuries, Murray appears to be psychological damaged, Djokovic seems mentally unstable also (and that horrible serve)and Roddick seems to be cursed! Hmmm, well, well, well. Let me rethink this miracle””

Polo, hahahahah! that’s classic :)

Kimmi Says:

So, djoko is playing O.Rochus instead of Gasquet..the draw does not always go the way we think..not always!

T.Dent beats Schuettler in straight. schuettler does not play nadal “again” afterall hmmm!

I love the results for Nalbandian beating tricky Kubot in easy straight sets 6-3 6-2

Chardy beats Ancic easily..well, that was a tough one for Ancic. still looking for that form that made him dangerous…it will take time!

And Andreev beat X.Mallise, so Roddick will have to play andreev for real!

Few suprises but not much, I am impressed by T.Dent and ofcourse Nalbandian..great wins.

Eliza Says:

Why is throwing your racquet “unsportsmanlike”? If that were the case Safin would be the worst sportsman in recorded history..

Von Says:

Djoko has more lives than a cat — most of his threats seem to always withdraw or retire. Monfils withdrew and now Gasquet. What’s wrong with the French guys??
Blah: I was so looking forward to seeing Richard play, and I guess you’re just as disappointed. Per my question above, what’s wrong with your French guys??

Kimmi Says:

aha Von,I did not realise Monfils was on Djoko’s side..Almagro took his place I see.

Gasquet not at his beat yet and O.Rochus can be tricky, must have caught gasquet cold..it was a very long match though..first set tiebreak and 6-4 in the third.

Blake is on the court right now, he broke early to go 3-0, he just got broken back to level the score. I hope he wins this match!

Von Says:

Kimmi: Thanks for the info on the draw. I wonder if almagro will retire with his wrist again? Is Blake playing the Krajinovic guy? Oh well, I’m hoping against hope for james to get the win, but one never knows with James. He’s unpredictable as the Miami winds.

Kimmi Says:

Von. he is playing Krajinovic guy. Never heard of him. Let me check his ranking. ranking 337..he is from Serbia but lives is USA..he just won the first set..lol blake C’moon!

Von Says:

Yes, Kimmi, Krajinovic is the new Serbian sensation. I wonder whatever happenened to Djoko’s brothers, Marko and Djordi, who were touted so heavily to be next in line.

Kimmi Says:

BTW..the kid is only 18, he must be good.

Kimmi Says:

thanks for that info von..did not know the kid..as I said he must be good.

Von Says:

You’re welcome Kimmi. I hope he’s good and not another flash in the pan. Speaking of flashes in the pan, whater happenend to Dimitri Gringov, or is it the other way around, the Russian sensation? They all come and go before getting there feet wet it seems.

BTW, what’s happening with James?

Polo Says:


I am scared now. I think we are riding the same wave length. I was just getting ready to ask about Grigro Dimitrov. I searched for his name in the qualifiers for the Miami tournament and did not find his name. He must have fizzled out already.

I went to the Sony-Ericsson website. Blake lost the first set tiebreaker.

Polo Says:


Kimmi Says:

blake is hanging on with the kid, will probably be one of those matches where he just scraped thruogh. or not..interesting!

contador Says:

Sean? you forgot to mention the IW federer killer….marcos baggy, what about him? okay so, fed will likely beat the bird, still, it’s a match that makes me *cringe*

baggy choked or something against an ailing robredo. marcos was on fire vs federer.

cilic.? unreliable

soderling will beat murray., okay who knows about that. i think my feddy goes down in the quarters or semi.

whenever i pick fed to win he loses. it’s bad juju when you pick him too. same with djoko.

i say it’s nadal’s trophy for all the reasons on that other thread i mentioned about how well he played in IW and his draw match-ups.

final: nadal v. soderling or murray (if he got that “counseling”) but as i mentioned soda is too up and down. Murray too mentally fragile.

