Add Wisdom Teeth to Rafael Nadal’s Ailments

by Tom Gainey | March 24th, 2010, 7:16 pm

The most popular knees in tennis aren’t the ailment of note when talking about Rafael Nadal. The former No. 1 revealed to the press this afternoon that he’s suffering from pain in one of his wisdom teeth. ADHEREL

Nadal said, “I have to take out all, but not now. I didn’t practice for a few days. I started to practice yesterday afternoon. I’m hoping it be better today and tomorrow.”

Nadal did temper any panic by saying earlier he felt great.

“I am feeling great,” Nadal said. “I was fast, I was aggressive, I was moving very good in Indian Wells. I was very happy how I played. I was playing at my best level during the tournament.”

For those who do not know, having your wisdom teeth removed can be complicated. And often you are unable to exercise or fly for days following the procedure.

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20 Comments for Add Wisdom Teeth to Rafael Nadal’s Ailments

Ben Pronin Says:

That sucks. But he should be able to wait until after Miami, no? How much practice does Nadal really need leading into clay. I mean cmon, it’s Nadal.

Kimmi Says:

there is a week between end of miami and beginning of Monte carlo he can take them out then…but is it enough time if he goes deep in Miami?

Von Says:

Too bad for Rafa. Yes, extraction of wisdom teeth is a painful ordeal, and the pain, plus not being able to eat can make even a sedentary person very weak, much more an athlete. Poor Rafa, now he wouldn’t have any teeth to eat his waffles, as in shorts. I’m borrowing one of Ezorra’s lines here. LOL

topspin Says:

Took me over 2 weeks to recover from my wisdom tooth surgery, it sucks big time.

jane Says:

I had all 4 out at once (under the ether as they were impacted) and I was over it in a week or so. It might be tight to fit it in between Miami and Monte Carlo, depending, as others noted, on how deep Rafa goes in Miami and I guess on whether his wisdom teeth are sprouted or not. I assume they could be extracted with freezing if they are up. LOL. Seems strange to be talking dental procedures.

tennisclown Says:

Maybe Rafa has some cavities that need filling. Ya know?

#1Rivalry Says:

If Rafa’s indeed having trouble with his wisdom teeth than it is going to be tough for him to get through this tournament without pulling out. If you are truly having inflamation in the gums of the wisdom teeth than you are not playing a professional tennis match. We will see, but I expect a withdrawl if it truly the wisdom teeth.

Mindy Says:

This isn’t fun by any means, but it’s not the end of the world, either. It depends on exactly what is going on with the wisdom teeth. I only got two on the bottom and there wasn’t enough room, so they started turning sideways and pushing my other teeth out of position. Then one started abscessing and that was bad. They put me under, took it out and had to use stitches. I was on antibiotics, but had no swelling at all. It was painful, but only for a few days. Then they decided to get the other one out before it abscessed. That time I was awake. Not good! But I honestly don’t remember a lot of pain. There were no complications, no problems. I was fine.

I read that Rafa saw a dentist and he said they should come out, but it could wait. It’s not usually a good idea to fool around with wisdom teeth, but I assume the dentist knows what he’s talking about. I can’t see why Rafa couldn’t have it done after Miami and before Monte Carlo. They do much better dental work than when I had mine out, so I can’t foresee too many problems.

I don’t see Rafa needing much practice on clay, either. I say if he can manage to get through Miami, then get it done as soon as he’s done.

magritte Says:

It’s not the same for everybody…I had all four wisdom teeth out and it really didn’t affect me for more than a couple of days. The worst part was that the anaesthetic made me sick.

skeezerweezer Says:

My daughter had the same deal. Dentist told her they needed to come out, but the pain subsided and nothing happened for awhile. IT’s all about the pain…

Then a month or two later, sha bang! Had to come out for sure then…..

Ezorra Says:

Nadal in his facebook:

“I am already in Miami after a few days almost “missing”. I practice today at 5.30 pm for two hours. As many of you know I arrived with an infection in my mouth caused by the wisdom tooth (?). I am feeling better now. Thanks for all your messages during Indian Wells. I was a bit sad to be honest!”

Me too! And frankly speaking, i don’t really care about Miami’s result but IW, arghhh… that was devastating realizing that he was the defending champion there! Hopefully clay season will bring something good for him.

To my lovely friend, Von… hopefully, there’ll be no more waffle after this. Even Lady Gaga won’t wear that!

jane Says:

Ezorra: “Hopefully clay season will bring something good for him.” Yes, it’d be nice to see Rafa at his best on clay; that’s always a pleasure to watch for any tennis fan.

p.s. “Even Lady Gaga won’t wear that!” – LOL – are you sure??

Dory Says:

Be realistic here. If he would have removed them right after Indian Wells, the pain would have gone away by now. Poor Rafa I hope this doesn’t affect his play now.

Kimmi Says:

**” Thanks for all your messages during Indian Wells. I was a bit sad to be honest!”**

Everybody not named Ljubicic was sad too, so he was not the only one..but then moving forward to Miami!

fae coleman Says:

Wishing him all the best with that rotten tooth, nothing worse, and Steve, I saw Nadal in London, he was so out of sorts yet still had a smile for his fans and if you ask me he was brave turning up at all in such bad shape, I have never seen him so down even in practice.
There is a clip like this with Roger Federer against Murray in London with the same commentators and their worship over Roger is amazing compared to their insults over Murray,its unbelieveable as this one here with Davydenko.. so so funny…

Steve Says:

@fae coleman I don’t think the commentators are really saying that though lol

JoshDragon Says:

Wow, that sounds very difficult and it isn’t a good time for Nadal to have problems like this, he’s still got a lot of points to defend through the next two months.

KillerC Says:

ahhh just give em sum vikes and let em chew on sum gauze lol … bloody mouth/ dopey = drunken tennis masta play, :P GO RAFA!!

Siddy Says:

Getting the teeth out is only about a day of real pain and that is controlled with good meds. He can play tennis because it needs to heal and after that he should be good to go. It won’t take more than a week or two. Mostly because the hole in the gum has to heal. But it is not the end of the world if he misses a tournament. Nadal shouldn’t be chasing ranking points. He should be chasing grand slams. C’est tout.

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