Rafa is my pick.

cheers tennis junkies!

early round fun.

naldby won today, YAY! chardy won over mario….boo :(

nothing against chardy and sad to hear monfils is already out.

Kimmi Says:

Hi conty, I was checking out blake v serbian sensation…I think blake will win now, he just broke, this is where its difficult for these young kids.

Loved nalby win too..hope he wins against Troicki next..Goo Nalby

jane Says:

Polo – LOL @ your post from 4:40 – Poor Sean. : )

Kimmi – I am out of the loop – what happened with Gasquet? Did he get beaten by Rochus?

DMB Says:

oh snap, Sean’s gone ahead and jinxed it again;)luckily he now acknowledges it, so maybe that jinxes it back. no, sportsfans are not superstitious, they just act that way. Meanwhile i am glad to hear you have some minor faith in Thiemo de Bakker. As a fellow dutchman i hope he keeps growing and does good. The argument against federer winning that i have not heard yet is that federer is a proud and sensitive man. Memories of last years emotions could come back to haunt him. Either in the form of visitors or the press reminding him, or his own perfectionism demanding him to a. top his performance and b. do it without any negative emotions. But that might be a little too much barpsychology.

Go Federer!

Kimmi Says:

jane, he did. O.Rochus (note the “O” as his brother C.Rochus was beaten by Koellerer) won a close encounter 7-6 1-6 6-4

Von Says:


I am scared now. I think we are riding the same wave length.”

I’m not worried, I think it’s a good thing for like minds to think alike.

Anyway, now that we’re on the topic of Grigor Dimitrov, what happened to him? I wonder if he’s playing challengers or doing nothing. Or, maybe, he’s playing caddy to Marat, as in carying Marat’s bag while he’s playing exhos? That should be fun. What better company with whom to be associated. LOL

And, what has become of Tursunov? It seems he has fallen off the radar. Talking about radar makes me remember someone who’s got radar going.

I don’t see Blake pulling this match out after losing the first set in the tie-break. He’ll be down on himself big-time. C’mon James, just do it!

Sky Says:

The God of Tennis, RF.

blank Says:


Okay, I will be magnanimous. I hope Federer wins 3 GS and Roddick 1 :-)

Thinking about it, I’d really like it if Roddick wins Wimbledon. IMO, he deserves to win it more anyone else out there!

Kimmi Says:

So blake was able to weather the storm…important win for him if he wants to get back to the top.

Von Says:


“Okay, I will be magnanimous. I hope Federer wins 3 GS and Roddick 1 :-)”

Oh happy day!! Thanks blank, for being so magnanimous towards my sweetie. I’d be sure to invite you to join the Roddick cheering train when that happens. Now note this, I said *when* not *if*, as it WILL happen. LOL.

Von Says:

Kimmi: Blake won? Oh, happy day! Do you mean, he’s still got it, as in knowing how to win, when down a set? C’mon James onto the QFs now.

Kimmi Says:

LOL Von. I would really cheer for Blake. There is a nice article about him on ATP website.

“Blake Eyes Opportunity In Miami”

QF will be a very good opportunity for sure..

blank Says:

Von, “When” that really happens, I will already be on the train so look for me there :-)

Von Says:

blank: IT’S A DATE!!!! As you can see from the CAPS, I’m being very emphatic here. LOL. I’ve made so many dates already, I just hope I don’t get the names mixed up. LOOOL

sar Says:

Wow, Krajinovic took Blake to three sets, not bad for a kid. Guess that’s what happens when you practice with the GOAT.
Filip’s Facebook:
Good day of practice today. Hit with Federer.

blank Says:

Thank you Von! See you there soon, hopefully in 3 months!!

andrea Says:

has it already been a year since the famous raquet smashing incident? i remember being in a chalet in whistler watching that and wondering WTF….

i’m a big traveller but have never hit miami, even though it’s on my list. if only for the cuban food which gets rave reviews from everyone.

Mitch Says:

Tennis is like Lost these days. Indian Wells was supposed to answer questions about injuries and playing form, but it only raised a bunch of new ones.

Will be interesting to see if Djoko, Fed and Murray can raise their levels. If not, I think this tournament is Nadal’s to lose.

Will be interesting to see if Ljubicic can back up his title a good result here.

Also anyone else notice Mathieu lose to a qualifier? I read that he was watching old tapes of himself to try and rediscover what made him good a few years ago. Will he be able to bounce back?

blah Says:

Gasquet lost in the first round of a tournament? No Way.


Michael Says:

It is too early to make a prediction. But Federer as No.1 is definitely the favourite. The problem Federer has in these three setters is the fact that he is a slow starter and takes his own sweet time to settle in. By the time, he gets into his groove, the match gets over. This is not the scenario in a grand slam where Federer can bounce back even in the third set. Take the recent French Open, if it had been three setters, Federer would have been out of the tournament quite early. But the five setters gave him the opportunity to mount a successful challenge. Federer has won 16 grand slams but only 16 Masters series events and this is the prime reason. Actually for a Maestro who was able to win 16 grand slams, the win ratio should even be higher may be around 26 or so. But Federer has performed well below expectation and the reason is he is uncomfortable with the three setters. Let us hope for the sake of Federer that he comes out in flying colours in Miami and I am quite eager to watch a Federer Vs Nadal final with Federer winning a tough three setter. That will definitely be a treat to watch for a true Tennis fan.

mia Says:

I can´t believe what I have read.Roger Federer only wins tittles(major tittles) these days because Davydenko allows him to.Yes, poor, poor Roger.

OllyK Says:

Hey, VAMOSRAFA. I’ve noticed you. :D Welcome and enjoy…you’ll like it here. :)
I want to congratulate Filip Krajinovic. He made Blake play 3 sets and that’s not easy thing to do for one 17 years old kid. I hope he’ll be among the top guys one day.
VON: You asked about Novak’s brothers. Well, I think that Marko will never be a big name in tennis. He is 18 and as a junior he’s never had very good results..(I hope I’m wrong, but…) Maybe I’m just too subjective cause I don’t like him in general. He is veery egocentric, arrogant and, God forgive me, I think he is jealous on his older brother…That can be noticed in every interview with him. :( On the other hand, Djordje, the youngest one, 14 years old, has the potential to become a great player one day. At least, that is what experts say. And, they say he will be our new Nole. We’ll see.. :)

Lenny Says:

Why Roger Federer won’t win Miami: Because Sean predicted he would. :P

Huh Says:

“Lenny Says:
Why Roger Federer won’t win Miami: Because Sean predicted he would. :P”


Huh Says:

Well, I needn’t say that I really wanted Rod to win the title at IW bcause it’s very obvious that I wished for only that, but anyway, Roddick still has the chance to lift the WIMBLEDON this year and may he do that! Come on Rod!

Chico Says:


“Cuz someone told me that even though Fed had 3400 clay pts to lose, Djok needs 4000 to stop him from reaching 287 by mid-June.”

If I counted correctly, the Djok leads Fed with ca. 400 points on an artificial “race to post immediate wimbledon” list. Taken that Djok is no slouch on clay there might be a small ‘if’ in the outcome in the ‘most weeks at number one’ category. Murray trailing by ca. 1000 points and Nadal trailing with ca. 2000 points. Or vice versa.(just made a fast calculation based on the atp site, no guarantees that it holds up).

And TC mentioned mid June, what is the exact date Federer will eclipse Sampras in weeks as no. 1 at the earliest?

If the Fed dont loose Wimbledon before that, then its easy to predict that he has it in the bag without injuries.

Not to mention the world presumably doesnt end at neither mid June nor July..

Chico Says:

Ok, according to wikipedia:
276 weeks on march 29th, so the needed 287 would be June 14th. Twocents was on the ball. So
400+ Djoker becomes something like 400-2000+360: some 1200 points behind. Uh oh..

stu Says:

Sigh. Chico, this is Djokovic we’re talking about. The guy who blew 4 opportunities to become #2 in the world in 2008. When he was playing his best. Which he isn’t atm.

jane Says:

“Not to mention the world presumably doesnt end at neither mid June nor July..”

Hi Chico – I am glad that you added this caveat; it’s important to take these possibilities into consideration! : ) lol.

I agree with stu; speaking as a rather resigned and/or disgruntled Djoko fan a.t.m. (i.e., given his up and down form), I can’t see him over-taking Fed by winning lots on clay. One obvious reason being that Rafa – always a genius on clay – looks to be coming into his top form again (the only niggling doubt perhaps being his confidence).

In any case, no matter what happens, I hope the world continues to turn.

TeamNadal Says:

NADAL FTW!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel Says:


Fed will tie Sampras no matter what cause when the French end on June 7th he will already have 286 weeks.

With the points Djoko and Nadal have to defend on clay season it’s impossible for them to surpass Fed before the French, unless Fed does’t play anything. So, with 2 more weeks during RG when he will be seeded n.1 he wil have 286 even if he loses 1st round.

Depending on the outcame of him, Djoko and Nadal the rankings can change.

sar Says:

Von, Tursunov is recovering from ankle surgery.

Olly, I was looking around Filip’s facebook and he has a photo of himself and Fed from a year ago sitting courtside. Somehow he and Fed must be friendly if he’s hitting with him now. He’s a Bolletieri boy. If Filip can get his career going it’ll get interesting because he’s a VERY handsome young man too.

I read/heard someplace that Marko Djokovic is doing the US college tennis thing. It must be hard being second to a famous brother.Same with Jamie Murray being second to Andy. It’s hard. Novak always said the little one, Djole, is the real athlete, so who knows?

stu Says:

I think he _should_ anyway. Beat Sampras’ record i.e.

margot Says:

sar: jamie is older than Andy and, some say, at one stage had more potential.

OllyK Says:

sar, yes, I read an interview where Filip said that Federer always asks for him as a hitting partner. :) This hitting in Miami wasn’t the first… Maybe it has sth to do with Nike and Wilson they are both using.. :)

stu Says:

sar, ooh yep he’s cute! but he’s a bollittieri product. not sure how i feel about those…

OllyK Says:

Nole fans, did you see this new “HEAD” video with Nole? Good serve! :D :D


stu Says:

haha Olly! this is just fantastic! thanks.

btw, i don’t plan to watch miami. i will only keep a stream open at work if Nole starts to make it worth my while!

OllyK Says:

U’re welcome, stu! :)

About watching Miami…same thing with me. I’ll start watching from qf if he gets there.. I don’t want to stay up till late every night and then go to work without sleeping (where I have more things to finish next week than I’ll have time, I’m affraid..) if he is going to “play” like he did at last few tourneys…I’ll just check scores and statistics in the morning! :)

jane Says:

OllyK & stu, you two are so funny, and I would join you in holding off the viewing, since my next fave right now after Nole is Murray and he’s not playing his best either. But truth be told I’ll still watch as much tennis as I can fit in between work & life, just because I am a tennis junkie and like a lot of the players.

But I hear ya; Nole’s been tough to watch (sometimes) lately! Hard on the ticker… : )

Hope Duro is okay; if either of you are in touch with him, please send him my best wishes.

sar Says:

margot, I really like Jamie.I also read they have brotherly spats. At least he got his Wim mixed doubs with JJ. I read that after they won, Judy invited JJ to Scotland for Christmas. Don’t know if she went. I wish they could repeat it this year. I hope JJ will include mixed at Wimby. Fingers crossed!

sar Says:

Here is Blake regarding Flip.

“From what I saw tonight he’s got a lot of talent, moves great, very solid and a weapon in the backhand,” said Blake of his young opponent. “His serve needs to improve, get a little bigger, especially a second serve.””He needs to do a few more things and get a little bigger and stronger for sure to compete every week on this tour, but I’d take that ability at 18 years old over what I was working with at that age”.

contador Says:

Hey Kimmi-
been working too much this week to post and there is no coverage where i live untill saturday except livescore, without EG in the early rounds, they’re not quite as interesting but…

had to go look up FLIPPO on wiki and elsewhere. i like him. some of the statements he makes about tennis, on his website sound promising, more promising than the EG the interviews finally up on youtube during and after del ray. oh brother, watched all 5 of them.

EG tells us where he went for certain, after del ray at least- to “practice with gumy in argentina.” the bad news is: how he describes his philosophy on tennis. he obviously still lacks the kind of drive and love of tennis, one always hears from the consistent top players like federer and nadal; or even in comparison to cilic ( same age as EG ) there is a huge difference in attitude. maybe i shouldn’t give up-safin didn’t exactly love playing nor did agassi. Erno says he “HATES” practicing and like thinking of other things. we’ll see. his next toury is monte carlo.

all and all, Kimmi- i am re-thinking my “fandumb” and allegiance to Erno. I’m officially dropping him. it’s over. ;(

good news: z-ball-horacio is still ‘in’ and faces simon saturday. lucky z-ball, he could actually win, depending on gilles knees.

thanks for that link to the “head” ad. gotta love novak, he has the biggest personality. now, if he’d only play like the world #2.


SKY? is that you from TT? nice to see you.

upsets for friday?

GGL over tsonga
nalby over troiki ( wouldn’t really be an “upset”)
dent over nadal ( joking, ha-ha- really) dent has 0 chance
marchenko over robredo (checked out ilya’s wiki ) it could happen.
blake over bellucci ( bellucci is higher ranked balke got a WC )

ajde nole! c’mon, beat rochus, okay. 2 sets, easy ones. no monkey business!


Skeezerweezer Says:

Hi Jane, kimmi and the best of the rest

Traveling right now. However Jane, don’t think I didn’t take notice that your man Horacio Zebellos won his match, lol


jane Says:

sar, I tried to find an image of Flip’s handsomeness, per your earlier post, but in most of the images I found, he just looked so young! I missed the Blake match so I didn’t see him.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Geez I leave town and already Von and Blank hsve a date? I’m jealous :)

madmax Says:

blank Says:
Roger would like to win this more because he needs the ranking points! He knows defending the FO is a big ask and if he fares poorly there, and slips in the ranking because of that, he will miss out on the 286 weeks as World No. 1

March 24th, 2010 at 4:14 pm

blank, so roger reaches the last 4 FO finals and wins his maiden FO last year and you call that “faring poorly”. I dont understand buddy, and wondered if you could elaborate?

Hi everyone by the way, fellow tennis fans, contador, kimmi, jane and skeezer! been away in Germany last couple of days, just got back –

c’moon the rog!

Steve Says:

@madmax, he means that if Fed plays a bad French Open this year it will hurt his ranking a lot etc.

stu Says:

jane, i’m the same – i watch tennis whenever i get a chance..at work however, i try to restrict myself to only the Nole matches! lately i haven’t seen the great shotmaking i had come to associate with him, and i think there’s no point wasting time if im watching with my heart in my mouth praying that he will get his next serve in!

sar – that’s quite generous of blake!

Kimmi Says:

madmax, hi to you too. Hope you enjoyed germany!

skeezer: travellin’ huh! are you with WTF! network? hope you are because…the “lucky loser” Nicolos lapentti plays the GOAT on saturday..from various sources I hear the GOAT spent a lot of hrs on court..practising ofcourse. I hope WTF! can spare you a little time to work on other news..like what has lapentti been up to? will he ride his luck to a set or the whole thing for that matter? I hope WTF! can fill me in on this worrying news ha ha!:) shammmooooon!

Kimmi Says:

Steve, the infamous Arabs commentators again, haha! this one was a little exaggerated but funny nevertheless.

jane Says:

madmax – you were in Germany? Nice! Was it business or pleasure? Anyhow, I wondered where you were. Now you’re back just in time for Fed to play again. How timely. ; )

jane Says:

sar- thanks for posting the link, but I don’t have Facebook so I can’t actually see it. LOL.

jane Says:

sar, thanks. I can see that one. Love the ice blue eyes. He reminds me just a smidgen of Rafa, no? Maybe it’s the hair, although judging by the back of him in that photo with Blake at the ATP site, he’s since cut it a lot shorter. He looks tall standing beside Blake too.

sar Says:

Yeah Rafa and Ernests cross? The short hair doesn’t suit him. Oh well, who knows if he will make it in the next years but if so, the young ladies will be happy.

Kimmi Says:

Mardy fish just won his match, will play Murray on saturday. Great matches tomorrow but I don’t think there is any TV or streaming :(

Skeezerweezer Says:


Yes I am on assignment( will report soon on that )but not on Lapentti ;)

However, for you and me and RF fans I found this little tidbit. This guys has some genetic qualities. His mother was former miss Ecuador, and, yes Nicolas is Hot, Sexy, ranked as high as #6 in the world, but most importantly dated Anna Kournikova at a time…

Sorry, but if I was him, why would I want to beat Fed? Cause he now lives in Miami? Where is the motivation? Maybe I will eat my tennis hat, LOL…Go Nic…but I’ll take Fed :)


Skeezerweezer Says:


Welcome back from Germany!!!!, would love to go there…I heard the Black Forest is awesome :)

Skeezerweezer Says:


I found this little tidbit in the same article about Lapenti,

Roddick, the master of the media, I loved it!

“Roddick held a news conference Thursday, and enters the tournament with high hopes, perspective and his trademark humor.
On his wife, Brooklyn Decker, making the cover of the SI swimsuit issue: “After the Wimbledon final, I said to her, `You’re going to get it before me.’ That was one of the things I was bitter about.'”

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/03/26/1548206/lapentti-relishes-huge-chance.html#ixzz0jFcFbPvh

margot Says:

sar: no, jj didn’t go to Scotland, believe she has a fiancee.. jamie seems to have dropped right off the radar, don’t know what’s happened, perhaps another severe loss of confidence. John LLoyd dropped him from Davis cup, unfairly IMHO.
I think “spats” are over-exaggerated by press, who seem to want to paint Andy in worst possible light.
von: have you ever seen your Andy play at a tournie? Just curious, I know you live in Florida. Or would the heart not stand it…?

madmax Says:

Jane, skeeze…yeah, in Germany for 2 days, all work, for MOD, had a great time, back in UK now. Notice how CLEAN everything is in Germany, great experience, hope something will come of it in the future, felt like a bit of a celeb, being met at the airport, taken to dinner, very, very nice. Ah, all but a memory now!

So, Jane, yes. On to the match! C’moon the fed!

Have been reading a lot about how much he has practised, how focussed (Jane, do you spell focussed with a double ‘s’ or a single ‘s’. I have always spelt it with a single ‘s’, but I think it is one of those words that can go either way, right?

Anyway, cannot wait to watch the fed play saturday!


Kimmi Says:

skeeezer: interesting story about lapentti. kornikova, formal # 6….thanks for digging that up. i agree wit you though, why beat the fed..go fed!

Kimmi Says:

haha, just read my post again..big type. s/b former # 6

dekomusic Says:

I like your analysis and way of thinking but all of your arguments could have been easily made for any of his top opponents. You could say allmost all of the above for Nadal or Djokovic or Murray so they are not super convincing arguments.

rafa Says:

And Why Roger Federer was not able to Win Miami. ;)

this needs a bump. :D

Von Says:

Oh WOW, Polo was right about this article being the reason Fed will not win. Talk about a jinx.


rafa Says:

And all my semi final picks are still alive


Lets see how things unfold in Quarterfinals.

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